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  • Current Version: 2.03.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Google, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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YouTube Kids App

The official YouTube Kids app is designed for curious little minds to dive into a world of discovery, learning and entertainment. This is a delightfully simple (and free!) app, where kids can discover videos, channels and playlists they love. We work hard to offer a safer YouTube experience, but no automated system is perfect. If you ever find a video you’re concerned about, please flag it. This helps make YouTube Kids better for everyone. For more important notes about the app, please see below. *** Please note that the YouTube Kids app is only available in the US, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Spain and Canada excluding Quebec. YouTube Kids is available with YouTube Red in the US, Australia and New Zealand. For more information about app availability, please read our Parental Guide.*** DESIGNED FOR KIDS To make exploration easy, videos in the app are split into four categories: Shows, Music, Learning and Explore. We also took out the complicated stuff to make an app even little ones can navigate -- that means big buttons, easy scrolling, and instant full-screen. And when the whole family wants to enjoy their favorite videos together, everyone can watch on the big screen with Chromecast, Apple TV, game consoles, or smart TVs. VIDEOS KIDS WILL LOVE Kids can enjoy favorites like Sesame Street, Thomas & Friends and Talking Tom, online hits like Mother Goose Club, TuTiTu and Stampylonghead, plus anything else they’re into -- sports, animals, gaming, crafts and more. GROWN-UPS ARE IN CONTROL We know that every family is different, so we’ve included features that let grown-ups tailor the YouTube Kids experience to their family’s needs. Settings are found behind a grown-ups-only lock where you can turn off search for a more restricted experience or set a built-in timer to let kids know when it’s time to stop watching so you don’t have to. For more information about the app and settings, please read our Parental Guide. GET YOUTUBE RED AND MAKE SHOW TIME EVEN BETTER Use YouTube Kids with YouTube Red and let your kids learn and laugh with their favorite characters without paid ads. And with offline videos you’ll always have videos when you need them – whether you’re in the car or on grandma’s couch. To get started, all parents need is the YouTube Kids app and a YouTube Red membership. Then, just sign in to your YouTube Red account from the parental controls section of the YouTube Kids app and follow a few simple steps. Parents can Try YouTube Red one month free at: IMPORTANT NOTES ABOUT THE APP - Parental setup is needed to ensure the best experience possible for your child. - YouTube Kids contains paid ads in order to offer the app for free. Your child may also see videos with commercial content from YouTube creators that are not paid ads. For more information, please check out our Parental Guide. - Videos in the app are selected by our automated systems. Please note, no system is perfect, and it is possible that your child may find something you don’t want them to watch. If your child finds a video that you feel is inappropriate, please flag the video and it will be reviewed as soon as possible. - You can restrict your child’s experience by turning search off in the set-up flow or by accessing the settings behind the “grown-ups only” lock. This means your child can’t search for content, which reduces the chances that they will encounter a video you don’t want them to watch. - Whether search is on or off, the app will recommend videos selected by our automated systems from the broad set of videos accessible in YouTube Kids.

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YouTube Kids app reviews

  • Great app 5/5

    By Love you tube
    I love this app so app so much because it has all the episodes my daughter and son love
  • OKAY 😶 4/5

    By Crazy Cute 👧🏽
    It is a great app but it uses a lot of battery life on the iPhone 5 but other than that it's great 😄😍😸😻
  • Omg the best!!! 5/5

    By Casapt06
    The best vids and I've discovered some really nice channels😜 no mean comments😛
  • Safe app for kids 5/5

    By Bellybops
    Awesome app for kids,safe and easy.Live it easy to work with children.
  • Super app 5/5

    By petitebebe
    Great, my baby loves it
  • 5 stars! 5/5

    By Aycoolface
    My child loves this app! There is things from Elmo to Karli Reese channel. Get it!
  • great 5/5

    By Luckham23
  • Good to hand off occasionally 4/5

    By Jjeffrez
    I wish I could restrict certain vids. Like unboxing vids.
  • YTK 5/5

    By MintyyFreshhhx
    My three year old loves it very useful app for children
  • Add channel blocker or playlist 3/5

    It's a great app but some videos are inappropriate for my toddler.
  • 😇 5/5

    By Dante and daddy
    Very nice
  • Hate it!!!!! 1/5

    By Madelyn chamberlain
    I can't believe that I can't watch any videos on it! I can search I can see the videos but I can't watch them all I see is the weird bubble blowing in the circle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ytkids 5/5

    By Silly_Nataly
    Its a really nice app my kids are enjoying it
  • Update Does not work 1/5

    By Mercedesdlc
    Apps is good until i updated it yesterday11-17 it does not work at all
  • Not for my daughter. 2/5

    By emceeSWELL
    If you let your child use this app and he/she is at an impressionable age, I recommend constant parental supervision. Be mindful of the kinds of things some of these videos are teaching your children. There are plenty of educational games for iOS or decent movies and shows on Netflix and Hulu, children don't need YouTube.
  • Poor parental controls 3/5

    By C3046
    App places "Recommended " videos as the first tab. Wouldn't be so bad if the recommendations weren't mostly click bait product demos made by third parties for ad profit. "Flagging" those videos is the only way you can object to the recommendation. Unfortunately, this doesn't remove the video from the list since the app doesn't do anything like favorites or block lists. This app really need a flag content producer for removal from the list. Some of these third party demo producers have tens of dozens of videos and it becomes impossible to flag them all. Their recommendation algorithm is really pathetic. It'll take anything labeled as "Sesame Street" or "Disney" and place it right on the first tab for your kids to see and click even though the videos are all product demos.
  • Great for kids but need more control 2/5

    By Monita100
    I like it, but still need more control in Toys review videos
  • I love it 5/5

    By Deathkillerdj99
    It's great for the kids but just keep an eye on them because don't put it on all ages put it on School ages because it's not bad but it's a great app for the kids 😊
  • Excellent app for kids. 5/5

    By Kkauffmann42
    Very easy to use. Kid friendly. Kids can search videos and video jump and not have to worry about something inappropriate coming on. Requires a password for renting/ordering. Highly recommend to all parents.
  • Educating? 2/5

    By Hotty💄💄💖😍😘💏💙💚💛💜💗💖
    It says educational for your child But is it really?
  • It Works!!! 5/5

    By Mtw😊😬🙄😘😍😉😀
    It's great for little cousins and if you baby sit or have a baby. I tricked my cousins into using it instead of normal YouTube. Even I use it! It is a great app!!!👍👍👍👍
  • Seriously Hate The Toy and Candy Reviews!! 2/5

    By JATL
    Especially the reviews and play time by grown-ups. It's seriously creepy for my 3 year old. I selected "Preschool" level, and expected nursery rhymes and learning songs. Instead, we're bombarded with tweets and their opportunistic parents advertising any and everything. Time limits, volume controls, and blocking abilities would be great! Nice concept...
  • Subscription is not manageable 1/5

    By 战友
    I was first very excited about this app. YouTube with filter that sounds great! At first I saw education cartoon! So I let my daughter go for it. But after a while problem appear. She keep watching the like game videos and egg videos! I find it very discomfort! So I tried to filter it. But there is no way to manage it! Disappointed. I deleted it on my phone.
  • Love 5/5

    By Yohanna2004
    Even though I'm not 1-5. I still love this
  • Disappointed in limited controls 3/5

    By Chinchy99
    Granted the content is limited and geared towards appropriate age level, but still not good enough. After reading many reviews and personal experience, things need to change! First, I would like a "Baby" option because my daughter isn't ready for pre-school aged material. Second, we need a favorites, playlist and blocking option! Hello YouTube, why hasn't this happened yet???? Third, these ridiculous ads need to be sensored or removed. I don't want my daughter being subjected to brain washing ads when I am trying to find an appropriate screen time activity for her. This could be a good thing if YouTube actually listened to feedback and did something about it. But hey, at least it's better than real adult YouTube
  • 😡😡😡😡😡 1/5

    By dbree
    my child went to go play on it I searched just to make sure it was ok but NO it has what the hell in it and s**t 😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • Toy reviews, surprise eggs and foreign language 5/5

    By Rhapsodyrocks
    My toddler loves this app, yes some content is a little strange and I often wonder if he's learning a new language. But it's all harmless and he's letting me get dinner cooked and driving is less distracting.
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By To 22237377485994
    This app as absolutely perfect for kids. It gives them safe and fun videos to watch while also letting the parents,guardian, or baby sitter full control over so many things like how long they watch, if they can search or not, and many more. It also has a code that only you know and can enter in so your child doesn't accidentally go to an advertisements page or something else. Overall it's a great app and I highly recommend it to everyone who has a child or babysits etc.
  • Worst app ever!!!! 😡😡😡 1/5

    By Hater teenager girl
    I hate this stupid app, once I put a channel and it was totally for children and it said " sorry please try this again" and I try it again and again but it never work!!!!! I want this app to die and go to hell!!!! - hater teenager girl
  • Stops Scope Creep - Keeps the Experience Clean +++ 5/5

    By : - }
    My son enjoyed regular YouTube but kept ending up being suggested inappropriate content. Or, he'd be watching pranks and en duo watching bullying videos or something. Horror film ads. But in YOUTUBE KIDS that NEVER HAPPENS. I'm so pleased. He likes the new update with pick up where you left off. I think that was something he missed most about not having his big YouTube app.
  • Great app for kids 5/5

    By SheilaTweety
    This is a fun app and the kids really love it!
  • I love it 5/5

    By The dandans
    I really like this app I get to watch all my favorite videos and american girl hauls! Channels are appropriate
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Hfatghahh
    I love this app there's so much inappropriate things on real YouTube.

    By It's a good app🤗
    I love love this app it's great for kids it has pagethepanda it has stampylongnose it has mermaids it has every thang but bad stuff so Please get this app for your kids and I mean every one get this app for your kids if they like watching YouTube get this app😊
  • Great app 5/5

    By kimesto
    Great app for kids..
  • Needs more parental controls 3/5

    By FrankP1121
    If I was able to rate a video that my kid watched. Then filter the ratings allowed for each kids profile. It would give more control to the parents. Right now my 2y/o is watching violent cartoons and commercials.
  • Inappropriate and violent videos still show up 1/5

    By Angry mom >:|
    I had mines on the preschool setting. And there are still videos that show Mickey Mouse shooting the "finger family" in their heads. Or pj masks setting their room on fire. Or George pig getting a weird pill and shot from peppa. It's sick. They play innocent stuff in the beginning of these videos so parents don't suspect. I wish this app would actually make sure this sort of stuff doesn't happen. My 3 year olds were watching this and I had no idea. So I wish I could give it no star. Because this sort of stuff shouldn't even be able to happen.
  • YouTube kids 5/5

    By sk8kushkilla420
    Just awesome my little is always on it peppapig ya know
  • 👍🏻 5/5

    By corona727
    I like it
  • Great for kids! 5/5

    By 41hi
    Easy and so much better than the regular app for little ones.
  • Enjoy 4/5

    By MTG06
    My nephew enjoys it.
  • 3yr old LOVES IT!!!! 5/5

    By QueenFox34
    HE LOVES YT-KIDS!!!!!!!
  • Controllability issues 2/5

    By Crvro
    When the video is full screen there are no controls to rewind or pause etc. makes it difficult to view things when you have to make the video small to go navigate😄🤔😰😡😡😡😡😡👎🏻😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😰😡😱😗😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😱😨
  • I usually don't review 5/5

    By 🔳R007
    It must be either very good or very annoying, because my daughter asked me to right this review. She is 4. She is always on this app even over nick Jr. .. Thanks for making this... Keep improving!
  • Awesome....... Read more to understand why 5/5

    By Ava-tar
    All I can say is I love it, support it,and suggest it for all people. If u don't have it ........GET IT! It has a lot of cool things for kids and has only appropriate videos for kids. BUY IT
  • My daughter's favorite app 5/5

    By MommaTara
    Thanks YouTube!
  • Solid app 5/5

    By Yeeeeeeeeppppppppppp
    Has helped when all else fails. Kid loves Pooh Bear and they have some nice videos of that specific cartoon
  • App 5/5

    By Angel nene
    Great app
  • Great app 5/5

    People keep complaining about stuff that isn't that bad I mean having the words anger sad and fear aren't reasons to delete or adults doing toy videos. if you had regular YouTube there'd be way creepier things than. that the whole time I used it there was just one bad and I probably shouldn't have watched that video anyway so ther
  • Do not buy!!!!! 1/5

    By 13579024810
    It was 7:30 pm when me and my husband decided it was bedtime. We went to bed and decided to watch videos on YouTube kids to avoid inappropriateness. Within 20 minutes me and my husband were flabbergasted... We experienced words like "frick" "shut up" "dump" "poop" and a word close to a curse word but not quite tha I do not wish to type. If I could I would make this 21 and up.

YouTube Kids app comments

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