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Your #1 finance destination to track the markets and the economy. Follow the stocks you care about most and get personalized news and alerts. Access real-time stock information and investment updates to stay on top of the market. Favorite features: • Track the performance of your personal portfolio. • Add stocks to watchlists to get real-time stock quotes and personalized news • Find all the financial information you need with sleek, intuitive navigation • Go beyond stocks and track currencies, bonds, commodities, equities, world indices, futures, and more • Compare stocks with interactive full screen charts • Sign in to view and edit your Web portfolio on the go • Track holdings performance Helpful tips • Follow all the stocks you care about by searching for the ticker and tapping the star icon. • Turn your device sideways to interact with full-screen charts • Sync your portfolios across devices Tell us what you think We are committed to building the best mobile experiences and would love to hear your feedback. Let us know your thoughts here:


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  • Poor portfolio functionality 2/5

    By Woz3.14159
    This app recently broke. I’m comparing a portfolio of what’s on the website compared compared to what’s on the app and the app is way behind. It’s now 10am and it’s still showing data from yesterday and this morning did not show the pre market.
  • Navigation 1/5

    By johnmerb
    It’s so sleek and intuitive that I haven’t been able to find the financial information yet. Had to go back to the website.
  • please add a feature where we can re-arrange our watchlist. 4/5

    By Littletmac
    please add a feature where we can re-arrange our watchlist.
  • Do not update lost my watch list 3/5

    By 一-一
    Update deletes watch list
  • Used to be a great app 1/5

    By zcarlile
    Each update makes the UI worse. There are so many bugs, it isn’t really a useful app anymore. The % change is just flat out incorrect. The screen loads 30% of the time. The import portfolio option doesn’t work. Yahoo should just revert back to the version 6 months ago and everyone would be happy.
  • Very little utility 2/5

    By Fast Cayman
    Beyond getting a quote, this app offers very little. Portfolio management doesn't even track the number of shares owned. No charts at all, and most of the screen is devoted to news feeds, and even these are not filtered by the selected stock. And the coup de grace, you have to set up a Yahoo account to use it. I deleted it - don't waste your time.
  • Keeps getting worse 1/5

    By Tank999969
    This app is unusable now. The UI with each update gets worse. First they switch from showing the dollar amounts to percentages and now with this update there is no default stock symbol group. In addition you now have to know the ticker symbol where as before you could search for it with the company name. This app is terrible now. Don’t bother installing it.
  • Not a good Google Finance replacement 1/5

    By Jcotner
    Maybe it is just me but none of my info shows up, I get an error every time I go to refresh my info, and the news yahoo provides about my stocks is days or weeks old. Sorry but I need something that is in real time and relevant.
  • Many glitches 1/5

    By Giveittomefree
    This is by far the app that has had the most glitches on my iPhone. It displays inaccurate stock quotes and stock charts are very frequently from the previous day during trading hours! The display on my iPhone SE stutters when I’m in the message board mode. I am reading a message then I suddenly see the screen stutter and the message moves then disappears! Time to rewrite this app and make it user friendly. I would never consider placing trades using this app. Too risky!

    By im goring to set on a chair
    Love the app, but you need to add options chains. I have to switch between apps to get the info I need. Please do this and thanks for the otherwise great app.
  • Total junk 1/5

    By NotRight
    Don’t waste your time.
  • Missing Info 2/5

    By Franko422
    After the last update, my Yahoo Finance portfolio is much different. It no longer lists all my info related to my stocks. It did have all the information that was important and relevant to me, but no longer.
  • Can no longer change order of watch list 2/5

    By Logan Grant
  • Finally got it right!! 5/5

    By onesolidgear
    After deleting this app on my ipad months ago, because it just kept getting worse, I decided to give it a try again. This new version is the best ever on my ipad pro, with ios 11. The type and layout is no longer that Fischer Price kids game look. It’s all scaled nicely and looks fantastic. The ads are seemingly gone now too? Wonder how long that will last. Overall, excellent job Yahoo Finance team!
  • Sir 2/5

    By Hoo7ch
    No historical performance data?
  • Love the Latest Update and Format Change 5/5

    By Intollerant Conservative
    Kudos! Hooray! Huzzah! Thank you this was a delight to see after the update!
  • Great after last update 5/5

    By azzkkr8
    New UI made it look good and more organized To give the option to hide total market value is great though for checking in public.
  • Was great, but the UI just keeps getting worse 2/5

    By jsturtle
    This was once a 5 star app, and I'd spent hours on getting my portfolios from different brokerages in here, but now each new release just screws up the UI worse and worse. You can no longer see your various lists at a glance, or screen shot them, as the developers have wasted so much space and now force you to scroll down again and again to see full info. Maybe it still works ok on an iPad, but the main portfolio display (with all lists) is now almost unusable on an iPhone display.
  • Glitches while on message board 4/5

    By Affy05
    With last update , I see frequent glitches especially while on message board. Please take a look at this issue. Overall I like the app and features it provides. Thanks,
  • Lacks access to vital info 3/5

    By GORCfan
    When researching companies, it does not provide access to options or company bond information.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Ishkanibnke
    Awful, my portfolios disappeared.
  • Happy with the app 4/5

    By 12m3n
    The app works great and I love the feature of be able to link my brokerage account, but I would love to see a implementation of a graph over the stocks that are in my list.
  • Great finance app, one of the best... just one thing. 3/5

    By DNLF298
    In my portfolio, my “Day’s gain” is wrong. It’s wrong by a large percentage. That’s personally the only thing keeping this from a 5 star app for me.
  • Was wonderful until IOS 11.3 2/5

    By Ro7068
    I used this app numerous times a day. Loved it. But since updating to IOS 11.3, the view is all askew. You can’t see your stocks in a list to quickly glance at your portfolio. You have to scroll down one by one. Please fix this app!!!
  • Good but can use tweaks 4/5

    By StarbaseDoug
    Please show the full amount of the portfolio in dollars and cents when looking at the All List view of the portfolio. Once the amount goes too high, it's listed as 1.3Mrather than 1,300,900.48
  • Awesome app, just a couple of suggestions 4/5

    By prescious18g
    I use this app to monitor my investments. I love the information it provides. With that said, I noticed a couple of things that would enhance my experience. 1. The ability to calculate costs associated with investments. Trade fees, drip fees, etc. I need to track this separately from the price of the stock. This will help me analyze my investments much better. 2. ETF and index info needs to be expanded. Whenever I need additional information on these investments I always have to leave the app. It should not be the case. I should be able to find top holdings, associated stats, and more from the etf page. Keep up with the advancement! I love what you are doing!
  • Worst ever 1/5

    By bidder 3
    Worst site ever.
  • Oct update messed up pull down portfolio list 1/5

    By Starrider23x
    I have used this app on my iPad for years. This last update, when I pull down to see my list of portfolios the text is microscopic, e.g. Unreadable. No way to fix. Tried uninstall and reinstall. Makes it almost useless. I'm running iOS 10.3
  • Support 1/5

    By JoeMimi
    Why is this app requiring an apple pass code?
  • Same idiotic ads over and over again 1/5

    By 2010Nicolas!
    I keep seeing the same ads over and over again and in spite of the fact that I close them and indicate the reason behind my decidion they keep popping up again
  • Ad ware beware 2/5

    By Diff Meister
    This app went from being marginally useful to down right annoying. It is a reminder of why one should never update apps. This is especially true if the only say vague statements like "bug fixes and enhancements". Now adds aren't just the majority of entries in you news stream but also pop into your face on startup and at other inopportune times. I think there are many similar and more useful apps out there.
  • Needs Help 1/5

    By Cricket ninja
    Over the last couple months the app has slowed down and at times is non-responsive. Just not as good as it used to be.
  • Version 3.17.0 - Terrible Performance 2/5

    By Gladyouasked
    What did Yahoo! do with their update of the app, version 3.17.0? Click on any symbol. The information appears. Then an update to statistics and/or comments begins to process. The data does not update most of the time for more than one minute. This condition did not exist in previous versions of the app. I will delete this app if the problem is not fixed within the next few days.
  • Great product. 5/5

    By SeniorOnTheRoad
    Easy to use, continuous updating of news and data
  • Need to improve 1/5

    By Laogemin
    Adding option chain is too much work/data to ask? For the last time I am sick of it emptying my watch list after an updating, what’s wrong with the program? Can’t even grab the data stored on my phone?
  • Deletion of stock list 1/5

    By Neillhhh
    I have had my stock list for years. They said I had to upgrade then deleted all of my old information.
  • Yahoo finance 1/5

    By Love it but needs work
  • Buggy As Hell 1/5

    By Bing Dicklepuss
    Lowering rating from 2 to 1 because of this. App allows other users to copy your exact nickname and impersonate you on the app. Moreover, when other users click on either of your user names in order to view your posts, they'll see both users' posts! And it's possible that muting the imposter will also mute the original user. Reporting the impersonator's posts had no effect. Yahoo is asleep at the wheel. Original, 2 star review: It's one thing after another. Lately, every single time I open the app, I get 2 popups asking me if I knew about basic functions of the app. "Did you know you can customize your watch lists?" Of COURSE I KNOW. That why I have 10 customized watch lists! Stop telling me about this! I can't find stock options. On the web, you can go from the stock to the stock's options very easily. There's a bunch of other stuff about the app that annoys me that I can't remember right now. Charts are pretty good at least.
  • Great tool! 5/5

    By trader 24/7
    Excellent one stop site for your financial needs.
  • Attitude 2/5

    By Easy St.
    Too much editorial that leans to the left.
  • Latest version (clean install) barely functions on iPhone 6 with iOS 11 2/5

    By jbrozen
    Takes 3 taps to use Portfolio menu and switching between portfolios. It seems like it doesn’t register taps since the update to iOS 11. Please resolve. Clean install of the app on iPhone 6. Thanks
  • To much politics not enough finance. 1/5

    By Common goal
    The powers that be do not care that the finance boards have been taken over by politics. Sad, they even allow you to report bad posters but then do nothing about it.
  • Helpful up 4/5

    By Matomann
    I get company news and real time quotes, after hours data from yahoo finance. I wish they would improve on charts and also dividend indication of a specific companies that pay dividend.
  • New version is really worth checking out 5/5

    By Emf990
    I downloaded the new version yesterday and was really impressed. It was very fast, reliable and updates stock prices very frequently.
  • Problems with iOS 11 and latest release 2/5

    By Asi4
    Top left back and menu button now overlap. Happens mainly on the conversations page available under each stock. Please addres.
  • Goofed up since Sept update 1/5

    By Jaydeemoore
    Was great but recent update causes it to be unstable.
  • MAJOR BUGS 2/5

    By Tired, add, cloudy
    PLEASE FIX THE BUGS BUGS 1. change in % is wrong very often in afterhours 2. chart does not load often and is blank or unresponsive 3. sometimes when adding, removing or sorting tickers, there is a long delay and/or nothing changes OR the ticker is no long responsive and cannot be added sorted or removed. 4. news often times shows update notifications when there is no news. NEEDS 1. separate tab for watchlist news to avoid tedious scrolling 2. ability to manually sort list based on % change, volume, etc 3. ability to automatically sort list based on % change, volume, etc 4. ability to clear watchlist quickly 5. smaller columns in detail view so more information can be displayed onscreen rather than having to scroll. 6. ability to rapidly add/ remove individual tickers
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By Ziang S
    Bug fix releases will introduce more bugs. No regression testing at all.
  • I hate it 1/5

    By Silverhair
    Can't figure out how to create/edit a portfolio. Don't know if I can. Stupid -- it? My limited knowledge?
  • Really Good! 4/5

    By Runner On The Road
    This app does what it says, and does it well! So it is really more like 4.625 stars. It's very easy to use. One suggestion would be to offer more push notifications for things like price.

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