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  • Current Version: 3.12.0
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  • Developer: Comcast
  • Compatibility: Android
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Only XFINITY gives you more to stream on any screen. Stream live TV and XFINITY On Demand on any device at home or on the go. If you're an X1 Cloud DVR customer, you can also stream or download your Cloud DVR recordings to your device and watch anywhere. Key Features: - Watch more than 180 channels of Live TV on the go from any available WiFi or cellular connection in the U.S. if you filter by “Available out of home”. - Choose from tens of thousands of TV shows and movies available for streaming On Demand—some of which are available to download for offline viewing by filtering for “Available for Download”. - X1 Cloud DVR customers can watch saved recordings from anywhere in the U.S. with an internet connection. Once downloaded, videos can be viewed offline—anytime, anywhere (i.e. in planes, trains, and automobiles—ANYWHERE!). - Choose from the full guide or filter by popular categories such as Sports, Kids, and Movies. - Forget to schedule a recording? X1 Cloud DVR customers can schedule or modify DVR recordings right from the XFINITY TV app. - If you have previously made a movie purchase On Demand, you can take these purchases with you wherever you go right from the XFINITY TV app! - Trying to find your favorite show or movie? Use the search function to see if it is available On Demand or airing soon. Exclusive In-Home Features: - Watch live TV streams from your entire channel lineup when on in-home Xfinity WiFi - Choose from XFINITY’s full Video On Demand library, filtered to show only the content already included in your subscription at no extra charge. - Stream rented TV shows and movies right to the app during the rental period. Requirements: - Reliable WiFi or cellular internet connection for video streaming and downloading - XFINITY service with a subscription to one or more eligible channels to watch live or On Demand video. - XFINITY username and password. Forget your username or need to create one? See help links directly below! - Some programmer content restrictions apply. Get Help Signing In: - Create an XFINITY username and password: - Look up your existing XFINITY username: - Reset your XFINITY password: Questions: - Help and support page:

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XFINITY TV app reviews

  • What A Waste 1/5

    By Lori1622
    Before the update I was having issues no one at Comcast seems to know how to fix. Now with the latest update I can't even sign in to the app. I pay my bill on time every month -even when I don't get what I'm paying for. I would expect Comcast to do a better job of delivering on services they advertise and I pay for.
  • Skips and restarts 1/5

    By Jvanderlaan
    I was super excited about this app!! And then I used it. The shows skip, restart and then just stop working altogether. You have a lot of bugs to work out xfinity!!!
  • Can't download 2/5

    By NL III
    Every download gets to 40% and then it restarts.
  • Update doesn't work 1/5

    By Sneakygirl6139
    Worked great before this latest update, now I can't get anything to play, it just pauses and jumps 5 seconds and pauses again repeatedly. I would have called Comcast first to report the problem, but I don't have 2 hours to waste today....
  • Lousy recording playback 2/5

    By mjdmmik
    Just got the X1 boxes last week and was looking so forward to watching my recorded programs in my IPad with this app only to have an 8001 error come up and telling me cannot be retrieved. Called Comcast and was on hold for an hour only to be told the problem was in the app. So 🚦the red light is flashing on this app!!
  • What happened!??? 1/5

    By Sonoma473
    Suddenly certain scheduled recordings dont record and there are missing channels under listings the big 3 channels. App is absolutely worthless now!
  • Mostly awful 2/5

    By RWReese
    This app is mostly bad. Too often shows won't load based on some spurious problem at the network. Too many shows are for "in home use only" (people want apps like this many times for when they travel and I can't see how letting people watch shows out of the home when they are subscribers to the comcast hurts the network. I have the Comcast "blast" which has very high download speeds and an excellent router (usually achieve 140-150 Mbps download speed) and yet still there's buffering and other issues. For what you pay for Comcast, they should be able to do far better than this piece of junk app.
  • This app is hit or miss 1/5

    By Maverik431
    When this app works properly, it's great. I use it mainly for the download feature, but half the time it doesn't work. Sometimes it says it can't download for some unknown reason and other times it says it downloaded and when I try to watch an hour long recording, it only downloaded 7 minutes for some reason. Like right now, I'm trying to download a show on my iPad and it froze at 89% complete. I have to start it over for a 4th time.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By JonEwaD
    Error after error after error
  • Limited features 1/5

    By Deepblueelo
    Air play doesn't work. No app for Apple TV, so limited to the small screen.
  • Still Still Still Still Still Horrible! 1/5

    By Jsjfm2000
    01/19/17 Latest problems. Now shows are getting cutoff. They show that they are 60 minutes, but when you watch through this excuse for an app they randomly start several minutes into show. Seriously, this is pathetic. People who work on this for Comcast still have their jobs? 01/30/17 New Year...same bugs! 75% of download attempts fail. More than half of downloads are unplayable. I've got a great idea: How about Comcast spends half of their budget for advertising these features on actually making them work? 12/3/16: now my schedule on my iPhone through this app is gone. It's there when I go to it on TV, but gone from iPhone. 11/30/16: "download interrupted" still happening even after latest update. So frustrating! 11/21: offline downloads error out 75% of the time and one's that do complete are glitchy during playback. Comcast, I "challenge" YOU to spend more money on development and support and way less on marketing. How can you sell something that doesn't work??? Comcast should be ashamed of themselves...this app has never ever worked well. Every update fixes one issue and breaks something else. Current prob is that half of downloaded content freezes half way during viewing and only option is to return. If you have any hair before using this app, expect to lose it. This review written with disdain in Chicago.
  • Works well for me 4/5

    By AtlantaAlan
    Great for watching when the TV room is otherwise occupied. Have to watch it when. Or on wifi as it's a data hog
  • Can't watch shows 1/5

    By Ketchup68742
    Your app keeps telling me I can only watch tv shows in home. I am in home. That's the only place I watch them. I was able to watch just fine until yesterday. We have Comcast internet but our own router. We pay 300 a month for your service so we should be able to watch shows on my iPad regardless. Terrible!!
  • Major problems 1/5

    By Killed by iOS7
    The recent update introduced two major problems. The first is that it is no longer possible to minimize the video as it is playing so one can use a second app at the same time. The audio continues to play while minimized, but the video goes black. The second is that downloaded videos continually stop and start every few seconds while playing. Please fix these problems ASAP! Thanks.
  • I'm confused.... 2/5

    By NFO mom
    People here are talking about being able to watch shows they have recorded on their DVRs from their iPad... exactly how is this possible? I have X1, and I haven't been able to do that. Also... what's the point of having on demand in an app if you can only watch some shows in the home? If I am in my home... I can watch on my tv, I want to be able to see my shows on demand when traveling without having to pay more money to the networks! For what I am able to watch when I am traveling, app works fine, but not happy about not being able to watch all abc/cbs and NBC on demand shows when traveling!
  • Terrible video quality 1/5

    By Dat Boi✈️✈️🏢🏢
    What this app considers "HD" is muddled crap. Embarrassing. Everything, from on demand to live tv, looks like garbage
  • Not Functional, Not Even a Little Bit 1/5

    By AlbuTurkey
    Giving this app one star is a little like asking someone to rate the drivability of a vehicle in the junkyard. And then telling them they must rate it, at the very least, on the lower end of drivability as if it could still be driven. No. This vehicle does not work, will not go, and is not drivable. 0 stars.
  • Recording 2/5

    By RAcctWU
    This app was so much more beneficial when you were able to record shows/movies 😕😒.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Everynicknameistakenseriously
    What was wrong with the old app? That one was so much better! I absolutely hate this new one. It crashed constantly and it disables air play so you can't hook it up to your tv if you wanted to. 👎🏻
  • No AirPlay 1/5

    By TNGFan1
    Hey Comcast? Why am I allowed to AirPlay from a Mac but not from my iPhone? Oh it's because Apple blocks you from detecting AirPlay on that platform. Knock it off and let paying customers AirPlay from iPhone to a TV in their home network. Your corporate greed is amazing.
  • Smh 1/5

    By Shame on xfinity
    This app is the worse after paying almost $300 a month for cable this app is soooooo unreliable get it together ASAP. Wish there was a bitten for 0 stars
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By Completely stinks!
    Watch on demand is unreliable. 50% of the time it tells me On Demand is not reliable when it IS.
  • Stream keeps stopping 3/5

    By DJ LIL M
    This started to happen a couple of days ago. While watching streams it all of a sudden stops and I half to refresh it.
  • Stopped Working 1/5

    By PumpkinCandii
    Love this app until several days ago. The tv listings now show only 8 channels and says I have no recordings set (I have MANY), and everything else is gone! My recordings are gone!!! I signed out and back in, no changes. Can't access my purchased movies. What the heck happened!?
  • Ugh 1/5

    By Uc art
    Do not download this app. Unless you want to watch shows that never load due to system errors, or have your screen freeze/skip. This would be the perfect app if you're looking for that! Comcast = worst customer service ever.
  • Xfinity access pass FREE 1HR 1/5

    By Blackbambiii
    I was granted access but couldn't use the xfinity TvGo App. 🙄
  • Can't hear anything on FOX 2/5

    By hilfjbaby
    Like the app. It can't hear anything in FOX the day after show aired. I have to wait an additional day. What gives?
  • Doesn't work on cellular data 1/5

    By emasis23
    This app never works on cellular data for some reason. I can't watch live tv or any recordings, it just loads and loads and loads. I can watch a two hour movie perfectly fine on Netflix so I know for a fact it's not my connection.
  • Good. But could use some extras. 3/5

    By Akferris91
    I like how the app has a progress bar beneath each episode to show what you have watched and how much. I also like that I can check what shows I missed on a particular day of the week that I wasn't able to sit down and watch my shows. I really only use the app for TV On Demand. However, it would make the app so much user-friendly if I could mark which shows are my favorite so they can appear on the home screen of the TV On Demand section. It's a simple extra that would be nice for busy people like me to find those shows I am always trying to keep up with. Also, the Movies On Demand section gets confusing at points. I see a movie that I like and on the movie info page, there is a section for recommendations for other movies based off of that movie underneath the description. But most of the movies that are being recommended are unwatchable through the app and no links to where I can watch it. Why even have that feature? It's just sending me to movies that I'd have to go to another streaming service to watch. That makes no sense. Just a few suggestions from a 3 year frequent user. Thanks.
  • Worst ever 1/5

    By SaraBearT
    LOVE that I record shows to watch when I'm away from home (because heaven forbid I watch anything else because I'm not on home wifi) only to be redirected to very beginning, time again and again. Never even got into the show because I wasted 10 minutes trying to get past the commercial. Don't waste your time.
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By Noah Joseph
    I have tried for the last week to be able to watch shows recorded to my screen on my phone or iPad and have had no luck. As I read the comments It looks like I'm not alone 😔
  • New Update Crashes video 1/5

    By Adanewguyz
    Since the update on the 13th of February, 2017, I cannot make it through 2 minutes of a show before is stops and says "There is No Live stream available on the channel" or "There has been an interuption in service". I dont pay hundreds a month on TV, Phone, Internet AND Security System to not be able to use my services. If I could give you zero stars I would. Please fix and I may change my review but until then BEWARE other users of this apps and its many flaws.
  • Don't mess with a good thing 1/5

    By Vicky Christy
    TV Go was a millions times better. And I could watch the shows on demand on my actual tv. Now, if I'm at home I can only watch them on my phone which is ridiculous!
  • Good idea but unreliable 2/5

    By PumaHank
    I love that I can watch my favorite recorded shows anywhere, anytime I want, HOWEVER, the app is constantly crashing or has weird interruptions during the show where it will go from the show to commercial but the commercial is paused and then back to the show. I tried to get support but the process is not very user friendly. I will update my review once you fix the issues.
  • This app gets worse with every upgrade 3/5

    By Leinadon
    I have used this app because of being a Comcast/Xfinity customer. This app was good. The recent upgrade the saved programs now stop and restart, playback errors of all sorts and doesn't download saved programs when not in network.
  • By golly they've done it 5/5

    By JeffRLefebvre
    I was not a fan of Comcast for many years. However this app has changed my mind. I've used it for over a year now. The functionality is incredible and I've had no technical issues. Highly recommended and kudos to the developer team.
  • Streaming glitches 2/5

    By Aberdaber13
    Used to really love the app and all of a sudden it's pauses the streaming, brings the stream a few seconds back, starts it again and then pauses to repeat again. It was working fine until a few days ago. Needs a fix, but until then can't use the app now. It's too annoying. It's like an old vinyl record scratching back a few secs. Makes watching anything on it annoying. Please fix and then I'll update my review.
  • Update released on 2/13/17 breaks Picture in picture 3/5

    By Angry Administrator
    Picture in picture feature doesn't work properly in the 2/13/17 update. When invoked, the PIP screen goes black; you can still hear the audio. Exiting PIP does not restore video - the app must be exited and restarted to resume normal operation.
  • Stop taking all the shows off demand 4/5

    By Samcro22
    I really love this app, it allows me to watch all my shows on the go. But here lately y'all have been taking all the shows off the app and making it to where you can only watch at home. Like what's the point of having the app if I pay for all the channels but you limit me to what I can watch on the app. Please fix
  • New app is pointless 1/5

    By AccioFries118
    This new version is horrible. It now has a limitation where certain movies/TV shows are only available when connected to your home WiFi. The point of a to-go app is it is used OUTSIDE the house where your TV is not available. Horrible and pointless!
  • Playback 2/5

    By E-Frog
    Playback is super glitchy, and has frequent interruptions, likely from recording errors or something similar.
  • Crashed all night 1/5

    By Depresses
    This app is no fun, Google Fiber getting closer.
  • Something wrong with app 1/5

    By Good dude man
    Please fix this app. There is something wrong with my recorded shows.
  • When screen is made smaller 1/5

    By Dennis vm
    When the screen is made smaller the picture disappears. Only the voice comes through. The app has to be restarted to work. I believe that it was updated recently and then this condition came about.
  • Latest update screwed up 1/5

    By Furface Greybeard
    This app had been working great most of the time. Still doesn't work with tv app on iPad. Latest update screwed reduced screen to black box and have to close app and restart to see anything. Didn't notice any bugs you fixed, only made one major one. I am using a new 128g iPad air2 and this app worked properly until this update. Next time try using the app before releasing any new updates.
  • Crap Like everything that comes from Comcast 1/5

    By Fcho84
    The previous app was better. It allowed me to watch live TV on the road. Too many restrictions. They are using this app to five people to pay for X1. Dirty move. I hate monopolies.
  • When will there be an update? 2/5

    By a cupcake mess
    Trying to watch live tv on your iPad (in your own home) is like trying to pull teeth. Fix it!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By z2798
    This app is incredible! I love being able to watch all my favorite shows and even live TV right from my device. This app truly turns any screen into your own personal TV!
  • Chromecast? AppleTV? Out of home? 2/5

    By Ztext
    App needs chromecast and AppleTV streaming support. All channels should be available out of home.
  • 😔 2/5

    By TaylorNicole17
    What's the point of this app if more than half of the shows are in home only. This use to be a great app until they switched apps.

XFINITY TV app comments

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