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Xbox App

The Xbox app brings together your friends, games, and accomplishments from across your devices. Stay connected to your gaming community on the go, control your Xbox One from the app, and buy new games from the store. With your gaming life all in one place, the Xbox app keeps you connected to the games and gamers that matter most. On the go: • Join Xbox Live Clubs to interact with like-minded gamers • Use Looking for Group (LFG) to find a party to play a game • Stay connected with multi-user conversations in Group Messaging • See what friends are up to on Xbox Live • Share updates and game clips • Watch and interact with game content • Buy games from the store With an Xbox One: • Use the app to navigate using your device’s keyboard and touch • Use the app as a media controller for your Xbox One (play, pause, etc)


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  • Can’t party chat on smartglass 1/5

    By Gamer_wolf2
    Won’t let me use smartglass for parties
  • Epic Party 5/5

    By Jono_Bono
    This new party chat is sick!! I break my mic all the time so this is a perfect alternative! 10/10
  • Amazing ! 5/5

    By Onjewl
    Okay, so this app is amazing I can now talk to people on my cell phone in a party through this app. I love it, I can see my friends and I get all the notifications when I am not at home. Thank you Xbox !
  • Awful, You Trolled Me 1/5

    By Pianist_Poster542
    Okay, I set my name to HannahMC522, and it came out as SearCascade3778!! So I “CHANGED” it to HannahMC522. When I went on Minecraft to see if it changed, it didn’t. So I TRIED AGAIN, then it said I had to pay for another so called, “NAME CHANGE”. Likely story, I don’t want to sound like a dishwasher soap sold at Sears! I am very upset, no matter what I do it stays SearCascade3778. So that will be my name when I play alone, in servers, and with friends! THANKS A LOT, LOVE YOU NEVER XBOX!!! That’s why I have Play Station consoles. They DON’T trick me.
  • The update needs bug fixes ASAP 2/5

    By Big Ramboski
    The new update will not let me do anything it won’t let me see my friends thats online It just keep saying upload fail Y’all should’ve just left it alone
  • Notifications have never worked 1/5

    By Hawtzombie
    The app is very slow and laggy when trying to send messages. Needs a lot of work yet and notifications have never worked
  • I think it's great 5/5

    By Alluinum248
    Overall, there are a few bugs but it is amazing. I love the feature with the party's. It's overall one of my favorite things because I do play a lot of Xbox. The app runs a bit slow but I don't care because the app itself makes up for that.
  • Great app. But maybe something to add? 5/5

    By Feuer Engel 11
    Don’t get me wrong, I really do love this app and it’s new feature being able to be in parties without having to be on the console itself. It’s pretty great but something I’ve been dying for, to be able to upload my clips into OneDrive through the app. With the app you can message it to your friends, put it in your feed, and even delete it, so I would hope the option to share it to OneDrive though the app could be pretty great, it would let me use the app even more!
  • Suggestion 1/5

    By Ngh4
    Add an option so I can stream my Xbox gameplay to my iPad
  • I love this app 5/5

    By Xpyder4u
    Well this app Shows use all the types of app that we can get on the Xbox besides that app is very useful for use in the Future
  • Amazing update 4/5

    By justjuan723
    Only giving 4 stars till you make a join party update but best update ever keep up the good work.
  • Party 3/5

    By yaboiiLG
    The app is good except for one thing: party. Every time I start a party on the app it sometimes kicks me out and my screen flickers which makes the volume go down. I would like this fixed because it’s slightly annoying.
  • Can’t check my friends 3/5

    By Lol this is my nick name
    The is a issue where I can’t check if my friends are online and I can’t shearch gamer tags
  • Party setting 3/5

    By Cnbhn
    Needs work won't let me add any one in the party from the app
  • 4/5 4/5

    By jomc7942
    Could be 5/5 if you could join friend’s parties thru the app
  • Xbox app 2/5

    By K2brother
    Too freaking slow!
  • Best Xbox app on the App Store 5/5

    By Bhkhh
    So good for a owner of a Xbox one
  • Xbox app 5/5

    By ps4supreme
    Xbox is completely trash
  • I love you Xbox 5/5

    By Cr71031
    I love you ❤️
  • Good 5/5

    By 64quarts
  • Hardly works 1/5

    By 5star to 1star
    I either get an error to load or messages when I try to type or see a game clip saying my account security won’t allow it even though it worked perfectly fine a month ago(still happening after uninstall and reinstall)
  • Trash 1/5

    By StickMan5point7
    Xbox is trash bro
  • Great 5/5

    By MannyJays
  • Adding a new feature 4/5

    By E-sting
    There should be a feature so you can watch your friends play without being in the game so you can enjoy the fun with them
  • FINALLY!!! 5/5

    By feralspirit_13
    After YEARS of waiting, FINALLY party chat in the app. Awesome app :)
  • It would be good if... 1/5

    By Darknight7866
    The app sounds good, looks good, and it worked before I installed the most recent update, and now the app won’t let me sign in. Please fix this bug, I uninstalled the app and it still didn’t work.
  • A+ 5/5

    By parcero_cali
    The app is working perfectly on my iPhone 8 . Party chats work perfect . I hope they will continue working on this app. Xbox for life ❤️❤️
  • Party chat 4/5

    By jumbo_702
    Party chat says there’s an error everytime I try to join from my phone
  • Good app 4/5

    By Okole Pukah
    The party chat doesnt work for me but, its still a great app.
  • Great app. 5/5

    It’s user friendly. Lots of content can be accessible.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By DJ kingstone
    Microsoft knows how to make a useful cool apps unlike Google cough G+ cough
  • Won’t let me sign in 1/5

    By Messiplayer1030
    When I try to sign in all it says is you need a parents permission and I can’t get around it makes it the app useless. They should just add a feature of some sort where you can just have the Xbox put a code an the screen and then you put that code on the Xbox app and your connected
  • Xbox app 4/5

    By wryhalo
    Have used the app for a while but since last update chat cannot open the chat says something went wrong try again but never works. Other than that love it
  • Nice to have 5/5

    By Zekiri3
    Really enjoy having this app! I do wish there was a few more things we could do with it.
  • Bad 1/5

    By Jsjdidb
    Ever since I got this app it never stays logged in, I have to keep putting the email and password every time I want to open the app. And when I log in it tells me that there is something wrong and won’t load the newsfeed. Fix this please
  • Great, but there's a slightly annoying problem. 5/5

    By XBrossive_Aggro
    So, this app is great, and I use it all the time when I'm not busy. However, I have 2 problems on my plate. The first being that I can't access my friend tab/category. The 2nd being that I can't change my profile picture because of some stuff I never messed with. I'm confused, so, do you guys know what's wrong?
  • Complicated 3/5

    By pdbizzle
    It is a good app and everything but when I go to see if my friends are on it always says there is an error along with my clips and I don’t know how to fix them and it’s kinda confusing
  • Party chat won’t work 3/5

    By Cool6505
    There is always an error when I try to join the party
  • Updates 4/5

    By Exoro Void
    Let us update our games through the app please would make it so much better!!
  • Really Great Party system is dope 5/5

    By Meep_01
    This is an amazing app! Does have glitches sometimes with finding my xbox but for the most part is really nice. I mainly use this to watch highlights and look at other people stream. DISCLAIMER is that you cannot stream your Xbox to your iPad, a bit disappointed about that. But you can stream your Xbox to your widows computer through the Xbox app. AND NOW with the new update you can join an Xbox party through the app!! Really happy they added this been waiting a really long time, works great every once in awhile has a problem connecting to party but besides that have been really happy with this app.
  • Thank's for app and please some help xbox users ❤️😍 5/5

    By Akar adham987
    Best app ever ❤️✌🏻️
  • Too many hackers in online games 1/5

    By todd999
    It’s annoying when so many online games are hacked so you are playing against people who can’t lose. Why does Microsoft ignore security on their platform? They leave it to the game developer. And their answer is buy the new version... the stop blocking hackers as soon as the new versions launch..
  • Kitty lover 5/5

    By zin35
    I hate this jk
  • Love it 5/5

    By Yonnyviz123
    Don't stop
  • I have an idea for the app! 5/5

    By Mainster40
    Make a widget available for this app for iPhones! When I scroll to the left screen from the home screen have a widget available that tells me which of my friends are online! This would be AMAZING! I would use it all the time
  • Party chat feature is gr8 5/5

    By Rickdustbottoms
    Nice addition.
  • Notifications 1/5

    By 💵Nigga💵
    When you try to look at your notifications it takes you completely to someone else’s
  • After the most recent update, I am unable to create and join parties 4/5

    By DaveJones8
    Everything works fine other than the new parties feature. It’s there and it would be great if I could actually utilize that feature. Every time I try to create a party I get an error message that states “something went wrong. Try again later.” Unfortunately I have no idea why I cannot join or create parties and haven’t found any solutions to this problem.
  • Cool App:) 5/5

    By Xray731
    App is cool, i like it. You pretty much can see everything literally thats on your Xbox One dashboard right from your phone or Tablet. See what friends are online before even hopping on, you can join friends party and talk to them right from ur device. DOPE!!! You can also control your dashboard with your phone which comes in handy if you have your tv hooked up, netflix, hulu, YouTube, etc...great app.
  • Big Gay 1/5

    By BlahBlahBlahLDAB
    I won’t loaddddd

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