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WU Storm

  • Category: Weather
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  • Current Version: 1.10
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Weather Underground, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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WU Storm App

Keep your eye on the sky with Storm by Weather Underground. High definition, advanced storm cell tracking, severe weather outlooks and real-time severe weather alerts make this the app to have by your side when weather is closing in. ** Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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WU Storm app reviews

  • If you like flashing banners, it’s for you 1/5

    By Weatherglass
    Latest version removed the ad-free subscription option. Bye, Storm.
  • PLEASE WC, Don’t Kill This App! 5/5

    By -=jArViS=-
    This is by far my favorite, go-to weather app. I’ve come to rely on it for my outdoor employment, and for my family’s safety and preparedness whenever severe weather hits. Recently a full page pop-up started appearing in-app advertising the WC version of Storm. I tried it. It is not a suitable replacement for WU’s Storm, as it has less information and isn’t as useful to me. Please, WC, keep this and the WU app alive! Even if no new features are introduced, even if you only maintain its current functionality. It can only make you more money, as I will continue to maintain my usage/paid WU membership for as long as it’s an option. Barring that: My thanks go to the original team behind the apps I’ve cherished, and I will regretfully find another company, and hope my next selection will do right by their loyal customers.
  • They pulled a fast one. Typical corporate greed. 1/5

    By onecast
    I’ve been paying 1.99 for many years to remove ads. Now they tell me I cannot do that and I am stuck with these overbearing ads. This company should be ashamed of themselves for taking everybody’s money only to change things and not even offer an option to continue with an ad free experience. Typical corporate greed! For everybody who has paid for years this company should refund all their hard earned money or for anybody who has been subscribed for over a year or (grandfathered in) they should be offered an option to keep on subscribing for an ad free experience. This has been a five star app but is now downgraded to a one star. I would gladly give them a five star rating if they would consider the options I have laid out above and be responsible enough to care about the people who have been loyal to them.
  • Why did you remove wind velocity!?! 1/5

    By Default Itunes User
    The developers have removed features that are life saving to some, why?!? To get more money???? How much do you need to get ALL the features? It's not a question of whether or not to buy... It's more of a critical service that we count on, like the weatherband radio, & when you sell it as a product but take away a feature via an update you're putting lives at risk who count on the performance of your application. What has happened with this app is so wrong on so many levels it's unimaginable. I hope whoever is responsible rots in hell...
  • ADS 1/5

    By chamventure
    I agree with many others who gladly paid for the ad-free version of Storm for years. I can not use this app any more with the invasion of space and privacy inherent of advertisements. The ad-free version was easily 5 stars: bring it back and I will return.
  • No more ad removal 1/5

    By Phlio
    This was my go to app for weather until they removed to subscription option. The ads make it much less usable than other apps. Was good while it lasted, removing app, so long Storm :(.
  • Beach Girl 5/5

    By Farmgie
    Really helps when trying to plan day trips on Hawai'i!
  • Went from First to Worst 1/5

    By nff22d7
    Was a fantastic weather app for those who care about fronts, wind speeds and temps, etc. You had to pay $0.99/6 months to remove ads, which I was happy to do. But now, with the latest version, you *can’t* pay to remove ads. That option has been removed. You’re stuck with ads. I hate ads. I was happy to pay not to see them. I would have paid more. But now I’m forced to watch ads. Well, I guess if I delete the app and find another, I don’t. What a boneheaded move. Delete a sure revenue stream and instead piss off your customers.
  • New download crashes every time 1/5

    By Alibates Flute
    I wanted to try your new radar app, but it hasn’t gotten passed the first screen. It crashes after about five seconds
  • Paid for no apps, now forced to endure them 2/5

    By Cycles4Fun
    I have used this app for years and loved it. But now they have stupidly removed the ad free option (a paid option). I paid for this and they removed it. I waited to see if they would reverse this and they haven’t. A large portion of the screen is lost to these ads and the app suffers. I hope to find something better. ===== This is still one of my all-time favorite apps. ===== This the app I've been wanting a long time. The information and accessibility to that data is great.
  • Cmon 1/5

    By Rain24Man
    You gonna ask me every time I open the app if I want to download storm radar. I don’t!!!! Stop it!!!
  • Good but 4/5

    By wsrphoto
    I use this app daily, or did, but won't anymore. They discontinued their ad-free subscription service which made the app better. The ads that take up space on smaller devices leaving the app is less useful. Company should restart ad-free service.
  • Great, but takes a moment to use. 3/5

    By T-Nut Butter
    Detailed forecast info displays in a very usable graph, but it takes a few clicks to get to that page. This app would be perfect for me if you could choose which page it opens on (specifically the forecast graph page), if you could rearrange the vertical order of the graphs to show what’s more relevant to you, if the graphs had dim vertical lines to divide the days, if you could zoom in horizontally using a two-finger gesture, and if I could add water temp to the forecasted graphs—even better if I could just put that all on one graph that’s automatically horizontally oriented on the phone and see all my chosen forecasts in one crazy graph. Add the tides and regional surf high—Heck add a graph forecast of how bad traffic on major highways will be. Boom, that’s the best weather app of all time. You’re welcome.
  • Popup Advertising! No more subscription to remove ads 1/5

    By Karen.Harwood
    Time to find a new weather app, too bad they took away the subscription option to remove ads. I could have handled the banner at the top but now they started pushing full screen popups, seriously bad news.
  • Problem Again 1/5

    By garysteven
    Updated - 2/23/18 - Even though I paid (through 4/19), full page ads started appearing this week. Update: Changed from 1 to 4 stars. Posted instructions to pay (and remove ads) are clear and work. (Was a great program but is now unusable due to ads.)
  • Full page ads now? 1/5

    By Leodavinci0
    I’ve used this app for many years, it has been one of my main go to weather apps. If you don’t remove that full page ad within a week that just started popping up tonight, then I will delete this app and never use it again.
  • Used to be incredible 1/5

    By Feud1
    Bring back the option to PAY REAL MONEY TO REMOVE THE ADS. Why you removed the feature is flat out wrong. You’ve lost a customer.
  • Used to be great 3/5

    By seadams
    It has stopped sending me precip alerts. That’s was my favorite part of this app. Looking for something else.
  • Very good , except ads 4/5

    By JVRL77
    Very good but wish the ads didn't ruin the experience
  • No option to delete ads=deleted 1/5

    By malcolmman89
    I had purchased the ad free version of Storm for years now, but when I found ads in the app yesterday I researched and learned that you can no longer pay for the ad free version. The app already wasn’t optimized for the iPhone X, and now there is a big banner ad at the top taking up even more useable space. I hate ads in apps, and will gladly pay for an ad free version of an app that I use daily. It’s too bad the creators of Storm have succumbed to the annoying banner ads that plague so many apps today, but I deleting Storm from my devices and will find another ad free way to get weather info.
  • Take out the ads 1/5

    By Dschmunis1
    Used to be a pretty good up and I was happy to pay for the annual subscription. Now they did away with it and put up ads instead that totally slowness down the page and data loading making the app slow and frustrating to use. There are better apps out there where you can still remove the ads. I'd skip this one
  • The best radar app 4/5

    By chosborne
    Continues to be a great app but I’m seeing reports that ad-free subscription feature has been removed. I paid for and still have ad free until July. When it expires if I can’t renew ad-free I’ll be frustrated and will stop using this app along with the WU app. That will be a shame since this is a fantastic radar app. Please please continue developing and improving the Storm app! In an app world where surprisingly there aren't many good radar apps, this one stands OUT! Good job! Great radar app!!! Keep it up!
  • What a shame 2/5

    By hstnnn
    It was a favorite weather app with a wonderful design. Then the developers ended the annual subscription for an ad-free interface. That ruins the app and you’re now off my screen. Rethink your approach
  • Needs 12.9 iPad Pro support! 1/5

    By MysticMaven
    Still waiting for iPad Pro support after 2+ years!!! It looks terrible on the 12.9” iPad Pro.
  • The Best 5/5

    By schulzep
    Best weather app I have ever used.
  • Loved. Dumped. Bring back ad free sub. 1/5

    By Span1213
    Dear Team, I just trashed the app after many years of being a subscriber. Why? You won’t allow the option to pay to remove ads. Seriously? I would pay more. No other app has the detail, clean gui, and ability to see NOAA Office forecast discussion like this app. Signed NOAA Volunteer Storm Spotter.

    By Iphone4nh
    I've a personal weather station (pws) on WU. When home I'd like to view my own data in Storm. As such it's used very often. Best weather app I've used. (Many, weather geek) Note says Advertising Removal Subscriptions will NO longer be available. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS. If so it will be one star and I'll discontinue using it. That would be very disappointing! PWS owners supply data for free and we don't mind paying to remove subs. DON'T RUIN A GOOD APP. If the goal is to increase advertising revenue it won’t happen if people remove the program.
  • Where’s the weather radio 3/5

    By Flameo
    I love this app but I used that weather radio a lot and now it’s gone. When power goes out due to tornadoes or other bad weather. I used the radio a lot to hear what was going on and if it’s safe to come out or if we need to run for the seller but you don’t have it anymore. Please put it back. Some people need to be able to hear what’s going on in really bad weather. Where is the weather radio at I want it back please or I’m gonna have to find a diff app
  • The greatest thing ever, but looking elsewhere now... 1/5

    By Wood turtle
    I just learned that Storm is killing ad-free subscriptions. As good as this app is, this is an absolute deal-breaker for me, so it’s time for me to look for a new weather app. What completely unnecessary stupidity.
  • Would be useful without useful buttons pixels away from ads. 1/5

    By M3mph1sKyle
    Not gonna use an app that counts on me accidentally opening ads with poor design choices. Sad, the radar and data looks good but accidentally opening ads is never good. Reading on down it looks like the ads are a new mistake. Hopefully they bring back the ability to fix them soon, I'll check back in a while.
  • Careful 4/5

    By Lead ft 32
    Happy to use the app great info
  • Was a 5 now a 1 … Time to uninstall 1/5

    By NotHappyWithUpgrade
    Paid for no ads - still would, but not an option. Therefore me as an app user is no longer an option. To use an apparently popular terminology now, … sad.
  • Used to be a great app... 1/5

    By grendelum
    This *was* a great app but not anymore. I paid for an ad free app every year and then 2 months after renewal they decided to abandon this app and the ads came back !! On top of that, the Videos section, which had amazing things in the past, hasn’t been updated in a long time and it looks as tho it never will again. It’s a real shame as this was my favorite forecasting app, the graphs for temperature, rain chances etc. are great but now this app is just a discarded shell of its former glory. WUnderground, PLEASE work on this app again !!! I’d gladly pay MORE for an ad-free version (up to say $9.99 per year) if it meant I could keep using this app, Video section updates included. If you’re looking for radar products, I *highly* suggest RadarScope Pro as it is, by far, the best radar app available.
  • yes 5/5

    By ckshap
  • Ads ruin the app 1/5

    By Calcyan
    While you can buy ad removal in one of their other apps and get the ad removal in Storm, it is a ridiculous work around. Get off the fence and add back the ad removal subscription to the app. I hate it when companies ruin their apps trying to squeeze out a buck.
  • 9 months without update?! No iPhone X support 1/5

    By Culn59171
    Need iPhone X support. And needs to be updated more often.
  • Bring back the ad free version 1/5

    By bamodeo
    This used to be the best weather app because you could pay to make it ad free. Please bring that back. Having a banner that advertises Storm or the weather channel in its own app is stupid and it takes up so much room. It is extremely distracting. Off to find a new weather app. Sorry to see you go Storm.
  • Great app, poor business operation 1/5

    By JPW510
    Great app without the ads. The company no doesn’t offer ad free option, but still collects the fee from customers. I’ve tried to communicate with developer with absolutely no response to several queries. I’ve cancelled my subscription
  • New go-to for weather 1/5

    By BCWolven
    Nice upgrade from the previous iOS app. Not perfect, but darn close. Update: No ad free option means that sadly I’ll be deleting this app and looking for a replacement. SMDH
  • Why two apps for fewer features. 1/5

    By Call Me MacPhisto
    Seriously. Between two apps you guys can’t give us back adjustable radar height and such? Cheap. Good luck getting people to pay for your work ever again.
  • Agreed! The Ad’s ruin this app... 1/5

    By J's Revolution
    I totally agree with everyone posting how this was a wonderful app until they decided to put back in AD’s, real shame! Must find another weather app :((( Guaranteed AD removal money, why wouldn’t you want that?
  • The ads stink 1/5

    By AdmiralSpock
    The ads have ruined the app. Wish I could pay for ad free.
  • Used to be perfect 1/5

    By MacCluanaidh
    Storm was nearly perfect up until they decided to push Storm Radar, which doesn't provide all the info on the main screen that I need, and now I can't get rid of the ads in Storm anymore. Rest assured that they won't get any money from me, either directly or through ads. I don't know why you had to ruin a good thing but you did.
  • Great App, notifications work well 5/5

    By kilauea88
    Storm has become my new favorite weather app, no hesitations on recommending it to anyone. Keep up the good work!
  • Paying for no ads - ad on startup 1/5

    By Patrick Kramer
    They pulled this same crap with there other app, no ads means no ads; not sometimes.
  • Very cool 4/5

    By loaded dice
    Great app! Love the dashboard, it has everything except expand and contract on the map. Also wish it had more radar options. And where does it tell you sunrise and sunset times?
  • Outstanding 5/5

    By Denny14741
    Far better than my local weather station. Great job!
  • The best app to show radar reflectivity 5/5

    By NPLNT
    It is the best app to show the radar reflectivity. It shows the reflectivity in the 5 hours future slowly. It is the best!
  • Ads ruined this app 1/5

    By PixeleenMistral
    This used to be a great weather app with the option to purchase an ad-free subscription. Paying for ad-free is no longer an option - a silly move by the developer since the ads are almost illegible, waste screen space, and are pointless for people who have enabled ad blocking in Safari. ProTip: People who purchase ad-free subscriptions also run ad blockers for Safari - the ads are never going to be displayed. Avoid this formerly great weather app
  • Ad Free is Gone! 1/5

    By IronHorse7901260
    Unfortunate you decided to remove the ad-free subscription for WU Storm. I loved this app but like other users the app displays an ad banner which I abhor, so I’m deleting the app and going with a different, ad-free one. The web service offered here is noting but an invite to more spam, which I DEFINITELY do not need!

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