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100% free application. The app of the world's most popular and powerful dictionary translation website. It grants you quick access to our extensive dictionaries and forum discussions. WordReference.com's dictionaries: English to Spanish English to French English to Italian English to German English to Portuguese English to Polish English to Romanian English to Czech English to Greek English to Turkish English to Japanese English to Chinese English to Korean English to Arabic English to Swedish English to Dutch Spanish to French Spanish to Portuguese English definitions Spanish definitions Italian definitions Conjugators: Spanish conjugator French conjugator Italian conjugator Forums contain over 2 million questions and answers about English and translation. Your questions have already been answered. NOTE: Requires internet access. WordReference is often misspelled as "Word Reference" in searches.

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  • The best 5/5

    By GreenPrell
    It's Wordreference -- the best place to go when learning a language. Now in app form!
  • Outstanding, but could use a few tweaks 5/5

    By Bren1216
    -Fairly clunky interface -Offline(!!) for the love of God. -some kind of loading bar when definitions are slow to come up Just a tad Web 1.0 but the comprehensiveness of the app is pretty marvelous...and it's FREE!
  • Waiting for more 1/5

    By Nyczcommuter
    I use my WordRef all the time on my desktop! It's invaluable but the app barely works. I've just given up.
  • Great !!!! 5/5

    By Mo849
    I love it is great fast and convenient so don't think get it help you a lot .... !!!!!
  • Great but 4/5

    By cantstoptalking
    The WordRef app is fabulous for the quality and number of definitions and examples. Frequently, though, the WordRef half of the app reaches a premature stopping point as the user scrolls down to see the compound forms. When this gets fixed I will give five stars.
  • Buono 5/5

    By Muy por encima
    Mi piace molto l'app e l'uso tutti i giorni, stanotte ho notato che c'è un sbaglio però. Nell'elenco di lingue deve dire "Ceco", no "Cecho", come l'avete scritto. È scorretto. Si dice "ceco". Quindi, io lo saprò se voi veramente controllate le sue recensioni perché la versione aggiornata deve essere corretta. Malgrado questo piccolissimo errore, a me piace molto la vostra applicazione. Grazie mille!!
  • Slas 1/5

    By Dogz_R_Gr8
    Salad boel is spelled wrong. Most stupid app ever that I've sene. Never bye for youre kidz. Teaches how spell wrongly dont get dumb.
  • Could use a little something extra 5/5

    By Marshmallowmonkey00
    I love this app. Translations are great and everything, but there's one thing I wish it had: Whenever I look translations up, I want to note them somehow so I can look at them later. As in, I want to be able to star them so that they go into a list that I can look at later so I can study it.
  • Go-to-dictionary 5/5

    By hoody2
    I learned of this app in my Spanish class and it is the one I always use.
  • Fast and easy to use 5/5

    By Geniusbarb
    It's like the online version but on your phone.
  • Love it ❤️❤️❤️ so useful 5/5

    By I'm loving it 💖
    I been having this application for 3 years.. so useful. I read a lot in English and Spanish so when I need to know a meaning or translation it could give me both and also how to pronounce it...
  • Brilliant application 5/5

    By Duncan McHale
    Works just as well for a quick lookup or an in-depth study. Lots of great ancillary resources.
  • Word reference app 5/5

    By In better hands
    Sincerely I do like this application. I will appreciate if some day this application gets the option to be use offline. Sometimes I am in class and my signal goes away but I need this application since it's easy to use and affordable but I can't use it. Thanks for the help in designing this application and may God bless your work today and always.
  • Very helpful for my students! 4/5

    By TonynDF
    I have had the Word Reference app on my classroom iPads for a few years. It's very easy to navigate. Personally, I've used wordreference.com for more than 15 years for translation and interpretation. WR is better than many other dictionaries that I've paid for.
  • One of the best 5/5

    By LeChatParle
    One of the best resources for learning other languages. It was instrumental for my undergrad. I graduated top of my class with a degree in French.
  • Very useful app 5/5

    By Cathodetupo
    Very useful application with a variety of accents pronunciation!
  • Why doesn't it work OFFLINE?? 3/5

    By niecywoo26
    It's a decent enough app, serves its purpose but the interface could be updated and tweaked. Also, I can't understand why this so-named dictionary-esque app doesn't function without a WiFi connection (i.e. for those individuals traveling abroad in areas without good WiFi coverage). Fingers crossed for an update that addresses these issues and more. 🤞🏽
  • Terrible Update 1/5

    By Firebolt1984
    It used to be optimized for large screen iPhones. Recent update REMOVED this optimization. Why are we going backwards?
  • Super valuable 5/5

    By mt57
    I use this constantly to translate Spanish to English and it is very reliable and speedy. The examples of usage are very helpful. Outstanding!
  • Synonym bug 3/5

    By Cad prpl
    This app has accurate translations. However, if I use it too long, it won't display the synonym page for spanish words. I have tried restarting the app and that does not solve the problem. Please fix, it's very annoying!
  • Doesn't always work 3/5

    By EasyA22
    Recently it's only been letting me search in one language. Fix please!
  • Decent, bug 2/5

    By Gregcheersykes
    Decent but it needs more native app and less web content. ***Bug alert: won't let me scroll down sometimes to bottom of screen. Please fix.***
  • No better dictionary out there! 5/5

    By TDanger753
    I've long used the web version of word-reference as it always has the most accurate and comprehensive translations for all the languages I use. Glad to have the app now. I have not experienced any of the aforementioned glitches. Thanks for the great tool.
  • Best translation 5/5

    By Izzy9642245673222679
    The only online dictionary I'm allowed to use for my language class. Translations are as close as it gets
  • Truest Translations 5/5

    By JoanaC88
    Not much in terms of layout, but if all you want is a reliable translation, this is as good as it gets.
  • Where are the example sentences? 1/5

    By TVTrav
    I love your website, partly because of the contextualized example sentences; however, unlike the website, this app has nearly only English examples when I need Spanish examples. Can this be fixed?
  • iPad Multitasking Not Working; iPhone 6+ Optimization Gone 1/5

    By Potter6Plus
    The most recent update mentions adding multitasking support for the iPad, which is extremely appreciated; however, it does not appear to be working as the app does not appear in the multitasking app list nor can split screen be enabled while the app is open Edit: Just realized the optimization for iPhone 6 (Plus) and newer devices was removed as well with this update, which makes the app once again look blown up and blurry on them Additional note: a very blurry version of the app icon also fills up the screen upon opening the app on iPad. Not sure if that is an app bug or an iOS bug
  • Interface 1/5

    By Oshnaj
    Horrible interface look. It does even look blurry.
  • Where's the iPhone 6 Optimization? 1/5

    By User14683761849581674
    The Optimization for iPhone 6 was just taken away. I am confused and disappointed that wordreference would do that for no reason.
  • Wrong language 1/5

    By Eapeters47
    I wanted French and it gave me Spanish, and no way to change it.
  • It is okay. 4/5

    By Javk5pakfa
    Very helpful for french studies. One small issue tho: sometimes after I type in and choose the word, the suggestions don't go away and that's kinda annoying.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Mrpalillo1
    Great, easy to use. Amazing for students.
  • Literally trash 1/5

    By Lolohoba
    My Spanish teacher encouraged me to get it so I don't like it because it's educational....
  • Excelente and accurate app. 5/5

    By MAGN0
    It's an amazing tool for every person learning any language.
  • Great app 4/5

    By ShopTillYouDrop😘
    Helps me out so much!
  • Best translation software ! 5/5

    By Tug5chef/
    I love this app!
  • One Of The Best Apps for Language Learners/Scholars 5/5

    By kelsey738
    As a French student and educator, I can certainly vouch for this app! Not only is it accurate and reliable, but it also shows conjugation tables for verbs, and the meaning of phrases that the searched words are often used in in that language. If you are looking for a great digital bilingual dictionary for many different languages, this is the app to buy (for free!).
  • Word reference 5/5

    By Shisui231
    Way better than google translate
  • Buggy. 3/5

    By dequace
    The WR app has always been a little difficult to navigate due to the very small links and occasional bugginess of the search menu, but the newest update is noticeably glitchy. Graphics are wonky. Needs some fixing.
  • Was a 5-star app: Please bring back word prefill suggestions(!) 3/5

    By Kimmys88
    This is an outstanding app, really – unfortunately it is made much less useful for non-native speakers because of the removal of the word pre-fill suggestion typing entry box. Please bring this back and return to five-star status. Thank you
  • New version is a disaster on iPhone 6+ 2/5

    By Arthur Bucco
    This is an EXCELLENT resource. However, the latest version (which claims to have fixed a sizing issue with iPhone 6) makes the text size extremely small on iPhone 6+, and — worst of all — the search/look-up feature no longer provides autocompletion. This was an essential help while trying to figure out the spelling of foreign words on our phones. Please bring it back.
  • Great dictionary 4/5

    By Haider allawi
    It's really useful and great app but you really need to develop it's content anyway good job
  • I Hate It! 1/5

    By Hate this BS
    This app is horrible because it does not allow you to look up whole phrases only individual words which is annoying because phrases are not exactly word for word in the other languages like they are in English.
  • Love wordreference but the app is glitchy 2/5

    By EeeeeeeEAaaaaaaa
    App frequently freezes or gets stuck in the menu. After downloading the latest update, the auto fill drop down menu no longer works. Please fix this!!!!!!!!!!
  • Looks good, but... 2/5

    By LennyS
    It looks good on my 6S Plus, but the suggestions don't work anymore. You start typing and you can see that it's "trying" to give you suggestions, but the drop down that would normally appear is messed up.
  • GREAT! so relieved! 5/5

    By itsevanwilson
  • Fantastic! 5/5

    By jtrampjohnson
    WordReference is hands down the best multilingual dictionary app. I couldn't live without it! Great job on the recent updates. I really enjoy having the app resize to fit the screen on the iPhone 6 Plus. One suggestion: I would definitely pay to remove adds—both on the app and on the full site.
  • Please! If you want 5 stars… 4/5

    By Mel MacSmiley
    Please give us an ad-free option!!!
  • Great Great Great 5/5

    By Cinephile24601
    Very helpful. Very navigable. I always have it out when perfecting my Spanish. It offers multiple languages. It's free, so please try it and see for yourself what a great tool it is.
  • Muy util y 5/5

    By Jblanquito
    Practico fácil al usarlo thank you

WordReference Dictionary app comments

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