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Yahoo Finance App

Your #1 finance destination to track the markets and the economy. Follow the stocks you care about most and get personalized news and alerts. Access real-time stock information and investment updates to stay on top of the market. Favorite features: • Track the performance of your personal portfolio. • Add stocks to watchlists to get real-time stock quotes and personalized news • Find all the financial information you need with sleek, intuitive navigation • Go beyond stocks and track currencies, bonds, commodities, equities, world indices, futures, and more • Compare stocks with interactive full screen charts • Sign in to view and edit your Web portfolio on the go • Track holdings performance Helpful tips • Follow all the stocks you care about by searching for the ticker and tapping the star icon. • Turn your device sideways to interact with full-screen charts • Sync your portfolios across devices Tell us what you think We are committed to building the best mobile experiences and would love to hear your feedback. Let us know your thoughts here:


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Yahoo Finance app reviews

  • Could be much better 3/5

    By Tommaso91
    The lists are horrible to look at and they take so much space! Also, why doesn’t the app refresh my portfolio value automatically but I am forced to manually refresh each and every list to have an updated value of my holdings?
  • Pages cut off 2/5

    By Corkmeyer
    Only the first couple of paragraphs will load and then it's cut off. Tried downloading again, clearing browser, etc. very confusing to get further support so I'm resorting to a review.
  • Like the new UI 5/5

    By Jessppark
    More options on the graph and no more having to turn the screen horizontally for the graphs!
  • No broker link option in app 3/5

    By 呵呵hehe呵你妹
    I have an iPhone 7 and an iPhone 6s. This App on iPhone 7 works well with account successfully linked but the the app on IPhone 6s doesn’t have this broker link option. IOS version is 11.2.5 ==================== I fixed this by changing region in iPhone settings to US. If you put this in your FAQs it would be helpful I think.
  • Excellent app for viewing holdings, widget needs privacy setting 4/5

    By Superdave126
    This app is wonderful for viewing all your holdings and their current value with a total portfolio value amount. Touch ID makes sure no prying eyes see. Only issue is the widget(which can be seen with 3D Touch even when not enabled) shows your total even if it is blocked out in the app.
  • Problem Fixed! 5/5

    By Peabarter
    Well I left a review complaining that you couldn’t add an indicator in chart view mode. Yahoo responded immediately and emailed me about the fix. I’m impressed. Way to go Yahoo!
  • not a good update 2/5

    By Anonrvw
    just updated and now an article headline takes up 25% of the home screen when you are just trying to look at your list. i don't care what mark cuban has to say about russia, hacking, social media, blockchain, or anything else and no one else should either. had to delete.
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By Stan489054
    I have been using Yahoo Finance for more than 10 years (computer, phone and tablet). It is by far the best app there is. iPad version is surely the best of all versions. The regular computer browser version has too much adds for my taste and is a bit too much. Overall, I love this iPad app a lot and will continue using it in the future.
  • Great App 4/5

    By GreekGodChris
    Love how the layout looks as it gives you all the info you need at a glance. I kinda hope they put the market most actives, winners and losers as they have it in the website.
  • The best finance app in the Store 5/5

    By ArtemF
    Beautiful app with real-time tracking, charts, deep fundamental data. And now I can edit portfolios! Notifications are great too.
  • Fix it 1/5

    By Spokane!!
    It used to be fine. It was great. Now it is absolutely the worst, won’t load I just get the spinning wheel of death! If I could take away stars I would this is ridiculous
  • Chartiq Charts in the mobile app 3/5

    By Steinerja29
    Is it possible to see the new chartiq apps in the iPhone app? I'd be interested in beta testing if they are in the works!
  • My 5/5

    By mjdmestrada
    Password call me please send me your 5075895637
  • Excellent live stock info 5/5

    By Robearski
    Useful for tracking current stock prices for one or more portfolios
  • Clear recent searches still needed 3/5

    By fletch622
    This app has been available for years, and Yahoo’s engineers still claim that they cannot implement a way for the user to clear out the list of recent stock searches. Please implement this feature
  • Account Number 3/5

    By KayDonKleon
    It would be great to get a routing and account number!!
  • Yahoo Finance 3/5

    By Apple Plantation
    Stocks prices works well. News & Markets pages do not always work.
  • Infantile stages-missing cryptocurrencies, IPOS, all linked accounts to show net worth 1/5

    By jasonmessina
    Infantile stages-missing cryptocurrencies, IPOS, all linked accounts to show net worth
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Omar3550
    Love the app yahoo! The finance product is absolutely amazing. And something yahoo got right from the first day. One thing I miss as a dividend investor is being able to see dividend history for the stocks that offer it. Can we have that displayed somehow? Thanks guys! You rock!
  • iPhone 2/5

    By Shipcase
    This app is/was great. I am constantly on it. BUT-with the recent upgrade the detailed portfolio views are gone for iPhone. Previously was nearly identical to the iPad.Come on guys—not usable now.
  • Use 1/5

    By Bill527
    Very frustrating app it used to be useful but now it is so frustrating to use
  • Options 2/5

    By JTKjtk
    Would love to see options chain.
  • Worst update ever 1/5

    By Komocode
    So the update prompted me to link brokerage accounts which is awesome. I saw that schwab/robinhood/and TD ameritade was in the list, so I thought “Cool, i can delete my list and just link these accounts”. I deleted my list, then tried linking schwab and TD ameritrade. But when I tap on them, it says “not available”. WHY LIST THEM IF THEY’RE NOT AVAILABLE? I ended up deleting this app because I really dont feel like redoing the list (something that took a few hours to do). it’s a shame because this was the only yahoo service i still use. now i’m just going to delete my yahoo account because i dont need it anymore.
  • Nice !! 5/5

    By Ninemehul
    Very nice app. User friendly.
  • No good. 1/5

    By Jim30082
    Can never remember how to edit my holdings. Whole thing clunky. Ready to get a new email provider and get yahoo out of my life for good.
  • Great after last update 5/5

    By azzkkr8
    New UI made it look good and more organized
  • What is going on? 3/5

    By schmitt0303
    I live the app!!! But lately there are bugs creeping in. The watch lists do not synchronize between iPhone app and desktop anymore, the order gets lost, and indices change names. Please restore order.
  • alklifat 5/5

    By al-hajri@
    الغلا كله
  • Great App!! 5/5

    By Pies 1
    I did not know until recently you can hide your portfolio value by simply taping ing and I hide by taping it again. Yahoo does a top notch job in the world of finance!!
  • Likely hacked 1/5

    By COSrunr
    They’ve been getting worse and worse, now forcing password change that would indicate they both dont protect passwords very well and have had another hacking incident they want to keep quiet. Response to developer response: total bs, and they know it, they play this game when you won’t use their system to send log on codes to your phone. And they don’t want you to know your phone can be cloned or the number stollen, then allowing access to your account. The code is far less secure than a strong password that is adequately protected (which is a good indicator Yahoo is not providing good protection to your password)
  • Stop messing with the app. 2/5

    By JFB47
    The folks at yahoo just can't help themselves. They have to keep messing with something that already works well. Please go back to the format in the earlier version of this app. Thanks note to the developer requesting specifics.I don't want the daily total gain for all of the portfolios or wish list that I'm tracking rolled up on one page. I didn't mind having to click on the top of the page to change the portfolio I wanted to view. The changes you have made made it less user-friendly.
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By Jelmdpc
    I have multiple finance apps. This one is unreliable. The quotes aren't up to date. The old yahoo app, when it was supported was much better.
  • Extremely slow 1/5

    By New Investors
    I have used this app for years. Earlier it use to load up almost instantly though now a days it just freezes and won't scroll or go in to next page upon clicking. Will appreciate if developer fixes it else I will have to delete it and find something else.
  • Awesome app!!! 5/5

    By nmenegay
    Live that I can link to my portfolios at other brokerages. Lots of features.
  • This app is now bad 1/5

    By Chargerjoe1
    It always shows value of portfolio when it’s opened. In addition, it show the value of portfolio prior to being opened
  • Great useful app but was once better 3/5

    By Hshvsuiegauifbgfshbejshsoodng
    I don’t know why but the latest update doesn’t update the general news list. I have the latest iOS on an iPhone 7+ I found that this is a bug when one has two lists. I deleted one of my stock lists and news updated like normal again. Great app in general. However this app was better when all the market data was separated. I now have to load all categories just to view one or two.
  • New version vs old version 1/5

    By Koi1369
    I would give the older version (last years) 5 stars. The newest version I give one star. I thought the old version was fine and worked for me.

    By noappok?
    This app hasn’t worked properly since the opening bell Tuesday the 16th of January.
  • Worse Over Time 3/5

    By Hiwaytrader
    Has potential but unfortunately it gets worse with every upgrade just like the once indispensable finance web page.
  • My Lists/ Watchlist Bar Frustration 2/5

    By Watch in'
    Because the My List/Watchlist Bar cannot be “hidden” I now have to scroll to see the entire list. 🤨
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By Bing Dicklepuss
    iPhone X 1.) New chart view has potential, but should never have been released in this sorry state. 5-day chart view has ONE-DAY resolution. I.e. if you look at a 5-day chart you only see 5 points, one for each day. That’s ridiculous. Resolution needs to be at least 10x, but more like 100x the period, whenever possible. There’s no excuse to put out such a Garbage product! For years, yahoo’s Old charts had issues with very low resolutions on some time scales. NEVER show less than 100 data points in a chart, and you’ll be doing pretty well. 2.) “Conversations” A.) cannot reply to lowest reply Tap to reply to a conversation thread. Scroll down to last existing reply. Can not scroll low enough to tap “reply to” to the last reply. It is out of frame. B.) cannot copy post to clipboard The app automatically unselects selected text very quickly. Only if you are extremely fast, can you highlight the text you want, tap it, and then tap “copy” before it gets unselected. This is a problem because you can’t edit your old posts. If you see a typo after posting, you have to copy and create a new post to fix it.
  • Hate the Latest Update 1/5

    By Srinivasa Pachipulusu
    Why changing the way we access the List. Drop down menu of lists is better than the current design. Please press Ctrl+Z
  • Getting worse slowly but surely 2/5

    By TeddyTower
    Yahoo Finance used to be one of the best, well curated and presented source of financial news on the web. It has progressively become worse over the years and that applies to this app too. For starters there is an unbelievable amount of junk and advertisements - sometimes every second or third link it shows is an ad or some shady site trying to attract you with an interesting title. The same stories are repeated from multiple sources. No one can figure out how the news is sequenced. Most popular? So a Justin Bieber story can show up at the top! One wonders if the CEO understands what the purpose of a "Finance" site is from a user's perspective! For someone trying to follow markets and financials would it not make sense to order with most recent articles first and oldest articles last! Whoever is responsible for this site needs to be fired. Nowadays sometimes the tickers will not update for a long time. Sometimes only a few articles show up on the News tab. At other times charts with latest information cannot be pulled up or do not refresh. It appears that basic testing is not done when changes are done to the app. If this is the state of what was once a jewel crown, then Yahoo! Is doomed. Some suggestions: - Get someone sensible to manage Yahoo! Finance and the app. Someone who would actually use the site for its intended purpose. - Assign a couple of people to curate the stories so they do not appear 5, 6, 10 times. Probably someone who can figure out what is relevant for the site. - Drastically reduce the number of ads and junk links and articles. - Rebuild the tools like charting to make them actually useful. - Test and fix the bugs before rolling out changes. Common sense? If the Yahoo sites and apps can be made less annoying, perhaps there is even a chance the company may make some money.
  • Changed display for worse 2/5

    By Restoring Tally
    I use this app everyday to check my portfolio. I liked that it showed daily change in price and value in dollars and percent. But something changed and that detailed and informative display is gone. Now all I see is current price and percent change. The horizontal scrolling for more information is gone.
  • Wish I could remove the Ads 3/5

    By Experienced Flyer
    Great, but I wish there was a way to remove the Ads. I don’t care if I have to pay for it. It’s very distracting and takes away from the experience
  • Lost some data points 3/5

    By AppNotWorthIt
    The recent update got rid of 2 additional views of my portfolio that allowed me to see my position details. Why was that removed?
  • Great APP 5/5

    By Chapin1981
    Easy to use. Great graphics. Love the app.
  • Don’t put any big names in your watchlist 2/5

    By Z4zen
    If you do you’ll only receive articles for those big names. Nothing important. Fairly useless for keeping an eye on anything other than brk and apple.
  • I must be very old and very dull - 3/5

    By Randy 1930
    But I simply can not figure out how your password system works to protect my data from anyone who picks up my cell phone. When I open my phone and select this app, there is my info!
  • Individual account earning amounts were missing. 4/5

    By i am a piggie
    After the new update, I cannot see my total daily increase value on the front page, but only the daily earning percentage and the total account market value. I like to see my individual account earning on the front holding page with all my individual accounts. Please restore that feature. Thx.

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