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  • Current Version: 1.54.16
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  • Developer: Google, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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YouTube Music App

YouTube Music lets you watch and listen to a nearly endless catalog in an app designed for music discovery. Enjoy music for free with ads, or get YouTube Red. A YouTube built just for music • Every video starts a non-stop station • Personalized stations learn your tastes • See concert footage and live recordings A nearly endless catalog • New artists, classic favorites, and everything in between • Classic live recordings that span decades • Official music videos, playlists, remixes, covers, and more Amplify your experience with YouTube Red • Enjoy your music without ads • The music keeps playing even when your screen is off • Take your music on-the-go with offline mixtape Get 1 month of YouTube Red for free. Existing YouTube Red or Google Play Music members and users of either service who have already received this 30 day trial are not eligible. Monthly charges apply for YouTube Red membership outside of trial periods.

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YouTube Music app reviews

  • Trash 2/5

    By Hawk24_04
    One of the worst music apps I've ever seen in my life
  • Best 5/5

    By Sickshot175
    Best music app with red
  • Offline Mixtape 4/5

    By AntiChess123
    Awesome. I have used this service for about 4 months. It is worth the cost in my opinion. I really wish I could hand select the music I could save offline though.
  • Misleading. 1/5

    By chalir
    Was excited to find an app that let me play YouTube music while browsing my phone, except that you have to pay $12.99 per month for that capability. Nah.
  • piece of sheet 1/5

    By Pigeonman99
    standard POS Google apps quality
  • Hhhhfgjbv gn NFC 5/5

    By Lajdhdnsbzj
    Bbghhfdgh ghhvfhhh
  • Do I even have to explain? 1/5

    By Matthew102999
    Do I?
  • Offline 5/5

    By Silly1000 and cool 1000
    It's an amazing app but i wish I could add song that I want on to my offline playlist instead of it adding random songs.
  • Gnarliest app 5/5

    By Muffindaddy
    I've never cared to write a review for an app but this is honestly one of the best music apps I've used.
  • Is good 5/5

    By C Danie
    Is good
  • Useless App No Background Play 1/5

    By melon66
    What is the point of this app? It doesn't even have background play!
  • Cold 5/5

    By SCOTT303
  • Make own offline playlist 1/5

    By Locus117
    Ok i can understand that its offline but it should let me select what music i want not what it thinks i like but what i truly like
  • Only music app I've kept 5/5

    By dicipleoftheholy1
    This thing is awesome. I would heartily recommend use with YouTube red. Use about 6 hrs every working day. Couldn't be happier.
  • No complaints here 5/5

    By JayseePro
    Google does it again!
  • Sly 5/5

    By Luigi_ey
    Slick n wicked
  • A small step up from YouTube 1/5

    By Toxicjo
    The app stops playing when you lock your phone and when you exit the app.
  • Must Pay to Play 2/5

    By PeterGibbons
    Without paying a subscription fee, this app is basically regular YouTube. The most useful feature would have been the ability to listen in the background or without the screen on but that's paid as well. The free version is virtually useless.
  • Great 5/5

    By Hard-y
  • So many missing features and confusion for an app this age! 1/5

    By awgneo
    YT music is missing so many features that make it nearly unusable as a Spotify replacement. Volume normalization, equalization, and cross-fading are just a few. The offline mixtape is worthless as it takes far to long to learn my listening habits. If you drift in and out of cell coverage, as you would on public transit through tunnels, it will always fall short. Please implement cacheable playlists alongside the mixtape feature. Where is the iPad app? Why is Google Play Music a separate app that knows nothing about this one? I think a universal app with the ability to create playlists that span both YT content and Play Music content should be allowed (with cross-fading ;). Finally, where is the iPad app? I want to love YT Music so much as the availability of music is the most extensive of any online service, but these lackings keep me in Spotify land and the separation of YT Music and Google Play Music is downright confusing.
  • removing songs 3/5

    By Pimplaya
    I like the app but I've liked multiple songs and when I go to liked music their not there
  • Great offline 5/5

    By Enoch134
    I love using this when I'm on the go
  • The bomb 5/5

    By Keikila
    Love love love it 😍
  • I love it but 4/5

    By The_Next_1🎧✨✨💥💋
    Just a suggestion i dont know if anyone would agree but would be great if the music still plays while using other running apps while the music still plays
  • Offline mix needs user control 5/5

    By Anonymous_of_yesterday
    Otherwise, fine. You need to pay in order to have no commercials AND run in background; but HEY, youtube video app covered too!
  • Best music app 5/5

    By Dirty lungs
    Pick one song. One song and it is like it knows exactly what songs you wanna hear totally worth it!
  • Not good 2/5

    By Yoloswagmamite420blazetkin
    I feel like it loses a lot of potential because of one thing it shuts off in the background
  • Not much different 1/5

    By Mind1099
    This app isn't much different than YouTube. I mean you can still watch just any normal video. The only difference really is it just brings up songs for suggestions which YouTube still does. I think that we should be able to listen to the app without being in the app or while our device is locked.
  • My congratulations 4/5

    By jj4miles
    I like this app, it's about time YouTube did something like this
  • Good 3/5

    By Watsup bacon and domo
    I wish you could choose songs to save to the offline playlist. 1/2 the "songs" are not even songs, but random videos. Also, in the offline list, songs I listen to repetitively disappear, where songs I skip over stay.
  • Surprisingly compelling 5/5

    By Bderiso
    The algorithm actually makes good playlists and due to the novel content the selection can't be beat
  • Music 4/5

    By Kenya Bob
    Love it. No commercials
  • Awesome app! 5/5

    By Mroldanvega
    Love the layout, ease of use.
  • Overall an okay music app 3/5

    By jendand
    I use this a lot. It is very easy to use and simple to go to playlists and have them shuffled and whatnot. The only problem is that awful offline mixtape garbage. Whoever decided it was a good idea to make that based on your liked videos has something wrong with them. On the normal YouTube app, you can save playlists and specific videos for offline viewing (provided you have YouTube Red), so why is there nothing of the sort for the YouTube Music app? Why can you not save specific playlists offline, or at least be able to choose which videos are saved to your offline mixtape. Many other reviewers agree with me that this should be changed, a lot of them even saying it is the only fault that the app has, and I would have to agree. I love everything else about it, but when I'm trying to save on cellular data, the complicated and counter-intuitive offline mixtape system doesn't help at all, and I often just resort to saving playlists using the normal YouTube app even though I can't shuffle them. Fix the offline mixtape, and you've got yourself five stars. Period.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Jawn💞👑
    Its a great app.
  • Best music app I've used 5/5

    It's the best music app I've used so far in the sense that it has the largest collection of music of all kinds of styles. I can easily find music from cowboy bebop or samurai champloo, and it even recommends more music by nujabes which I enjoyed a lot. Also it's great for finding random music for different occasions like meditation, reading, jogging, sleeping or waking-up in the morning. For all these advantages and great experience I think it's a reasonable price.
  • Best Music App. Period. 4/5

    By PaladinGaming
    The app is fantastic, especially for anyone who likes listening to all kinds of music (especially hard to find stuff) and just being connected to YouTube allows the app to sync up what your music interests are on the computer and app. I have only 3 complaints: - Cost a bunch per month just for listening to music (I don't care about YouTube Red content, give me a separate subscription service that's cheaper) - The interface seems to move around constantly so it's infuriating to find the section you want to play music from sometimes. It shouldn't require so much effort to navigate the UI. Just stick to a certain order so the user can let navigating the app become muscle memory. - My entire YouTube account recommendations are music while browsing the website proper. Syncing music recommendations from listening on a PC to the phone app is great, but going the other way is starting to get in the way of watching non-music related content. P.S. It would be great to have a 'repeat' option for when you want to binge listen to a song.
  • Best music service by far 5/5

    By FanFromLeander
    I have tried them all. This is the winner
  • Very robust and user friendly 5/5

    By Xesium
    Haven't had any issues with Very robust, no crash Very user friendly
  • Very Good! 5/5

    By Noor S. Abbas
    Google like always amazing. Thanks Google!
  • Great 4/5

    By Therealcalebm
    This app is great, I'm a YouTube red member and love it so much! My only complaint would be every so often a song in my playlist will be gone and say "video is unavailable" and I'll have t delete that and re add it to the playlist, not a big deal but can be a little annoying but I love the app nonetheless! Please fix this issue though.
  • Lovin' it 5/5

    By Rhonarr (YouTube)
    I haven't written a review before but I have to say this is one of the BEST music apps that I've ever used. Very similar to beats music which I used to use but now there's playlist making, linking to your youtube likes, and the video is included with the track! 10/10 would listen again
  • Very upset 4/5

    By MiniBales18
    I pay for this app every month. I've always been pleased with it I honestly love the app. Lately it says playback error play offline. I try that and it says the same thing. I'm very upset and disappointed that something I pay for and enjoy no longer works. I don't know why it's doing this but I hope it's fixed or I'll have to try something else for my music and I don't really want to.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By -_bronn-
    I do not enjoy this app like I though I might, they do not offer the music I'm searching for and many songs are error bound and unable to play. I will be sticking to Pandora.
  • Worst music app ever 1/5

    By Roxanneazb
    I'm better off just using Spotify this is a poorly designed app. Thumbs down songs should not be put on shuffle. Also the song suggestions all sucked. Just play my music and stop suggesting.
  • Yt music 5/5

    By Sammy da boss
    This has been really good to me especially with yt red and it has an offline feature which is great when the wifi is down 👍
  • Love love love 5/5

    By poq212
    Always bumping the jams
  • Scam 1/5

    By Achookachoo
    I'd give this zero stars if I could. It was advertised as being able to play music with the phone closed like we have been asking of YouTube for ages, but you only get that if you pay for their subscription service. Uninstalled in seconds. I'll keep using Pandora.
  • HORRIBLE! (I'm not paying!) 1/5

    By Youtuber 👍
    So I download this app thinking I can listen to music offline. Well, NOPE! You have to pay $9 a month almost $10! IM NOT PAYING!!! If I could rate 1 star I would (don't get this waste of time app!)
  • Amazing UI and content, needs better discovery 5/5

    By Adgbn
    I cancelled my spotify subscription for this and it was well worth it, however the one biggest improvement that can be made would be surfacing the discover playlists more, and playing more new music in stations based off songs I've already listened to.

YouTube Music app comments

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