XCOM®: Enemy Within

XCOM®: Enemy Within

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  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: 2K
  • Compatibility: Android
3,051 Ratings
$ 9.99

XCOM®: Enemy Within App

***NOTE: Not currently compatible with IOS 11. Update coming soon. Compatible with iPad 3, iPad mini 2, iPhone 5 and up. WILL NOT be able to run on earlier generations, despite being able to purchase them on those devices*** XCOM®: Enemy Within is a standalone expansion to the 2012 strategy game of the year XCOM: Enemy Unknown and it's now available on iOS devices! Enemy Within features the core gameplay of Enemy Unknown plus more exciting content. Check out the new soldiers, abilities, enemies, maps, missions, and multiplayer mode for the fresh new strategy gaming experience! • New Soldier Abilities: Build new base facilities to unlock unearthly new capabilities for XCOM’s soldiers. The Genetics Lab will allow soldiers to receive powerful genetic modifications, and the Cybernetics Lab allows soldiers to use devastating mechanized cybersuits in battle. • New Weapons and Equipment: Give your operatives an extra tactical edge with new projects from your engineering team and the Foundry. • New Enemy Threats: Adopt new tactics to counter the threats from two new alien types and a deadly new organization known as EXALT. • New Strategic Resource: A valuable new alien resource, known as Meld, has been discovered. Secure it on the battlefield, research a new technology to unlock its power, and use it carefully back at base to unlock new upgrades and weaponry. • New Story Elements: Investigate a terrifying threat in an abandoned fishing village, and defend the XCOM headquarters from alien attack in a series of new plot-driven missions. • New Multiplayer maps, units, and abilities: Create your custom squad from a wider array of options and dominate your opponent in intense, one-on-one, turn-based matches. NOTE: XCOM: Enemy Within is a graphically rich game with advanced features. To OPTIMIZE your playing experience, you may want to turn off other apps before playing. The content of this videogame is fictional and is not intended to represent or depict an actual record of the events, persons, locations, or entities in the game’s setting. The makers and publishers of this videogame do not in any way endorse, condone or encourage engaging in any conduct depicted in this videogame. Follow us on Facebook:  www.facebook.com/xcom Follow us on Twitter: @xcom For more great games visit: http://www.2kgames.com/mobile/ 18+ "запрещено для детей" for Russia Privacy Policy: http://www.take2games.com/privacy/index.html Terms of Service: http://www.take2games.com/legal/ End User License Agreement: http://www.take2games.com/eula/index.html


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XCOM®: Enemy Within app reviews

  • still by far, one of the three best iOS games! 5/5

    By Boll Weevill
    ...we can only hope there’s another coming
  • Can’t work on iOS11 5/5

    By SomebodyT_T
    It is my favorite game on my iPhone, but I cannot play it on iOS11. Please let your programmers back to office to upgrade the software, thanks. Edited:OK. It’s back. Good work 2K
  • Updated to play on iOS 11 5/5

    By Hogfish uvibiicusjxuib
    This is the most immersive turn based strategy series available for mobile gaming. Looking forward to playing again post iOS 11 update!
  • Updated to 64 bits 👍🏽👍🏽 5/5

    By febriew
    Yay finally updated to ios 11 Redownload and it plays smooth on 2015 ipad pro Hopefully 2K will release xcom 2 for ios soon 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 Thanks for updating the app to 64 bits
  • Update 3/5

    By atsukoayumu
    Update the game so it works on ios11
  • Thanks for the 64bit update. 5/5

    By Manual the Gee
    One of the best mobile games out there period. Glad it was saved from 32-bit purgatory.
  • Loved it on the PC,and now mobile? 5/5

    By Nohb0dy
    Great time killer, played it a lot on steam.
  • update plz 4/5

    By Onefood
    pudate plz.
  • Doesn’t work with iOS 11 2/5

    By Jbeaman
    I had fun with the game, until I upgraded to iOS 11... which requires 64bit apps. 😕 Hopefully they get around to updating the app.
  • Please make compatible for IOS 11. 5/5

    By Jjfnrifjvn lol
    I love this game so much and 8 really want to play 8t again so please optimize it.
  • Can’t play with IOS 11. 2/5

    By ArtemTerlock
    Please update to IOS 11. Can’t play!!! Or return me my money!
  • Good 4/5

    By Schattenmeister001
    Needs to be updated for iOS 11. Hopefully Xcom 2 can be ported to iOS soon.
  • Update I just bought it before an iOS update and now I can’t play even tho I loved it 1/5

    By bonemarrowjr
  • Are you going to update this to 64bit? 4/5

    By Scottnj1966
    Will not work with iOS 11 because it’s a 32 bit app! Do I have the correct game? Xcom enemy within looks and plays exactly like xcom enemy unknown. It's fun and it doesn't crash like the last version. So I guess that's a big plus. Hoping there are bigger differences the more I play. But I am happy I was able to get the game for free 2.99
  • Please update to work with iOS 11 4/5

    By welkinzheng
    I updated iOS and now it says the app needs to be updated
  • Lack of support for iOS 11 1/5

    By alansisto
    It’s inexcusable that a major studio would abandon such a costly title to 64- bit Appageddon. X-com, and the customers, deserve better.
  • iOS 11 - Please Update 1/5

    By JGira
    This app isn’t 64 bit and won’t run on iOS 11... Please update it.
  • Awful app 1/5

    By Aaccddeerr
    The game is amazing and if you like turn based strategy buy this game on PC. However this is one of the worst ports I've ever seen, the worst being the original xcom app that was so bad they removed it from the App Store. This app is incredibly buggy freezing on a drop of a hat for extended periods, text dialogue that usually appears at starts of missions stays on your screen unchanging for the entire mission. I had to skip the tutorial because after every cut scene or voice dialog the game takes five minutes to catch up before running again. Also I've turned off all sound but sound still plays at full volume on cut scenes like the drop ship taking off/landing or story cut scenes. And so help you if you try listening to anything while playing this game as every little action will cause this game to pause your music, even if all volume sliders are turned off. The studio that ported this game was just looking for a paycheck, they got there money and pumped out this lazy port with basic touch controls, no testing, and no respect for the xcom franchise
  • Where's the iOS11 support! 1/5

    By Tubatic
    App compatibility says it won't work on iOS11. Please update!
  • Don't download 1/5

    By Rawrt1154
    Theirs a huge problem with it it needs a serious update cuz I can no longer play with sound cuz theirs no more with the update I have now so I am annoyed
  • Incompatible w/ iOS 11 4/5

    By ArnoldCircus
    This has been a wonderful game over the years and was a great follow up on Enemy Unknown for iOS. Sadly this era may be coming to an end with iOS 11 due to the requirement for 64-bit compatibility. The app hasn't seen an update in 2-1/2 years so the future looks grim. So long XCOM, it's been fun. 😢
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By petashky
    A great port, given the hardware their trying to work with, still if you can get it for the pc, it can run on even the most potato pc
  • Best strategy game ever 5/5

    By Garetrose
    I didn't want to spend $10 so I waited.. boy was it worth it though. Wish I would have bought it earlier. Play iron man with the variables for damage , abilities and soldier stats! So much fun! -grose
  • Very close to the PC versions 4/5

    By magic00
    The game is great. It's definitely an old XCOM game, without bonds, added bonuses, and new characters but none the less still fun and time consuming. Personally I have it 4 stars for the simple fact that the camera is difficult to use. It has trouble with some camera angles and can sometimes force your character to move when you are trying to scroll around the map. Either way it's fun and not game breaking to say the least. I just want more.
  • Great game 5/5

    By Trevor Osz
    It's crazy how fast this game loads on my iPad. I've played this on about every system it's been on and love it.
  • DON'T BUY 1/5

    By season 3 .....
    I love'd this game, but it is no longer being updated and isn't completely compatible with the current iOS software. And Apple released a startup warning that it will slow your iPad down, and will soon be completely incompatible.
  • Update!!!!! 1/5

    By rga2380
    Please update this app to work with IOS 11
  • Fun Game 4/5

    By Cronixia
    Enjoy game a lot, camera is a little difficult to use.
  • Refund 3/5

    By gfunkkowboy
    Can I get a refund
  • awesome but cant run in ios11 5/5

    By 친추..
    Please update for 64bit
  • Needs iOS 11 Update! 3/5

    By abridgens
    A good port of a great strategy game that we will all lose with the upcoming OS. Please 2K, update this app!
  • 64-bit version? (Edited 64 bit support is coming) 5/5

    By Giuliani
    There is nothing within the app description about whether this app will be updated to run on 64-bit devices. I looked on the 2K website and forum and couldn't find any info. If not, this game will be abandonware and everyone who updates their iDevice to the next major iOS firmware update will no longer be able to play this game. Giving the app 3 stars. Will raise to 5 if the app gets 64 bit support. Will lower to 1 star if it doesn't. Edit: just found out that 64 bit support is coming. Changed rating to 5 stars. I can now wholeheartedly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys strategy games. Particularly turn-based tactical squad games. So when is XCOM 2 WoTC coming to iOS 😋
  • Fun gameplay, but a dead end 3/5

    By MjsDev
    The gameplay is fun. It reminds me of the original. Graphics are decent. Aliens use pretty good squad tactics. That's enough to warrant 3 stars. However, the game is old and hasn't been updated for 3 years. For mobile games, that's an unpardonable sin. The mechanics are tough even at the easiest setting. For example, keeping all the countries happy to prevent them from exiting the council is near impossible. Keeping your team alive to promote beyond corporal also proves to be overly difficult on the easiest setting. The final nail was today. For no apparent reason, audio dialogue just stopped working. I tried resetting to the default settings, stopped and restarted the game. I even restarted my device. No luck. So, I've reinstalled the game. If that doesn't work, I'll probably delete it and write it off as a $10 loss. Shame on you 2K.
  • Update 5/5

    By Mr. Smith2010
    Needs an update to be usable on the next update.

    By kernelkern
    Great game and good port for mobile, it deserves to be updated for the new operating system!
  • YES 5/5

    By The Real Vossome
    I've played XCOM on PS4 and Mac, and it's weird to say—this is my favorite experience of it. It's so well-suited to touch controls it's almost maddening. And the presentation quality is some of the best I've seen on iOS. 👍👍
  • Will not be updated to 64 bits 1/5

    By denisvj
    They said won't be updated to 64 bits when iOS 11 comes , just don't care about customers .
  • Crash on first mission 1/5

    By Dude where's my ticket
    Crashes when loading the first mission every time.
  • Just like the PC Version! 5/5

    By JerecTharen
    Controls can be a bit wonky, but it's manageable.
  • Fantastic game, but needs update to 64 bit 1/5

    By AstronotJ
    This game is absolutely amazing. But it won't work when iOS 11 comes out, because it's 32 bit only. Until it gets an update, don't bother buying it, you're just wasting your money. Solid one star for horrible dev/publisher support.
  • Best Pay Once game! 5/5

    By HyperExia123
    This game overall is just great, a port from the original, it has the same concept. The story is fun/interesting, firefights are a thriller, and the encounters are fascinating. But this game takes up a lot of your storage and the controls are a bit weird at some times, but by looking past that, it's still a great game on its own.
  • No sound 1/5

    By Hugh Gee Rection
    App informed me upon opening that it was outdated for the latest iOS version. I couldn't get any sound to work, even after messing with settings for 20 minutes.
  • Dingdong bell 5/5

    By மண்
  • 4000 BC 5/5

    By Sterus37
    Ladies and gents. This is the best app out of the best apps you could ever find. I've played Xcom ever since the original game came out in 4000 BC. I'm of course not saying I'm that old. What I'm saying is that much like the great pyramids of Egypt, nothing can match its splendor. Xcom is one of the great wonders of the world. It was amazing then and it is amazing now. Right now! You complain that the controls are weird? What!? Get some better fingers people. The controls in the game are the best you can get from a mobile device machine. This takes some major strategy, some major brain usage. I suggest playing the game on CLASSIC and IRONMAN. The frustration might run slightly high when one of your faves die, but when you conquer the onslaught of alien beauties the feeling of success is like that of taking a shower for the first time after a month long hike through the hot rainforests of South America... I... I've never been... I mean I take showers... I'm just talking about the rainforests... the... you know what I mean!.. Why are you reading this!? Buy the game! What!? It's not free you say!? So what! You were gonna make in game purchases with whatever free game you were thinking about playing anyway! Buy it now and you will be on the golden road to bliss. XOXO, The Aliens
  • App appears abandoned 1/5

    By Kraizk
    App appears abandoned. Will not work in iOS 11 - will be incompatible without a 64 bit update. 2K also has not patched Civilization Revolution 2 so not expecting one. Save your money unless the app gets an update
  • Fun but game breaking bugs 2/5

    By Epicnoob12
    First off, I absolutely love this game. Great time killer and it is really just fun. You might be asking why did you rate this a 2 star? Well I was playing a game and it was near the very end and I went to play another game. When I came back the next day it would not load he current game I was playing. I lost like 15 hours of playtime. In conclusion XCOM is an great game but with some major bugs they need to be fixed.
  • Tutorial is infuriatingly slow 1/5

    By mantjerkson
    I've played XCOM: Enemy Unknown on a different platform and am generally familiar with the game mechanics, but decided to enable the tutorial in this game just to be sure I don't miss anything. Turns out, there is NO way to skip the tutorial messages and advance to the next prompted action (move a soldier, promote a soldier, etc). Instead, you are forced to read the message from Central until the game decides enough time has passed for you to be allowed to perform literally any action. There is also no way to set tutorial message speed. I'm playing on an iPad Air 2 and other than this ridiculous oversight/bug the game looks great. If this behavior is not limited to the tutorial and I have to wait a minute-plus for this game to process my turns while I'm trying to play actual missions, this game is basically unplayable.
  • All 5 Stars (EXPLAINED) 5/5

    By Appbo$$
    1. Going into this game as my first XCOM purchase I was skeptical because of the price of the game. The first star is awarded because of the good tutorials and overall help of the game. 2. While I believe this game may be toned a bit from the original which I understand the second star is awarded for the unlimited amount of content this game offers and will never get boring 3. The third star I believe which is an expectation of any game is the smooth play that it offers. I play from an iPhone 7 and have never experienced so much as a frame skip. 4. On top of all this there is a multiplayer system which is fun as hell and adds to the overall quality of the game. 5. While most people would've stopped at 4 I will not rob this game of it's justice. It has prompted me to buy XCOM 2 on steam for $60. While there is nothing worse than losing a major in battle this is probably the most entertaining game on the App Store. I highly recommend this for anybody. I am not even into strategy games. This is my first XCOM but will certainly not be my last. Thank you for taking the time to read my review.
  • So happy this is on iOS! 5/5

    By Spacehound73
    Played the original on PS1. One of the best turn-based strategy games out there. Wish more game developers would consider a full game experience like this without resulting in pay-to-win money pits (clash of clans).
  • It's a port, Still good 5/5

    By LordofDragos
    For a port this game exceeds all expectations.

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