Yousician - Your personal music teacher

Yousician - Your personal music teacher

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  • Current Version: 2.21.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Yousician Ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
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Yousician - Your personal music teacher App

YOUSICIAN - the fast, fun way to learn, play and master the piano, guitar, bass or ukulele. Enjoy thousands of songs on your REAL INSTRUMENT! (supports acoustic and electric instruments) -------------------------- Yousician is your personal music tutor for the digital age. Learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want. The app listens to you play and gives instant feedback on your accuracy and timing. Our curriculum, designed by expert music teachers, will help musicians of all levels improve, from complete beginners to professionals. Step-by-step video tutorials guide you through each lesson. Fun and addictive gameplay tracks your progress and keeps you motivated to practice and learn. You’ll be amazed how fast your skills advance. So go grab your guitar, bass or ukulele, or go sit at your piano or keyboard, and start playing now! Who is this for? • Pianists, Guitarists, Bass & Ukulele players • Complete beginners • Advanced & professional musicians • Music teachers What is included? • Over 1,500 missions & exercises, with hundreds of videos, covering all the skills you need: sight reading sheet music, classical and pop songs for Piano, and for Guitar and ukulele you’ll learn chords, strumming, melodies, lead, fingerpicking and more. • Yousician also teaches you music theory and Includes special trainers for each skill & chord. • A Weekly Challenge, where you can compete with friends and millions of Yousicians worldwide. How does it work? • It listens to you play the piano, guitar, bass or ukulele • It gives you instant feedback on your performance • It takes you through awesome songs and step-by-step tutorials that suit your playing level • It makes learning fun with rewarding gameplay and challenges __ SELF-LEARNERS, Yousician has been developed with the world’s most innovative and experienced music teachers. It is perfectly suited for self-learning or as a supplement to learning with a teacher. With step-by-step tutorials and constant feedback you can always be sure you’re playing right. EDUCATORS / TEACHERS Teachers all over the world are using Yousician with their students in private lessons, small groups, and classrooms. Yousician keeps students engaged, helps build technical ability and timing, and increases practice between lessons. Learn more at PLAY WITH PIANO / GUITAR / BASS / UKULELE Yousician is played with a real instrument, and requires no additional equipment. The microphone listens to you play and the app tells you how you're performing. GREAT PREMIUM FEATURES - Unlimited playtime across all platforms. We offer the following premium plans: - One instrument: 1 year: $119.99, 1 month: $19.99, 1 week: $4.99 - All instruments (piano, guitar, bass, ukulele): 1 year: $179.99, 1 month: $29.99, 1 week: $7.49 These prices are for US. Pricing in other countries may vary. Your Yousician Premium subscription will automatically renew at the end of each term and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings but refunds will not be provided for the unused portion of the term. ABOUT YOUSICIAN Yousician is the largest and fastest growing music educator in the world with over 10 million users. We believe musicality can and should be as commonplace as literacy. • • SUPPORT Are you having problems? Visit to use our Knowledge Base or contact us directly with your questions. Feedback and suggestions? Login and make your voice heard at Join the Yousician community on Facebook and Twitter: • • Download our other app: GuitarTuna, the #1 tuner app worldwide

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Yousician - Your personal music teacher app reviews

  • Amazing! 5/5

    By NinjaGaming Co.
    Before Yousician I didn't even what to try to learn piano. But after I got it I have practiced every day and I am considering taking piano lessons with an actual teacher.
  • So far so good 5/5

    By whimsymama
    I'm a total beginner and I'm already feeling really comfortable playing.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By DatPandaKid
    I'm loving this app, its teaching me guitar in days. I've learned som much in 2 days, I can already play some songs to impress people. It's just a great app overall and teaches you how to play you instrument easily.
  • Remove subscription, make it a one time payment 3/5

    By Darkleader
    This app is incredible at teaching you how to play each of its selected instruments, but the $119.99 asking price for its annual subscription is a bit steep for most people, especially for what is just another app on your phone. Paying a one time fee for unlimited use, say $50-$75, would surely open up the market and have many more people paying for this app. Currently I'm getting by with the free use, but would gladly opt to pay for a one time unlimited use for this service. Thanks for reading, and please think about doing this!
  • Great 5/5

    By Joker666ad
    Great app
  • Cmon 3/5

    By Nadine83910
    Does it need a hearing aid? I've tried on 4 devices and it misses the most basic notes that I am quite obviously playing. It's very frustrating 🙃🙃🙃
  • Amazing app, "free trial" 4/5

    By Anepicpastry
    The app itself is amazing, the lessons and videos are really good. They teach you a lot and are very easy to follow along with while learning. I don't like that the "free" trial makes you pay for a year long subscription if you don't cancel within 30 days, other than that 5 star app.
  • Add 5/5

    By Skins and friends
    Add a learning system for looked up songs
  • Yay 5/5

    By KCBabyK
    Very good app
  • Great app for learning music 5/5

    By Lt610
    I really enjoyed this app.I spent every night to learn piano on this app. The lessons are really specific and easy to understand. I love it!
  • Completely Unusable 1/5

    By Schoen24
    Since updating to this version, I cannot do anything within the app. The whole thing hangs up and quits on my iPad Pro. Works fine on my iPhone. Please fix ASAP.
  • It's good 4/5

    By Fernando722
    It's good but the free lesson time go's by fast and takes 12 hours to play again. It's a good app though.🙂
  • So much for a free trial... 1/5

    By 123runawayfromahugefee
    Was excited to try it but after tuning it asked to consent to bill one year' worth in a month automatically, to the tune of $120. Really? Did not get to try it first. I would click okay to get a month subscription, but the threat of me forgetting and getting billed $120 is enough to delete in fear of being charged. Very disappointing marketing.
  • Horrible 2/5

    By Duna Killer
  • Fantasies app! 5/5

    By 10Dave04
    That pretty much sums it up.
  • Kris C 5/5

    By C7189
    I absolutely love this app
  • Yousician makes learning fun 5/5

    By Efy s
    I'm early on in my subscription, but I'm absolutely enjoying the hell out of this app. It catches what I put out and has already clearly impacted my skill set. Hoping to grow a lot more with it by my side!
  • Wonderful for beginners (: 5/5

    By Love_Lake2010
    Whether you're new to music or have some experience under your belt, Yousician is for you!
  • Maybe 2.5, but still bad 2/5

    By Luke Beckstrom
    Your tuning is off and incorrect, you have put songs in front of people with chords they haven't learned, it's not fair people waste there money on this, fix your tuning, fix your learning process, I already play guitar and wanted to see what I could get and I don't even think a beginner could learn anything with this app, and I'm serious.
  • Yolo 5/5

    By August Nox
    App has it all, don't need to pay a tutor atm
  • Whats with that email? 5/5

    By [Blocker]
    So everything about this app is great!No doubt about it.There is one little thing tho,the example email is a name of a roblox user.Whats up with that?
  • Love it!!!!!! 5/5

    By ms.nola QUEEN
    This app is amazing. It helps you learn different songs,chords, and also gives you time to do your own solo. I've learned so much in just three days. You can speed up or slow down the tempo and also practice a certain part on a song you might have trouble with.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By TateThePanda
    Learning takes time. I understand that but when you only eat an avg of 30 minutes of learning how to play a day, it means nothing. The only way to learn more is by paying $120 a year just to learn but even when I did it, it seemed like a waste of money. $120 to teach me but by bit when I can spend 30 minutes with a real teacher and learn what takes you guys 3 months. His app is trash and the music to help you learn is awful.
  • Fun way to learn 5/5

    By Kenny is my name
    I really enjoy learning while playing. And the feedback makes it better than just watching videos.
  • Beginner Viewpoint 5/5

    By MRec10272017
    Before using this app, i was hopping around YouTube for advice. This works well for learning basic chords and picking up various tips, but is unstructured and somewhat inefficient as a standalone method of learning. Yousician provides coherent structure and excellent exercises and has become the centerpiece of my piano practicing. I still use YouTube tutorials for various things, particularly for learning how to improvise. But if you really want to focus your learning around a core curriculum, Yousician is perfect.
  • The Best 5/5

    By Easy way to support each other
    Been trying to learn on YouTube and have tried every app. Learned more in the week I've had this app than in the 3 years I've been practicing. Thank You so much for this excellent app that isn't a waste of money:)
  • Great app!!! 5/5

    By Bro amazing
    I love the app it was so helpful in the beginning, it let progress from small to me playing in my church band. Here is some instrument recommendations: The Violin, The Viola, The Cello and maybe The String Bass. Those were only a few that I could think of. So I'm my opinion Yousician is amazing!!! I started since I was 9 now I'm 11 and ya I play for my church on the guitar, plus I also play the viola and it would be very helpful if it was on Yousician!!!
  • Amazing idea 5/5

    By JazWieC
    Fun , easy and very helpful for being a self taught keyboard player. Iv had a great time and learned so much on the way. I
  • This app is great for learning 5/5

    By Nicholas bar
  • It really works. 5/5

    By PRoachND
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By A Bolton
    Got me playing again!
  • Excellent 5/5

    By OmarHussain23
    Excellently executed. Keeps me motivated.
  • yousician is soooo legit!!! 5/5

    By bajebajww
    just downloaded this app and it blows my mind right away. Helped me tune my so-untuned uke. If I can make love to this app I will! seriously haha
  • Can't Cancel Subscription 1/5

    By RippedOffUkePlayer
    Beware - you can't cancel the trial subscription for this app in the app itself. Instead the app has a link to an external website where you are supposed to be able to cancel. When I click the link all I get is a webpage that won't load. If I can't get this straightened out before the trial period ends, they will charge me over $100 a year. I'm very angry.
  • So far 5/5

    By Cb757
    So good...starts out easy and progresses at your pace
  • Love it 5/5

    By footballgenuis
    Great to brush up on the basics
  • Great app, unless you don't want it. 1/5

    By Astrosikas
    I hate to be that guy. But after an unexpected $120 withdrawal from my account by an app I don't use for an unauthorized annual subscription, I'm a little upset. After emailing their support account, you'll be informed that they "are currently closing this contact channel." You'll then be directed to their "Knowledge Base" to submit a form for their support team. They'll tell you that they need several pieces of info that you already provided on the support form, the payment receipt, etc before finally saying that iOS refunds have to be handled through Apple. Great. So you'll go to Apple's report a problem page, submit your request, and instantly be told it could not be processed. Anyway, great functionality, zero avenues for getting a refund if you miss the fine print about auto-subscription.
  • I don't like the time limit 4/5

    By Brunery
    I don't have the money, I love the app so much but I want to progress. I would rather pay 30$-50$ for unlimited use forever than a 10$ subscription for every month. I'm not getting new material it's just on long list of programs that were made once and have to be tweeted occasionally, not a regularly updated and changed thing like a magazine that does have subscription fees. This is like paying 10$ ever month for a game that you play offline, not an online mmo with people working to improve whose checks need to get cut regularly so a subscription charge is necessary. 10$ isn't for people that want to use this indefinitely which is what I want to do but can't cause money.
  • Like a real teacher!! Or maybe better 5/5

    By Hatiif
    I highly suggest you download this app if you want to learn piano. I don't know about its other instruments but piano lessens were awsome thank you guys
  • Very amazed 5/5

    By Freeke price
    Being a starter I was curious on how this app really helped people like us beginners. Turns out this app is amazing, letting you go back to the basics if you need to learn them and slowly building up your skills as a guitarist or a pianist. Definitely 5 stars and recommendation.
  • I Am SHREDDER!!! ... at Heart!! 5/5

    By S1KN3ZZ
    But a beginner in real Life, This app is Great So Far, It's keeping me interested but how well it's put together!!
  • Tuner 4/5

    By angelicatobar
    Tuner is good turns out the guy from where I bought my uke tuned it at little off but I love that I can do it myself and easy to use
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Awesome app in app history
  • Good app but expensive 3/5

    By Armanmrd
    I think its a very good app to start learning how to play piano but it comes with a high price and i think they should make a lifetime price instead of subscriptions.
  • I love this app! 5/5

    By IncendioMiller
    This app really makes learning my uke lots of fun. It's very encouraging from the beginning and pulls you in. I've already clocked in more practice this past week than I did all of last year...yikes! I highly recommend this app for beginners like myself.
  • Back to the basics 5/5

    By Adamfos
    I love this app steps through the most basic things that some guitar lessons assume you know how to do like playing with a pick which is a hard concept for some that have never played to hit the right strings but challenges provide awesome goal oriented practice so your not just randomly picking the guitar not really learning much
  • Wonderful! 5/5

    By Animeiswinning
    I am so happy with this app. It is actually helping me learn and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn to play the instruments the app is synced with. I have always wanted to learn my keyboard I got, but never had the time. This app has made me want to learn and practice 😊👌🏻✌🏻
  • Hate this app 1/5

    By Ashley.d_ unicorn
    This app is the worst. Not because it's completely useless, it won't pickup the sound!! No matter how close I put my ukulele to my speaker, nothing happens! Thanks for wasting my time on this app! Would not recommend!!👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
  • Its awesome! 5/5

    By seanvanzant
    I have come so far with the help of this app. I can write mommy own songs pretty on demand now. And it's basically free! Thanks
  • Good for beginners 5/5

    By Holstizzle
    A great app if you are learning guitar for the first time. It's also good if you need a refresher of basics. Great practice segments to get you to understand different play styles. If I could give it more I would.

Yousician - Your personal music teacher app comments

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