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Yahoo Fantasy Football & more

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Yahoo Fantasy Football & more App

The best in Fantasy Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Tourney Pick'em and Daily Fantasy. Yahoo Fantasy has you covered every day, year-round. Voted the Best Fantasy Sports Mobile App and Best Commissioner Mobile App by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. Easily switch between games and focus on what really matters: drafting your team, setting your lineup, and winning! Favorite features: Manage your roster - pick up players and make trades in the app. Draft anywhere - you never need to miss a draft again now that you can draft your team from your phone Instant updates - be at the top of your game with instant scoring updates and breaking player news. Expert Analysis - edge out the competition with Yahoo Fantasy and Rotoworld experts, now accessible in the app. Fantasy Messenger - trash talk your leaguemates right from the app with gifs and other rich media Daily Fantasy Sports - draft a new roster every day for a chance to win money. Enter free contests or put cash on the line. Please send feedback to


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  • Updated Notes - News 1/5

    By Knighn
    Update 6 (11/20/2017): NEWS - This feature is STILL almost useless if all of the articles only redirect to the most recent article. Please FIX!! Update 5 (11/10/2017): For some reason when we click on the articles in the News section it only goes to the most recent article... no matter which article we select. It has been that way for at least a week. Do you guys ever do quality control testing? Update 4 (10/01/2017): What's going on now? One minute Greg Zuerlein has 24 points and the next minute he has 0? I'm pretty sure you guys are messing things up again! Help! Update 3 (still 09/18/2017): Brandon McManus didn't possibly kick 12 PAT but that is what is says in your scoring! Once again: really??!! Update 2 (09/18/2017): Are you kidding me with this?! For some reason your matchup screen is now blanking out the results of my opponent's kicker. It was there yesterday and now is completely gone today. I know I got the win even with his Kicker points but if this was a closer game I'd be incredibly upset. How can you guys not get this right?? You've been doing the fantasy thing for years!! Updated: Still seems to be some lag after changing players / lineup but not as bad. Original message: My opponent changed his lineup. It shows up on computer. It shows when I tap on his team (League, tap on Team) but it *still* doesn't show up when I tap Matchup. Can you fix this please??

    By diadevaia
    Great app but you guys need to add a FLEX option for fantasy football. Every other fantasy app has it. Its a must for this one.
  • FIX 1/5

    By Moosegas
    Come on yahoo! We have real life peizes on the line and your app determines the fate of those prizes. There has been a lot of inaccuracies in scoring recently. Points are not being received and this is a HUGE issue. PLEASE FIX
  • Fantasy Football 1/5

    By Akim1248473
    I don’t like how Yahoo changed it so that when you click on a player it does not show their stats until the game is over. This makes it hard for me to see if I want to pick up the player because I have to do the math in my head. Please fix ASAP!!
  • Match up 4/5

    By Jason509
    I enjoy using the app to play head to head fantasy with my coworkers.
  • Points are 0 1/5

    By Abc10385
    Bug showing fantasy points as 0 for live players but does show stats
  • App works only in landscape still 1/5

    By Wine0holic
    So annoying!
  • What a joke (Updated Again) 2/5

    By Veritasnhollyweird
    Stars back down to two. Limiting ALL the message sizes? Seriously? Message boards have been massively reduced in size and even the email size to the league is constrained. The EMAIL size?!? Seriously? I realize yahoo is a joke of a company with a CEO who basically ripped you all off and then jump off the boat but come on, someone somewhere must ACTUALLY be doing some work. Stop screwing things up that aren’t broken! The old review is below. They must have been listening because they added a lot of features on this last update. Thanks. I've moved my stars up. It's not too bad now. So the old app was decent. It still lacked a ton a features but it wasn't horrible. This new app is a total JOKE. It's all designed to try to get you to play for money. Whoever designed it is a HACK. There are SERIOUS problems with it but allow me to present one really basic one that shows how PATHETIC these looser designers are: You are not able to read messages posted on the app on a desktop and you are not able to read messages posted on a desktop on the app. I mean seriously? You guys actually get paid for this? I'd love a job where I can do a sorry job and still get paid.
  • Taking Steps Back 2/5

    By FantSportGuy
    Yahoo should be embarrassed. The hockey version of the app is absolutely horrible this year. It took steps back last year with poor navigation decisions, however this year, they decided to be lazier in their actions. When scrolling, it glitches out (tested on multiple friend’s phones), in the evenings, the matchup statistics double at night for some reason, and I and other league mates have encountered player-add issues this season of which I’ve never experienced before. Last night, all VGK players received randomly inflated statistics, throwing off, frustrating a league mate of mine as well as Reddit’s fantasy hockey sub. Player updates have also occurred less frequently this season, in both football and hockey. Everyone in my league is frustrated, and as a commissioner, it’s frustrating that Yahoo can’t get their act together.
  • Awesome app and UI. Easy to use also. I love too see the live updates on the App. 5/5

    By Karamoya1675
  • Whoever is running fantasy hockey.... 1/5

    By jamezyb
    You need to be fired or at least pay my leagues buy in. I’ve been playing on this app for years now and I’ve never seen it this ran this poorly. The app is really glitchy and keeps doubling up on stats with either my teams stats or certain players stats (ex. William Karlson currently ranked #1 when he’s not the number one player). I’ve even tried making some adds that didn’t go thru my phone this year. If you guys can’t handle all the sports please let us know... I’ll gladly move to another platform.
  • News link 3/5

    By Dkter56
    Love playing on the app, but since two upgrades ago I can no longer view all the news articles on my iPhone, only the latest one opens. If I pick one of the others I still. Only get the latest one, grrr.
  • Useless 3/5

    By Ubii2001
    Would be fine if the server could ever make a connection. I qualified for the "league of champions" but unfortunately missed the round 2 and 3 deadlines because the app only works one out of every ten days, it seems. Wireless, data, doesn't matter. The only app I have that has connection issues. Edit: responsive staff gets an improved rating. Uninstalling and reinstalling has remedied this problem about 70% of the time.
  • Great app, could use a few more features though 4/5

    By C J Rocklin
    Not a bad mobile app, does pretty much everything the web page does and doesn’t use too much overhead. Great for “on the go” users for getting your line ups set each week and providing enough stat material to make smart waiver wire decisions. OverLl, a pretty good app. I do wish it had the League Pickem feature though.
  • Legit 5/5

    By NachoValencia54
    Ff App wise best of all in making changes
  • Fix the bug! 3/5

    By Tdopalopagus
    So every time I tap to go into league, my app crashes! All the iPhone users in my league are experiencing this! We use your app avidly. Come on. Daily users are not receiving optimal service. Downgrades your success with us. Please fix this bug, quickly! I would have to dip on yalls and move my ENTIRE league. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  • Not working w/ my iPhone X 1/5

    By chedda1981
    I wish I could follow my team but all I get is a loading screen on my iPhone X
  • Icons 4/5

    By Pauldbg
    App is very easy to understand and use. Only issue I have is all the symbols that show up in player boxes and no idea what they mean.
  • The best hands down 5/5

    By Buga1255
    The best fantasy football platform there is. Period.
  • News stories don’t work on iPhone 8 3/5

    By Undzeke
    When I try to scroll down and read the player rankings on the “news” part of the app, the only story that will load is the most recent one. Even if I scroll down and click on a new story, only the most recent one will load. Fix this!
  • Alerts, “start active players” button useless in fantasy basketball 3/5

    By Celts93
    The only alerts I get, tell me that someone on my starting roster has no game that day. Someone not playing, and in your lineup, has no bearing in rotisserie leagues. The button, “start active players”, places all players with a game that day in your lineup, regardless of injury status. So whether you use the button or not, you still have to check your lineup that day. The only loophole to this is to place the player in the “injury” slot, which you can only do under certain conditions. Overall poor GUI performance compared to ESPN’s fantasy app. Also does not give all key stats for rotisserie leagues, like it does for non mobile devices. (E.g. How many games another user has left for a particular slot in the lineup, PG, PF, C, etc.)
  • iPhone X 5/5

    By All day wood
    Please fix this app for the iPhone ask it is not working ever since I bought this phone it just sits There pretending to load and doesn’t do anything please fix Update -developer fix the app. I adjusted my rating
  • Can’t use 1/5

    By z0wi3
    My teams frequently “disappear” and I can’t access them until a member of the tech support “resets” my account. It’s been an ongoing issue for 2 seasons now, so I have no hopes that it will be fixed.
  • So much data! 5/5

    By Gvghfcb
    Great app. Tons of data. Makes the league a blast.
  • Continually Improving 5/5

    By BetTheBears
    Been playing Yahoo fantasy since 2006. Love it and they're always getting better.
  • Great App 5/5

    By 20shiro
    This is hands down the best app to use for fantasy. So easy to operate and it is great by giving videos on each player forecasting each week. The projections are good and it gives you so much insight on players and who to pick up. It is even better on Desktop. So easy to use. I would have given it 12 stars if I could.
  • Best Fantasy Football App, Period! 5/5

    By SteelHalo
    Easy to navigate, fast and constantly updated. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
  • Fantasy sports 5/5

    By ironman12
    The best for all fantasy sports.
  • Favorite fantasy football app 5/5

    By jbblksy
    Been using yahoo for 12 years and don’t see that changing any time soon
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Joeyfbaby130
    Problem solved!
  • Doesn’t work with iPhone X 1/5

    By The_Pistol
    Please update ASAP
  • Crap 1/5

    By Get awesome.
    Crap crap crap, great when it works!
  • New updated doesn’t work 1/5

    By rbutler234
    Still doesn’t work for my iPhone X
  • Not working on iPhone 10 2/5

    By Tommy dbag
    Will not load data.
  • Unresponsive on iPhone X 1/5

    By Blschneider
    The app is completely unresponsive and won’t load on the iPhone X with ios 11.1.
  • App broken with iPhone X 1/5

    By three 6 for life
    The app was working great on my iPhone 7 Plus with iOS 11.1, but as soon as I switched to my new phone, the app never loads any data. Poor form Yahoo, please update this ASAP!
  • App not loading on iPhone X 1/5

    By Two dayz overdue
    Umm Yahoo please tell me you have a update for this app on iPhone X. I mean this was only the most anticipated iPhone since the iPhone 6 Plus!
  • Won’t load on iPhone X 1/5

    By E Pow
    The app worked perfectly up until I upgraded to the iPhone X Nov 3rd. Ever since that day I have yet to be able to use the app. I have to log in on a computer to set my line ups. Is it not compatible with iPhone X?
  • Worked great on all devices except new iPhone X 5/5

    By VexedUser
    Hopefully this bug will be worked out ASAP! Doesn’t load on iPhone X
  • 9.6.2 update 2/5

    By Chalmer21
    Did update one week ago now can’t open the app. Heeeellllpp
  • No iPhone X 1/5

    By nothsa1994
    Doesn’t work at all on iPhone X. Booooooooooo
  • -1 Star, because time zones are hard??? 1/5

    By pgp
    How can an app even fail at displaying the time zone? Inconsistent display of time on days when there’s a London game is even worse. This has been an issue for years. Also hate opponent team ranking, eg TB (1st) in green means favorable opponent because they rank 31st ... so why not show 31st??? Still awful for performance too. Update based on developer feedback: My time zone is based on “Geolocation and cannot be adjusted.” That sounds correct, and as the only app that can’t read Geolocation once that bug is fixed I should see consistent and actual time zone displays. Put another way, right now Maps and Waze, amongst many apps, “know” my location ... Yahoo! Can’t read this information.
  • Does Not Launch on iPhone X 1/5

    By devinjp3
    Since I have upgraded to the new iPhone X. I have not been able to access my fantasy football team via the app. The app launches, but never loads any data. I had used the app with the latest software on my iPhone 7 just the day before, but since November 3, I’ve had 0 access to my team via the app. Super inconvenient to say the least. I do not typically carry a computer with me every where I go, but I definitely have my phone with me. I’ve been using this app for years. Never been super impressed, but I had never had an issue either. It has definitely gotten better each year, but now it won’t even work. Espn and CBS didn’t have an issue making their apps work with the new phone. We have used yahoo for the past 7 years for this league and this might be the last one if this issue is not resolved ASAP.
  • Doesn’t work with iPhone X at all 1/5

    By Dizzledi
    Unresponsive on the iPhone X
  • Not working/all fixed 5/5

    By Ice316s
    iPhone X iOS 11.1 app opens and just clocks nothing loads
  • Does not support iPhone X 1/5

    By Rokhun
    After app opens, only keeps trying to load. Other fantasy apps prepared for launch of IPhone X. Pretty bad this is the only one I know that didn’t.
  • Won’t work 1/5

    By rmko8286
    The app won’t work on my iPhone X just sits there on the loading screen.
  • iPhone X 1/5

    By Jobe737384849
    Not sure if it’s the operating system but this app is not working on iPhone X
  • Doesn’t work on x 1/5

    By Top 7392
    Just hangs, please fix
  • iPhone X Issues 2/5

    By Ngocoad1
    App worked great until I upgraded to an IPhone X. The app will open, but won’t load any data...

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