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WordPress App

Manage or create your WordPress blog or website right from your iOS device: view stats, moderate comments, create and edit posts and pages, and upload media. All you need is a WordPress.com blog or a self-hosted WordPress.org site running 4.0 or higher. With WordPress for iOS, you have the power to publish in the palm of your hand. Draft a spontaneous haiku from the couch. Snap a photo on your lunch break for the week’s photo challenge at The Daily Post. Respond to your latest comments, or check your stats to see where today’s readers are coming from. Don’t forget to tag your posts published from the app with #wponthego so the community can find your masterpieces on the move. WordPress for iOS is an Open Source project, which means you, too, can help contribute to its development. Learn more at https://apps.wordpress.com/contribute/. Need help with the app? Visit the forums at https://ios.forums.wordpress.org or tweet us @WordPressiOS.


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  • Wordpress is the Best! 5/5

    By Z3ustheGoose
    I am a real honest person 1+1 equals 2. I love Wordpress! I maid my own blog and everything is customizable. You have so many options at your finger tips. You can make general blog, or a specific one. You can make a page for a start up business or even a profile resume for future employers to look at. The toys are there in the sandbox; now go play. 😁
  • Five stars if I can get on it. 2/5

    By I'mAditz
    Continuously told to choose another username and once I have one then you tell me that the connection has timed out. Seven attempts and I still can't get on it. What's the point? Why is this even in the app store?
  • Reviewing 5/5

    By RandomRamblingsofaWriter
    I’ve been using the Wordpress app for a few years the only thing I’d change is not having to put in a code every time I log into another device, otherwise it’s great!
  • Great App 5/5

    By roomesclaudia
    Like this app a lot because I’m not to familiar with creating a webpage but Wordpress meets those gaps to get your business growing. 😀
  • What a great tool 5/5

    By Indy Jim
    My brother and I started the networking forum this past fall. We use WordPress as our website and we could not be happier. WordPress allows us to post information and then set it up to automatically go to different social media outlets. This has saved us an enormous amount of time and has allowed our networking forum to grow beyond what we had imagined. I am constantly promoting WordPress.
  • Intuitive and easy to understand! Sharp looking 4/5

    By jazzyjett27
    Excellent blogging website with optional “free” domain name with an unlocking monthly or annual payment. Not outrageously expensive but I wish that the second tier plan that I purchased didn’t require the most expensive plan to get even a few widgets and apps. Nonetheless, very good intuitive interface for beginners and jokers alike. Well worth the egregiously high outlay of money! I like knowing that I’m paying out the nose for stuff because I somehow feel the service is better than it actually is. Hence, I pay a voluntary gratuity of 300.00 yearly on top of the forced or rather mandatory bilking required! The CEO might be able to go on a few more Caribbean vacations and this is what matters the most!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Arsukiamma
    Great app I love it
  • Can’t view or customize site 3/5

    By Kales125
    I have the wordpress app on my iphone 6, and I am unable to view the site/customize it. When I try, I have a message come up that says: "A New Wordpress Site Coming Soon!" followed by an admin login button. At the bottom, it states it's a bluehost powered website (which is true). When I try to click on the admin login button, it asks me to use my wordpress.org username/email address and password. When I enter this information, it says my email is invalid, but it's the only email address I've wever used for wordpress/bluehost. I am not sure what to in order to view and customize my site from my phone. I run into this issue with my kindle as well.
  • Amazing App! 5/5

    By khalidaun
    The app works smooth and the WordPress community is positive, great job!
  • Love it ! 5/5

    By Buda_420
    It’s great , I love it recommend to anyone who wants to have fun or make lots of connections . Cheers, Buda_420 PotCoinPR
  • Solid platform with built-in networks 4/5

    By TruthSeeker
    Over the years I’ve had plenty of opportunities to explore the functionality. It works well and generally does what I need it to. Sometimes I wish I had more control over design and color palates but I usually find ways to work around issues.
  • Useless for self hosted blogs 1/5

    By Birdydon
    The app links directly to WordPress.com. There is no option to "live" update the blog. One reason for a self hosted blog is to not have an account with WordPress.com. For those who use WordPress.com for free blogging, this may not be an issue. For the rest of us, it is useless.
  • Satisfecho 5/5

    By Zero1050
    Great app easy to work with simple to handle
  • WordPress? 👍🏾 This app? 👎🏾 2/5

    By fjpoblam
    It might be for you. NOT for me. Simple reason. My WordPress site is self-hosted, but post-editing in HTML format is NOT allowed. (I didn’t even bother to look for Settings == > Appearance == > Editor as are available on the browser site.) DEALBREAKER. I’m nitpickey and precise. Period.
  • Won’t let me log in? 1/5

    By SouthernBelleJCM
    This last update somehow made it so that I can’t log in to my account. It’s not accepting the username I’ve been using for three years. :/
  • Word “express” 5/5

    By Techsurfin
    Great blog materials
  • George Floyd 5/5

    I love WordPress because it allows interactions with many others on a verity of topics. It’s shares all points of views and very informative. I love it very easy to use.
  • Comments Stopped Loading 3/5

    By Lisa3876
    Been using this app for years but all of a sudden in Feb the comments stopped loading. That’s the only reason I use the app.
  • I love Wordpress 5/5

    By Mimes1
    I’ve been blogging with Wordpress for years now: averaging 2 to 5 blogs a month. I love Year In Review summary with readers from different countries statistics. Easy to navigate. One complaint: I used to get mobile alerts for Likes. They disappeared. I only get email notifications now. Can’t figure how to change that back. UPDATE: I received an awesome unexpected response from the developer. However-the problem resolved somehow! Wordpress: 5 stars! I’m getting iPhone post alerts again.
  • Freezes when uploading a pic 3/5

    By jobranch
    This is a good app, but I have trouble loading photos - the app freezes and won’t do anything. 600 x 450 pixels so not large photos. I have to swipe up the app and try all and sometimes the problem repeats and sometimes the photo will upload.
  • Website No Longer Needed 4/5

    By woodcider
    With the most recent updates, I no longer have to go to the website to use the Customizer. In fact, the app is easier to use than the site. That’s a rare and beautiful thing!
  • Mobile Just As Functional 5/5

    By CabotFan42
    I love the mobile app. It’s one of the few apps I’ve ever used where it functions nearly the same as the desktop and is just as easy to use. It really makes keeping up blogging easy.
  • OMG these updates 1/5

    By billiesimone
    Hey guys...I haven’t been able to access my blog via the app in about a week. I was excited to see and update today, but now I keep getting a send crash notification and I still can’t access my content.
  • Enjoying the improvements 5/5

    By Rosykbomb
    Hey y'all my name is Rosy M. (F/eminem) I'm enjoying the new updates to this ap EMMENSELY. as I have been internettung it up since 1996, who ever has been writing the new code is a "fricken genius" as Dr. Evil would say. My one question: are my written works backed up in your system in case I lose my iPad orrrrr let's say, the universe steals my phone like a buzzard verisimilitude of the matrix?
  • Removed editor default setting 3/5

    By Lusipurr
    Originally, this app allowed someone to default to creatng and editng in plain text. That was vital, even when the app didn’t sync properly and didn’t save posts all the time. Later, they removed the ability to set a default editor, forcing the visual editor by default. I now have to change it every time I go to create or edit anything. I know WYSIWYG editors are all the rage because they are easy, but they produce bloated, garbage code and are less flexible than coding the HTML oneself. Defaulting to the visual editor is fine—novices outnumber experts, I get that. But *removing* the functionality of being able to change the default is just nonsense.
  • I can’t use this. 1/5

    By Sangsang82
    There is one hundreds bug on it. I can’t use it. Please fix the bugs. It’s annoying. There is no customer center
  • E-ve-ry DAY! 5/5

    By DrB
    I have a blog for each of the courses I teach. Students follow and get an e-mail when new lessons are posted. I teach music so use a lot of YouTube videos for examples. Love it!
  • Not useful for editing 1/5

    By Sweetingram
    This app would be great to perform little edits that I would like to take care of that I had forgotten to get once posted. The problem? It ruins it by mixing it with the HTML in plain text! It is good to tell you when your blog automatically posts but impossible to use to edit. PLEASE FIX IT!
  • Thank you 5/5

    By TravelSmartTV
    Thank you
  • Useful by Doesn’t work well 4/5

    By Believlle
    some time it worked for no idea, a large chance would get a media upload failure which doesn’t happen if I use browser on my phone. So I am using my browser on my phone.
  • Great 4/5

    By Lefty Hokum
    I like the ease of Wordpress in making a site but at the same time I think they could do better with the GUI.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Gengi33
    I would definitely recommend getting this app, it makes it easy to keep up with your blog when your out and don’t have time to check it on a computer.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Feystruck
    I enjoy this app. It makes updating my blog easy, especially when I get an idea and make a draft for one when I don’t have paper around. The one thing I don’t enjoy is getting to the drafts on the phone app. I have to hunt and hunt to pull up a draft if I’m writing on the go. Otherwise, it’s super easy to use.
  • Doesn’t work at all 1/5

    By Didreyfus
    Opens with crash report and then blanks out on up to date iPad
  • Pretty Awesome 4/5

    By HerVoirness
    I moved to wordpress when the blogger app was withdrawn. One star removed for lack of clear direction for initial setting up, but making posts is simple.
  • Easy and Smart 5/5

    By Bestdesigncoach.com
    We’ve enjoyed using Wordpress from day one. It was easy to create our website and we blog more often as well. Thank you Wordpress!
  • App crashes on iPhone X 1/5

    By teknics
    Experiencing an instant crash on iPhone X. App is up to date as is iOS, tried deleting and reinstalling and it still does the same thing. Recent update still crashes on iPhone X
  • Can’t type 1/5

    By BlueEyezLB
    I just now tried to post a blog on my iPhone. I pasted an initial paragraph into WordPress and then sought to edit it. I was completely unable to bring up the keyboard. I tried and tried without success. Is something wrong with the latest update? It appears so. Please fix it ASAP. If I am missing something, please let me know.
  • This app needs a lot of work 1/5

    By oloongt
    Great app for viewing stats, likes and comments, though I don't use it for posting. Tablets and phones can be fickle. I've lost too much work to an app going to sleep and erasing my thoughts. Or, worse, posting an incomplete reply. UPDATE: Jan 28,2018 - The editor on iPhone Plus is skittish, making it possible to ruin a good piece. Draft sync is off, replacing the newest draft with an older version. I stopped using the App except to check notifications and Insights. This app needs a lot of work to make it usable.
  • excellent mobile blogging app 5/5

    By Permit Place
    I can do just about anything on this app. I love it. It’s fast. It doesnt drain battery. Awesome
  • It’s so easy and thrilled to write a blog! 5/5

    By Boys Fifes vs Diamonds timing
    I set my own resolution, I have always wanted to be a writer, but kept putting it off. So I thought if I find something, I was directed to this website/app and then I fell it love, so easy to use and I haven’t miss a day/night of blogging. Thank you WordPress! You rock!
  • From sugar to donkey dust 1/5

    By TreoRenegade
    Search bar no longer accessible on ipad b/c only the top tip appears. HTML edit gone AWOL. No way to access featured image ALT tag. The list of infirmities stretches for miles. No clue crew re mobile access. Sad. And I'm paying for this ongoing debacle. Fortunately, only a few months to go before the annual sub date materializes, allowing me to explore alternatives.
  • Site is the bimb 5/5

    By HBguy1
    No charge for basics. How nice is that. Of course the company hopes you thrive and pay for more services but the basic for nada? Nice. Thanks Automattic!
  • Lost all drafts because of the update 1/5

    By Sebbi00000000012234
    Hours of word are lost because of an simple update, I am totally disappointed. I excepted that the app is saving the drafts on the server, however it didn’t. I will never use this again.
  • Great app with annoying glitches. 1/5

    By Hey_Jupiter21
    Don’t get addicted to the app! I had great progress for over a year, loved it, but in the past month or so it has chosen not to save items when I change them. I have to edit 5 or 6 times, if it even does change. Most of the time it does not. Very, very frustrating!!! Another friend is having a similar program and we are considering moving both of our pages to other providers.
  • Latest Update Crashes on Opening 1/5

    By Total frizz
    Just updated and now I can't open the app. It crashed every time I tried to open. Then I tried deleting and reinstalling. Had to reset my password through Safari, because I couldn't even logon after the reinstall. Once it was reset, I went to the app and it almost opened and then crashed again. So glad I am paying for this -- NOT!
  • Not working 1/5

    By Slaintfun
    I have loved my wordpress app for years but I’ve just upgraded to the iPhone X and now it won’t even open on my phone! Help!
  • So Buggy 1/5

    By Dani_EG
    I've started writing to my blog exclusively on my computer, just because this app has gone so far down the drain. I can't even upload photos or posts anymore from it. Not to mention said images would be without captions. If it weren't for wonderful 3rd party apps ending their support, I wouldn't even be using this. I'm finally on the search for a new third party app, because I don't trust Wordpress to ever come through on the iPad app.
  • Create account IMPOSSIBLE 1/5

    By Sc-79
    Trying to create an account is literally impossible. I tried a plethora of names for the url and they all got “already taken” So I tried a few completely random letters and numbers to see if it was the names I was choosing. Again the completely random nonsense letters chosen got “already taken” there is no way .. anyway I’d love to try the app, but creating an account is infuriating and impossible
  • Blogging and Website building made easy 5/5

    By leywashere

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