Words With Friends 2-Word Game

Words With Friends 2-Word Game

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  • Current Version: 10.50.3
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Words With Friends 2-Word Game App

Words With Friends 2 THE WORLD’S MOST POPULAR MOBILE WORD GAME is better and more clever than ever, and built for the word player in all of us. Beautifully and intelligently redesigned, Words With Friends 2 is teeming with more ways to challenge your friends and your brain than ever before. Start a match with friends, family, or a new opponent to spell words, expand your vocabulary and sharpen your wit. Earn unique themed badges for completing fun weekly challenges and scoring big against your friends. Words With Friends 2 backs up your gameplay by pulling in all your past games, friends and progress from previous versions. There’s nothing to lose, and more fun to gain! Sometimes staying in touch is as simple as playing the perfect word. Download and play the NEW Words With Friends 2 today! May the Best Friend Win.™ CREATE A GAME It all starts here. Challenge your Facebook friends and family members to a game or use Smart Match to find your perfect word puzzle opponent. TRAIN IN PRACTICE MODE Play offline and sharpen your word skills in practice mode to become the ultimate word master. POWER UP WITH BOOSTS Play smarter and faster with helpful boosts and powerups like Hindsight, Word Radar, and Tile Swap+. COLLECT UNIQUE BADGES Play the weekly challenge and earn fun, themed badges that are different every week. Build the ultimate collection and display them proudly in your badge case. PLAY IN 6 LANGUAGES Choose your language and start a game in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese or British English. Play Words With Friends 2 without third party ads between moves if you previously purchased either Words With Friends Pro or no third-party ads in the original Words With Friends on any mobile device. Be sure to login with Facebook or the email account you used to make the previous purchase to continue to play without third party ads between moves. Already an accomplished Wordie? Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date on game news, contests, polls and other fun stuff. https://www.facebook.com/WordsWithFriends https://twitter.com/WordsWFriends https://instagram.com/wordswithfriends Thank you for playing Words With Friends 2! Additional Information: The game is free to play; however, in-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency. In-app purchases range from $0.99 to $99.99 USD.


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Words With Friends 2-Word Game app reviews

  • Want no ad version 3/5

    By allyndayis
    I'm going to stop playing until a version comes out with no ads that obnoxiously pop up every few minutes. They make me jump and I really hate them. I would pay but I see no ad free version. Otherwise I enjoy the various games.
  • Ads 2/5

    By Zcjohnson0341
    The “x” button on the ad is way too small.
  • Can’t remove ads that show after every play 1/5

    By KuraFire
    Most obnoxious and customer-hostile game I’ve ever played.
  • Too many ads 5/5

    By goblingirl
    I love the game but the constant ad interruption after evey play takes away the pleasure and relaxation that I am looking for! I love the game so much that I searched for an ad free option in the settings willing to purchase that option but no luck! 🤔😕
  • Too many noisy ads 2/5

    By AnnetteElaine
    I would be happy to pay a few to download the app to get fewer ads. It slows your ability to play down, so I get annoyed and shut it down. Also, they are very noisy. There should be a way to turn off sounds just in this app and change other settings.
  • Al 2/5

    By ol alfred
    First time playing, it was ok but my opponent took an average of 20 minutes between plays! I lost interest and resigned☹️
  • Fun game. Way too many ads. 3/5

    By John0879
    I enjoy playing this game and don’t really have many issues with it. My only complaints are the home screen of the app and the ads. First, the home screen. This is a mess of clutter that makes it harder to get to the games I’m playing. I couldn’t care less about the match of the day with some random person I don’t know. Give me the games that I’m playing at the top for easy access followed by my friends. Everything else can go. Now for the ads. This is the real problem. I’m a software engineer and I am sympathetic to the race to the bottom on app prices and I’m more than willing to pay for quality apps. I’d pay for an ad free version of this if I could. It’s hard for me to criticize a developer for wanting to make a living, but the ads in this game are offensive. There are way too many and some are difficult to exit. An ad after each play is unnecessary. Pretty much all of the apps advertised are cheap knockoffs of other apps. None of the ads make me want to purchase anything. Tone down the ads and I’d bump this to 4 or 5 stars.
  • Lightning Round 5/5

    By jetcogs
    I really enjoy the new Lightning Round. Such a fun twist on the classic game! But everything can be improved upon. A few ideas I hope to see implemented: 1. Stat tracking. Lightning Round statistics don't seem to be recorded anywhere. 2. Board review. After the game, you should be able to see your team's boards (and maybe your opponents' boards too.) 3. Border colors. That screen darkening effect when the game is nearly over? I think it should turn green if you have a comfortable lead, turn red if you're far behind, or the current color if the game is close. 4. A new medal: Fist Bump. If you laid down the tile that a 30+ point word is connected to, you get a Fist Bump point, and the highest earner on your team gets this medal at the end. This would help to encourage playing as a team.
  • Missing words 3/5

    By Hippo killa
    Occasionally run into words from the English dictionary that aren't playable in the game.
  • WWF is ruined 😢 1/5

    By Deb In AK
    ADS BETWEEN EVERY SINGLE PLAY! I am so bummed I updated my iPhone OS and it caused my old Words game to not work and I am very unhappy with Words 2. There are ads everywhere and there is no way to remove ads by paying a fee. Plus there are these obnoxious videos that pop up and when hitting the exit/close button it keeps popping me over to the app buy. Words has long been a fun game I played with family and friends and I am seriously considering deleting it and looking for something else for us to play. I paid long ago for no ads in words and that did not transfer over when I was forced to use this new version. 😢
  • Keeps getting worse 1/5

    By SmugMugFan
    It’s called “with friends” but is so much worse at letting you find new opponents than it used to be. And now it assaults you with pointless animations and idiotic “awards” that you have to tap through. And that’s the paid version, I can’t imagine what misery the free one puts you through.
  • Great game but 2/5

    By MBobersky
    The video ads need to go. This is out of hand. Force closing every play I make to avoid these absurd makeup ads. I’ll pay not to have them.
  • Broken Notifications 4/5

    By DopeBro
    Despite having no active matches, WWF2 sends push notifications and has 1 or 2 badge icons EVERY SINGLE DAY. Respect the fact that I may want a break from the game, and do not give me badge icons only to have me open the game for a lousy 2 coins and recommended match. Do not clutter my phone with useless notifications. Fix this and I will fix my review, until then I will be annoyed with the game. Edit: I updated my review. Thanks for the response. I’m turning off all notifications except for “in-game activity”. As long as I get notifications for when it is my turn to play AND FOR NOTHING ELSE then all is good. If I get another notification about a daily log in reward, or anything else like that, I will revert my review. It’s abusive to push notifications like that. Thanks again.
  • Ads?!?! 2/5

    By MergedOrange
    Please bring the option to disable ads. I have no interest in seeing them.
  • Annoying ads 3/5

    By Shara1985
    I keep looking to see if there is a paid version so I don’t have to see ads between every game. Even a .99¢ monthly subscription that gives you unlimited use of the in game abilities and no adds would be better that it currently is. With as many people as you have playing the game you could turn a decent profit with a cheap monthly subscription.
  • No more HUSH COMMERCIALS 1/5

    By Intellectual Times
    I paid to have this game as free long ago... somehow my wife’s is as free yet after every single word played I’m subjected to that stupid HUSH cosmetics commercial... it’s to the point I have zero desire to even play the game anymore... Plain and simple... there is nothing advertised that I have seen as of yet that I would even consider purchasing so can you please come up with something better before you annoy people away...
  • Over it. 1/5

    By Gangloid
    This game was fun, at first. I’m a fairly decent player and I enjoy the friendly competition. That being said, some of the acceptable words are absolutely ridiculous. They can’t offer definitions, and upon further investigation, some words aren’t even used in English or are exceptions to abbreviations. Why allow some abbreviations but not others? Why is “os” an acceptable word when defined by this game as a letter in the alphabet or the abbreviation for Ohio? And yet, more common abbreviations are not allowed, such as “iv” or “wa” or “vin.” I’ve grown tired of trying to guess what is acceptable and what isn’t an exception to abbreviations. It turns the game from intellectual strategy to a guessing game of letter combinations that form words that people have never heard or spoken in their lives. This game has taken scrabble and tainted it in favor of those with minimal vocabularies.
  • Review 1/5

    By bgsew
    I’ve been playing this game for a couple years. The first version was a lot better than this new one that I updated. Now it’s locked and I can’t get it backSo I’ve lost all my friends I played with too. I was playing and it just went white! Can’t get it back! Newest version is awful!
  • Fun but the loud ads drive me crazy 4/5

    By Mezzalyrica1184
    I love playing. I understand the need for ads, but when my phone is on silent or vibrate somehow a loud ad sometimes still plays from this app and that’s unacceptable.
  • Boo 😕 3/5

    By Dumb travler
    I really liked the original words with friends better. Words two sets goals so high that I can never reach them anymore and that makes it very frustrating to me. I used to collect badges every week and now I can’t do it anymore. I guess if you have nothing else to do all day except play this game then it you could actually get badges.
  • Barely works 2/5

    By Lovingolympics
    This app is the worst. It will only fully open about 10% of the time. Generally, it opens for a couple of seconds and then shuts down. Not easy to play a game this way
  • Power Ups killed Words With Friends 1/5

    By rustbukket
    Granted, if you really wanted to cheat, you could do this already by using ‘Scrabble’ web sites. But at least you had to use the tiles you were dealt. Now with the introduction of Power Ups, the ability to use them unbeknownst to one’s opponent (especially Swap+), and the ability to purchase Power Ups any old time, have ruined this game/app for me. It’s no longer about skill, it’s about “what’s in your wallet”. Maybe it should be renamed Words With Cheats.
  • Liking it less and less 2/5

    By Deborific1
    Used to be a good game. Now it’s less of an intellectual challenge. Instead of a challenge between two people I never know if my opponent is a good player or using the cheats you’ve built in. Every day begins with me “earning” two coins. Problem is, I have the maximum number so it adds two, then after I push the button that tells you how thrilled I am, it reverts to the same number I’ve had for a month or more. Total waste of my time. Then after almost every move I make, a black banner drops down to tell me that I’ve just “found” a sprocket or mitten or coin or whatever. Apparently this will earn more trinkets that I can’t/won’t use. Even if I have pressed “next game” it drops down and covers the top of my screen for several seconds so I have to wait to see who I am playing. Let’s not forget the lower banner that asks if I want to play the word. 1 That covers the number of letters remaining, which is what I really want to see. 2 And the annoying symbol that displays to inform me that I don’t have a valid word with every letter I play. If I hit “play” and don’t have a valid word, that is the time to tell me. More is not always better.
  • Too many adds 2/5

    By billy D3152
    I would love to give this game a five star rating, but the truth is, with an add after every single move( and many lead to freeze ups and glitches) I just don’t know if it’s worth playing. Hopefully they address this soon or its back to Word Chums.
  • No way to remove ads 2/5

    By Jodiec9
    It is incredibly frustrating to hear about your friends playing the same game with ads-free versions (no ads AND hindsight!) It makes the game intolerable to know I’m playing a inferior version with no remedy. I have to log out every time I play a move to disable the ad- they usually freeze up. The price to remove ads went from .99 to 2.99 to 29.99, and now there are NO options to remove ads at all. Incredible. They make more money off he ads apparently, which shows zero respect for customers. I’m incredibly disappointed. I love the game otherwise.
  • It’s still CHEATING 1/5

    By alexy69
    The swap without losing a turn option is cheating and is an abomination to the game. What’s next? “25 coins and we’ll show you your opponent’s letters!” Or: “50 coins and we’ll just go ahead and make a great play for you! No one will ever know! Everyone will be impressed with your awesome skills!” And that might be the worst part... you can’t tell if your opponent is using the swap without losing a turn option. It’s like this cowardly act that anyone would be rightfully embarrassed to be caught doing.
  • Not really an improvement 1/5

    By Joan A.
    What I said below still stands. Can I turn off any of the new extra features? And I agree with another commenter. Why hasn’t the developer responded to my comment (which has been up since December)? Words with Friends has been the most reliable online Scrabble game, with the fewest connection issues and the most helpful features. Words with Friends 2 adds a lot more animation that slows things down, and “rewards” that I don’t need (for “coins” I don’t use), and the notifications of those rewards block the top of the screen for too long, so I can’t see which game I’m playing against whom, and what the score is. At least half the time I play the games in regular WWF, though I know they’ll stop maintaining it at some point. P.S. I’d like to turn off the feature that tells me I have no moves left.
  • Interruptions 2/5

    By C3c11
    There are too many interruptions in this game to really enjoy it. It is really all advertising.
  • iPhone X 1/5

    By German_Chick
    It’s not working.
  • Is there a version without ads 4/5

    By Cmdvous
    I like this game and the added features over the classic version. Is there a version without ads? I do not like that the ad takes over the whole screen and you cannot stop it from playing.
  • So disappointed 1/5

    By Snarkeyg
    The original game was great, but this new version is a nightmare. Loud commercials you cannot silence after almost every move, stupid cheats that take away from the challenge of the games, and annoying bonuses. I just wanted to play Words with Friends, and this new version, in which I had NO CHOICE whether to use or not, has some much crap popping up between every move, that it has taken all the fun from me. So very disappointed.
  • Words 2 issues... Upset that I can’t view or transfer old opponents. Now they are gone. 1/5

    By Trace McCullough
    I had an opponent for over 4 years... I never wrote his game name. Can’t open original words with friend to find that person nor is there a way to them appear on New words 2. ??
  • Awesome 💪 5/5

    By Themsum
    Thanks for transferring my stats & no ads purchase that i got for 1$ back in 2011. Im retiring soon as i am chasing down 10,000 wins 2,500 losses 👍 (+-)
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Bradley V.
    I truly love the game, but I just wish there was an option to remove ads.
  • For the love of all that’s holy, make a no-ad version! 3/5

    By poppymjb
    I love the game. Hate the ads. I’m sure I’m not the only one willing to pay to not see those.
  • Love this game....but.... 4/5

    By ocicat33
    This game is a lot of fun! I love the gaming options and lightning rounds. But with a recent update the adds are AWFUL!!!! With every move made or between lightning rounds there’s an add that pop ups and there is no way to remove or disable them. Not even an option to pay to remove them. Soooo frustrating especially considering none of this was occurring until the most recent update. PLEASE give me a way to remove the adds. I love playing this game but will eventually get tired of the adds and find another game to play. Thanks.
  • Tremendous 5/5

    By ProfAlbrecht
    I love this game. It is not Scrabble and does not use Scrabble rules. Because of this, if you work at it and use the helps, you will get better with words in general and at word games. The best feature of this game is Word Strength. When putting down a word, you will see a red circle if not valid or misspelled and a green button if OK. Press the green button and up comes a scale of up to 18 bars. 1 if you have the least possible points for the word, and 18 if you have the most. Brilliant. I like the new Word Swap (30 cents unless you get some free) and Word Radar (40 cents unless you get some free. So, you can pay to play, but I haven’t done so yet. As you get better (and games are more fun) you hardly ever want to use WS or WR. I don’t, and I play a lot of games. You can use the built in dictionary or click on one of your own, it’s OK. The program will prevent you from using an invalid word. I really like the chat feature and all the stats. I can tell I’m learning which is important to me. But the best feature is all the fun you have. This is a very impressive effort. You must play online because of all the database interaction. I didn’t know games and software had advanced so much. What a winning game.
  • With No Ads Free Option..... 1/5

    By TickerDC
    I enjoy playing with family and friends, but with no option to remove the horrible ads, I’ll go back to the old version.
  • To many ads 3/5

    By Timura12
    Fun game but way to many ads
  • Pro2 3/5

    By Fancynancygirl
    It’s a great app on my iPad but in my iPhone I can not find a way to silence all the noise! Not liking that.
  • Listen to me 3/5

    By Thelastmimzy
    I used to love this game. So simple and easy, no frills, just you and your brain against the other player. Now you guys added all this CRAP to click on, just to get to the game. I don’t want daily gifts or stupid coins, I came to play the game. That’s ALL. I play so much less now, I hate all the silly clicking and crap. Just a little frustrating.
  • Sending messages has become impossible. 1/5

    By suzy holiday
    Sending messages has become impossible. Solo challenge uses too many words that can’t be defined. Not fair.
  • Hard to see 1/5

    By Dr nut
    The new layout colors make it very difficult for me to see it.... It’s too light & hard in my aging eyes. I’m sticking with the previous version as long as I can.
  • Obnoxious ads 2/5

    By MonsterReviewsLLC
    The ads are worse than the flu in this game
  • Pop ups ruin it 1/5

    By Push-up goal
    Pop up ads are out of control. Obviously I expect some ads, it costs money to maintain the app. But it is beyond excessive. It happens mid move. Have to reboot sometimes to make one go away. I’ve complained to them. They just ignore me.
  • Cheating POS 2/5

    By G_Hod
    Solo challenges are fun, but pretty freaking annoying that every other word played by the “masters” is some made up gibberish that has no meaning or random foreign crap and doesn’t let you play even the most common of modern English.
  • Fun at first but... 2/5

    By kan2ziate
    I had no issues with the game, glitches or otherwise. The ridiculous slang and made up words makes you feel like you’re playing a 1st grader. You lose to a computer that plays words like “bae” and “za” (supposedly short for pizza), yet you aren’t allowed to use real words like “June” or a city. I’ll be sticking with scrabble where you use real words and not lose brain cells.
  • Lightning Round Missing 4/5

    By no6of6
    I really enjoy this game, which has helped my vocabulary. I do the lightning round every night, but tonight it’s gone. Where did it go?
  • Chat bar, 3/5

    By GramyO
    Thank you for up dating and fixing the chat bar,I can see what I’m texting now
  • B.B. 4/5

    By Monroe gamer
    Love this game but a new ad freezes and won’t close. Baskets. Pls fix. No more playing after it comes up.

Words With Friends 2-Word Game app comments


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