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Yelp for Business Owners

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Yelp for Business Owners App

Millions of people turn to Yelp every day to make spending decisions. Yelp provides a free suite of tools to showcase your business and connect you to the Yelp community. The Yelp for Business Owners app allows you to view important business analytics and connect with customers, including those who have written reviews for your business. This app puts the power of Yelp’s tools right in your pocket! NOTE: This app is for business owners to manage their Yelp business pages. If you’re looking for the Yelp app that will help you discover great local businesses, go to Use Yelp for Business Owners to: • Track visitor engagement and customer leads from your Yelp Business Page. • Respond to reviews with a private message or public comment. • Respond to customer inquiries and messages. • Upload and manage photos for your business. • View reports on ad clicks from Yelp users (advertisers only) • Report reviews and messages. To get started, download the app and sign in with your business user credentials. If you haven’t yet claimed your business on Yelp, go to, and follow the steps to find your business and create your business user account.


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Yelp for Business Owners app reviews

  • Lost over $4000 on yelp advertising. Not one lead. 1/5

    By Simba18401
    Do not buy yelp ads no matter what they say. In order to cancel the subscription you must pay a one month fee, which is around $1000. This is more money if you have something other than the basic plan. And I was unable to even cancel it because of the high pressure sales tactics they used on me. Every time I called, they would push me and push me to not cancel. It was impossible to talk to them. I would not have canceled if the advertisements actually generated quality leads. But they did not. On top of that I have had nothing but problems with Yelp. I getting harassed with fake reviews, and yelp does nothing to remove them. They also felt about the bad reviews. As everybody already knows this. Yelp is not on the side of businesses, the people that actually pay their bills. They are on the side of the consumer, and most of the time the consumer knows absolutely nothing about the business. That’s why they reviews cannot be taken seriously. You’ll pass by five the worst company I’ve ever dealt with. I can’t wait till they go out of business. The next financial crisis coming! And yelp is going to implode under their own debt
  • Fraud 1/5

    By Ian3375
    This company needs to be investigated for fraud.
  • Wow. The trolls. 5/5

    By apostate_
    Seems like some (one or two) unhappy business owners are trolling good ‘ol Yelp’s iOS app. The app is actually fine. Opinions of Yelp existing in the marketplace? Sub par.
  • Dumb. 1/5

    By COurtney in the road
    It doesn’t recognize my login as a business owner account even though it is so if I can’t even get through the login process with what I know is my correct business owner user ID and password then that’s just a waste of time and dumb.
  • I 1/5

    By armen77liam
    4uck Yelp
  • Yelp Favors Negative Reviews 1/5

    By Yolo da swag horse
    This business allows any random competitor/disgruntled friend, employee to destroy hard working honest people. They take real, positive posts and remove them but leave the random non customer verified. Trash talk. Would be a great system if they had a real verifiable post system. Reckless Business
  • Horrible Apps and practice of business!!! 1/5

    By PandaPawnch
    Yelp is a scam, they want $$$$ in order for them to keep all business positive reviews. If not they take 5-10 reviews off each month. But, will leave all the negative one up. Then contact you via email and phone (harassed). If you pay them $$$$$$$$ they will take the negative review off. If you pay then they promote your business, not base on business ethic or quality. Horrible practice of business on Yelp behalf. Every business owner had at least been screwed by Yelp. Boycott they are a bunch of $$$$$ hungry corporations that harassed as many business as possible. I no longer care for Yelp. Use GOOGLE at least they try not to scam by taking off your reviews bad or good.
  • Yelp reply to flagged fake review on business 1/5

    By yelp👎🏼
    Hello, We're writing to let you know that we've evaluated ..... S.'s review of that you recently reported. We rely on community engagement to help keep Yelp useful, and although we didn’t agree that this content should come down, we appreciate you bringing it to our attention.
  • YELP is a Scammer for real. 1/5

    By Itiiya
    YELP shame on you for having such horrible review from businesses that do business with Yelp. Am amazed to know that every single one of the review is saying something negative about yelp. All the good reviews of my business is taken down and leave only the few negative review that students with no clue about school put on there. If our institution were going to stay in business because of yelp review no one will come to are increasing growing institution. It is so bad that I find lots of business owners complaining about the same. I never even try to use them for marketing and don’t know if that is their bone of contention to put down All positive reviews and leave a few ugly ones. I think we can bring a legal complain about this site seriously.
  • Scammers 1/5

    By RhondiB
    Yelp claims they are a legitimate, free business, however, I have numerous wonderful reviews that were put there organically by people who felt my service and business were top-notch .They had them in the back on an invisible page so no one can see them, and when I called they told me that I needed to spend $5,000 and they would put them in the front for viewing .. do not sign on for this because if there is A possible mistake or negative review it can never be erased however they have the ability to hold your reviews hostage for money!! They should be closed down immediately due to fraudulent advertising!!
  • Terrible company,do not waste money with them. 1/5

    By kartina3
    It's just a bully app! They will call you thousands times to let you do advertising with them,if you say no???well,they will remove all the good reviews from you biz page for no reason,and leave all the 1 star poor reviews there to make your biz looks like a 1 star company. This is the way they try to get money from biz owners. BE AWARE OF THIS piece of sh*t! Shame on you.
  • They try to ruin your business if you do not advertise with them 1/5

    By dont advertise with them
    Yelp tries to ruin your business if you do not advertise with them. Even though you have great reviews from your customers the only show the negative reviews. Then they have someone call you to say they can clean up your reviews if you pay them. Run don’t advertise with them.
  • King Tile 1/5

    Same thing thing Happened to me !!!! Real Bad !!!!!

    By EyeMDKim
    As a small business owner, Yelp is an absolute SCAM! They will not do anything to negative reviews with no merits, such as a non-customer giving 1 star for an accident in the parking lot. Yelp would not take down reviews by crazy Yelpers because we are not a “premier” business account holder. They solicit and try to force you to waste money to erase negative reviews. Small business owners need to boycott this COMPANY run by scam artists!
  • User 1/5

    By DHT Owner
    Yelp hides most of 5 stars review if you denied advertising with them.
  • Avoid Yelp Advertising 1/5

    By Repostdoesnotrock
    They are a bait and switch company and will offer you zero return on your investment. Google AdWords, Facebook and basically any other choice would get you more customers than yelps joke of an offer.
  • This is not good. 1/5

    By Shawndeesmassage
    I never advertise with anyone so I have no complaints with them myself. I just politely told them I don’t pay for advertising when they tried to get me into advertising through them. I don’t care for the fact that they tried to get me to advertise with them, if I wanted to advertise with them I would reach out to them. I also don’t like how they have hurt other business owners either. It is hard owning a business without some company scamming you into a bad review. This is the reason for the 2 star.
  • Don’t do it!!! 1/5

    By yelpISaFRAUD
    The app is very confusing when you’re trying to sign up your business, first of all. Nothing is clear. Also, please note that the $300 is per MONTH. When you check the dollar amount on the app, it refreshes at the top of every month at zero so it makes you think you haven’t reached your $300 mark yet so beware of this misleading tactic. The welcome emails they send you do not specify all of this, once you click “agree”, that contract/bill of sale is only visible to them and not for you. I called to dispute a charge they billed me for bc of all of this and they didn’t offer any help, and they were very condescending not giving me any options... guess they didn’t want my business to continue with them. Don’t bother with this, do yourself a favor and go another route.
  • Horrible experience!! 1/5

    By Bporter002
    Market on google, yahoo or Facebook for a fraction of the price with no contract!
  • DO NOT DO THIS 1/5

    By beforeigofan
    They are a scam. They get you with a promotion then lie to you about it. I am a small business owner and they took $153 from me. I am beyond furious. My business was closed for two weeks and they were charging me for ads. This is the worst thing you can do for your business. Not worth it at all SAVE YOURSELF THE TIME AND MONEY AND GO ELSEWHERE.
  • This app is as bad as Yelp in general 1/5

    By Vladidass 38
    Errors, stuff isn’t working. Whatever is working doesn’t do it properly. You have to work though the computer but for most businesses owner you have to be on a go with your phone. Yelp definitely doesn’t help it Terrible.
  • Definitely they are scammers ! 1/5

    By Zazy hola
    Definitely they are scammers , when they could not do business with me as a small business owner , they left the ghetto dogs to bark on my business page and as a business owner you have no control over your page , once you report a review and let them know that it was from a previous employee or any other stupid reason they will never remove it they want you to look bad because they couldn’t get a penny out of your pocket .
  • Scam they keep only the bad review 1/5

    By WALAA80
    They keep only bad reviews appear they want take money and usless
  • Yelp is Dirty 1/5

    By tropicaltico
    Someone that caused me a lot of personal trouble posted a completely false statement on my Yelp page. it had nothing to do with my business it contains profanity. I requested Yelp to take it down. They are refusing. Yelp is a dirty Business.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Saltley77
    I’ve been a business owner on Yelp for a few years now and I too feel it’s very unfair that when we work hard, provide excellent service and a customer/client writes a great review, their “system” kicks it out but IF you ever get a bad review, it’s always posted. Also, don’t get roped into the Yelp Ads because they will find ways to gouge you!!
  • Read 1/5

    By kim texas
    Read other reviews you’ll see nobody had a good experience loosing money to this scam company called yelp , fake reviews are welcomed if you Pay over 2000 dollars a week to yelp
  • Horrible company for review 1/5

    By John Sickles
    They hound me to death every month with a new sales person trying to get me to advertise. Did it for over yr at almost 400$ a month. You get the same exposure for free. Alos I tell our guests not to post reviews for our school on yelp as they flag everyone & don’t post them. Use google & don’t wast your time with Yelp It doesn’t give you an option no stars
  • The Worst 1/5

    By Jimbo40
    Can we hide all the legitimate 5 star reviews for Yelp?
  • The App is Ok but not Yelp Business 3/5

    By EwokOfEndor
    Yelp ads people call me non stop. I need to call and ask to get off their list. I get various ghost calls and random calls too. So you know they sell your info.
  • Yelp is a Thirsty Solicitor 1/5

    By WendolynS
    Now I just post on FACEBOOK or GOOGLE Yelp wants as many people as they can get to use their worthless platform and plays games by burying great reviews. It’s a mind game that wins no love for Yelp.
  • Yelp 1/5

    By Ugmadooga
    They pic what reviews they want to post. Not reliable in my opinion.
  • Yelp Ads = Garbage 1/5

    By Ben is my nickname
    Yelp is a good online review service, but their ad platform is no good. CPC is twice the price of AdWords in my industry. The clicks are not more qualified. They let me out of my contract which was good, but not before I had already paid $32,000 to learn that it doesn’t work.
  • Advertising is a SCAM 1/5

    By 24acker
    I had customers take their time to reflect their reviews on my yelp account and yelp purposely hides them to show poor reviews as a way to force business to advertise. I called and they said yelp is biased over good reviews because nobody reviews business with 5 stars. Do not set up a business account because you cannot delete it from search engines. SCAM
  • I wish there was a zero star option 1/5

    By little nails
    Scam. Trying to sell the advertise. Remove all positive reviews from customers and show up all the negative feedbacks. Don't ever use Yelp as an ad tool for your business
  • Deserves 0 STARS 1/5

    By Zombiemakeup
    I have been bullied and harassed by YELP since 2012 with my company. If I advertise I see they remove bad reviews but if I don’t advertise they mess up my page info and make it impossible for me to be seen in search results. See my Article in Phoenix on my salon mobile app MDMS - Million Dollar Makeover Studio I’m The owner Venessa! Stay far away!! You will end up paying $300-$600 a month even if they offer you a deal of $300 free advertising.
  • Don’t give attention to yelp !! 1/5

    By popkub
    This company is ripoff. They don’t let people post photo of your reataurant weather the picture is bad or good and it will automatically be on profile photo. You cannot change it unless you pay $25 for photo arrangement. This is BS !
  • SCAm 1/5

    By erosuli
    I have business when you have a call trying to offering a advertising make sure you add is up and running because yelp will shut it down for weeks and magically you get a call offering more costumers first the guy told m $800 later hi said is 15 click a month later hi send me the contract for a 3 months that renewal automatically, I have to expend lot time to my page up again
  • Unusable 1/5

    By Gripfenklou
    This app is unusable, as a business owner how am I suppose to use this? Anytime I try to do anything it tells me I don’t have a good connection. On WiFi I am about 20ft from my router with 100Mbps down and 15Mbps up. Either hire some new developers or take the app down until it’s actually ready.
  • Stay Away 1/5

    By ForbiddenHH
    Are you a small business owner interested in using Yelp? Drop your phone now and run in the other direction. Stay as far away from Yelp as you can. The best reviews are “not recommended” and only bad ones stay... not to mention customers only leave reviews if they had a bad experience or the absolute best experience of their lives (guess which one is more likely?). FUN TIP: Give Yelp loads of money and buy ads and then they’ll actually cheat and delete bad reviews for you!
  • They are SCAM and extort small business!! 1/5

    By Eva Fick
    Do not use YELP as advertising! I wish I would have read the reviews before using this company. We signed up with them to try for ads and we received ghost calls marketers and hang ups with no ROI. Once we called to cancel they then let us know that there is a clause within a clause that makes us pay for additional 30 days after cancelation along with a $700 cancelation fee. We canceled anyways and the VERY next day all of our 5 star reviews were removed and one 1 star review was left making us look like a one star company deflecting any possibility of getting a ROI at all! They stated their system only allows for continuous YELPERS reviews to count. However the reviews they removed were in place since 2015 and were there before we signed up a month ago. Now they have taking over 5k from us with no benefit. Stay away small business owners they are scammers
  • Do NOT advertise with Yelp DISHONEST BUSINESS PRACTICES 1/5

    By Tsalagikamama
    I said no to yelp advertising the first five times they called me. I finally agreed to a short six month contract. What they failed to mention is that the contract automatically renews until you cancel. They said that I agreed to this in the contract. Even after I reviewed the contract with them I do not understand how the section that they point says that it automatically renews. I only agreed to six months. We only budgeted for six months of advertising. My husband and I both have a college education. And I always read the contract before I sign. We will not be doing business with Yelp again. We truly believe this is a dishonest business practice.
  • Worst company 1/5

    By Coyote6767
    The amount of trash that comes from this company is mind blowing. They do not want to help you and only want your money. Try google or Facebook and read some reviews from real unfiltered people. Check hashtags on Instagram. Get the real story
  • Interesting... it’s not like Yelp doesn’t have the resources... 1/5

    By Yahkol Ya'aqov Yashar'Al
    There’s no argument that you all at Yelp can improve this app and make better-compatible one for the iPad. The question is: why haven’t you? Another question: are you going to? Serious questions- I’m genuinely curious. I find this whole situation bewildering (especially with all these bad reviews). Step it up Yelp. Like the way a dad encourages his son. Please step it up. You’re making all of us look bad ✊🏽 shalom.
  • Taxi 5/5

    By Kareem Alami
    As a small business owner I really like Yelp App it’s helping me but I’m not paying anything It’s depends on your Customer service I know many people don’t like to review because reviewing on Yelp is not easy If you give good service it’s ok but if you did any mistake customer will be jump on Yelp or on Google starting bad reviews Yelp have some roll-regulation for reviews Thank you Yelp
  • Yelp is a scam. 1/5

    By Taxido.US
    Their review algorithm is a joke. If you stop advertising with them they will start deleting positive reviews one by one. I think small businesses should never use Yelp.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By HWD1019
    This “yelp” app is the worst on the internet esp., if you are trying to grow a small business. Yelp is not at all for the small mom and pop organization or small businesses. We’ve had our name on here for several years and they have never let our good reviews show on top. It is always the bad ones. If I could I would give them a minus review. Do not register your business with “yelp”.
  • False reviews 1/5

    By Heather 0007
    Small businesses can't afford huge fees. Small businesses can't afford any negative reviews. (A Past stylist husband gave me a bad review)Therefore the reviews aren't based on facts, he used an alias To write what he wanted.I'm sure I'm not the only owner that has had this problem. I called and nothing was done and yet they call me every week To ask me to spend money fir this kind of service?? Why would I help them If they don't help me?

    By Hgt4ever
    I’ve been trying to request, report some reviews which don’t make any sense. Yelp didn’t even bother to look at those reviews, they just leave them their then keep calling me to ask if I’d like to become a member...all problems will be resolved. The minimum of the cost is $50 per month. I refused cause I’m just a very small business, like self-employee. If I own a shop with few employees then it’d worth it. Anyway, they will remove positive feedbacks, claimed that they are fakes, but keep the negative feedbacks. When we try to complain the bad ones, they said “we don’t take side” and the users have the right to speak their mind. HOW ABOUT MY MIND?
  • Constantly have to sign in 1/5

    By Pdxsparky
    Ever since iOS 11 we have to constantly log in. Very annoying
  • Yelp hurts not helps 1/5

    By davanzoie
    I have a bad review and was being harassed by the guy. I reported him and he’s still on my page- I have very legitimate reviews that can’t be seen.

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