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  • Current Version: 4.3.297411
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  • Developer: 2K
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WWE SuperCard App

Get ready for the largest and most anticipated season yet of WWE SuperCard, the card battle game downloaded by over 15 million players worldwide! WWE SuperCard Season 4 has finally arrived, and delivers 3 brand-new, powerful card tiers with over 250 cards featuring current WWE and NXT Superstars, Legends and WWE Hall of Famers. Season 4 also features highly competitive Player vs Player (PVP) leagues, a unified PVP leaderboard system, slick new environments including new Monday Night Raw, SmackDown Live, and NXT arenas, the new Elimination Chamber PVP mode, and a whole lot more. Prepare your card deck, step into the ring, and prove you’re the best in the world! WWE SuperCard Season 4 includes: 3 NEW CARD TIERS WWE SuperCard Season 4 introduces 250 new cards, featuring WWE Superstars like John Cena, Roman Reigns, and Stone Cold Steve Austin! Three new tiers–Beast, Monster and Titan–showcase more powerful cards, with unique card frames and brand-new WWE Superstar images. Season 4 also includes the debut of NXT’s Eric Young, Adam Cole, and more! PVP LEAGUES AND MOMENTUM Become the top ranked SuperCard player in the world! See where you rank in WWE SuperCard’s new unified leaderboard and league system for PVP game modes. Earn Competitive Points for every PVP match you win, earn even more based on your rank in your weekly league, and get even better rewards by ranking on the global leaderboard. Then, use Competitive Points in the CP store to get new cards, cardbacks, and packs! Plus, get a head start on the competition through the new Momentum system. Earn Momentum while you play to unlock powerful boosts for the next league. NEW GAME MODE - ELIMINATION CHAMBER A brand-new mode joins ‘War’ (formerly Ranked) and ‘Royal Rumble’ in the PVP rotation, and is the first mode to feature an all-female Superstar deck! Prove you are a true wrestling technician in head-to-head, deck-elimination gameplay. KING OF THE RING 2.0 The ever-popular ‘King of the Ring’ mode gets a sleek overhaul this season, with an all-new bracket structure and more rewards! Now, battle head-to-head in groups of eight during the 32-player tournament, and earn awesome rewards for each stage you advance. OPEN CHALLENGES Earn tickets each day by completing new daily and event-based challenges while you play. Redeem your tickets for powerful rewards! NEW CARD ART & ANIMATIONS Get ready for an all-new look to WWE SuperCard! Season 4 features a sleeker and more streamlined look and feel with a refreshed user interface, new animations for Money in the Bank mode and Support cards, and electrifying environments that reflect WWE’s flagship programs such as Raw, SmackDown Live, and NXT. ***Update requires OS 9.0+ WILL NOT RUN ON ANY EARLIER OS***


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  • Why? Catdaddy 1/5

    By Wulfgore
    I have been playing this game since it came out. I loved the idea of wrestling card game as it reminded me of the WWF cards I collected as a kid. But the game is a mess now , 1. wOn ( waiting on network) , 2. constant crashing , 3. Broken features ( I’m talking About u BOUT BUTTON !!) you press the bout button to play a match and it brings up the buy/ watch ads button and if your like me a quick clicker , u accidentally hit the buy button and waste credits when your bouts are complete full and that’s jus the start . Pvp is broken , 3 wks and no rewards for All the time I’ve spent/ wasted. 4. Developers response , you always get s generic email ... and that’s usually it , but if they actual respond to u , it’s we’re looking into that or sorry there is nothing we can do , Catdaddy doesn’t care how much of ur Time is spent or money . And don’t get me started on the pricing of the cards , $30+ for jus a shot at getting a card of ur tier and that’s jus for 1 card. Who in their right mind that’s not rich would pay that , it’s not like u get to pick the card u want. You developers really need a reality check to think people want to pay that much for easily created digital content that can be duped over and over and after all that , the money u spent is wasted even if you get the card u want , as it will be old news and unusable in month when the newer high lvl cards come out. And let me end with this , I’ve spent 3 wks sending feedback to try and get the rewards owed for playing pvp , even tho it’s broken , and I got a bunch of generic emails and finally after the 3 wk they gave me a couple packs , that’s it , no CP pts or momentum slots or creds to make up for the wks I missed out on the momentum slots I earned ... bottom line : Catdaddy loves ur money , jus not u ... we need to force developers to change and set a standard for how gamers should be treated, free or paying
  • Fine 3/5

    By asfikryj
    I feel like it is rigged so for packs and stuff I only get like survivors. Also I would like to be able to make support caRds your pic
  • Season 1 1/5

    By crusty reviewer
    I think they should go back to the season 1 design forever. I’ve been playing this game since it came out and I honestly think it was better back then and over the years it’s just gotten worse please change the game back to season 1

    By BigGrimm
    Don’t get me wrong I love this game when it’s working properly but seems here lately I’m waiting on network more than I’m getting to play. I stopped playing this game a couple years ago for this exact same problem. Maybe you processors are too small for the load or what, I don’t know but I wish you guys would figure it out because it’s pretty dang aggravating!! If it wasn’t for this issue I’d give this game 6 stars but this one issue is so aggravating it’s only 1 star worthy. Fix it and I’ll come back and change it.
  • Nothing but Network problems 2/5

    By Sigmaguy40
    First off, I really like this game and have even spent money on it. However, the fun quickly gets sucked out due to a “Waiting on Network” message; then you get kicked off with a servers down error. You can immediately log back on but who knows how long it will last. They REALLY need to fix this.
  • WAR 5/5

    By Jakeyarchever
    I love this game but when I use my bout for The WAR PPV it freezes once the camera angle is targeted at the ring.
  • I Love this game 5/5

    By Topperville123
    Thank you

    By Dego_Bandit
    I have the MIZ
  • Fun but needs work 3/5

    By Samir Ghazal
    Well the gaming is ok I mean it is random when you get a good card.like if you want to get a rare and you are a rare it’s you will get a rare two times a month which I think is bogus.Plus it’s near impossible to get a good women’s card I am a elite + and I still have super rare women’s cards!But the gameplay is fun and the team idea is nice.But WWE team fix the problems and get in a new update.Wait one last thing...BRING BACK ROYAL RUMBLE.I know you are starting to go by pvp time but look at elimination chamber.
  • Used to play, now I'm stuck in an endless tutorial crash 1/5

    By SilverSurfer525
    Re downloaded the game after some time away. Logged back into my account to find all my cards blank and having to play the tutorial again. ENORMOUS PROBLEM: after the first match you upgrade a card, except EVERY TIME without fail, the game crashes after the attempt to upgrade the blanked Rock card. 10 tries, 10 crashes. 5 deletes. 5 re downloads. 2 hours of my life wasted.
  • HELP!!! 5/5

    By Aztec 650
    I have recently backed up my phone and tested out a few features and when I came back to my iPhone’s original backup wwe SuperCard wouldn’t let me sign into my account. It kept telling me to make a new one. My account was Jzara3115 and my strongest card was a monster Big E.
  • Valentines 4/5

    By SuperCard Critic
    To be honest in the new Valentine update the thing that bugs me is that in real life Bailey has a shirt that says hug like a champ yet the candy heart hug like a champ is a male. shouldn’t it be a female Bailey. Bailey is my favorite superstar and i feel like it should be bailey. Otherwise i love this amazing game. its the kind of game that you just want to keep playing forever. This game keeps me going.
  • Glitch 2/5

    By ageoldlessons
    It was a Fun game, but the pvp is messed up, often times getting screwed out of rewards. Put in tickets which they are unhelpful and extremely slow to respond. Never apologized or tried to make right.
  • Good but rigged 3/5

    By Elric007
    Love it, very fun. All modes are rigged BS however. Card selection for your hands in events isn't as random as they want you to think. AI always seems to get nothing but their best cards when the player is lucky to get one of their best. Just seems like the AI get lucky way too often...with the cards they get and how often they get their special moves. Card pack prices are insanely ridiculous. Divas events r fun...but it's clear the only reason they are there is to make the player feel like they have to spend money to get good diva cards fast...which is true considering how atrocious the good card drop rate is...and getting a good diva from a pick is near impossible. Pretty much everything is geared to make u feel like spending money is the only way to progress. It's sad that it's come to the state it's in...use to be 5 star worthy...but this blatant model of greed is just insulting. Money is all they care about....and lol....they still have free interns maintaining the game...the money the make off this game goes straight in their pockets...but if u can accept it....can be fun....good luck
  • I love this game and am addicted to it 5/5

    By Melovesit
    It’s just amazing
  • Frustrating glitch. 2/5

    By (not a good game)
    Cannot play the game due to 'Validating DLC', then the notification 'Unable to validate DLC' appearing, and then trying again, does the same thing. I have deleted the game and re downloaded it on multiple occasions, and it still does the same. If resolved, I will give 5 stars.
  • It won’t let me swap my main screen 5/5

    By Hollieohare
    I tried and I went back but I can’t it won’t let me so someone please tell me why it won’t work?

    By Toxicattack115
    love this game so much but I would love for them to add trading plz do
  • i am not able to attack 5/5

    By Saigatkunwar
    it says i have reached the enchasement limit and i cant gained more can u told me the soultion plz
  • Poor customer service and a broken game 1/5

    By Big dog147
    Game is broken and they claim they are fixing it but never do. Also when you contact them about issues with the game they don't care about them. All they want is your hard earned money.
  • Sooo freaking fun 5/5

    By lew daye
    Best game ever and I don’t know what else to say
  • Pretty good 3/5

    By Jreyed
    I like the game overall but sometimes it doesn’t even give you rewards from pvp sometimes and there no support option and if there is I don’t know where to find it
  • Awesome 5/5

    By lili.hutchinson
    H get new things and it’s entertaining
  • Network issues 5/5

    By Captainfry101
    Every time I finish a match of finish drafting cards from the draft board, I always have this image that says waiting for network. I would have to restart my app and it would restart my matches that I won. I got to the draft board and it restarts because of this. Please fix this. I really like this game so I’m giving you a good review. But keep up the good work!
  • New sports game 5/5

    By evan rj
    You guys should make a nfl supercard game that would be awesome
  • Hi 5/5

    By JurassicWorldfan
    Hi i love the game i play it everytime!
  • Missing rewards 1/5

    By Cowboys 5x
    After updates in January many people lost rank and don’t get rewards. Me and my son both were affected. Tried to get support and nothing done about it. Read Twitter and Facebook and see what I mean. They introduced new cards but don’t fix the problems that they caused by the update.
  • Why no Kairi Sane? 5/5

    By 558455
    Love the game and all but greatly disappointed that Kairi Sane,Sarah Logan,Sonya Deville,Mandy Rose and Liv Morgan Don’t have cards!
  • Fix waiting on network please 3/5

    By Logan reckner
    Me and many others are still suffering from network problems I have fast perfect internet and it was never a problem until you guys released the update please fix this.
  • Can I have some credits 5/5

    By Jake1938
    I really love how you thought of this game can I just have some credits I have spent 145 dollars on this game I have seen that you gave people credits or can you send me a qr code Mr game name is The Tinman
  • PvP 3/5

    By Catwap123
    I was in the gold league in pvp, but after the recent update I was set back to bronze and I’m not able to claim any of the rewards
  • WWE SuperCard 5/5

    By LiLvegas
    It’s lots of fun
  • Great game 5/5

    By sea24n3
    This is the best game EVER!!!! The only bad thing about the game is how it’s hard to get credits. Oh and also the fusion chamber. I am good at fusion chamber and I really want there to be a titan one. I also like how u added women’s royal rumble. You guys should add male elimination chamber. And maybe lowering the cost of packs cause it’s hard to get credits and just to buy the male monster for ONLY Dailey log in and nothing else. It would take 11 MONTHS to get it. You only get 500 credits a month. The better their u r we should get more credits. Otherwise good game!
  • Constantly crashing. 1/5

    By Gennij65
    I took a few years off SuperCard. Decided to get back into it today. I have all my old cards, which is good. But the game thinks I've never played before. So it's doing the tutorial. It's trying to teach me how to train cards and every time I hit the button to train, it force closes back to the home screen. Guess I won't play then.
  • Mistake 1/5

    By Hot girls!!!!!!
    I meant to buy a mix-match challenge pack. But I clicked the superstar pack (the one that was 300 credits) and it made me buy it. So long story short I’m angry that i lost 300 credits. 😔😔😔😔
  • Why 5/5

    By OffaCup2
  • Update fail 1/5

    By Bing job
    I opened the app and it forced me to update. All purchases, progress was lost and the game was started over. Will not play again. My son was devastated at the loss of his effort.
  • Online is just sad 1/5

    By KGarnet
    The game is okay and all, but if you make any purchases to enhance your deck, and you go into PvP, it will find people that are WAY TOO STRONG. They really need to get their heads into making a GOOD GAME!!!!!!!!
  • Very Great but.... 4/5

    By BrianReynaGarcal
    I been playing for 3 years or2 years now and I been new cards tiers and new cards I seen a lot bugs fix there still one roaming around that is road to glory or other game mode is I win the battle then it’s the sound I lost and sometimes I lose a battle then it’s plays it I lost found an other bug it’s I did king of the ring. I am a ult+ but it’s saying I am a rare
  • Great game but big issue 3/5

    By Add South Carolina
    I like this game and have been playing for a good amount of time but every time the game makes me update the game I lose everything Once I was at the ultimate tier and pressed no to update the game but it made me do it so after the update I had to completely restart the game this has happened multiple times 😡
  • Company doesn't care about customers 1/5

    By Dubabe
    The league portion of this game has been broken for weeks and they have done nothing to fix it. They charge money and make money off ads and do not deliver on what they promise for those costs. That is fraud and they do not care and don't even have the courtesy to answer what they are doing to fix it. Horrible service
  • 🙏🏽 5/5

    By 42 year old male
    Wish they could bring back tier animation like they did in season 3. If you pull a card from whatever tier your on I used to love the animation when you pulled that tiers card. Also can you please get some superstars on cards were they are holding championships. I would love too see like the Usos on cards with the tag championships. And would like to see some of the legacy cards from season 1 brought back for a limited time. All around great game. I been playing since season 2. Only downfall is that it’s hard getting females in the game. Which makes it hard for me to Pro a female card. And I’m not liking the drop rate on the tickets. I saved up 250 tickets one time and all I got was ultimate cards. Please fix this issue. Other than that love the game. But please get some championship images of superstars on the new tiers of beast ,monster,and titan.
  • I LOST ALL MY CARDS!!!!!! 1/5

    By airsoft fan 123
    I lost all my cards when the update happened and can’t get them back I am very mad and sad One star and I had two monster cards just because I didn’t log in with Facebook in the beginning now I can’t get to my account and I now have a sucky account and I’m mad GIVE ME MY OLD ACCOUMT BACK IDIOTS
  • Whelp 1/5

    By JakkTop
    Says it needs an update won’t let me update , fix it
  • Game 3/5

    By Mariachi Lover
    It’s a good game but right now it’s saying it has to update but there is no update
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Nolan Klein
    I love this game so much. I will never delete it. I recommend this game for WWE fans. I want a Zombie Enzo Amore Carr though!!
  • Phenomenal game 5/5

    By Deisemke
    Hi cat daddy thank you so much for making this app! It is really fun and I am enjoying it very much so far! Keep it up guys!
  • Manal 133590 5/5

    By manal133590
    Gooood this wooooooooo
  • Great game......... But 2/5

    By William39187
    I love this game. You can progress with little effort. However, the constant waiting on network and down for service maintenance is very annoying. Also there is a bug with the QR code scanner that I’ve been emailing back and forth with them over a month now and it’s still not resolved. Starting to lose faith that it will ever be fixed at this point.
  • Great 5/5

    By Tyler South windsor
    Wow this is what is up but I wish u could add like royal rumble and like a mother tier nasty

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