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XFINITY Connect App

Stay connected on the go with the XFINITY Connect. Check your email, send and receive text messages, make and receive Voice calls and check your XFINITY voicemail all in one place. Answer your home phone calls and forward calls from your home phone to your iPhone. WHAT’S NEW! Video call other XFINITY voice subscribers. FEATURES - Voice2Go* - Now make unlimited voice calls from XFINITY Connect app using your XFINITY Voice numbers. - Never miss a phone call : Answer all your home phone calls from XFINITY Connect App. - Send and receive free unlimited text messages to the U.S., Canada, Mexico and over 40 other countries using your home phone number – no texting plan required! Even text from your iPad® or iPod touch®. * Included for XFINITY VOICE Residential Unlimited customers. Terms & conditions apply. REQUIREMENTS - XFINITY Internet or XFINITY Voice subscription - Comcast ID or email address (Need your Comcast ID? go to -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Restrictions apply. Not available in all areas. Free texting requires subscription to XFINITY Voice Unlimited service. Standard data charges apply. Check with your carrier. Discussion forum - please visit - --------------------------------------------------------------------------


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XFINITY Connect app reviews

  • Please update to be compatible with iPhone X 2/5

    By Complete XF
    I’m having to rely on iPhone mail to use my Comcast email address, the app needs some bug adjustments and I’d like it to be compatible with my new phone...
  • Drives me crazy 2/5

    By Cygnetxii
    I use to love it. Since recent fixes my app is all screwed up. My delete button will not work for multiple deletes. I cannot get emails to load and error signs pop up several times. I have to relaunch app daily
  • Crappy now! 3/5

    By Melmelle2009
    Since the major update this app works terribly! Very disappointed!!!
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By Hootie-Scootie
    It is ridiculous that every time I open the app, the email won’t load. I have to log off, redo my password, then it loads. For the monthly price I pay, I cannot believe they can’t offer a functioning app.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By FrustratedAGM123
    I agree with the comments about having to reinstall the app to get emails to load. When will something be done about this??
  • not loading new emails and won’t open 2/5

    By Apr?
    I have been very happy up until recently. When I try to open an email on my iPhone and iPad, it just "grinds" and will not load new emails or open to see content.
  • Great app to have for Wi-Fi phone calls and texts. 5/5

    By The Canoeman
    Had some trouble setting up but with Xfinity help now works great.
  • Ok. When it works 1/5

    By Blaaaahhh
    This app needs some serious help. It only works sometimes. Sometimes my email will show but will lot load. And this is on WiFi or using LTE in various places. There have been times that I thought I sent an email to find out that the app never sent it. That happened on more than one occasion to different email addresses. When I try to send email out it sometimes tell me I can’t send it because there is a problem with the password. If that was the case how am i able to even view my emails. Don’t waste your time. Your better off accessing your email through a browser.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Bgshjbvdzcj
    This app is great, if you have problems it’s probably because xfinity’s service is low on that area! Just predicting! Thanks the app helped me a lot! I used to run to get my house phone to answer a call, but now just pull up my phone, it’s great!
  • New “improvements” have made this app horrible! 1/5

    By Ricksta61
    Very slow at retrieving e-mails, if they retrieve them at all. The e-mails you delete, usually appear the next day as new again. And now when clicking on a e-mail to see it you get nothing. Just terrible! The old version worked much better!
  • App always telling me there is no network 1/5

    By Schlyer
    This app constantly tells me there is no network when I’m on WiFi and there is a network. It seems to fix itself when I update, but then goes right back to failing.
  • Recent email upgrade unacceptable 1/5

    By MOMA-mia
    All email sent from my account bears my husband’s name, screaming at the recipients in ALL CAPS. Unacceptable when the pricey service plan includes up to 6 email addresses. Performance also is terrible, I repeatedly need to close out of the app and log back in, otherwise the refresh just spins and spins. Neither of these issues are existed prior to this alleged “upgrade”.
  • Constant crashes 2/5

    By Dr. Icculus
    This app would be very useful if not for the fact that it crashes every other time I try to open a new incoming mail. I get some error message and have to restart. Just inconvenient.
  • Email not working lately. 2/5

    By DebGal
    Lately I can’t get my email to work - a majority of the time. What’s going on?
  • Latest version is terrible! 1/5

    By dianesaquilter
    It takes forever to read a message that I’ve selected. I️ just watch the little symbol spinning. It’s faster to use my browser to login to the web site. At least then I️ can actually read the message.
  • Worst it’s ever been 1/5

    By Eclectic Listener
    Some of my emails, from regular, reliable sources will not open. Other times my last email update hasn’t happened since the day before. This morning, the app froze. There is NO problem with my wifi. My carrier is Comcast, where I pay extra for higher speed. So, am I a happy customer? Nope. Beyond Verizon, there are limited other options. Corporate mergers be damned. I’m still planning in leaving Comcast altogether, just to make a point.
  • Sometimes great sometimes not 2/5

    By AERS
    I have been using the Xfinity app for years. It is wonderful how they integrate my home phone, email and mobile features. It's very convenient to use. I like all of the functions on the app as well. Unfortunately, it often freezes and when there's an update things don't always work as planned. I have had to delete the app and reinstall a couple of times in order to get it to work. Now, when I want to check my file it just goes in an endless loop and doesn’t load anything. I have to shut down the app and then reopen it in order to check my mail, every single time! Really annoying
  • Unreliable and buggy 1/5

    By Classicvic
    I never know from day today whether I will be able to retrieve my email through this app. Some days it won’t connect. Some days it will download the headers but refused to download the body of the emails. Some days buttons don’t work, like reply or delete. It’s a real crapshoot whether it will work. I spend more time yelling at this app than just about anything else on my iPhone. And that says a lot!
  • Incoming call notifications sporadic at best 1/5

    By Friday Girl 714
    Only use this app to be notified of incoming or missed calls to my home. Loved this feature. This no longer works with the latest update. Called Comcast and had a very confusing conversation which resulted in the rep telling me something had to be fixed on their end, and it would be resolved within an hour. Issue is still a problem this morning, however. Very irritating. Uninstall/reinstall of app does not resolve issue. Both iPhone and iPad having same issue.
  • No server found 1/5

    By Phlebgirly75
    My emails are not loading and I can’t under stand why ? I have Xfinity WiFi at home and still my emails don’t upload . I have to constantly shut down my phone and reboot for them to show up . The only message that pops up is “server not found” so annoying and time consuming to read emails on this app . Please fix this bug ! Thank you
  • Not sure what happened 1/5

    By H3ath3r84
    App never stays logged in!! Constantly have to put my password in, and it’s always giving an error I have to constantly close and re open the app! As much as we pay a month for Comcast least you could do is make sure email app works!!
  • App is unstable 2/5

    By Mayajpm
    With the newest version of iOS the app will not stay logged in. It logs out on its own at least 5 times a day.
  • App is terrible 1/5

    By Redsox603
    If I could give this negative stars I would. Never syncs, it’s slow, any constantly getting stuck. Other then that it’s great.
  • Never works 1/5

    By Red Neptune
    Sick of deleting and reloading this app. Email fails to load at least 3 times a week. If I could rate this as “ZERO,” I would.
  • Recent update has trashed a previously effective program 1/5

    By Dr. DAS
    App crashes, hard to delete email (takes a long time, then repopulate). We want our old but effective version back!!
  • iOS voice call works !! 5/5

    By Mulitunes
    Waiting for the Mac and Windows computer desktop version Any eta on that? iOS version works great
  • Still Bad 1/5

    By JenCee123
    I wish I could give this app 0 stars. The fact that I have to log in and out of the account to refresh my mailbox is ludicrous. I still get an error message that pops up on my screen about 20 times each time I go in and out of my home’s WiFi. It’s unbelievable that this has not been fixed yet. If I haven’t had the same email address for a very long time, I would absolutely delete my account - in fact, I’m thinking about doing it anyway, despite the hassle it will be for me. The convenience of having an app for your email is really diminished when the app never works!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By pls get this fixed
    I have sent 5 feedback on this app’s performance to Comcast I’ve the last year and it continues to fall on deft ears. I would have rated it a zero due to their customer no service but that’s not an option. The app does not refresh consistently and I have to continually close the app and reopen to refresh and get new emails. I’m trying this forum to see if they pay attention to this instead of their own feedback forum in the app. Comcast, are you listening?
  • Thank you 5/5

    By GBMV6Speed
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By 1946Frito
    Please fix this app. Data issue. I have to verify my password.
  • Bring Back Multiple Email Accounts! 2/5

    By Sadie051548
    The latest version 6.7 of this app eliminates the ability to check and work with email in all but the primary email address. This was explained in advance but does not work at all for me. I have relied on email for years and have set up 3 addresses: 1 for personal mail, 1 for interaction with businesses and a 3rd devoted to my work with alumni of my college. The current app only supports my primary personal address. Please bring back XFinity Connect support for more than 1 email address.
  • xFinity WiFi 2/5

    By SpeedyG13
    The WiFi keeps having to slow down to a crawl or stop all together. Most of the time when I log into my email it won’t let me open my emails because it’s always trying to connect.
  • Performance Issues 2/5

    By sroth004
    The app generally worked ok until a few months ago when reliability issues which coincides with Comcast's change of its webmail design. Prior rating was a 5, months of frustration led to reduction to a 3. Overall functionality is good including the IP phone client. 11/17/17: Comcast, using this app has now become extremely frustrating given there has been no improvement in performance over months. The app is now completely unreliable. Please address. Dropped another star. Thanks
  • Driving me crazy 1/5

    By Messyteacher
    Everytime I open I have to start or reconnect or do my password again...never had to do before..I’ve even reinstalled it thinking that would help! Nothing has! It worries me that it might be a hacker faking asking for my password!!! I like checking my email...but I may just wait till I get to my laptop!
  • crashes constantly 1/5

    By tapastartorate10
    they just send an update last week. It crashes constantly. Have to re-login every time. Texted the helpdesk. They seem to have no idea what was going on.
  • App constantly freezes 1/5

    By mezzomsa
    This app used to be great awhile ago. I don’t know why they changed it, but I constantly have to log out and log back in multiple times per day to get my email. It’s always freezing up and I can’t do anything. I’ve tried deleting and downloading again and I have the latest version. It’s so annoying and frustrating. Please get this fixed!
  • Slower than ever! 2/5

    By games4us5
    Guys, your app is slower than ever. I touch a message header to red the message, and it will stall loading the message. I have to kill the app and start over. Even the new web interface is too slow. I don’t have all day to read my emails.
  • Not working properly 1/5

    By Fayth83
    I am very frustrated with this app’s performance. I am constantly getting an error so I have to completely back out of it and reopen in order to see new emails. That was bad enough and then it started to routinely log me out so I don’t get notices that I have emails important to my work. I am not one to give bad reviews, but I am at my wit’s end here 😔
  • Barely usable anymore 1/5

    By DraggingMyFeet
    Why won’t it remember my login? I have it set up to remember. Why does it keep hanging (and occasionally crashing) on startup? Why do I have these problems after every update? I get frequent connection errors from this app, on both my iPhone and iPad, but Safari works fine, DropBox works fine...
  • Love it! 4/5

    By Scobo3
    Need this for my commercial account please!!!!!
  • Needs update 1/5

    By Dshear
    Requires me to log back in all the time. Freezes up all the time. Terrible
  • Not Syncing 2/5

    By MsMac67
    Since the upgrade, the app on my iPad doesn’t sync with the app on my iPhone and I have to delete the same message more than three times on both.
  • It’s glitchy... 1/5

    By L2Y2
    11/16/17 This wasn’t the best app to start with...would hang up, not load consistently, etc. I used it because it would sync to my desktop email, so I could have consistency between devices. They just did an update to the app and it’s even worse than before. It won’t even download my freezes up. When they do download, I can see them, but I can’t read them. Emails I’ve deleted or moved to folders on my desktop are showing up in my inbox in the app. This is a horrible and you would think Comcast would have the money to pay for a good app for their company.
  • Used to be Ok. Now useless. 1/5

    By iamintn
    The call log never had all the calls on my Xfinity VOIP. Now I’m not getting push notifications for voicemails and incoming calls. They are both enabled in notifications and on the phone settings. Just stopped with an update. Also, why is Call blocking not available in the app? The website is a PIA to use.
  • Deleted emails keep reappearing! 1/5

    By Mstorione
    I delete emails on the app only to have them reappear next time I open it. Seriously Comcast! This has been going on for a while now. You would think it’s a bug you would want to address.
  • Used to be a good app 3/5

    By VLLIV
    Comcast had a good app previously. I could always refresh my email and easily open new emails. Now half the time when it refreshes new emails it never finishes. Or if I try to open a new email it’s still refreshing and it gets stuck. The only way to fix it is to close the app and reopen. Very annoying. What happened? Never had so many issues until recent versions.
  • Crashing and having to log back in 1/5

    By Marzd1unv
    I rely on getting emails and lately I haven’t been receiving notifications for my emails. I find out when I log onto an actual computer or I finally click on the app to find out that it either crashed or I need to re-log back into the app.
  • IOS 11.1.1 fractures the App 3/5

    By Noquestion
    Something happened with the IOS 11 updates on my iPad 2017. It stopped loading email for several days and then seemed okay only to revert to a flickering rendition of the email. Maybe related to heavy graphics? Seems okay on my iPhone 7 but I don’t intend to keep it on the phone. The regular Mail App is fine on both devices but I like to have the Comcast App available because it does offer additional info on my Comcast account.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By chrissyparis
    My xfinity email app is horrendous! It crashes constantly and notifications are not working at all! Come on Comcast.... shouldn’t this be something that you get right?
  • Missing all Inbox mail 1/5

    By CascadesRockette
    Ipad updated to 11.1.1 earlier today. Launched xfinity connect. App said upgraded with new features and started with the page “get started”. Message box said it was downloading my content and it wouldn’t take long. No messages appear in inbox. Other folders do show emails.

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