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WordPress App

Manage or create your WordPress blog or website right from your iOS device: view stats, moderate comments, create and edit posts and pages, and upload media. All you need is a WordPress.com blog or a self-hosted WordPress.org site running 4.0 or higher. With WordPress for iOS, you have the power to publish in the palm of your hand. Draft a spontaneous haiku from the couch. Snap a photo on your lunch break for the week’s photo challenge at The Daily Post. Respond to your latest comments, or check your stats to see where today’s readers are coming from. Don’t forget to tag your posts published from the app with #wponthego so the community can find your masterpieces on the move. WordPress for iOS is an Open Source project, which means you, too, can help contribute to its development. Learn more at https://apps.wordpress.com/contribute/. Need help with the app? Visit the forums at https://ios.forums.wordpress.org or tweet us @WordPressiOS.


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WordPress app reviews

  • I'm extremely new and very excited 5/5

    By bmmarch
    I love everything about it. I'm having fun. Leavinug. Being creative.
  • Writing made easier 5/5

    By Bonne60174
    We all want to write, that's what brought us here in the first place. Because, time's going to pass whether we write or not, and we don't want all that needs to be written to die with us. Wordpress gives us all the tools to hone that craft, tell out stories, and if we are so blessed touch the lives of others.
  • I like it 5/5

    By Shygirl2002
    I like using Wordpress not only does it help with expressing your thoughts and personal opinions or feelings but it always is a great way to use your creative thinking .
  • Easy 5/5

    By Auntjoannblog.com
    Great app for checking stats and notifications on the go
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Jkhgggggg
    I really liked the app until ads started popping up all over my page.
  • Nifty with a bug 4/5

    By Miku-Marmalade
    I have a self hosted website and jetpack has had syncing issues on numerous occasions. Other than that, I am pleased with the app.
  • Love it 5/5

    By tearodriguez
    It works really well and I'm able to edit and post perfectly.
  • Great Easy To Use Tool 5/5

    By PyrateMate
    This is the BEST product I've used for blogging. The selections of templates for both free and purchase are great and very easy to use. You can have a professional looking blog on no time!!
  • Does not work 1/5

    By WJ-Graham
    Description says "all you need is a wordpress.com or a self-hosted wordpress.org site running 4.0 or higher" Well, the login insists on wordpress.com credentials and the "contact us" button crashes the app.
  • Easy, simple, customizable, awesome! 5/5

    By Nikeishaaaaaa
    Great blog especially for first time bloggers. The pros: Option for a free blog. Free blog gives enough freedom to express yourself through the available functions of the free version. Easily customizable. Simple to figure out, post, edit, connect to social media. Function to save drafts. Does not lose content if you have to exit out of the app for a moment. Super awesome blog for beginners to learn the basics of blogging! Thank you to the creator!
  • Don't Miss out! 5/5

    By Scottyabe
    Wordpress is awesome and can be used in so many ways! I depend on it!
  • Wordpress - wonderful 5/5

    By MZ&Cho
    Wordpress gives us the chance to interact with mature bloggers. Also gives us the opportunity to share our lives through photos and thoughts that we dearly cherish.
  • Why did I wait so long! 5/5

    By Love Thy Posh
    I've always wanted to blog but I was intimidated on how to start. WP makes it so easy and fun!
  • Great experience. 5/5

    By Diamonds16
    Great experience. So far doing well with the app.
  • Can't type in username to log in? 1/5

    By Tenoko1
    I got a new phone and can only type in the password box, not the username (which is empty) so I can sign in to use the app.
  • My app isn't synced with the website 2/5

    By Angrymama12
    Anything I post shows on my app but not the website on my lap top.
  • Create traffic. 5/5

    By Customers' Ombudman
    It appears the traffic here isn't much. There are very lovely articles which don't get read by the public. This discourages the writers when they see the statistics on their articles. Perhaps there could be a collaboration with other platforms other than LinkedIn to ensure that posted articles get wider coverage on chosen subjects.
  • Inability to connect 1/5

    By R1Law
    While one site is working - which was added in an older version - none of my current sites can be added. Various error messages include: not a wordpress site, XMLRPC errors (all attempts to correct via instructions result in same error), cannot find site, etc. Clearly there is a validation issue. What makes this worse is sometimes the app connects but fails on authentication and subsequent attemps fail to reach event the login attempt. Update seems to have made these issue worse.
  • Blogger 4/5

    By Thinklikegodthinks
    It's ok Site to curate. Needs more tutorial to perfect site easily.
  • Still learning 4/5

    By Amr249
    Since I'm still new the problems I have with it are most likely not because it's bad, but just complex, which in future will probably be what makes me love my site! ❤️☺️the things I do know now are great so far!
  • Issues 2/5

    By BeastlyAdvocate
    Since the new update, my menus do not appear in the menu settings. This is an issue for me as I mainly use mobile to manage and update my sites. Editing my menus is nearly impossible in the browser so I relied heavily on the app to do so. Now my menus cannot be found by the app.
  • Good 👍🏾 5/5

    By nunovyobiznis
    I've never had a problem with the app.
  • update disaster 1/5

    By Atouristlife
    do not use screws up everything and you can't get back to previous version
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By GodGirl77
    I love being able to edit posts, check stats, and read blogs I follow from my phone! Though I can't blog like I want to directly from my phone, this app is easy to use and great for bloggers and blog followers.
  • What's with the password? 1/5

    By DannoM
    After meeting the criteria, 6 digits, Caps, small letters, symbol and numbers I never could get their page to accept my choices, no response to written queries. Deleted program.
  • Great! 5/5

    By Jennifer 💟💋✌
    Love it because when I have ideas on the go, I can start a blog. I can choose to post immediately or I can choose a later date to post. Very easy to use as well, and you customize and change themes and even logos(if your theme allows logos). I can check the status of my views and even share right from the app to my social medias. Definitely an app to have if you're a frequent blogger on Wordpress.
  • Great blogging site! 5/5

    By heyitslyn
    I first heard of this site through my hubby. He's been using it for some time now and when I expressed that I wanted to start a blog, he told me to use WordPress. So glad that I listened to his advice! Such a great app/site to use for blogging:)
  • WordPress 1/5

    By Wyckoff1485
    Can't even down load it.
  • awesome! 5/5

    By •dogsandcatsareawesome•
    this app is super great for wordpress bloggers! it can be slightly glitchy at times, but is overall totally worth it. highly recommend! :))
  • Loveee 5/5

    By BabygirlAnnz
    Absolutely love this app!!💕
  • Switched to WordPress.com from self-hosted, love app 5/5

    By Mat 0679369
    If you want to get into blogging, get this app. Blogging is the backbone of your online presence. This app is ready to use and really well designed. It's become one of my most used apps.
  • Overly aggressive 1/5

    The moment I began research on blogs in general i was surrounded by an overwhelming amount of "insiders" that promised to show me the truth but did not
  • Invigorating 5/5

    By Vane9208
    I was browsing the App Store when I came across WordPress and I decided to give it a try. I have been a writer as long as I can remember but this is the first time I am publishing extended poems and other writing. I am starting to evolve my page to fit with my other creative endeavors and social media footprint, I enjoy the flexibility WordPress has to let me make my page whatever I want it to be. The templates are straight forward and easy to adapt, it's easy to add images to content and sort the widgets placement on the page. I enjoy getting feedback from people that visit my page and the stats are really insightful. My only requests would be I would like more fonts selection (it might just be the theme I use that's limited) and I would like a widget icon for Facebook Messenger. I would also like the ability to change the sizing and placement of the sections right on the page when in edit mode, it would make it easier to decide where I want to place the menu and how I want to organize my posts (if I choose not to order them chronologically), this may also just be limited by the theme I am using. Overall it's been a great experience and I cherish having my own domain. I feel like I have a small spot in the never ending internet and a method through which to share with the rest of the world.
  • Average Joe Loves the Wordpress! 5/5

    By Eric J Wynn
    Long time blogger, first time reviewer. This Average Joe loves the simplicity of Wordpress and uses it for all my blogging needs. I highly recommend!
  • What Happened to This App? 2/5

    By Shawn MacApple
    Every time I try to look at my Stats it tells me I need to install Jetpack, and today in the App Store it asks me if I want to download the app...BUT I ALREADY HAVE IT! Plus, if I acidentally hit "write" it creates and saves blank pages. The app was fine until recently so I don't know what has happened. Fix it please.
  • Great app. 5/5

    By Butterkraft
    Recently moved from squarespace to Wordpress. A lot of news about Wordpress being difficult to use for non techs but looks like I am proving them wrong. Totally loving it so far.
  • Crashing and freezing 5/5

    By bckofford
    For the past few days crashing and freezing...so I deleted the old and re-loaded...resolved!
  • عنواني 5/5

    By الهامش نيوز
    يجب جعله بالعربي ووممتااز للغايه
  • Pretty unhappy with the app. 1/5

    By Du6
    I spent 3 hours and tried to upload pictures 5 times and it didn't turn out well. The app is not intuitive in any way. I will delete this app.
  • Fairly intuitive 4/5

    By Dimania
    I'm loving my blogging experience on WP.
  • Love! Just missing one thing... 4/5

    By Akimi Start
    Creative freedom! I love wordpress for the support and they make it easy to hook up your blog/website with ease. How ever you have to pay every time you want to get creative with your site. If you want to upload a theme or try to switch up the style to separate your design from others who may have the same template, you have to pay for a few upgrades.
  • Best in Class 4/5

    By Michaelp6of7
    If you're looking to blog and mange your WordPress website on a mobile device, this app is a great tool. It has enough features and works well for simple posts and edits.
  • could be better. 4/5

    By luisa azad
    i'd like to have more tags🤔🙄
  • Stats are gone now?? 1/5

    By The pelf
    The whole point of having the app is to be able view the stats. Now it tells me I have to download Jetpack and if I try to do that nothing happens. Used to be a good app. Now it's worthless.
  • Hasn't improved 1/5

    By dysamoria
    I thought i had posted a review already. What happened to it? So here i am, looking at the app again, after several updates. The first thing i find is that the app still doesn't think i have any posts on my blog. Why would i use this app if it cannot even read my blog's content? My prior review pretty much had the same complaints, plus complaints about the GUI, which still haven't been resolved. It makes no sense whatsoever to bring the user to a new posting interface upon app launch.
  • Flawed but Functional App 3/5

    By 174321
    8/17/17. Not the 1 star I thought... Tried deleting the app and it worked to unfreeze it! I'm a little pissy I had to do this but at least there is a fix! ______________________ UPDATE NOT GOOD! 8/16/17. My app was updated on this last update and now it freezes when I open it. So it never opens really... it's so difficult to reply to comments, etc without my WP app working!! _________________ NOT AS BAD AS I THOUGHT... 7/5/2017. Review updated... I've upgraded my review to 3 stars because the forums were able to tell me about a feature that Wordpress has that backs up 25 previous revisions. So accessing that I was able to go back to my completed post. My links are broken in social media and I had to repost but at least the post was found and brought back... This should NEVER have happened... I'm glad there was something in place to save my content but this app is FLAWED... I like the way I can answer comments and check out my site and look at stats but I'm scared now to use the app to post or even edit. This is the whole point of the app!! If I ever have my desktop breakdown I want to be able to use this app but at this point I really can't rely on it 😭😭😭😅😓😭😭😭 ———————— I'd give negative stars if I could... Today I was planning my next month worth of posts and looked at the posts I had saved in drafts on my app. I found 4 odd drafts that I had saved earlier in the month because I hadn't been able to finish them right away. I deleted 3 of them and edited another planning on using it for the same feature later. When I went to reply to some recent comments the app wouldn't let me reply! I figured out that the post was gone! That draft I deleted was THE REAL POST! The text inside was not the same as what I posted nor were the pictures in it but it was my posted post! I was able to go to the trash on the app and restore the 3 deleted posts. The comments I approved are lost but at least my post was restored! Then I checked on the post I edited... The posted post says it is no longer there and the draft is now resaved in drafts but the original completed and posted post is now gone. Because I didn't delete it I can't restore it. Because the draft was visually there and not the stuff I had written later when it updated (after I changed the title) the draft that shouldn't have been there overwrought my post. I can't contact the company but only post on the forum... what good will that do? Someone from behind the scenes has to go find a previous save and restore it... I HAD NO IDEA THE APP COULD OR WOULD DO THIS? WHY ARE THE DRAFTS MESSED UP? If you had TOLD ME I would not have used them... I can't possibly rewrite the post as I wrote it spur of the moment... it makes me want to quit blogging...
  • Grateful for Wordpress and app 4/5

    By Tony Maden
    I use the app daily. Function has improved over time, and I look forward to seeing more improvements as it matures. Update 8/13/2017: the app has matured further and I can do everything I need from the iPhone except upload new media directly in the app [thanks WP Developer response 8/17 I can upload picture, but not PDF, audio or voice from app etc. I have to log into my site through the app to upload video]. Another problem is if I work on my site multiple times during the day there is. I easy method to block my ip from the data do I get a spike in visitor graph. I'm not a business but non profit ministry so buying the business version has no benefit. Other than these opportunities for improvement, I'm delighted with the progress they have made. Update 2/15/2017: After struggling with Dreamweaver/HTML self-hosting 2001 onwards I found Joomla/Drupal 2011 and hosted Wordpress but too many ways for trouble and security issues for clients so I settled on hosted Wordpress for which I love this iOS app. It has room for improvement of course but is far more functional that years before. If Automatic are reading these reviews I suggest defining all use case/device workflows and publicly sharing your development plans to educate user and set expectations more clearly, or building in some kind of screen recorder or screen shot capture of user problems to increase communication between user and automatic, maybe you already do this. Overall the app is wonderful and I can do everything now I couldn't do years ago. Today re blogging a post though I couldn't read my own comments as I was typing them from my iPhone because another dialog box covered the screen (I have screen shot if you want to see it but no way to attach in reviews). Thank you for the opportunity to be heard 😊
  • Like this tool 5/5

    By Dallassite
    Intuitive, high quality displays and links into social platforms. Frankly, I don't know how to use it. However I was able to do whatever I have wanted to do so far just by being a monkey - press the buttons and explore
  • Used to work 2/5

    By sarahb785
    I used to love this app, and used it all the time for my self hosted site to check stats, and reply to comments. For the past few months, I've been unable to approve, unapprove, or reply to comments from the app. I've tried deleting the app and redownloading it 3 times. It's up to date. It just doesn't work anymore for me.
  • Great! 5/5

    By Beach_Bum429
    I had issues with the most recent update. However, the developers reached out to me and now I'm good to go! Wonderful app as always.

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