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XFINITY Stream App

Only XFINITY gives you more to stream on any screen. Watch live TV and XFINITY On Demand on any device at home or on the go. If you're an X1 Cloud DVR customer, you can also stream or download your Cloud DVR recordings to your device and watch anywhere. Key Features: - Filter by Available Out of Home to watch more than 200 channels of Live TV on the go from any available WiFi or cellular connection in the U.S. - Choose from tens of thousands of TV shows and movies available for streaming On Demand. Filter by Available for Download to see programs available for offline viewing. - X1 Cloud DVR customers can watch saved recordings from anywhere in the U.S. with an internet connection. Once downloaded, videos can be viewed offline—anytime, anywhere (including planes, trains, and automobiles). - Favorites on X1 now sync with the XFINITY Stream app. Easily track the channels, TV shows, movies, & sports teams you love. - Forget to schedule a recording? X1 Cloud DVR customers can schedule or modify DVR recordings right from the app. - If you have previously made a movie purchase On Demand, you can take these purchases with you wherever you go, right from the app! - Trying to find a show or movie? Use the search function to see if it is available On Demand or airing soon. Exclusive In-Home Features: - Watch live TV streams from your entire channel lineup when on your in-home XFINITY network. - Choose from XFINITY’s full Video On Demand library, filtered to show only the content included in your subscription at no extra charge. - Stream rented TV shows and movies right to the app during the rental period. Requirements: - Reliable WiFi or cellular internet connection for video streaming and downloading. - XFINITY service with a subscription to one or more eligible channels to watch live or On Demand video. - XFINITY username and password. Forget your username or need to create one? See the help links directly below! Get Help Signing In: - Create an XFINITY username and password: - Look up your existing XFINITY username: - Reset your XFINITY password: Questions: - Help and support page:


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XFINITY Stream app reviews

  • Missing channels 1/5

    By Buckeyes2734
    Missing all major networks NBC,CBS,ABC,FOX ESPN,ESPN 2 AND TBS they've been gone for almost 2 months now no one seems to know why only answer I ever get is you're working on it kind of ridiculous considering I pay over $250 a month for service and can't get basic channels when I'm on my home network. You people need to do updates way more often considering all the bugs you have. Dish network and direct tv don't have these problems with their app if I could get them in my apartment I'd drop you guys instantly.
  • $800+ in Movies 1/5

    By 4cuties
    If you guys are going to be 🍆's about movies I own for that matter movies that anyone owns at least allow us to link accounts with MoviesAnywhere so that we will be able to watch movies we OWN! the way we see fit. I get that you do not want people connecting their iDevices to a tv that would allow them to watch live TV that's fine but, what is not ok & should not even be legal is Comcast telling me how I can watch my movies that I paid over $800 for. I want to be able to connect my iDevice to any tv I choose & watch the movies I OWN! Maybe re-release the movies app or do whatever is necessary to allow people to watch their movies anyway they see fit.
  • Problems arise again with application 2/5

    By hamcap
    Getting buggy again... frequently won’t load listings, etc. For such a large, well capitalized company there’s no excuse to have issues with its media application.
  • Problems, looong time to load and more... 1/5

    By RichardSHTW
    Like any other product, if there are sufficient amount of consistent type of issues, dissatisfactions from customers and the problems continue without fixing them, why bother to continue offering the app!? Delete it! Problems ranging from no sound from time to time, takes a long time to load channels (cannot be my network, since I subscribe their bus plan with high bandwidth...)... I gues I had with this app, after a year of use, I had to rate this, so hopefully less users will get in to the similar issues. Ug!
  • Terrible service! 1/5

    By BiH4ever
    Pros: None. Cons: 1. Xfinity won't let you stream via AirPlay on iOS devices. 2. Xfinity won't let you sign into Starz via iOS devices. 3. Internet disconnects many times in a day. 4. Slow internet. Not getting the speed I am paying for. 5. Too expensive.
  • App is totally worthless 1/5

    By MrBudha
    For 99% of anything on this app you MUST be connected to YOUR home WIFI? Why would I need this app if I’m at home??!!! Want to watch the NFL game on this app? Too bad!! You can’t unless your home. Don’t even bother downloading this app. What a joke.
  • 35+ commercials per movie 1/5

    By CIA Task Force TickleVetting
    Subscribers are already paying for the service and on this you make us watch upwards of 35 commercials a movie. Your service is evil, Xfinity. The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. You app developers are wasting your talents on evil businessmen.
  • Fairly useless 2/5

    By Butterperson
    Things you really want to watch, like sporting events, cannot be seen on this app. Too bad. If not for that it would be a nice idea.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Viejo44
    I pay for all the content and they brag you can watch on the go. BUT, hardly any of the stations we watch are even available on the go, only at home. If I'm at home, WHY would I even need to watch it on my iDevices when I have real TVs there. FIX THIS. Give us ALL of what we're paying for! You aren't even paying for the bandwidth since we're on someone else's WiFi!
  • Glitchy since before ios11 rolled out 3/5

    By Bostoncape
    Watching recorded programs has become cumbersome on the app. Frequent buffering makes for unwatchable experience. Must download recorded programs to watch them in peace.
  • Can’t watch live tv away from home network 1/5

    By Marsh_
    Extremely frustrating! In order to watch live tv you have to be connected to your home network. Whats the point of that!?!? They falsely advertise that you can watch xfinity from anywhere - very misleading.
  • Superlative 5/5

    By speck_o_mud
    Xfinity on demand on the ipad. Excellent. Also means no cabling needed from router to other rooms, it’s on wifi now. TV not so necessary. I haven’t explored all the options, but initial reaction is that it’s superlative.
  • Constant errors 1/5

    By J/Metro
    “Data Issue :: 4 Hmm, there appears to be no data for this program. Please select another”

    By zaheemwaheed123
    I’m still going to have this app downloaded for a bit longer but gonna have to delete if they don’t quickly update for iPhone X. When you watch a movie it’s like watching a movie in a small square box. I got the iPhone X to enjoy movies in full screen edge to edge but it’s not supporting it!
  • Apple TV?! 4/5

    It’s a good app, but it’s frustrating that they still don’t have an Apple TV app! Furthermore, they also don’t allow the single sign on that Apple offers in iOS and tvOS. Why on earth would you not want to offer that to your customers?
  • Sound issues 3/5

    By xfincustomer
    I have been having sound issues! It will play normally and then all of the sudden the sound will go out and the only way to hear it again is if you completely exit the app and restart it. I have been having this issue for about 2 weeks now! Other than that the app is good
  • Just Awful 1/5

    By N/A 1234
    1. Performance is terrible even with a 90mb connection. Fast forward and loading needs to be as fast as Netflix or Amazon Prime. It seems we might be years away from that. 2. Programs that show up in my physical DVR do not show up on the app. I have called Comcast multiple times and they tell me someone will look into this and then months later I have still not heard back. Terrible support. #FAIL
  • Not working 1/5

    By kingmaximus82
    I never write reviews but I like to use this app to watch my show in the bed it never work I skips doesn’t play fix the bugs make me want to get direct tv at least it works
  • Works, a bit flakey 3/5

    By Sockpuppeteer
    Works pretty well, but a bit flakey at times. I can almost always get it to work, occasionally after some aggravation. Seems most of its issues I run into have to do with communications with the server rather than the app itself.
  • Multi-tap fast forward and reverse 4/5

    By rogeroo
    Please add multi-tap FF and reverse, similar to YouTube, for reviewing recorded shows. The more times you tap, the further the video is forwarded or reversed. Very cool. Thanks.
  • iPhone 👍🏾 Apple Watch 👎🏾 3/5

    By Kitt_Baby
    I love this app on my phone and use it daily. However, it never works on my watch. None of the commands work! I can’t even change the set-up box it controls.
  • Download issues 1/5

    By Clef86
    Yay. Another show only downloaded 2 minutes on my devices! Though the entire thing is on my dvr box
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Shonuff227
    I do have to say after reading some of the reviews I wasn’t sure how this would work but wow. It is great. I can watch any show anywhere in my house on multiple devices. Even my kids almost silly kindles can run this and they can watch their crazy kid shows. Haven’t had any problems with the way this works at all. I have to say a lot of others seem not to understand or care how things actually work. They get upset if they can’t use it any way they choose. So here are some things I know and have found through simple research. Some things are in home only, not because Comcast is limiting your service. They are because that provider, NFL, espn, food network or whom ever has deemed it to be. And yes there are copyright protections built into the app so you can’t use your device to stream to another, even a projector or an Apple TV. I will continue to use this for my whole family as long as I have their service and will recommend it to everyone I know.
  • Stream doesn't work 1/5

    By Boulder40mma
    I downloaded the app so I could use my phone and watch shows on the TV I didn't have a cable box for they won't let you plug the phone directly into the TV and stream the app onto the TV or use any other devices to stream their app onto a TV. They don't tell you that till after you already get their cable service. You have to have one of their boxes to use this to watch it on a TV. So then when I try to watch it on my phone or my iPad while I'm not at home 90% of the time the app doesn't work it just has the loading dots for several(10 at one point) minutes until I give up. I have full-service and full bars when I try. This app is totally useless!!!!
  • Apple Watch app never worked 1/5

    By Harry Joseph
    The Apple Watch app/remote would be great if it worked. Could never get it to work and customer service is useless. One of many things that is tempting me to switch providers.
  • No AirPlay 1/5

    By Tebor
    Forever a 1 Star review for another year Comcast holds content you’re paying for hostage.
  • Xfinity 5/5

    By CleanSideToph
    Dis jont real live A1 yu mine as well download heem right now I ain't even gone hold yu.Its real live TV in your hand live wit on demand yu hear me 👍🏽👍🏽 good bump
  • Xtremely Awesome 5/5

    By Sayandragon
    Xfinity app is great when on vacation using hotel wifi!
  • Can’t screen record some of my shows for personal use 1/5

    By DanteP42
    This app is highly frustrating as I am trying to record some of my recorded shows to my camera roll and there is some thing that keeps popping up that says screen recording not allowed, why is this? Worst app on the app store
  • Stop start, stop start,.....UNWATCHABLE! 1/5

    By Splitwindowcoupe
    If you don’t mind watching TV while it stalls and starts up, over and over again, this is the one for you. It is not my single strength, that’s the problem since it is very strong. It’s this App! Hate it. Out it goes!
  • Does not start 1/5

    By Grootbek
    Shows splash screen then crashes. Nice.
  • New Customer in Love with XFINITY SERVICE 5/5

    By fraheemson36
    I probably should be called an XFINITY FANATIC because I pretty much have all their services. You won’t believe I also added the XFINITY SURVEILLANCE. So far, I’m happy with all the services. I have nothing to worry about for now. And I really hope this is how it will be for many years. For now, I love XFINITY because the service is the best considering my HORRIBLE experience with FIOS AND DIRECTV.
  • TV GO ISSUE 3/5

    By Naboussa
    I can’t watch local sports on the go. Has to be in-home only. What’s the point? I use my tv at home to watch sports and would like to use my phone on the go. I pay good money every month and should have access to ALL live channels on the go. If not, at least the sports channels. Thanks
  • Glad I pay so much for 30mins of commercials 2/5

    By Joe Bojanic
    Every 5 mins of a show you watch there are 3 mins of commercials. And they're always the same ones over and over. Sometimes they also don’t line up with the normal breaks. They'll be right in the middle of dialogue.
  • Xfinity app is horrible!!!!!!! 1/5

    By Fanatica5996
    Even when I’m home, streaming shows does not work when using my phones or tablets. Gets stuck or frozen and I have to restart app multiple times. No matter what show I try to watch, either the image or audio will stop working. I have given up using it and recommend looking for any other way to see your shows that may be available like HULU or the network app for the show you want to watch.
  • App barely works 2/5

    By ItsMeMeghan
    It used to be a great app now it crashes ALL THE TIME!!! Can you guys please do something about this! This app crashes way too much
  • Mediocre at home, awful on the go 1/5

    By Molotov9
    Streaming at home can be pretty unstable as live content can stutter like crazy, the video can lag behind the audio or the stream can just close on its own even on a relatively good ~80 Mb/s connection with updated, capable hardware and nothing else hogging bandwidth. When traveling is where the app's service really fails. Due to whatever BS agreements Comcast signed with networks means that streaming outside your home network eliminates a huge chunk of the programming you already pay for. Forget about trying to stream from outside the US as that proves impossible without a really good VPN, but even then your mileage may vary. The latest update now causes stream to freeze in-between scheduled programming blocks (i.e. stream freezes at 1:58 pm, 9:29 pm, etc.).
  • Best UX in its class 5/5

    By CT to NYC Commuter
    This app is superior to others in the category. My only gripe is not having the ability to download (as opposed to just stream) ALL content which would enable Comcast customers to spend their money on premium movies vs data. But the experience is terrific, the content is simple to find (ie. you can sort movies my release date, not possible in Netflix’app).
  • Taken for a sucker... 1/5

    By Angelo2000
    I was called by an Xfinity rep today and they knew that I had recently cut the cord. I only have internet and now I use a digital antenna to get my local channels... Getting back to the call, she pitched the Xfinity stream service she claimed I would be able to stream to any device in my home. I asked if it would work on the Apple TV and she said it would work on all Apple devices. I get home very excited and I see it works on my iPhone!! I go to my Apple TV and look for the app... NO APP... I called them back and learned it is not available for the Apple TV, or any other device like the fire stick or the Roku. I tried to do mirroring and the app does not allow it... I feel duped... What is the point of watching TV, NOT ON THE TV... sorry Comcast.. you lost me again...
  • Terrible now 1/5

    By horkus1
    **Update 11/14-Funny-it works perfectly when I use my own data plan but not my xfinity wifi. What a ripoff.** Playback issues are constant now with skipping, stalling and error messages. It was seamless until about a week ago. Now it's literally unusable.
  • Can I give less than one star 1/5

    By Dizella
    Why Do you keep Changing the functionality of your app to make it more annoying and less user friendly. I can no longer filter just movie listings by day part - you've gone back to an option that forces me to look at the movies you sell rather than filtering what's being broadcast in real time. The movie selections is bad enough. You're really just an awful company.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Shakitat
    Love recording something at home and watching it on the go
  • No complaints 'til recently 3/5

    By KPerillo
    Shows aren't getting recorded! 8 times outta 10, an error code pops up during playback stating there's something wrong with stream so I'm unable to watch recordings. Also, it's extremely frustrating to watch a show that plays for a couple minutes, pauses then restarts the video from the beginning again!
  • Need full screen support on iPhone X 4/5

    By makhung
    When watching video I would love to see it able to zoom in the video so it take advantage the iPhone X full screen size, beside that I love this app.
  • Data free? 2/5

    By Ninaaah_Ross
    Every other cable apps offer data free steaming. Add this feature please.
  • Still buggy as heck 2/5

    By TJ__
    Doesn’t save spot if you stop partway through and later try to resume watching an episode. Also after returning an episode, takes the app a while to acknowledge. Then still fails over and over to delete said episode.
  • Junk 2/5

    By Cr8on2011
    Playback issue: 4003 is the error I get about 50% of the time I try to use the app. Overall it works about 2/10 times. $200 a month for junk service and a company who told me to go pick up my equipment when i upgraded my package.
  • Watchlist?! 2/5

    By Liz23894848393
    What would be absolutely wonderful is if you were able to tag shows to create a watch list (similar to Hulu) in this app. This was an option in the last xfinity tv viewing platform and is a major miss in this version. Please update!!! Updated 11/13/17: app crashes every time you attempt to “resume” a previously watched show. Please fix this bug! Also, still no watchlist 😭
  • Xfinity is the WORST 1/5

    By jobob30
    My Xfinity Stream App stoPped working a few days ago. It won’t show my recorded programs and won’t let me watch shows I PAY FOR WITH MY PREMIUM PACKAGE. It’s been the most frustrating experience as are ALL of my dealings with Comcast. They are truly the WORST company with regard to customer service. It took a WEEK of dealing with bumbling idiots to finally get my service installed in my brand new home (new construction we thought... no problem getting Comcast installed... NOT). Finally got it installed and the stupid app won’t work. After 8 phone calls and 5 hours of my life wasted I have given up. Xfinity/Comcast stinks and I will be cutting the cord soon. No one can help and they keep saying they are “escalating” it and they will “call us back”. What utter BS. We have NEVER RECEIVED A CALL BAKC. EVER.
  • Download is SO slow 2/5

    By MelBoomDC
    Downloading the recordings is SO slow and freezes often. It usually requires me to start and stop a few times. Netflix and Amazon Prime are much easier to use.

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