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Yobuddy App

Yobuddy App is the easiest way to find buddies and bud. Discover others around you that have common interests, smoking preferences, and are looking to connect with others. You can also find dispensaries around you using our easy to navigate map. All of our dispensaries are verified and we take both privacy and safety seriously. By downloading and using Yobuddy App, you are agreeing to be of legal age, follow all applicable laws and regulations, and will not engage in any illegal activity within the app. If you receive any suspicious or inappropriate messages while using the app, please notify us immediately since we have a no tolerance policy. We do not tolerate illegal activity, harassment, or any other activities that might compromise the safety of our users. We are a social app for the cannabis community and rely on the safe practice of our users to maintain the integrity of our app. Finding buddies and bud has never been easier! Download Yobuddy App today and be a part of the #Yobuddylife!


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Yobuddy app reviews

  • Definitely the future ! 5/5

    By Dom Gardyner-:
    I just made an account and have already met someone to smoke with, definitely one a unique and cool concept. I highly recommend using it if you're a smoker!!!
  • Pure Genius & addicting 5/5

    By Carmel Hickey...
    This app has brought a whole new level to the cannabis community. One download and your hooked. App is so dope !!! Don't say I didn't warn you when your caught up taking days off of work to be on the app
  • It's where I go for cannabis everything and love 5/5

    By Tawnya Lipscomb!
    I can't believe this exists. The community is really chill and they take care of their app and users. I love YoBuddy!
  • Able to Meet cool people just like me! 5/5

    By Jewel Bruton'
    Love this app! No more worrying about if we have blazing up in common, so it makes it easier to find cool people.
  • Best Social App Ever! 5/5

    By Elisha Winter.
    This app is hot!!! You can interact with other users and share common interest in the MJ community! Should be an award winning app. Very cool app, and will easy attract millennials!!!!!
  • Gamified, Viral, social media for the Cannabis Industry 5/5

    By Dessie Corbitt
    Yobuddy is the best cannabis app available by far. I've tried all of them and this is hands down the best. Social media gameified, compete to see how popular you can be in the community!
  • Yobuddy review 5/5

    By Chong Hadden.
    This app is fire... it's always getting better every upsmoke. Great for posting photos & videos of and to your favorite buds.
  • Best New app for your Neighborhood Stoners 5/5

    By Zulema Faust
    Great Creators of the App!!! Great People on there!!! I absolutely love it! My new day to day Social Network!!! Thanks again fellas
  • The best 5/5

    By Asa Yu11
    Wonderful app with great potential to further an even greater cause! Thank you guys so much for bringing this community together!!!
  • Amazing!! 5/5

    By Camilla Bergeron
    What a wonderful app! I honestly fell in love once I used it, now I can't stop!! A must have!!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Reuben Castellano
    It's pretty much exactly what it sounds like. If you're a medical cannabis patient and are looking for a place to share your medicinal photos and meet new buds download this app ASAP.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Kathline Zhang
    Great social app that is preferably for marijuana enthusiasts, patients, and doctors. Everyone is very friendly and supporting the app very well. Might over take twitter and Instagram soon.
  • Download it! 5/5

    By Jewell Weston
    Such an awesome app. Everyone on it is super nice and it's a huge community. I recommend it to everyone!
  • Seriously love this app. 5/5

    By Theressa Gaskins
    Seriously amazing app. Always feeling the love. If your a stoner and want to make stoner friends just like you, this is the app to get, love it!!
  • Social at it's best 5/5

    By Will Dupre
    Honestly for being such a small start up app they are the most supportive and hands on with their users. Best social app and that's not because they are culture friendly.
  • Love this App 5/5

    By Deon Matheny
    This App is awesome absolutely love it great feed and everyone is nice and interacts with each other. Definitely love this app!
  • Cool app 5/5

    By Taneka Abney
    I love this app more and more everyday, it is the perfect way for cannabis users to connect and express themselves in an enjoyable atmosphere.
  • This app rocks! 5/5

    By Lashaunda Mcnair
    Of all the social media apps I've been through, none have been more lasting than YoBuddy. I have more in common with these people than most of my family! That goes to show how kind of a community it is.
  • Favorite app 5/5

    By Cory Bollinger
    YoBuddy in unlike any social network because it is based around the common interest of medical marijuana which automatically connects all of it's users
  • Best social networking app! 5/5

    By Elvin Limon
    If you enjoy good vibes and you are a medical canabis user this app is a must have!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Yaeko Ware
    This app is so great, everyone on here is so friendly and it's just a really nice place to share all your stoner activities!
  • Love this app!! 5/5

    By Charlie Cason
    Great place to meet and talk to like minded people with the same interests. It's a happy place where positivity flows and information is abundant. A must for all cannabis enthusiasts!!!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Synthia Quintero
    I've been using YoBuddy for a while now and it's perfect for the counter community culture! Lots of love from everyone and no hate. App runs smoothly letting you connect to others in the same lifestyle as yourself.
  • Best App Ever! For real though!! 5/5

    By AleidaHurst
    Such a awesome app for the smoking community of the world. Us stoners are a breed on our own and this app lets us all be ourselves and share what we all love and have in common.
  • Best app ever. 5/5

    By Lyndsey Aiello
    This app is amazing , connects so many people . More then a social media site , it's a family .
  • My App of Choice 5/5

    By Hye Cavazos
    Still my favorite canabis app. It's always working and the features are hands-down the best. Love always being able to see events happening wherever I go.
  • Best app out there 5/5

    By Kerrie Lemay
    I gave 5 stars because I think they have done a terrific job building this app. It is so easy to use, is very popular and a great way to meet people in your area or from a distance.
  • Great app! 4/5

    By Kandy Rowley
    The app is pretty dope! I've been getting lots of friends every day. It's pretty decent. But still waiting for someone.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Lakisha Chesser
    I really enjoy this app. Great way to meet new people and make new friends. I don't go out a lot so having this app is awesome.
  • Great app!! 5/5

    By Jolynn Bundy
    I was skeptical at first but once I started using the app I fell in love. A lot of friendly people that are willing to educate you on things you never knew about. A lot of great pictures of beautiful buds. Best app hands down!!
  • Just awesome 5/5

    By Claudette Pinto
    Real cool app too waste your time looking at herbs and people smoking these herbs. Love it!!
  • Solid 4/5

    By Raymonde Youngblood
    You should be able to at least message the person your liking on YoBuddy and also a button to see who's offline and online. Apart from that , it's s good canabis app
  • Best cannabis app 5/5

    By Nisha Machado
    This app is made to be user friendly and with the user in mind. They are constantly coming out with new upsmokes that make this even easier. Love the community Yobuddy has created and am looking forward to more.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Florine Ryder
    Very well designed, never crashes. It does what you expect and is great to make friends from everywhere. Best in class
  • I love this cannabis community 5/5

    By Shu Musser
    App keeps getting better and better. It’s faster, safe and green. I love meeting cannabis enthusiasts and talented individuals all over the world and smoking weed socially online.
  • Best app I've ever used!!! 5/5

    By Coleen Mauldin
    This is the best weed app I've seen. Not filled with creeps l, easily used and I've made so many new friends in the short time I've used it. Keep up the amazing work I can't wait to see where this app goes!!!
  • A must have for cultivators 4/5

    By Darby Stclair
    Excellent source for information. The members are friendly and enthusiastic to help with any questions or problems you have.
  • be too addicting. 5/5

    By Margart Trask
    Easy to use. Fairly on contrite and straight forward. Simple content. Once you know how to use it, it may become an addiction.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Kaleigh Bowling
    This app helps me keep in touch with my friends there is barley any lag unlike most apps and you can make a lot of friends.
  • Simple and beautiful 5/5

    By Rolland Bernard
    I tried some other cannabis social networking apps and found this was the best. This app is still being developed and getting better all the time. I would recommend to my friends.
  • Friendly User Interface 5/5

    By Enriqueta Shelley
    I'm giving them five stars purely for the fact that her user interface is really easy to use it's very easy to upload pictures it's very easy to search for people this app is generally very easy to navigate.
  • Tons of information! 4/5

    By ChristinHarkins
    So far it's been amazing to see people getting together and sharing knowledge. Perfect place to learn how to grow
  • Great app for learning 5/5

    By Quintin Florence
    If u want to learn about everything cannibis or just want to learn to grow period this is the place. Amazing community.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Lanelle Dale
    Really easy to use and I love using the filters to narrow down my matches. I have tried some of the other apps and it is the best. Really.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Margene Beeler
    I have made so many friends through this app that I can't even count them! They have added so much value to my life and my overall experiences.
  • Great community, awesome network and a dope app 5/5

    By Harmony Wertz
    A whole different vibe of people! It's amazing. Really a great way to connect and share amongst a cannabis friendly community.
  • Best social app 5/5

    By Vanna Paulsen
    If you are into canabis or not this app has it for you. Well, that is if you also like Cannabis. But if you do, then just download the app and have fun talking to cool chill people. This has the best community from any other social/canabis app that I have tried.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Chadwick Machado
    Made great friends through this app. If you want to meet likeminded thinkers (smoker friendly) this is the app to use.
  • Pretty dope 5/5

    By Emelia Combs
    First time using this app I was lost but it's like instagram for buds but more elevated download this app get your Yobuddy on !
  • Great app for cannabis enthusiasts 5/5

    By Mozell Dell
    A way to connect with other smokers from around the world and share the flower you are puffing on.

Yobuddy app comments


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