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YAHTZEE® With Buddies

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  • Current Version: 4.33.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Scopely
  • Compatibility: Android
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YAHTZEE® With Buddies App

Play the world’s #1 dice game wherever you are! A family board game classic, YAHTZEE® With Buddies connects friends for a fun, multiplayer puzzle game of dice. Call it yatzee or even yatzy, but there’s only one Yahtzee! Give it a roll and find out why millions of people have played this classic family game for over 50 years! Download the #1 dice game! The impossible-to-resist social dice game features amazing, authentic graphics with different outcomes every time. YAHTZEE® offers hours of addictive fun: play FREE with family and friends anytime, anywhere! YAHTZEE® With Buddies was featured on the App Store's Best New Games list! HASBRO YAHTZEE® – TOP 5 REASONS TO DOWNLOAD Play the addictive, #1 dice game officially licensed by Hasbro at home or on the go. Roll dice with board game rules that are fast and easy to learn. Challenge Facebook friends to a friendly, multiplayer game of dice. Or, shake things up and play against Dice with Buddies™ players! You can even chat while you play! Play in daily tournaments and defeat a new Dice Master daily to score Bonus Rolls, Custom Dice, prizes and rewards! Roll dice with flair! Personalize your Yahtzee experience by winning Custom Dice and vanity frames! HAVE FUN WITH BUDDIES IN DAILY TOURNAMENTS Play dice games with friends and prove you’re the best dice roller. Multiplayer matches where anything can happen! Play in daily dice tournaments for a new challenge with winners crowned in intense multiplayer matchups! Roll dice in epic battles that pit you against skilled Masters! Heat up the competition and challenge a new opponent to a dice game matchup! Play dice and test your game skills. Score prizes, amazing Bonus Rolls and Custom Dice to create a personalized experience! Download YAHTZEE® With Buddies and experience the classic board game come to life! Play multiplayer games with friends, challenge daily Dice Masters or Dice with Buddies™ players to keep the action rolling! Pick up your shaker and dice and prepare to shout “YAHTZEE”! The HASBRO GAMING and YAHTZEE names and logos are trademarks of Hasbro. © 2017 Hasbro, Pawtucket, RI 02861-1059 USA. All Rights Reserved. TM & ® denote U.S. Trademarks.


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YAHTZEE® With Buddies app reviews

  • Newest update 4.33.0 1/5

    By RadarLuv5
    New version 4.33.0 score card is awful! We should have the choice between new & old version to play on. This is disappointing
  • Petanda 4/5

    By Petanda
    I like the game fine. Only I don't like that you cannot deny a challenge, but merely let it stay until it finally times out !
  • Fun game but... 4/5

    By gamer43210
    I love this game and have been playing for a couple years. However, I have yet to win anything more than a couple of Bonus Rolls on the Scratchers.
  • I've been playing over a year! 5/5

    By USAFwife81
    Great game! I've never had an app game hold my attention the way this Yahtzee does. They have come up with so many creative ways to make it extra fun. Are there some glitches? Yes. Do you have to spend money? No. (I have only paid a couple of dollars to remove ads, personal preference) Is the game totally worth it? Yes!
  • Like it but could use some approvements!! 3/5

    By Tmlbulls
    I really enjoy playing this game... however, I do find it annoying that you hardly win on scratch offs.. I once had 65 scratch offs that I saved and literally one 3 bonus rolls. I also feel the boss challenges are rigged. I don't even waste my time anymore with them!!
  • Absurd Popups 1/5

    By aea1027
    The ridiculous number of in-game popups EACH ROUND make this virtually unplayable.
  • Get rid of the ads 2/5

    By Tlcawtho
    Way too many ads winning diamonds instead of rolls of the dice is not helpful. Extra rolls of the dice would be cool to win instead of diamonds. I have in excess of 9000 diamonds. This game is tedious with all the restrictions and your attempts to get us to buy rolls
  • Update slowed me down & scratchers 2/5

    By 262nina
    Last update 10/18/17 made the game lag Scratchers are a waste of time. I get average 1 roll per 15 scratchers zzzzzzzzzzzz
  • False Advertising 1/5

    By TeraJo
    Completed a bonus roll advertising offer (Gillette razor subscription) for 85 bonus rolls and was never given the bonus rolls. Contacted Tapjoy and Scopely - nothing. Hugely disappointing.
  • Sad 1/5

    By Jnach3
    After last update that I didn't want to do but was forced to my screen just turns pink no game nothing. I play the game regularly and have never had this issue before. New update is a downgrade and not worth it.
  • Update has serious bugs!!! 1/5

    By Julieingranbury
    10/17/17 update still can’t open the app. Same problem. Open, 5 seconds later it closes. New 5/5/17 update I can't even open the app. I open it, it immediately closes. That's not gonna work for me! Prior update had Constant crashes, can't finish a game. This last update is absolutely horrible!!! I wish I never did it!!!!
  • Ads all the time 1/5

    By Emmybell123
    Was great till the ads take over the game....not gonna keep this game if the ads continue to overtake it!
  • Fun but.... 4/5

    By rileyflynn6548
    Fun game! My big suggestion---adjust your scratch cards! Has anyone ever really won any of the big amounts? The largest number I've ever won is 3! Who actually ever wins 200??
  • Favorite Game 5/5

    By Johnnie B 13
    Favorite game ever!
  • 1% win on bonus rolls 2/5

    By Pjlikesskins
    I’ve played this game for over a year and have only retrieved about 1% bonus rolls earned. I MIGHT be awarded 1 roll per 10 scratchers. Compare to Monopoly BINGO where you win something for each scratch. I highly recommend Monopoly bingo!
  • Awesome game if you enjoy Yahtzee 5/5

    By tlee1020
    I have been hooked since I started over a year ago.
  • Like the competition 4/5

    By CappyRon
    Love to keep 12-15 games running at a time!!!
  • What happened to my dice? 4/5

    By Frecksandbeans
    Love the game but all of a sudden my custom dice are just showing as regular dice.
  • Love it except.. 3/5

    By Selectanewname
    I love playing dice masters and I thought I passed this hard challenge one because that’s what I was playing Two days and than it jumped to another character and I didn’t win like I thought .. new update isn’t great.
  • Ads 3/5

    By Disappointed ugh
    Every game have to watch ads.
  • Yahtzee 5/5

    By tinapache
    Totally fun....no pun intended! Love it as love playing with family and friends.
  • New obsession 4/5

    By Cmarshmal
    Hate to admit I am addicted. Spend way to much money and Time !! Appreciate the free bonus rolls whenever available.
  • Great Fun 5/5

    By Gaileygirl66
    I am absolutely hooked & can't stop playing. It was one of my favorite games when I was a kid and it still is!!
  • Sad 2/5

    By Bridget H
    At first there were no ads now they are non stop. I feel like games are rigged for you to purchase rolls and coins.
  • Fun but... 2/5

    By Luhhnaé(:
    I scratched off 12 scratchers and won NOTHING!!
  • Don't trust 5 Star ratings 1/5

    By another and another
    Many, MANY problems with this app. Bring them to the attention of customer support and they will act surprised, even if you have mentioned them several times before. Some glitches, oversights, errors, have been unchanged for almost a year. If you're looking for a game that runs smoothly, properly, and fairly - this is NOT the one.
  • Messages 1/5

    By Kenstonbombers
    I love this game but what happened to the messages, I mean I can send them but when ever I exit out of the game and than it says I have a new message, I open the game and it doesn't show me the new message or the message I sent, it just shows the old messages?? Please fix the message part also where did all my old messages go. Please please bring them back. Don't update it cause if u do u will lose all ur old messages
  • Ok app except for the dice masters 2/5

    By Sharapstar
    **UPDATE: They charged the format of the score card and now it keeps lagging, crashing, and I keep getting 0’s on stuff I’m not even pressing. I got a zero on large straight one time and my phone wasn’t even in my hand to press anything. The placement of the submit button is terrible and if you accidentally click the wrong box it’s hard to get off without accidentally hitting submit and once again taking a 0. I like most things about Yahtzee with buddies except for the Dice Masters challenges which after the 1st one or two seem nearly impossible. They get 4/5 dice on almost every number on the upper section. Then nearly perfect on the bottom. 3 and 4 of a kind with 5's and 6's yahtzees on their 1st or 2nd turn. Chance with 5's and 6's but I can't even get 1 on 1's. Upper section nearly impossible to get with dice masters. If you can manage to get a Yahtzee they'll just get 2 or 3. Other than dice masters being ridiculously hard and the daily tournament place score being in the 4 or 500 range the game is fun against friends or random people. I play against my mom and 3 strangers
  • Meh 2/5

    By Cheyenne ☺️
    What’s the point in awarding people scratch offs when you’re lucky to get 1 bonus roll every 5-10 scratchers.. bit of a crapshoot. Games fun but tailored to people who actually spend money on bonus rolls. Which is weak.
  • Love the ads 1/5

    By galagalover
    I just love the ads that pop up after EVERY roll....
  • The time of your life 5/5

    By Jewzzzenbirghh
    👁srs👁 I wasn't that little boy
  • Too many ads 3/5

    By Zacknzoey
    Ads pop up every time. And I'm not sure how "random" the rolls are
  • Yahtzee 4/5

    By Sallyrass
    I really enjoy this game but am really getting sick of the pop ups!!
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By mispap
    There are way too many ads and the scratchers are a joke! You never win and when you do win the prize is only 1 or 2 extra rolls never higher. Does anyone actually care what we write and make changes to the game based on our reviews?
  • Fun! 5/5

    By Tammyrenee
    Not a waste of time!
  • Yahtzee 5/5

    By jdelgro
    I'm totally hooked 👍😊
  • Fun game 5/5

    By ScottyMastin
    Very enjoyable
  • Un-Facebook 4/5

    By XYZ4499
    Great game, but if you arent on facebook, lot of stuff you cant access. I dont like farcebook.
  • Fun, but..... 5/5

    By jedibear
    I loved Yahtzee IRL, so I was excited to play it digitally with friends. Yet, I find then those who pay real $$$, have the advantage, taking away the level playing field and the sense of chance.
  • Great game to pass the time. 5/5

    By happy2bamom
    Is a little addictive!!
  • Very enjoyable!!! 5/5

    By Bullitt2882
    I enjoy this game very much... playing with friends is great.
  • Adds! 3/5

    By julsrn02
    ADENDUM--I AM CURRENTLY DYING A SLOW DEATH FROM ALL THE FREAKING ADDS!!!! PLEASE!!!!! MAKE THEM STOP!! The adds are completely ridiculous! I love the game and the setup although I think you should be able to win more dice somehow, but the adds make it almost impossible to play the game. They pop up after every turn and sometimes in the middle of a roll! Dear god! Make them stop!!!
  • Deleting 1/5

    By M321-123
    Unable to simply enjoy a classic game w/out having to spend money. Which I don't. Not worth time or aggravation.
  • Update to 1 thumb up *** update to fun to play while waiting in line 2/5

    By amo6338
    4th review - 10/13/17 - Ok, not as enamored. I've decided that the only way to win is by spending money. You will never win more than 5 bonus rolls on a scratcher. As I said, it's fun to play while waiting in line. Too bad you can't just play solo and try to beat your own score. 3rd review 5/8/17 - I have been playing daily. Consider me hooked. I am still curious to know if anyone has ever won more than 5 bonus rolls on a scratcher. That is the most I've won in probably 200+ scratchers. 2nd review- I am curious to know if anyone has won more than 5 bonus rolls on a scratcher?!? New review: I think my version updated , or maybe I progressed to a new bonus level: Advertisements Now anytime I hit the play button I get an ad pop up! It's quite annoying. I'm still up in the air, depends on how many bonus rolls Scopely wants to use. Original review: I didn't think I'd like this app since I don't really have any "Buddies". However, I downloaded it anyway and haven't stopped playing since!
  • Addicting 4/5

    By angel_53228
    Please change the dice options that you can get with your diamonds more often. This game is very addicting. I love to play all day. Only thing I wish is the choice of dice you could buy or get with diamonds would change. It seems to stay the same.
  • Yahtzee 5/5

    By italyanita
    Love this game
  • If you have kids, find a different Yahtzee. 1/5

    By JonnyMatt
    I’ve submitted repeated reviews about my kids being messaged by strangers. One of those conversations verged on sexual. The developer of this version does nothing. There needs to be an option to decline the ‘match of the day’ when it is accidentally started. We shouldn’t have to worry about our kids accidentally interacting with predators.
  • Fun game 5/5

    By Ihater 20000000
    This game is a lot of fun. Very addicting
  • App crashing 3/5

    By JLD3014
    Ever since the iOS update to 11. This app crashes all the time and freezes between screens. Please fix ASAP!
  • No longer functions properly 10/12 5/5

    By ericlc2
    I'll save the date game seems to be working correctly now.

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