Yelp: The Best Local Food, Drinks, Services & More

Yelp: The Best Local Food, Drinks, Services & More

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Yelp: The Best Local Food, Drinks, Services & More App

Yelp has over 100 million reviews of businesses worldwide and is available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Whether you’re looking for a pizzeria that just opened or a coffee shop nearby, Yelp is your local guide to finding the perfect place to eat, shop, drink, relax and play. Yelp features: Find Restaurants • Find the newest and hottest restaurants in your area • Make reservations, pick up food and order for delivery, all from your phone • Filter restaurant search results by price, location and more Search for Nearby Businesses • Discover great local businesses • Read millions of reviews by the Yelp community • Find great deals offered by local businesses Search Filters • Filter your search results by neighborhood, distance, rating, price and hours of operation • Look up addresses and phone numbers, call a business or make reservations directly from the app Other Features • Read expert user reviews and browse through beautiful photos of each business • Write and read reviews, check-in to local businesses, upload photos and add tips for other Yelp users Find local restaurants, read expert customer reviews and start searching for businesses near you with Yelp. Need Help? Contact Yelp at Note: Continued use of GPS running can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Yelp: The Best Local Food, Drinks, Services & More app reviews

  • Too much crap. 1/5

    By Thin Lizzy fan
    To get to the point, you have to go through bunch of bulls_it. Here is my review for all that. One star, and that's more than enough.
  • You're stuck in their world 1/5

    By Gizzarelli
    So My business gets a lot of business through Yelp and for the most part have been happy with the app. However, like all of large billion dollar companies, there's no one to talk to at support. The one thing that makes my brains boil about the Yelp app is that they hide 5 star reviews. I recently received a 1 star review from a bitter woman who wasn't happy. After that, I received 3 - 5 Star Reviews a few days later. Yelp hid all three of them! This put the one bad review back at the top of the reviews, basically killing business because that is the first review on the list. When you get through to someone, they claim some BS about their software and their programmed algorithms. I'm not sure I believe it, but if it is true, it's messed up and needs to be fixed. They give you no real reason for the removal of the reviews, just "it's the software algorithm and there's nothing we can do about it, derrr". All someone has to do is make a reviews site that doesn't hide reviews, and Yelp would be blown out of the water. Any competitors? NOPE!
  • Best cookies ever 5/5

    By soldunst
    I recently received a gift basket of you assorted cookies and I will say they are amazing. Now I know where to go if I ever want to treat myself for some amazing sweets
  • Hate it 1/5

    By Name too long or taken
    Hate when sites FORCE you to use their apps for a service. I just want to view ONE review and have to download the whole app just to see it. Whats the point of having a website if I cant even use it.
  • The Best! 5/5

    By NT2014
    Yelp is one of the best app that's ever been developed for this century! My only go-to app when scouting for businesses and food!
  • Excellent Service, Gorgeous Flowers 5/5

    By leola567
    I had the occasion to visit Floral Fashions in Poquoson, VA. I was greeted in a very friendly manner from a very helpful salesclerk. I wanted yellow roses and they were able to accommodate me with no problem. The flowers were a beautiful color and lasted for quite a while. The recipient of the flowers was exceedingly pleased. I would highly recommend that you use Floral Fashions any time you need flowers.
  • No online functionality 1/5

    By BeeGee BeeGee
    Too bad to write a yelp review you HAVE to download the app. Another company feasting on app profits.
  • Yelp is biased - keeps old reviews up and discounts new ones 1/5

    By Jett14524
    Got a 5 star review yesterday - already taken off our yelp but they keep bad ones from ex employees and 2 years ago up. WORST APP EVER!!!! No longer a good process. People tell us all the time we will review you bad on Yelp if you don't pay for damage we didn't cause. They use Yelp as a tool for free stuff. Yelp is biased. People are incentivized to review when they have a bad experience but not when they have a good one. Yelp has no valid process to remove bogus reviews. We have had reviews that clearly violate Yelp policies - ex employee, promoting competition, etc that we can prove and they don't take down. It is biased - anyone can say what they want - a business owner has no say. People review - you find out it's false - they don't call you when you message them. Yelp will not do a thing about it. Ones a good app now a Horrible app. Worst process.
  • Wireless Doctor 5/5

    By WinsloKrell
    I've been bringing my iPhone here for two years because this is the best pricing, polite service always, very fast and excellent technicians always!! Always satisfied. Thanks ALLEN MOSLANDER
  • Compulsory 1/5

    By Renart256
    It is very irritating to be forced to use an app by a deliberately non-functional mobile site.
  • Poor Customer Service 1/5

    By Workdwide traveler and flyer
    The server was good however the manager had no Customer Service nor Communication Skills. There were other guests who were there as long as we were with a larger group, however we were asked to make way for other guests... over stayed our food and company with only (4) of us. Will never return.
  • Ok App. Terrible in forcing us to use it from yelp website!!! 2/5

    By TJ WW
    I'll revise this review if the app changes. Currently yelp is trying to drive traffic to its app. It does this by forcing regular people who view a restaurant review on the regular site to click into the app to view photos and read full reviews. This is a foul. Why force us!? And why did you slowly make these changes over time (it seems like you knew you were forcing us to improve your numbers)?
  • Lost without it! 5/5

    By RCGR6681
    So fast, so easy to use, I love everything about the app!
  • Excellent guide 5/5

    By Schneidogg99
    I thoroughly enjoy using this app to help make decisions about places to eat. Whether I'm considering a certain genre of food or looking for a certain type of restaurant, it has come in handy every single time.
  • Poor location svc setup 1/5

    By roger roundly
    Way more difficult than it should be to set up the location for mobile use. Bad design. Needs overhaul

    By Charkizzy-take-it-easy
  • Client 4/5

    By Marnco
    I've been A client of Spruce and bond formally known as Completely Bare for close to 15 years. Their services from waxing-laser has been amazing!!! Jamie has been 👍🏻 she's awesome she's gentle and she definitely talks to you through the service. She answers all questions and always make me feel comfortable. I highly recommend this place for any sort of waxing or laser treatment. Hope you try it… Marnie Cohen
  • A valuable App 5/5

    By SpecForce
    This is one of my go to Apps. When I want to find a great place to eat whether I am visiting an area or on a business trip this App rocks. The rating are word of mouth so what better way? Excellent APP!
  • Scam Artists 1/5

    By Popeyes biscuits, yeaaaaaaaaa
    Forced to download if you want to see pictures of stores
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By ClaudiaTX5068
    This is not a restaurant. It is a convenience store.
  • Overall very handy 4/5

    By hompsar
    Been using it for going on my fifth year now. Seeing reviews and even getting check-in offers from time to time is very nice. Have used reviews on here (pertaining to businesses) for almost every single decision on whether to check out a place or not. Being able to bookmark is great. Only thing is that I'm not sure if my account is screwed up whereas I no longer receive badges. I am nearing 5k check-ins and still haven't gotten my Maximus badge and that's pretty irritating. Otherwise I love the app.
  • Ugh! 1/5

    By Call me Rere
    I don't like the fact that I keep getting emails saying a trip is a certain price. When I immediately click on the email to see the LOW price, it's a completely different price when I open the email. A much higher price than what the email stated before opening the app. I don't like the deceive-ness! I opt out of TripAdvisor emails. The prices are never what the notification say. However, what I do like is, that people are able to share their pictures & personal opinions about any particular place or hotel. That helps! But not enough to give this app a higher star than ONE... The low price to draw people to click on their email is not cool.
  • The nicest people in Germany 5/5

    By Philmoreliz
    I arrived in Potsdam on a very chilly night and nobody was at my hotel to let me in. I managed to get--long story--and headed off to find dinner before everything closed. I had left my international phone charger at my last hotel and I was not in the best mood. I entered Laila because it was there and open. What a lucky find. Good vegetarian food even though Afghanistan is not a very vegetarian country. The nicest service imaginable. The owner even gave me a charger. I loved this place.
  • Park Tavern is Awesome! 5/5

    By Cherycamp
    Excellent food and great atmosphere!! Thanks for hosting the Packer Fan event and showing everyone that ATL is welcoming everyone to our city to celebrate the play offs.
  • LOVE YELP! 5/5

    By CoverGirlEsq
    I travel a lot for work and it is rarely the same places. YELP is the first place I go for suggestions. The filters really help narrow down the choices and the reviews are invaluable.
  • Perfect app to get info in restaurants and more! 5/5

    By G Medina
    I've been using Yelp for a while now and love it! You can get great customer insight and opinions on restaurants, hotels and other places all over the world! Much easier than browsing through forums or searching for comments/reviews online.
  • Like it but size is so big 4/5

    By FaStLane31
    Really like the current version but wish the file size is smaller so it doesn't take up this much space
  • Website is barely fictional 1/5

    By TheStorks
    Yelp isn't quite important enough to me to take up space on my phone with an app. Having said that, it's convenient for me to use my mobile browser to read reviews. It seems that Yelp has made their mobile website entirely non-functioning, with nearly every interaction leading to a download link for the app rather than just giving me the information I'm looking for. It's easier for me to hit the back button and go to a different site to get the same information. Please just let me decide whether or not I need your app, either way I'm interacting with your it currently stands, I'm much more likely to go with your competitors product in the future.
  • Powell store is the best 4/5

    By Satisfied8
    I was helped immediately when I needed help with adjusting my plan. They were very knowledgeable and made good suggestions.
  • Dumb af 1/5

    By Be a deer always
    Don't wanna download the app
  • The best. 5/5

    By DomInTheCity
    Get reviews immediately via an app that always works !!!
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Nickghvfr
    Absolute garbage.
  • Use these guys!!! Awesome! 5/5

    By Mamberjones
    I've used many of the delivery services in Long Beach and ABC collective definitely one of the best! They definitely have more strain of pot that are just amazing! Their deliveries quick and their prices are good I totally recommend! Meredith 100%!!!!! Five stars dude!
  • Who isn't using Yelp?!?? 5/5

    By Candy Ho123
    If you are not using Yelp, just download it now. I never go anywhere without checking Yelp reviews. Restaurants, hotels, dry cleaning, many awesome features such as bookmarks, badges for regular check-ins, private messaging. It's just all around a great tool so use it!
  • Molly Maids 5/5

    By Turrentine Family
    I can't say enough about Norma and Eloisa with Molly Maids in Midland, Texas. They are very professional, do not require supervision, and have always cleaned my home above my expectations!
  • Innivative hair salon 1/5

    By Auto voice
    I was a repeat customer until today. They chopped my sons gorgeous hair off despite me giving them a picture. Seems they have some inexperienced staff and perhaps they are practicing on some of their clients.

    By Serial Perfectionist
    we get it you want people to download your app. it used to be circumventable but now you literally can't expand reviews on the mobile yelp site without downloading the stupid app. i don't have a lot of storage on my phone so i'd much rather just use the mobile site to look at reviews. the fact that they're shoving this app down peoples throat makes me not want to use the site at all. let people choose whether or not they wanna download! 👎
  • Aweful 1/5

    By Clt NYC
    Terrible. What's with the smothered cabbage. It's use to be awesome. It was a watery mess. Beans were cold. Turbo Dog no longer on tap. Lights too bright. Like eating in a diner. Menu is a cheap freebie from Coca-Cola.
  • A House of Wigs Millburn, N. J. 5/5

    By 0124467264723645353
    What a great experience!! Beautiful selection of wigs and such a wonderful and knowledgeable owner!!
  • Beware of app glitch 3/5

    By OOTVOG-er
    If you reorder from a previous order, the app may retype your address wrong. Instead of delivering to the same address, it will change "road" to "place" and your food will be an hour away. Hopefully they fix this but probably not!!!
  • Fabulous app 5/5

    By Eats Out Always
    I use Yelp every day to find out what's going on. I like that I can write the reviews while I'm still at the restaurant or wherever I am. Checking in is super easy, as is leaving on the fly comments and tips. This app is so easy to use, I'd recommend it to everyone.
  • Best Rating App!! 5/5

    By MrTinkles
    I use this app ALL the time! Recommendations and rating restaurant really help!
  • Yelp App, BEST App! 5/5

    By Anonymous58532
    I already love, this version for the IOS iPhone is heavenly! You can even look at Events and YEEs and RSVP with ease. Love the option to delete biz photos and read the Local Yelp too. Would only suggest to add the ability to add/edit Profile Picture captions and to have a First tab like on desktop version :) ALSO PLEASE DISPLAY OUR NICKNAMES! otherwise love love LOVE the Yelp app!
  • Good Feet San Diego 5/5

    By Painless Ken
    Diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis and nearly unable to support myself, let alone walk, I decided to visit Good Feet as a last effort for relief. I'd been to therapy (joke), podiatrist (waste of time), tried foot brace(really?) and was headed to orthopedic surgeon for surgery, that was not recommended, when I bought the arches and went through the process of introducing my feet to the new support. After several weeks and disappointed with the continuing pain, my feet were beginning to heal themselves as the arches began to force the much needed arches and the pain decreased and then disappeared! The best decision I've ever made and well worth the money. I CAN WALK! Thank you Good Feet for offering what the specialists couldn't. Don't hesitate any longer if you're suffering foot pain, visit Good Feet and get the healing you deserve😊. You won't be sorry. Ken from Jamal, CA.
  • Honest and Friendly 5/5

    By ChristinaFBC
    Just left with my niece. This is a wonderful office, friendly staff and Dr Koh was very reasonable and honest! Wasn't just looking to get paid was also most interested in the best options for our kiddo! Claudia and Craig were also great!
  • Great, but needs a Bookmark Note feature 4/5

    By carmen1835
    I use this app for EVERYTHING. The only feature I really wish it had was the ability to add a personal note for yourself when you bookmark a business. Half the time I bookmark something for one specific dish I want to try at a restaurant, or a service that a business offers...but if I don't use it right away, it gets lost in the mix & I forget why I added it. It would be nice if I could add a short note to my bookmarks to be reminded of the specific reason the bookmark was added in the first place.
  • I love Yelp App 5/5

    By Stillnaked
    Never a problem, no crashing, easy to use and learn. I seldom go anywhere without checking Yelp, and surprise Check In Deals are always a nice surprise. Plus, they have this review all filled out for me. :/
  • Helpful App 5/5

    By MRrFred
    I can't remember how many times I have used this app to find a new spot to eat or when vetting a service company. Reading how a company's customers view their experience is very helpful.
  • Sketchy 1/5

    By BEAKER420
    I work in an establishment that has several of our 5 star reviews listed under "not recommended", each of the reviews fall within the requirements given by Yelp. The general feeling here is...if you don't pay to advertise with them, they punish you by hiding glowing reviews.
  • Customer 4/5

    By Dlthoma
    Great service. Clean beds

Yelp: The Best Local Food, Drinks, Services & More app comments

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