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WU Storm

  • Category: Weather
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  • Current Version: 1.10
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Weather Underground, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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WU Storm App

Keep your eye on the sky with Storm by Weather Underground. High definition, advanced storm cell tracking, severe weather outlooks and real-time severe weather alerts make this the app to have by your side when weather is closing in. ** Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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  • Can't remove ads anymore? 1/5

    By SkimPappa
    Not going to keep this app with those horrible advertisements. I hope you change your mind and let us pay to remove them. Just went from favorite weather app to no chance I will use it. Too bad. App removed.
  • A great app with little upkeep 3/5

    By Revtrin
    First let me say that this is by far the best weather app there is. That said, some improvements are needed. There have been no significant content updates to the Video section of this app in quite some time. They went from having cool videos on News, and other topics which as of this review have not been updated in over four months. They also got rid of the “no ads” option. Please bring that back. I can’t stand animated gifs and ads all the time. I just want the weather. The weather forecasting itself is great. They have all the info I look for and more. Please keep up the good work there, but do some upkeep on the app. Keep the content current. I love the videos but if you’re really not committed to keeping it updated then get rid of it. I can’t live without this app. Please make it better!
  • Great! 4/5

    By Thadole
    The best weather app I have found. There are so many different layers it is insane! My only complaint is that it is not updated for the iPhone X. If it gets updated for the iPhone X, I will give it 5 stars!
  • needs ad-free mode 1/5

    By Ron Jeffries
    for some reason, WU have started serving ads that take up screen space. i will NEVER buy from one of those ads. i would happily pay a reasonable fee to remove them. i like the app, but now that it has ads, i’ll look for an alternative. no longer recommended.
  • Hate the ads! 2/5

    By RVR57
    Get rid of the advertising!!!
  • Great app but.. 5/5

    By mdu4856
    This app is amazing however I noticed that the future 1hr does not function, but the 5hr forecast does.
  • Needs iPhone X Update 1/5

    By LacroixDP
    Currently does not work properly on iPhone X and needs an update
  • IPhone X Support Missing + Poor Ad Model 2/5

    By Dr. Mega-cool
    First, I’ll gladly pay $9.99 to never have to see ads in this app again, but I won’t use it for a second if I have to look at ad banners, I’ll delete it forever. Second, when is iPhone X support coming? It’s been 3 weeks and most competing apps have already added support. Let’s get with the program! :-)
  • They take your $ and still give you AD's, what a sham! 1/5

    By CM265
    DO NOT SUPPORT THIS APP, the people involved with App are dishonest, and refuse to respond to paid customers. My iPad crashed, had to reboot new, I still have three months left on my subscription, Storm refuses to remove AD's from my re-install. While I find it a great source for potential weather issues, the lack of customer service makes it a hassle to use.
  • It is very helpful 5/5

    By stanab25
    I am learning to sail. I have a little sailboat moored about 30 minutes from my house. This app is helpful when deciding whether to sail on any given day. It doesn't replace the forecast, but it is great to have real time data.
  • Map loading issues 1/5

    By Ltt2829
    Use to be the only weather app I used. Shopping for a new one since the only map option that loads is the black version and it's just too hard to read.
  • Deleted when ad-free option removed 1/5

    By Radical_Tin_Man
    Loved this app for years. Paid every year for ad-free use. They have removed the ad-free option so I have deleted the app. Good luck with the ad sales.
  • Good layout but some issues 3/5

    By ReeltoReel2
    The layout is good. However, the humidity is often wrong and the temperature is wrong sometimes.
  • Let me pay you for no ads 1/5

    By e8dsa-
    The app used to offer an ad-free experience but the developers don’t want my money. They want to push ads. So sad to see such a great app with such poor business decisions.
  • Used to be a wonderful app until ads 1/5

    By tsgb001
    This program was a wonderful app with the ability to pay and remove ads. Now the ads make the program look cluttered and at times difficult to use. I will not be using this app again until there is an option to remove the ads. Very sad WAS a great weather program.
  • You won't believe all the app can do 5/5

    By Bridget Carrie
    Years pass, apps come and go and this is still my favorite weather app by far, hands down, no bones about it, guaranteed.
  • Cant remove ads. Cant delete! Spyware! 1/5

    By Turge
    1 star! I hate ads, id pay to remove them, but theres no option for that. Tragically i wont use apps w/ ads, im tired of being blasted, so if WU is gonna haze me w/ ads ill hit right back w/ 1 star. Also, whats the point of a sign in if not to pay to remove ads. Deleted my acct n used the free version. UPDATE: cannot delete a user acct after it has been created!!!! Do not download this app!! Spyware!!! You are not allowed to delete your account!!!
  • I love Storm (and real storms) 5/5

    By RockettWriter
    I really enjoy the accuracy of this app while on location and traveling. I check it often and I live that it tells me when and what to expect and I'm learning to read the actual local signs on Lake Ontario which includes clouds and waves and wind. I've taken some great video of storms on the lake because I know they are coming.
  • Offer a no-ad option or lose members 1/5

    By edentel
    I will gladly pay for this app as long as that includes zero ads. Once my subscription ends, if there are ads, this will get deleted. Consider determining a fair price for your service without ads and offer that as an option.
  • Cool App ! 5/5

    By smokinc0
    I love the features of this app . All you'll need , in one place .
  • Does the developer still support/update this app? 1/5

    By D'Chil
    Been 5 months since an update with a new os and iPhone launch. Does the developer still update and maintain this app. I use to love it but iphoneX screen size is not optimized in this version. Also, I was an ad free user for a few years. Bring this back or make this a paid app please. Too much of the screen is ads.
  • Great information available 5/5

    By CathyCatskills
    You can get details or summaries of today or the future and I love the radar. Also rain wind and lightning plus of course storms!
  • Radar not working on IPhone X 2/5

    By CacGraphics
    I used to love this app on my iPhone 7. Now that I have it on my iPhone X radar isn’t working, can’t use it like before to see future weather moving into the area. Please fix!!!
  • Works so far - except ads are back... 2/5

    By Top Jimmy23
    Been rather quiet, weather wise, but has performed as expected...4.15.17 very stable. No issues with updates. 11.12.17 ads appearing and no way to remove. Ads? No thank you. There are other equal apps to choose from.
  • Can't disable flashy advertising 2/5

    By Moose man 710
    The storm app was awesome when you could pay a few bucks and disable the advertising. (I was a subscriber for quite some time.) However, the developers (or greedy management) decided to terminate all subscriptions and force advertisements. I am not sure what I dislike more, the amount of screen I lost for weather data or the bright flashy ads (often bright white in color) when the app is a darker black-background based color scheme. Storm people: Why did you do this!?
  • Was my #1 WX app until adds 1/5

    By SapiensStrength
    I paid to have adds removed, why would a company revert to adds only ? It’s annoying to see them on the scream and ultimately why I’ve moved to another WX app
  • Please update for iPhone X 5/5

    By Matt Loves Apps
    Please update for the iPhone X. I have been using this app for a few years and it is the best weather app.
  • Can’t remove ads anymore 1/5

    By Co.Ag.2005
    I was happy to purchase the ad free version but it looks like that is no longer an option. Time to look elsewhere
  • Great App, But.... 3/5

    By Sncwilly
    I've been using this app for quite a while and have happily paid the annual cost for ad-free service. I am most disappointed this service has been discontinued. The ads are very distracting as well as causing the map to be significantly smaller. Please consider reinstituting this service. I am sure there are many who would pay for it. I have previously rated Storm 5*, but am obliged to drop that rating. Sorry you did this.
  • Intellicast was better 3/5

    By LanceInMN
    The map background doesn't always work, and changing the background doesn't always help. Ads take up more space. Layouts and info in detail tab are good.
  • Needs updated 3/5

    By Annsmanjoe
    Please update for iOS 11 and iPhone X please it doesn’t work the best right now
  • An appealing App for everyone. 5/5

    By Coma988
    This is my go to App. It allows enough customization for a good Wx Geek look or simply to decide what layers to wear. Model data for Tropical systems helps pre plan evacuations routes and timing. I really like to read the forecasters comments and they are accessible. The comments and the graph don't always synchronize, however. The graphed days allow me to plan event with good reliability. I buy the ad free option. I use this app on small devices and the ads take up valuable real estate. Should the ad free option be discontinued I would have to find another app to use. Please don't take that away.
  • Ads 1/5

    By copyright1971
    I was a happy paying customer for a couple of years. Now that they’ve decided not to offer an ad-free version, I’m looking for a new app.
  • 1 hour future radar not working on iPhone 3/5

    By finepl1
    1 hour future radar stopped on iPhone but still works on iPad. Problem persisted after reinstalling the app. Using iOS 11.0.3 on iPhone 8 ATT 256 GB
  • not working with iOS 11.1 with iPhone X 1/5

    By BennieMac
    will not refresh... radar and sometimes forecast please update
  • iOS 11 Issie 1/5

    By photog 1289
    Crashes on boot up with new iOS.
  • Adds 2/5

    By Bakerpark
    I don’t want adds in my life. I will pay for the privilege. I am quitting until it is offered. Shame. Well done app that made up for the amateur hour that has become the new Weather Underground.
  • Used to be great 1/5

    By sukotto
    Can’t go ad free anymore. Used to be great. Deleting it now though since they took away the ability to remove ads. Screw you TWC and WU.
  • Love the app 4/5

    By Rastadooder
    I love this app but lately it won’t work on my Apple Watch anymore. Hope it gets fixed soon because I hate the regular weather app.
  • By FAR the best global weather app. 4/5

    By Quentin Biles
    The only thing missing is a Weather Underground style temperature/precipitation graph widget. Needs iPhone X support!
  • Was the best app, but now can’t remove ads 1/5

    By 69bob6969
    I had a subscription to remove ads for a few years. But now ad free is not an option. I’m deleting the app.
  • Great app 2/5

    By SifuMacFu
    I love this app! Tons of great features. I love the measuring device and being able to write on the maps. Good job! REVISED- I am very, very disappointed that they no longer offer the annual paid version and just going to put ads in the app. I hate the ads!! I loved this app, but now I need to look for its replacement. When I open the app I want to see...the weather! Not ads! Give us back the no ad option!!
  • (Ads Again) Excellent weather app 2/5

    By jwbreedlove
    Edited: This app has been a staple on my phone for years and I had always gladly paid to have the ads removed. I am frustrated that this option was removed, especially since there wasn’t any notification provided by the company or developers. 99¢ was cheap but I would gladly pay a little more if that’s what it took to not have ads. These ads intrude on the user experience and detract from the beauty and simplicity of Storm. Hope there are changes in the future... I would be disappointed if I had to go look elsewhere for a weather app. ....... Storm is an excellent weather app that focuses mainly on the visual aspects of radar. The legend is clear and easy to follow. There is easy access to hourly and daily forecasts. The biggest thing I could see room for improvement in is related to the layout and action of the menu at the bottom. I'm not an expert on UI design but I think the menu could benefit from following Apples design guidelines.
  • I use it for aviation. Recommend for boaters too! 5/5

    By Anne379
    This is a wonderful app for keeping you save in any type of weather!
  • Reporting a new bug 5/5

    By nickmck
    Love the app, however starting today, the app crashes on launch.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Meroiuytrvg
    love the radar and links to local weather stations.
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By bobeuax
    I prefer ad free options. This company no longer offers that option
  • What happened? 2/5

    By Durbsplaty
    What happened? I've maintened a subscription with WU last couple of years. Now there is no ad free option? The ads are a total eyesore to an otherwise great app. Fantastically wonderful weather app
  • Great! 4/5

    By Eugenio Blas
    Got this and I've always count on it. But ever since I updated my iPhone iOS it has been crashing! Please fix it soon since I rely on this app?! I live on an island and this app helps me keep a watch on Tropical Depression and Storms that come our area. PLEASE FIX?
  • Ads 1/5

    By Dino1969
    Bring back ability to remove ads. I can't stand ads. I'll hit one star with every release till you bring back the ad-free capability.

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