Yelp Eat24 - Order Food Delivery & Takeout

Yelp Eat24 - Order Food Delivery & Takeout

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  • Current Version: 6.9.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Yelp
  • Compatibility: Android
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Yelp Eat24 - Order Food Delivery & Takeout App

Your iPhone can now feed you. No, your phone hasn’t learned to cook but you won’t have to either, thanks to the free, easy-to-use Yelp Eat24 Order Food Delivery & Takeout app. Order food delivery from over 32,000 restaurants in 1,500+ cities, with more being added each day. Search 24 hours a day from wherever you are, or wherever you’re going to be when you’re ready for some food. The Yelp Eat24 app remembers your preferences, which saves you time, and gives you coupons on a regular basis, which saves you money. Oh, and because 24 is in our name, that means you can definitely order 24 appetizers for yourself and not feel the least bit bad about it. At least we're pretty sure that's how it works. What can our app do? - Search for specific cuisines, restaurants...even particular dishes. - It has Yelp inside. See what the foodies of Yelp think about a restaurant without leaving the app. - Eye Candy. Eat with your eyes and browse delicious food photos on the restaurant menu page. As if you weren’t hungry enough already. - In unfamiliar territory? Search by your current location, order, and the Yelp Eat24 app will have it waiting (well, really the restaurant will, but you get the idea). - Like to play favorites? We understand completely (Mom always liked us best). The Yelp Eat24 app lets you save your favorite restaurants so you can find them more easily next time. - Using filters to sort by distance, newest, top rated, delivery/pickup. Plus sort by personal preferences like spicy, healthy, and more. - Do you enjoy entering your credit card numbers over and over again? That’s a rhetorical question, no one does. Which is why the Yelp Eat24 app lets you scan your credit card directly into the app and securely stores your payment information for you. - Hate credit cards? Use Apple Pay or PayPal! - 24 Hour Live chat and order status support. If it isn’t right, we’ll make it right. No robots, no problem. - Cash back for future orders through our CashCoupon rewards system. - Exclusive offers and content through our Eat24Hours VIP program. - Take pictures of your food and capture the memory of your meal before you devour it. Because a picture is worth 1,000 yums, and because they make other people jealous and hungry. (And really, isn’t that the point of taking food photos?) - Yelp Eat24 Notes. Write a note about your meal right on your phone and remind yourself to order/not order an item again. (Because hunger affects memory in mysterious ways) - We added the popular Tweet My Meal function, because everyone knows that if you didn’t tweet about it, it didn’t actually happen. Best of all, once your order’s in, Yelp Eat24 handles every aspect of the delivery experience. Which means no more screwed-up orders. No more wondering where the delivery driver is. Just the ability to take back a few precious minutes of your day and enjoy. Something not quite right? Hit up our 24 Hours Live Support within the app and chat with a real human being about any issue or question you may have. We’ll make things right. Tap, Relax and Enjoy with the Yelp Eat24 app in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC, Miami, Baltimore, Las Vegas, Boston, Chicago, New York City, San Diego, Houston, Denver, Atlanta, Phoenix, Austin, Philadelphia and almost every other U.S. city, with more being added every day

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Yelp Eat24 - Order Food Delivery & Takeout app reviews

  • Now charging for deliveries 1/5

    By BAJ1
    Up until two weeks ago, the majority of restaurants had free delivery, or a nominal cost. Even restaurants that were free when I called direct, are now $5.00 or more. I checked the same restaurants on GrubHub, and they are still free, or with a nominal charge. The convenience of Eat24 is outweighed by their price gouging. There are alternatives to Eat24, and I plan to use them.
  • Eat24 Is awesome 4/5

    By Omot13
    Great variety and easy payment options. Makes pick up a breeze!
  • No link to yelp restaurant selected 1/5

    By small biz owner222
    Too bad, piece of junk. Why can't I enter the restaurant name? Why don't you integrate with yelp? The yelp restaurant review has a button for this app, but then I have to sign in "again" and then have to find the freaking restaurant AGAIN, and not by name. What idiot designed this?
  • No Landscape iPad support 2/5

    By e28eta
    I have an iPad Pro, and I nearly always use it in landscape with the apple keyboard. If I make the mistake of opening this app while looking through my delivery options, it makes me furious. I have the old version of Eat24 installed still, and it had a very nice landscape iPad layout (but it has bugs that make it nearly unusable for actually ordering). The newer version of the app has a redesign, and *no* landscape support. Who thought that was a good idea? And why hasn't Yelp fixed this glaring oversight in the months (years?) that this app has been around? I understand the "ordering delivery from iPad" market is small. Uber Eats does the same thing (with the significant difference that they never *had* a version with landscape support), and DoorDash doesn't bother with iPad support at all.
  • Great 5/5

    By Super C1194
    Easy to use and simple
  • Easy to use, lots of choices, lots of coupons 5/5

    By LizSalvatore1234
    Like the app because it has all of our favorite restaurants, but always provides coupons on a regular basis also. Delivery fees also aren't extremely high for the restaurants we like. Keep the coupons coming, and I will keep buying!!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Maddddscientist
    Great app.. I love it because I can use cash instead of my card all the time.
  • Always late 1/5

    By Kpmc6447
    Food is always late and customer service agents can't do anything but blame the restaurant. Don't download
  • Thanks a bunch.. 4/5

    By Nyc Lyss
    I usually order from the same place through this app. Today I wanted something different. Well that didn't work out well. Eat24 called me and let me know the restaurant wasn't responding and cancelled my order for me after we waited 20 minutes to see if they would respond.
  • Convenience 5/5

    By Adubb19902204
    I really like use this app! It's simple, fast and I can navigate through their app pretty well. Like he title says it's convenient! I recommend it to everyone who works and needs food delivered!!
  • No thanks 1/5

    By Roriley
    We spent 20 minutes trying to sign in as a guest to Eat24 and it didn't work. Eventually we just drove to the place and got the food in less than 5 minutes. This app needs work
  • Convenient 5/5

    By Sarie83
    Cause I hate calling in orders.
  • Will not work 5/5

    By 2915dix
    Wasted 20 minutes that I can't get back! 0 stars
  • Fantastic user friendly app 5/5

    By OGBooya
    Enjoy the experience end to end. Great work on this app.
  • I don't like it 1/5

    By Pzdc1234
    I don't like it
  • Should receive a 0 1/5

    By D-Wade9229
    I've used skipped the dishes, grub hub and uber eats. All great. This app is subpar design wise but the service is terrible. Customer service resolved the problem well but it took 35 minutes. The food I ordered literally never came it was two hours later and I was told it still wasn't picked up. I'm from a small city and at the time of the order only 1 restaurant was serving, all others were closed. So the excuse of it was a busy night mashed no sense as there was only one place open. I was given a full refund and will never use the app again
  • Tried hard to love this app 1/5

    By Steve Goodrich
    Was excited to use this and gave them so many chances. But I had so many bad things experiences and one time my food was an HOUR late from a pizza place and came cold and it was a small bill. The yelp eat people are so cheap they couldn't even comp a $16 bill.
  • Mangled my delivery address! 1/5

    By TalusBB
    The app took my address, and I confirmed it was right. But then, after checking out, I saw it had transposed the street and house numbers! The app offered No Way of correcting it, and their support line failed to function. Not acceptable.
  • Very convenient. 5/5

    By FruityPopp
    Great app!
  • I wish I could give zero stars. Thieves ! 1/5

    By Sasetx
    This company will steal your money. 8/10 they cannot deliver what they promise. They had some glitch and charged my credit card 50 times and my bank had to freeze my card. Another time the food came 45 mins late-- and ice cold but it was Eat24 fault. Customer service is HORRIBLE. Mean and they won't refund for anything . Evil
  • In app support does not respond. 1/5

    By Jim1237655
    Wrong order came, tried to contact EAT24 to fix but they never responded to their live in app help, which is the only way to contact them. No dinner for me. Thanks.
  • Easy to use! 5/5

    By Jennaboo 1
    This app is by far one of the easiest food apps to use, makes it easy to see what's great at restaurants and also what's not so great. Overall love how easy it is to use!
  • Worst app I've ever had 1/5

    By JBRAW
    The restaurant that I order from switched to this app. I've always ordered delivery from their website with no issues. Now that I have to use this app, I receive no immediate confirmation except for email and the app states that I am out of their delivery area. I called the restaurant, they confirmed that I am definitely in their delivery area. Now I have to call in delivery orders rather than using this app.
  • Sideways 1/5

    By SnoopyJC
    My iPad Pro has a keyboard attached and is always in landscape mode. This app is sideways on my iPad and unusable!
  • Yelp 4/5

    By Mixed ethnic
    MUCH BETTER than gulphub!!!!
  • Great app 5/5

    By OceanSoulGirl
    Great app, always use it for carry out!
  • Food so far is ok 3/5

    By TonyainCarmel
    We have had 2 places bring food in 2 days. First place wasn't edible at all! Second was ok but wouldn't order again.
  • Incomplete 1/5

    By Chaos215bar2
    The app has literally no way to search for a specific restaurant.
  • Moi 5/5

    By Collsblondie
    Awesome in every way! I'll never order food from any other app ever in my lifetime.
  • Poorest customer service ever 1/5

    By Gingerbradman78
    If anything goes wrong with your order, Eat24 will do nothing and blame it on the restaurant. Ordered food with plenty of time for a lunch delivery and it took over and hour and a half to arrive. Eat24 simply blamed the restaurant. Make sure to use Amazon PrimeNow restaurants instead.
  • Great 5/5

    By Aliiiishhhha
    I have ordered from eat 24 multiple times and it has always came through! The only bad thing is that I can't use the coupons when paying with cash. Other than that it is great! The app works smoothly and I always get my food early
  • I feel mislead 1/5

    By Casab.
    Literally only downloaded this app because of the subway code I saw. when I tried to input the discount code on my FIRST ORDER EVER, the app claimed that I'm not a first time user and am not eligible for the discount. Deleting this app
  • Inflated food prices, high service fees, high delivery fee, + tip 1/5

    By Nickerdick
    Prepare to go broke if you order from here regularly. Not only are the costs of each dish/meal inflated through the app, but they charge a high service fee and high delivery fee...and then a driver tip is also customary. Used the app for the first time in awhile yesterday and paid $118 for 4 entrees + 2 apps + 2 desserts. When my food was delivered, the actual restaurant bill was stapled to one of the bags with a grand total of $82. It clearly showed the difference between what the restaurant charges for each item and what Eat24 charged. What a rip off. App deleted.
  • Hit The Spot 5/5

    By Barb_M.
    This App was great and my food came in about 20 min. Food was so hot I had to stop and write this review before continuing to eat it.😊 Get this if you are in a city with lots of restaurants and don't feel like going out.
  • Yelp Eat 24 1/5

    By Elaine2268
    This particular application is "VERY NOSY". The "REASON" is that it is asking "ME" about my "CURRENT ADDRESS". Remember that I may "NOT WANT" to "ORDER" on that "RESTAURANT" yet until I find the "RIGHT FOOD", "PRICES", and "HOW MUCH" are they going to "CHARGE" me on the "DELIVERY". "ENTER THE ADDRESS" is a "WRONG REQUEST" because I may "NOT WANT" to "ORDER" on the "FOOD" near my "AREA". I like to find "GOOD FOOD" in "OTHER CITIES" or "AREAS". This "YELP EAT 24" Application needs a lot of "IMPROVEMENTS".
  • Don't bother downloading 1/5

    By The Ileys
    Simply doesn't work. Only gives you a search bar type in an address, no matter what you type in says "oops, no results for that search". iPhone 7+
  • They put in your order to the restaurant 2 hours later 1/5

    By Offer up is better
    They call and tell me that there would be a delay. So instead of just putting in the order they wait 2 hours to call the restaurant to place my order. I end up waiting 3 hours for food to never come. Don't waste your time get uber eats or grub hub or anything else
  • Candy 5/5

    By Renegadecandy
  • Totally unusable 1/5

    By Bob Gore
    I don't get it. This app would not recognize my location even after I entered it manually. And then it would tell me my search had failed even though I had searched for nothing.
  • Don't use. Repeatedly disappointed 1/5

    By Eddieclimb427
    The last two times I used this service were terrible. The first time, the order arrived over an hour late from the estimation. Today, I received a call after the order was supposed to arrive saying that they actually never received the order, and unless I wanted to wait another hour or more, they would recommend cancelling. Of course I cancelled and they gave a refund- but I would expect a coupon for a free dinner considering they screwed up and I have no dinner. They gave me $5 that expires in a month. Too little too late. I won't be using it.
  • No personal bookmarks that I saved are on this app 2/5

    By Mcheshmazar
    No personal bookmarks that I saved are on this app. What aren't there personal bookmarks available ? All my restaurants are not there.
  • Quick & easy 4/5

    By Vegas-timmay
    Quick and easy to use. Easier than ordering on line with the actual restaurant.
  • Great App!!! 5/5

    By Kbeatles
    Wonderful app!!!!
  • App is garbage 1/5

    By Ryandsol2
    I have put together several orders only for them to tell me they don't deliver. Garbage app.
  • How would one rate God; the universe? 5/5

    By lucidpriest
    Eat24 is my lifestyle. I do not remember life before it, perhaps due to the repeated traumas of the beforetimes.
  • Good App 5/5

    By Rich2Rick
    Good App easy to use and find what you are looking for.

    By Ninja594
    Do NOT even bother with this app, you will starved to death before your food arrives. I have tried Yelp Eat24 several times and each time it takes at least twice the amount of the estimated time for my food to be delivered to me. This usually means waiting about 2 hours for food, even for a restaurant that is only 1 mile away. I tried to give this app the benefit of the doubt, but I am done with their false wait time estimates and excuses--DELETE!
  • Misleading 1/5

    By tkatzenbaer
    Can't order from restaurants that the Yelp app said supported Eat 24. Downloaded this app for no reason.
  • Very convenient perfect app for the eats 5/5

    By Jigga Velle
    Great app I love it you know exactly where your food is
  • Best Service 5/5

    By chrispga
    I use this app to order food all the time. I love the options and the customer service.

Yelp Eat24 - Order Food Delivery & Takeout app comments

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