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XFINITY Home lets you stay connected to your home anytime, anywhere. You can remotely arm and disarm your system, see when the kids got home with video monitoring, turn on your lights before you walk in the door and even adjust your thermostat – all from your smartphone or tablet. FEATURES - Remote arm and disarm - Real-time text and email alerts when alarms are triggered and motion is detected* - Remote video monitoring* - Lighting and thermostat control* - Supports Works with XFINITY Home smart home devices β€” Nest Learning Thermostat, August Smart Lock, Lutron CasΓ©ta Wireless Lights, Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Opener, Sengled Element Touch bulb and GE Switches and Dimmers (Zigbee models)* REQUIREMENTS - Wi-Fi or 4G cellular internet connection - XFINITY Home service - Comcast ID or email address and password (Need your Comcast ID? Go to *Purchase of additional hardware may be required. Disclaimer: Not available in all areas. Restrictions apply. Service and equipment sold separately. Services and features vary based on service package.


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XFINITY Home app reviews

  • Xfinity Home 5/5

    By TruckND
    As a single truck driver, I couldn't have any more piece of mind as I travel that my home is secured and monitored while I'm away. Now if only they'd make the cameras more affordable it'd be just perfect.
  • Friendly User. 5/5

    By Jay Phom
    Easy to use, I love the remote access feature especially when I'm constantly traveling for work, knowing that my family is safe at home. Remote access to arm and disarm when my kids is home from school. Garage access for friends and families when they need to gain access to my garage. Could not ask for more! Great app!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Mommy....X2
    I love the fact that I can take care of home from anywhere. I can check in By viewing cameras, turn on the alarm if I forget prior to leaving. It just gives me that extra piece of mind.
  • Simple and easy to use 5/5

    By Toddecus
    Couple of UI improvements would be good, but generally it works and has some interesting features. Glad that I could use the fingerprint to arm and disarm.
  • Can't connect 2/5

    By 1TJay
    Haven't been able to connect to touchscreen in over a week. Shows connectivity with wi-if but not cellular. Router has been rebooted several times still not working.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Mooreni
    So useful and I feel protected 24/7 now that I can see what's going on through my phone!!! :)
  • Easy to use & Convenient 5/5

    By TN4UK
    I find the app to be easy to use, very responsive, as well as convenient. It nice to be able to arm when away from home those times we forgot on the way out of the door.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Deno Z.
    No issues thus far. Makes it so handy that I can control it from anywhere
  • Update Delays Notifications 1/5

    New update delays push in notifications. Repeatedly disconnects from my home cameras. Very disappointed with the poor performance of this app and xfinity home security services.
  • love it 5/5

    By JC-27,78
    very useful and helpful
  • What changed? Not good 2/5

    By SFCris
    I used this software to turn on alarm easily at my house. Now it sends me to a web browser for another Xfinity account. Why? What did you change? It is a pain to use now.
  • Love the app 5/5

    By sherndon003
    This app is so great! Doesn't require a lot of time to activate or disactivate the system
  • XFINITY Home Security 5/5

    By DannyCDAD
    I absolutely love it. It's the peace of mind That I have. I'm not worried about leaving home and not being protected. I can't say enough about the simplicity and the accuracy of the system. Extremely excited to have the service.
  • Works well 4/5

    By Angler1980
    The app has performed well and does what it is supposed to do!
  • Just an opinion 5/5

    By Terrihubble
    Great service couldn't expect any better. They even corrected a problem before it came up once.even sent new equipment free of charge! Keep up the good work!!!!!
  • How an app should work. 5/5

    By Tony Chux
    Simple, resourceful and well laid out. Would be good to add more functions, although, making sure to avoid complicating it. Thanks guys.
  • AP 1/5

    By sk8ing dad
    The AP leaves a lot to be desired. More than half the time it takes about 10 minutes to arm the system when we go out from the phone. I hope you are planning to solve this problem.
  • Love the app 4/5

    By smouel
    Wish you could access more settings of the touchscreen, such as changing the sensor sounds and volume of them.
  • Awesome service 5/5

    By LaRob4
    Very nice techs!!
  • No Complaints 4/5

    By Del Buck
    Nice app, very very useful.
  • App review 4/5

    By Sirrohn24
    Overall it's a good system but needs a update asap it freezes a lot on the iOS system
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Jelly020
    I love the comfort of arming or disarming the system from my phone!
  • Reliable and Fast working 5/5

    By de8412
    I implement this application to remotely arm and disarm my home every day. App is always working when needed and is quick to update security information. I have been using this application for over a year now. I do not have a camera system interfaced with system, so cannot not provide input in regards to this functionality.
  • Wonderful app 5/5

    By John1732
    Wonderful app., this has been easy yo use and compared to other company we used in the past. This much better. Customer service has seemed to have improved from years past and I'm very happy so far!
  • Safety 5/5

    By Kristoffer H
    I'm 10yrs old and I'm doing this from my phone at 11:00 PM coming to bed and I brought my phone and got in bed and then forgot to set the alarm on my moms phone, so I know I need the best security of the house we can get so I downloaded the app and then signed in and armed night! THANK YOU for the great security and Comcast Tv LOL plus internet PS: please read this, I am at home in bed and it's 11:53PM and this is a diff day and just saying setting my alarm 🀣😝Why you gotta hate on Xfinity? Please reply if u read this!!!!!
  • The bad update was quickly turned into good! 4/5

    By Trumarkable
    I appreciated that in about 5 minutes time I was assisted in returning my security systems sound back to normal (since the latest update apparently messed up the sound). I was very happy to do it via 'chat' and not have to wait on hold on the phone!
  • Love it!!!!!!!!!! 5/5

    By billyntara
    I will add more seniors and cameras as what we are using now is working great!!!! Thanks Xfinity!!
  • App opens way too slowly 2/5

    By Fastplant
    The app still takes way too long to open the live camera view. If you hear a noise outside it can take well over a minute to get the live camera view up. And if you open the app and just minimize it to open another app, it hardly works at all. You have to completely close the app and reopen it to make it work.
  • Crappy Update: MY FAULT 5/5

    By Gta60seconds
    Seems it was bad timing when my alarm app "failed" just as I was literally going out the door to catch a flight for a 2-week vacation. I did the troubleshooting thing online and over the phone with no results. After all the great improvements and neat amenities, I gave this app and Xfinity a 1-star rating. Upon my return, I contacted a nice Comcast tech (Keith) who patiently listened to my complaint, guided me through some equipment testing which resulted in finding the problem: THE SURGE PROTECTOR POWERING A ROUTER WAS OFF. After vetting the house for safety before leaving for vacation, I'm betting I tripped the reset button on the surge protector. (Bone-headed move on my part.). Everything is now working great! My apologies to Xfinity and my thanks to Keith who helped me find the problem.
  • Great for us! 5/5

    By Claspdesign
    We are seniors and don't need anything confusing. I like that the app lets us know if doors have been opened have not tried alarming from iPhone yet. It works for us. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
  • Easy 5/5

    By Butterfly Bombshell
    Simple to use.
  • No issues so far 4/5

    By Muse57
    I like my system. Easy to use and it's works well for me.
  • Better fix this ASAP 1/5

    By Liuhel
    The connectivity is crappy and getting worst everyday. If the camera worked once, you can almost bet it won't work again. Consistently having to log on and the delay in picture is more prominent and in most cases frozen picture. Not worth the monthly bill. Years later, same bad performance. Xfinity needs to figure out a better connectivity. It keeps erroring with "unable to connect"!!
  • Couple problems but fixed quickly 4/5

    By Rwinpig
    For the most part, this app has worked well... there have been a few glitches, but they were fixed quickly
  • Great App 5/5

    By Short words 1234567890
    This app is amazing. Easy to use.
  • Very helpful and works great! 5/5

    By Crab Claw 22
    We love everything about the system and use the app all of the time to check door activity, view cameras, lights on and off etc. Fortunately, we have not experienced the problems other reviewers are encountering.
  • Overall works very well! 4/5

    By ksandefer
    A little quirky sometimes but mostly works as it should. Gets better with every update.
  • It's worth the DL 5/5

    By BiiG Boii Blu
    I use this app when I'm in the car & don't feel like running to the main pad to disarm the alarm or if I'm at work & my mom forgets to set it. It's a life saver.
  • App is Very Inconsistent 1/5

    By Ayanna T
    The app doesn't offer all features of the alarm system as it should. For example, there's no panic button available through the app as it is on the alarm unit. Also, it does not always show the most up-to-date alarm times when I've armed the alarm about an hour prior, when I check the app it would show "disarmed" then show "armed" which is worrisome. Lastly, my app currently doesn't work. It won't let me log in and has been giving me error messages for the past 5 days. #useless
  • Security review 4/5

    By Jennymom2847
    I like it. Very easy to use and I love the simplicity. I'm getting everything else paired with the old system and I can't wait.
  • Terrific! 5/5

    By tekntonk
    I've had this security system and app installed for a couple of years now and have had no difficulties. Things work consistently and correctly. I have no trouble getting my cameras to display on the app or any of the functionality of the alarm system to work properly. All is as it should be. I particularly appreciate the regular updates to the app. It seems Xfinity is interested in delivering a quality product that is useful and solid. I understand others are having trouble, and that is concerning to me, but that has not been my experience, much to my relief and satisfaction. I will continue to pay for and enjoy using this security system and well-designed, solid app. I hope others continue to have positive experiences.
  • I've had this service for approximately 2 years ans we are very satisfied!! 5/5

    By Djnorvi
    Touch pad is awesome, love the volume control and the emergency options.. we had immediate response when a child set off the police alarm!! I like that I can check the cameras while I'm out or I can open the cameras on my tv to see what's going on in the living with my dog. After it was installed we have not had any issues that have not been taken care of rather quickly. We've had 3 other Alarm companies and I have to say this one has worked the best for us.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By sartek7
    Easy to use, straightforward. I am not doing anything fancy.
  • Starting back up 4/5

    By helgalee3
    So far I'm liking it having the touch I D I'm loving that I looking forward when we can use it to disarm and arm
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By leroneler
    Garbage alarm. The key pad is so boring and basic. The little portable screen they give you is so quiet it's not much of an "alarm" it's more like the timer going off on my iPad, that's not gonna scare anyone away. I have had many different alarm providers and all of them are light years ahead! I would rather pay 2 different companies at the same time for alarm service then get this "cheap" one! Xfinity has great wifi! I've never had an issue and they do great with tv too but I feel as if they are just throwing in some extra condiments on my burger. Better stick to an actual Alarm company!
  • Issues logging in -- horrible user experience 1/5

    By kaydeedid850
    For the second time in 3 months I cannot again login to the xfinity app from my smart phone to arm/disarm my house remotely. This causes great inconvenience for me since I have a toddler and remote access makes leaving and entering my home much easier. Whatever you keep doing Comcast when you make app updates it's affecting logins. I think continuous testing of login feature on various different types and versions of smart phones needs to occur to alleviate this problem from happening again.
  • yet another useless "update" 1/5

    By DispatcherChick
    with the extremely high rates for all things comcast related i would at least expect it all to work. with the cameras not working on the ios app when connected to cellular (and yes, all my settings are correct), i just had to shell out $100 on a security camera that actually does work as advertised. first step in switching over everything to something more dependable, and probably more affordable. this new update (the 4th) AGAIN did nothing to solve the problem we are all having. all it does is reset all the lousy reviews the app has gotten everytime. no, i won't follow the support link. i've been through it already like many others. it's not a camera issue. it's an app issue, which has already been established. i waste enough money on this..i'm not wasting time too. Some of the positive reviews that their company posts on here are so obviously fake that it screams they have an issue that they need to cushion yo try and make this look like an unbroken app. Sad.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By SlipFire1
    It works great for me. No issues.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Snead303
    Never thought I'd enjoy an app like this but it is very reliable, easy to use, and provides great peace of mind. Support chat feature is fantastic.
  • Easy to use app 5/5

    By turtle1207
    I love my Xfinity home security and I love this app! It's so easy to use! You can set up your lights to go on and off with this and lock your doors. As well as check the security cameras! I use this daily and love it!

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