Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel

Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: U-Play Online
  • Compatibility: Android
715 Ratings
$ 8.99

Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel App

Youtubers Life is the ultimate life simulation/tycoon videogame in which you can effortfully become the world’s greatest gaming video blogger in history by editing videos, expanding the amount of fans and turning yourself into a wealthy fellow. Create your character —customize it as you wish, there are thousands of hillarous combinations— and start making your first broadcasts in the cozy room at your parents’ where you have grown up since you were little. Record gameplay sessions, buy new and classic consoles, keep an eye on daily tasks, and socialize yourself to increase your popularity while you have to deal with fans, friends, family and time management! Make your own videos Editing your own videos has never been so immersive! Follow the whole process from A to Z and publish your broadcasts on Internet! Purchase your favourite titles online, get them delivered at home and start recording your gameplay sessions. Improve your videos as you become the greatest video blogger ever! Get fun! Being a vlogger is not only about recording videos and see how many viewers you obtain —you also need to cool down and have some fun in your daily life! Go to the cinema to watch the latest film releases, attend presentations of new games, chill out in the club or party in a luxurious yacht! Meet new friends and discover your other half while you keep thinking about the next broadcast you want to make when you get back home. Become a Celebrity The more viewers you reach the more popular you’ll be! As you increase your particular network, more VIP’s will be interested in meeting you in person. Besides, important high-tech and gaming brands will contact you and you will eventually meet other famous youtubers. Your fans will battle with all their might to get your autograph! Youtubers Life is fully translated to English.


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Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel app reviews

  • One of the best 5/5

    By LA Primus
    I love it a lot! I still cannot find a way to get 100k subs though. It's just too difficult. I'll use the Internet. Anyways, you developers are one of the coolest!
  • Screen does not fit correctly 1/5

    By JamesEKing09
    While i am playing the game a lot of different items will not let me click on it. Sometimes the options are off the screen. For example on the options menu when i am turning volume done in settings the done and cancel buttons are not visible.
  • Buildings 4/5

    By Valaska 98
    Hello I can’t get the third apartment even if I have ten grand (which I have) I can’t get the apartment notification on my screen, please help.
  • Needs update 4/5

    By paydhxus
    Good game but little glitchy and needs update. I want to make vid with my self other then that not the glitchy
  • Sorry for yelling at you U-Play 5/5

    By Kyle141
    I’m so sorry for yelling at you U-Play. I understand why you didn’t reply back to that review. Anyway, this game is so great it’s really fun. Now I am back to where I am!! Also I have 2 stuff you should add in this game: You should be able to live stream, and you should add a new console, Mantendo Flip backwards for the Nintendo Switch.
  • Great app but pleas read and respond 4/5

    By FF A.S.
    So I’m level 8 and I’m at the shared house thing and I wanna move but it won’t let me will fix review
  • Okay Game 4/5

    By 😂😉😬😬😁
    YouTubers Life is exactly as it sounds. You play as an aspiring YouTuber, and develop your channel. I’ve had a couple hours into this game. It’s a fun game, and there’s all kinds of different play styles and character customizations, making it easily replayable. The graphics are great, perfect for this sort of game. It takes time to learn and develop strategies to earn more views, subscribers, and money. My only complaint is it’s repetitive. After you’ve figured out the game and you know how to play, there isn’t much more to do. You’ve bought all the furniture, have the best house, own the largest channel, have a romantic companion, etc. it gets boring afterwards. I quickly got bored after finishing and eventually stopped playing. But ultimately, it’s a good game. Would definitely recommend playing, despite the high price.
  • Progress not save😭😡 5/5

    By SketchDS
    I got all the way up to 6 million subscribers I was in the mansion and I was almost about to upgrade to the space station I didn’t play the game for about 42 days when I came back there was an update so I updated it and I go back on the game and I see that on my progress was deleted please help.
  • Amazing game but 3/5

    By Sirheatblast
    some times I get so bored I fell like I gonna die from this uuugggghhh ps to make the game more funnier add the abilitie to make animations :)
  • Collab issue 3/5

    By Swiftwsut
    Games great. However when I hire a friend to collab we make the video but it never counts towards my goal. Either I’m doing something wrong or there’s a bug here
  • Glitch 1/5

    By phizyy
    The game is great overall but there is a glitch when I try to move out of my student apartment it says I can’t move out plz fix
  • Why I don’t like this game anymore 1/5

    By Ape231408
    I don’t like that the game deleted my progress I’m so heartbroken that I decided to never play this game ever again so I hate this game now
  • Game is fun but the reviews 4/5

    By Huntermaster31
    This game is a ton of fun but there are a few things wrong about it. I dislike the reviews. Some of them can be really mean like I got one that said I will throw myself out the window. I think that’s a little to much. Second, all you do to interact is just chat and go to events I think there should be a little bit more than those two things. Last, the subscribers. It is really difficult to get even 5k. Why do you need 50k in order to got the third house. It’s already hard enough.
  • Again 4/5

    By human who got this app
    I love this game I really do but the day before the Christmas update the game was perfectly fine but then all my data was deleted :/
  • FIX FOR IPHONE X!!!!!!! 1/5

    Not playable on iPhone X. Buttons not optimized for the display and dose not work properly. Please Fix this
  • Ugh 3/5

    By anxna
    I used to love this app! But then all of my data got deleted for some reason. So I had to create a new app thing! Please fix this.
  • ANNOYING 1/5

    By Didirirntndpwpjwhdbb

    By savannahhannah
    i am addicted to it and i got 1,000 subs on the first day
  • ///Read before you buy/// 4/5

    By Slay Jumpshot
    This is an awesome game but there is a lot of problems in it. Very bad for Phones But awesome on anything else. Took me a good 1 Hour and 30 Mins for it to download. And have Good network, and are on a IPad Pro
  • Why 😭 1/5

    By Seb72PRO
    It reseted my progress
  • It deleted my save file… 3/5

    By Kawwfy
    I like the game SO MUCH but it practically DELETED MY SAVE FILE That i worked so so so SOOOOOOO hard on get it back… fix it PLEASE I'm BEGGING you!
  • I need help 5/5

    By DrDreSketch
    How do i move out
  • Good game 5/5

    By Caliguy217
    When I opened YouTuber’s Life, it was Christmas decorated and I couldn’t continue from where I left off.
  • Awful for IPhone X 3/5

    By T786786
    This game is great and definitely has a lot to offer, but the problem is that everything is messed up on the iPhone X. I can’t see half the text on the sides of the phone and sometimes you can barely tap some of the buttons. This has severely limited my experience and this game would be a 5 Star if they had at least put black bars on the side. This would at least limit all the problems that I or any other user that has an iPhone X is experiencing. Please fix this because I want to rate this game a 5 Star, but just can’t.
  • I lost my progress 4/5

    By Hjt2008
    I updated the app and I lost all my progress 21,000 subs and loads more
  • The update deleted my saved game 3/5

    By Marek_w_s
    The recent update deleted my saved game. It was more than one month of playing to gain more 100,000 subscribers... and now it all vanished. I am devastated.
  • What?! 1/5

    By Mike Danger 123
    I love this game, so I wanted to try it on a phone, it will not download, and I have 5 bars on my line with wifi!
  • Mad 1/5

    By 515157839
    It will not download and i had to delete all my apps and it still won’t download I have tried for the past 24 hours
  • Great but crashes. 3/5

    By MinecraftGirlyzGamerz
    This is a very good and challenging game. But this has happened twice so far, my worse crash in the game. The crash has happened when I was in one of the last houses and the game just reset. I was about to move to the mansion but then all of a sudden I had to restart. I did nothing except play, pressed quit and then the next day I wanted to play but I couldn’t because I had to reset my whole game. Not sure why, if you could try to fix this I would be very grateful!
  • Where my data 1/5

    By The unkown😎😎
    It took o my data what the hell I spent eight dollars just to get my data deleted.
  • Great Game but Saving Through Updates Never Occurs 4/5

    By Orson Krennic
    In version 1.3.0 when I entered my game I had expected to enter my old game. When I entered the main menu however the only option other than the settings and such that were blue was the New Game tab. All my data had been deleted! Other than that it is a fantastic game and needs very few minor tweaks after the not saving through updates is reworked.
  • Was a great game 3/5

    By BJA33
    It was a great game until the update and I lost my game that I didn’t finish and now I have to start with all over the.all my data and stuff gone my level my girlfriend I was almost finish with the game till y’all people took the game not to be rude sorry if that did
  • To hard, Too much game over 1/5

    By AintblasterThefirst
    This YT life is hard. You have to pay for your house. I keep on losing my subscribers because I need to do jobs and not making enough videos.

    By Superawsomekid125
    Look, overall, youtuber's life is an awesome game. Today, when I came to play it, I was excited because there was an Christmas update. So after it was done loading, all of my data on this game was gone. I had 2 saved games on there. One for my sister, and one for me. They were both gone. All that was available was options, quit, and new game. It looks like the update sucked all my data, a permanent glitch, or the game is just a rip off. I didn't even update the game, it was automatic. Unless you want to have a LOT of fun and subs on that game deleted, don't play.
  • Lost my progress 2/5

    By mountainfalcon15
    Lost my progress, had a team of 2 people working on videos, luxury apartment, 1 mil+ subs, and rank 53 in top youtubers after an update.
  • Such a great game 5/5

    By Hdhdbaloerhfvvccc
    I like this game a lot I would play this game if I was you it makes me feel like a real YouTuber!
  • This is a upsetting update 1/5

    By Skateingeek
    I got the new update and the game reset me to 0 subscribers and I had 200,000 subscribers
  • Twist 1/5

    By Curtisc45
    I absolutely loved this game, put countless hours into it and then I open it up today only to see that my game save is completely gone. I looked and seen that it installed an update today and I’m assuming that’s what did it. I hope the dev can fix this!!
  • Awesome game! Except about one thing… (and a question) 5/5

    By Dav Pilkey (fake)
    This app is great! But when I talk to people I don’t know what they like so they get mad at me and say they aren’t interested in it. And then my friendship level with them goes down! So, that’s bad… I recommend you just “give a gift” or “talk about the yacht” because they will like it! (P.S. is this game actually online? Because the developer is named “U-play online”, so I think it is online. Or is it the computer? Thanks.)
  • My level 2/5

    By grantTHEcool1
    I updated you tubers life to the Christmas update and all my progress is gone I didn’t expect that to happen in a game I paid 9 dollars for
  • ERASED SAVE? 1/5

    By Ur moms new boyfriend
    Wow all my progress was lost, I come home from school so happy to play and continue my progress, and boom it erased my progress, I’m super upset and this is not ok, please help😕
  • I would rate the game 5 star but... 4/5

    By Soooooooo fun!!!!
    So I updated the game and it deleted all of my progress and now I have to restart the whole entire thing ☹️ Plz fix others wise it is great
  • Super fun game but... 5/5

    By Romansmr2
    So I had so many subs in the game then it deleted all my data?!?! Am like WHAT man my sub in the game where all gone
  • Meh. 3/5

    By Madhog6
    If you are on the fence about buying this game, don’t do it. I was bored within 5 minutes. Basically pick card while making videos and do homework so your mom doesn’t ground you. Then when you move out you have to juggle a social life, work, school, and making videos.
  • Amazing game! But annoying glitch! 2/5

    By Jxjesjzsjsjs
    Edit: After updating the game, my save data from lvl 18 is gone. What a shame. Please help me.
  • Ugh 1/5

    By BeAwsime
    Everytime you update this app it resets all my progress all my stuff gone characters gone

    By SwesCheese
    This is such a great game.I play it so much.It is the best strategy game and simulation game!!!
  • This game is super awesome 5/5

    By DJK801
    I ❤️ this game it is so fun. I don’t seem to have any problems. I love the animation and the graphics so much. I really recommend this game. Hope you have a good time playing Youtubers Life
  • lol 5/5

    By Badland man 😎
    i start and when i did I went straight for girlfriend
  • Definietly Worth 5 Stars but a Few complaints 4/5

    By Fairy(Nickname)
    So,I’ve noticed that I lose subcribers WAY TOO fast and when I do,I definitely know that I won’t reach my goal of having 50k subscribers. Second,I think you should add more normal interactions to your friends on this app. I really don’t just wanna chat,or invite my friends to parties. Third,there should be more to the game because I spent 4.00$ on this game and all we do is make videos,go to events which are only parties and the movies,and interact with others.

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