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Yahoo Fantasy Football & more

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  • Current Version: 9.8.0
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Yahoo Fantasy Football & more App

The best in Fantasy Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Tourney Pick'em and Daily Fantasy. Yahoo Fantasy has you covered every day, year-round. Voted the Best Fantasy Sports Mobile App and Best Commissioner Mobile App by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. Easily switch between games and focus on what really matters: drafting your team, setting your lineup, and winning! Favorite features: Manage your roster - pick up players and make trades in the app. Draft anywhere - you never need to miss a draft again now that you can draft your team from your phone Instant updates - be at the top of your game with instant scoring updates and breaking player news. Expert Analysis - edge out the competition with Yahoo Fantasy and Rotoworld experts, now accessible in the app. Fantasy Messenger - trash talk your leaguemates right from the app with gifs and other rich media Daily Fantasy Sports - draft a new roster every day for a chance to win money. Enter free contests or put cash on the line. Pro tips: - Use the bottom menu to move between fantasy home, your season-long teams, daily fantasy, and messenger. - The top menu allows you to move to different screens within home, season-long teams and daily fantasy. - Play in a free daily fantasy sports contest to learn the ropes at no cost. Please send feedback to


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Yahoo Fantasy Football & more app reviews

  • Good 4/5

    By Mr.alex99
    I think this year has been the best the app has ever been. As for yahoo fantasy in general.... still has some work to do.
  • Buggy 2/5

    By inglish79
    The app is loading. Please fix.
  • One of the best 5/5

    By Steelers Nation7272
    Yahoo fantasy is one of the best fantasy sport apps I’ve been a member for 13 years playing mostly fantasy football I almost never have issues with it working and it’s easy to invite friends to play in your leagues. Well done yahoo
  • Open fantasy baseball!!! 3/5

    By Go Leasburg Lightning
    I love this app but here in Missouri we love our baseball! Let’s go Yahoo everyone else is open get your butts in gear!
  • Yahoo! DFS 5/5

    By amazzzing!!!
    DFS on Yahoo is the best in the biz
  • Good overall 4/5

    By Kevinmango
    Why is Charlie McAvoy still a silhouette? Give the man an actual headshot!
  • Does nothing about cheating. 1/5

    By Yeppp12345676
    Commissioner in my league has been cheating (with proof) yahoo refuses to handle private league matters even though commissioner took control over dormant teams and keeps adding players after his limit. Disgusted. Won't be doing this ever again if not changed.
  • Making decisions for me?!?!?! 2/5

    By Werty123456789098
    Is yahoo make roster decisions for me??? I shouldn’t be going to bed and waking up the next morning and seeing that one of my players has been dropped and that I picked up another one. Yes the app was being a little glitchy/freezing up before I went to bed. And did I tap on the screen in frustration? Of course, but in the top corner of the screen is where I was tapping. Lucky one of my best friends was the one who picked up the player that I lost and he gave him back. This all happened in my fantasy hockey league and yes I am upset. But, if this would have happened in my fantasy baseball league I guarantee I wouldn’t have blown a gasket. Look into this issue because if it happens again I will definitely be going to another fantasy sports app!!!
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By goodfellas08
    This app and yahoo Fantasy makes it impossible to verify your account to enter daily fantasy contests. This is such a huge issue with so many users, and yahoo still will not fix the problem. I think it’s pretty obvious why google is clearly the #1 search engine. So frustrating.
  • Family 5/5

    By Nemesiss22i
    Love the this.
  • Daily player updates 1/5

    By Holmes8605
    I’m currently taking part in Fantasy Hockey and frequently throughout the day I check for player updates on whether which goalies are starting for the day. These updates don’t often occur until almost game time which is frustrating. Is there anything the developers can do to improve this vital function?
  • Fantasy football 3/5

    By Brad & Micah's Mama
    There are no football mock drafts that disappoints me
  • Hacked? 1/5

    By Se7enjewels
    Looks like my yahoo account was recently hacked and really. O good way to contact Yahoo for further investigation. I tired an email and to contact them via twitter and no response yet.I can no longer access my yahoo fantasy teams via this app or via the web even after changing my password. I can get in but my fantasy profile that has been in existence since 2001 is gone. So for now, I am completely done with Yahoo and all of their products...what hurts the most is that they make it really hard to contact them when you have a problem.
  • First year fantasy football player 5/5

    By Razzo090
    First year ever. This app made it easy to learn the basics and provided a great deal of knowledge. Awesome.
  • Wow...impressed 5/5

    By Gatorade2020
    If you love stats, you might be a geek. And if you are, you will love YAHOO. Week by week breakdown of performance is impressive. The ability to make changes to your roster at any time is one ESPN should adopt from Yahoo. And now that I won, if they actually give out their prize, that’s another point against ESPN crooked fantasy crap. Go Yahoo...go nfl network
  • Excellent 5/5

    I like the fantasy football game because we have a friends and family group of some great people.
  • Update 1/5

    By Send her my love
    What the hell? Updated your app and there is no fantasy football.
  • 😡😡😡😡 1/5

    By rightful winner
    I won my semifinal matchup got an email even the game review says I won, I won by (.40) 2 days later I go to set up my lineup and it has me playing for 3rd place? They took points away from my defensive player??? Email and game review both say I won but you’re allowed to take points away after the games already done and over with? If I wasn’t playing in a paid league it might not make me as mad but I PAID to play on this app and now I’m getting screwed, never again will I use this app for fantasy sports
  • 12/19 failure 1/5

    By Dp220
    App won't which my team or scores for today. So it's basically useless rn
  • This is pissing me off. 1/5

    By EraseableBall
    Every once in a while this "stupid" app in which I have frustration with the app because I cannot login into some of my teams and they're very important to me, it's a good app but for now one star.
  • Great App, one tiny request 2/5

    By LeonardTheKawhi
    This is a great app but every once in a while I can’t login into some of teams and it pisses me off. Until you fix this two stars.
  • Enjoy the app, but gif search does not work. 3/5

    By Splitpi
    The app work for managing team. But gif search does not. Annoying.
  • Let me search for gifs you clowns 1/5

    By Hyphen Fn Baby
    Not going a tick above one star until these developers fix the problem preventing me to trash talk with gifs. Only get the crappy stock gifs and can’t search all of tumblr for better ones while the rest of my friends can. Boo for yahoo!
  • 17+ rating? Seriously? 1/5

    By Astonaudio
    How do you expect kids that want to play fantasy football with their families to be able to use this app if they can’t download it with restrictions on? Just terrible. Make it kid friendly...
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Kurtbb17
    Yahoo continues to do very well
  • Gooder! 4/5

    By Lee Anthony
    for the first time in 11 years i officially have no complaints about the yahoo fantasy football app. let’s keep it here for a while!
  • Not ready for prime time 1/5

    By Rankenory
    Way too easy to accidentally drop a player you didn’t mean to. Has happened to me twice now. Didn’t click on the player to drop him, then a message pops up asking if I’m sure I want to drop him. Clicked “cancel” but he was dropped anyway. Not worth risking wrecking your roster.
  • Why can’t league pick ems be added? 3/5

    By Rricki
    Seriously??? You can do literally everything from the app except your league pick ems? It’s so annoying to have to log on to the computer for this. Yahoo is behind the times if they can’t add this simple feature....
  • Pick em? 5/5

    By Scottylars
    It seems your recent update has removed the pick em league access? I’ve deleted the app and tried everything and can’t seem to get access again. All my history for 16 years is in my profile but no access. Thanks - works now! Thanks for the update. Great app
  • It does the job, but could be better. 3/5

    By Icelandic808
    I don’t mind it and a few of the newer features like live updates are nice. However, I find myself using the ESPN fantasy app to track games and live updates because you can do that in app while also tracking player performances. A feature like this would make me never want to leave Yahoo. The second reason I brought the rating down is that ever since the update limiting the size of messages went through, if I send a message that’s too big of a file, it shuts down the app and even when I restart my phone it crashes the app immediately. Not even usable right now, so I’ll probably have to reinstall.
  • Love the app 5/5

    By SueCL
    I hardly ever go on the website. This app works great!
  • Daily fantasy lobby 1/5

    By Rexpach
    The daily fantasy always gives an error message. Can not see my teams and leagues.
  • Chat alerts in Apple Watch are not very functional 3/5

    By AptGeek
    I like that the Apple Watch app notifies you when someone chats in the league chat and gives you an option to like. The problem is, it only displays the username of who sent the message and the first word or two of what they said. Please fix this and display the entire message. I don’t see the point of having this on the Apple Watch if you have to open the app on your phone every time, to see what was said.
  • App is great 4/5

    By Mike Stearns
    Everything is working perfect. I appreciate the fast response.
  • App not working 5/5

    By JP 522
    It says SSL error has occurred and a secure connection to server cannot be made. I have changed password and deleted and reloaded app. I have and iPhone SE Update I downloaded latest version. Still not working It is working now! Thank you
  • A waste of time 2/5

    By GrizzBare
    I’ve played Yahoo for years but it seems each year and each change results in more errors. Currently I can’t get to any of my teams because there is a “join a team” screen for basketball- no matter what I do- can’t get past it. I’m ready to quit Yahoo after 16 years of playing- they don’t seem to care. I have deleted fantasy easily 10 times and reinstalled it- that’s not the solution.
  • Teams are gone!! 1/5

    By Mhawkeye1977
    The app worked fine for me for years with no problems but the last week has been beyond horrible. All my Fantasy football, Basketball and Hockey teams have just vanished into thin air on the app. I can still get to my teams via my laptop but love having access to my teams while on the go. I have tried already numerous times to delete and reinstall the app but still nothing. Please help!
  • Colossal piece of trash 1/5

    By Espn >>>>> yahoo
    Can't even login. Has been failing for 13 weeks now.
  • Latest update breaks everything??? 1/5

    By Acdbnfuyvj
    Try testing before you put out an update. Can’t get to my picks at all!!!!! Crap!!!
  • No Positional Rank on Player Card 3/5

    By JC_SaltLaker
    You’ve got Larry Fitzgerald and you wonder: is he a Top 20 WR this season? Top 10? Unfortunately with this app, there is no quick, easy way to find out. The Player Card shows him ranked “57th Overall,” which is horrendously USELESS information since it lumps him in with DSTs, QBs, and every other position. You’re forced to go to the All Players screen, reset three filters, sort by Season Fantasy points, then manually count (yes I said MANUALLY COUNT!) receivers: 1,2,3...12,13, there he is at # 14 behind Thielen. If this piece of information is important to you—and how could it not be in evaluating trades, start/sit, etc.—then look to ESPN or other apps which present the Positional Rank instantly by simply tapping on the players name. Minus Two Stars for this annoying omission which goes uncorrected year after year, degrading an otherwise very good FF app.
  • DON’t work well 2/5

    By rose🙃
    Seriously every time I go on it crashes Without me even starting the app.It needs to be fix
  • Fantasy Home Main 1/5

    By YoThisBling
    Still no option to make Fantasy Home your main screen. So tired of seeing the last team I looked at when opening app. Does yahoo even understand people have more than one team?
  • Won’t let me sign in. 1/5

    By Hanzawo
    Ive been using this app for years and I love it. I went to check my fantasy team and it won’t let me connect. I deleted the app and downloaded it again. Still won’t let me get into app or sign In. Says something about SSL won’t connect to server. Any thoughts?
  • No Longer Working 3/5

    By Tb06081013
    Upgraded from an iPhone 5 to an iPhone 8. App no longer working on new phone. Keep getting “SSL Error has occurred and a secure connection cannot be made to the server” error. Tried uninstalling then reinstalling app. Doesn’t work.
  • Ok 1/5

    By steve trump
  • Good app but.. 4/5

    By Natedeezy
    Whenever I click to read an article, it always takes me to the first article on the list. That’s annoying. Otherwise, good app
  • Awesome app, I recommend 5/5

    By succ da wang
    Honestly could not ask for a better Fantasy sports app, it got everything I need, updates haven’t changed for me. They seem completely fine, only issue I have is how you can not remove a team from a league even when you did not intend to join this league, it has had a glitch but it’s gotten better. Other than that, this app should not change in anyway, completely fine by me and my friends I play with
  • No player history? 2/5

    By JDFenway
    This is in the desktop version but is missing in mobile. Also can’t click on pending’s broken.
  • Update it already 2/5

    By The humongous cheese
    For some reason when u go over players during a game it always says they have 0.00 points regardless of what they have. Also it has gotten very laggy and when i scroll down it lags it back up. Change it cus this has just gotten repetitive and annoying
  • iPad Landscape Only? 2/5

    By GGonJR
    iPad Pro in landscape only? My thumbs aren’t that long. Would be better portrait (like the iPhone).

Yahoo Fantasy Football & more app comments


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