Zero - Fasting Tracker

Zero - Fasting Tracker

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  • Current Version: 2.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Courtney Circle
  • Compatibility: Android
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Zero - Fasting Tracker App

Zero is a simple fasting tracker used for intermittent, circadian rhythm, and custom fasting. Choose your favorite fasting protocol and Zero will track your ongoing progress. Export your data to a spreadsheet for complete control. Zero supports the following fasting types: 16-Hour Intermittent Fast: Popularized by Hugh Jackman and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a fast to trim extra pounds. It is common to fast after dinner to around lunch the following day. Circadian Rhythm Fasting: Based on the research from Dr. Panda (Salk Institute), participants are encourage to fast 13 hours per day, starting each fast at or before sunset. Zero uses your location to calculate the daily sunset time for the best possible accuracy. Custom Fasting: Setup a custom program to meet your fasting goals. You choose your fasting hours per day, and days per week.


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Zero - Fasting Tracker app reviews

  • Simple 5/5

    By Ninja 1237
    It’s easy to use
  • Simple and beautiful 5/5

    By aditya_a_patil
    Perfect app for people starting out and continuing with IF. App by itself is very simple and beautifully made. Great job!
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Deewat
    So easy to use. This has been a big help. Thank you.
  • Simply amazing 5/5

    By kriscrosse
    Simple and easy to use and navigate 😊 thanks alot!
  • Needs Widget 4/5

    By KenD1980
    Love the app. Would easily be 5 stars if they added a Widget.
  • Couldn’t do it without it! 5/5

    By Atrainboydaddy
    Love the app! Wouldn’t be keep such a consistency without it!
  • Love it! 4/5

    By Whatev13
    It really is excellent! I do wish that you could select longer than 24 hour period though. I am glad there is a separate counting clock of sorts above your 24 hr mark. Great app for those doing IF or EF!
  • Can't see dials under "Remind me..." 1/5

    By bull_crapp
    6s on 10.3.3 "Remind me to start fasting"... Only a tiny horizontal portion of the numbers can be seen. You can tell you're moving the dials, but that's it. Five stars when fixed.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Robbass64
    Good app Very comprehensive
  • Inspiring 5/5

    By Pepper402
    Helps me stay on track!
  • Perfect 5/5

    By Sand and sea
    Simple, easy to edit, perfect for keeping track of fasting time.
  • Love it! 4/5

    By meg.j.bowen
    Love this app and the new update. Helps keep me motivated and on track with my fasting goals. Thank you so much for creating this app! I would love to see it allow you to add alarms that you can set up to remind you when your “feeding” window is done. I always forget to come back and say when I’ve started fasting again after my last meal.
  • Zero 5/5

    By Utah 24
    I really like this game I like how gives you option to make a cuisine fast if you don’t want to do the 23 or 16 hour fasts. And it helps you loose some weight because your not eating as much.
  • Awesome 4/5

    By timwitty
    Great app! Simple and designed well. Would only ask for a widget to start/stop the fast.
  • Great for Intermittent Fasting 5/5

    By Xootr
    I follow a keto diet and lifestyle and eat in an 8 hour window. Zero helps me track my 16 hour fasts. You can create a custom fast time period and then press Begin Fast when you’re done eating for the day. When you meet your goal, an alert pops up to let you know you have been successful. I am VERY grateful for this alert because I would probably forget to eat otherwise. My appetite has really diminished on keto, and since I’m a First Responder, I can’t risk rushing off to a emergency and suddenly realizing I’m famished and haven’t eaten in 20 hours (it’s happened and it SUCKZ). Zero helps me remember that I’ve given my body a rest from digestion and it’s time to refuel for the day’s adventures. I simply get my meal 🥓🥦🍳🥑☕️, press End Fast, and chow down. After dinner I just repeat the same steps. So simple and so effective 👍🏼
  • Simple fasting app with clean interface 5/5

    By giromide
    I’ve enjoyed using this app over the past three weeks, though I’ve been fasting intermittently alongside keto since August with my wife. The interface is simple and doesn’t get in the way of what I want to do. The export feature is easy to use. The lastest update includes a disclaimer, which is a professional move by the publisher. Please read it carefully. Don’t attempt the 16-hour fasts without careful study and speaking with a health care professional. Much of the science behind fasting is positive, but certain conditions may complicate. My one recommendation on improvement would be to add a widget for quick glances at fasting progress rather than being forced to jump in and out of the full app. Perhaps this could be a feature requiring payment.
  • How do I get my history? 5/5

    By Slazyk
    Need history
  • Want to extend beyond 24 hours 3/5

    By SPMarsh
    Would like to customize to 36 hours every other day
  • Annoying Review Reminders 1/5

    By DX2 Review
    This is a great app! It has a straightforward simple and clean interface. The reason for the one star review is it keeps prompting me to write a review every couple times I open the app and there’s no option to dismiss the annoying Reminders.
  • Great intermittent fasting tracker 4/5

    By Pson2787
    Overall the app helps me keep with my fasting regimen. I wish the app had more features such as notifications of when my fasting is over and when I should begin.
  • Good app but... 3/5

    By ladybugwonder
    It’s a good app for fasting. Easy to use love how it explains the science behind it. The one thing that would this great is if it had a timer for when fasting is stopped so you can also keep track of when your fasting and when your not.
  • Confusing 5/5

    By Lazthespaz
    A little confusing but helps when your on the same time frame all the time
  • Nice counter; suffices 3/5

    By LeyteWolf
    I’ve only used it for three days so far, so haven’t yet “earned” a week’s average, but it appears to meet the minimum metrics I’d need to challenge myself against my past fasts. However, I wish it had more metrics, such as monthly and annual averages, as well as other means to push and gauge my eating decisions. However, in my almost three days, I’ve been prodded to review the app 4 times, including the very first time I opened it. If I had had more time to evaluate it before the first prod, I’d probably know it better and provide a better review. However, I’m doing it now hopping the review prods will stop. If they don’t, I’ll try another app.
  • Effective! 5/5

    By BlueSkySanderson
    Super simple. And super effective. Perfect.
  • A good timer 4/5

    By MGP1910
    It would be great if to include a countdown clock so you can easily see how much time before the next meal.
  • Fun to use 5/5

    By C.Frederickson
    Wish they would add calorie tracker or something to expand the app.
  • Solid fasting tracker! 4/5

    By Ayla.
    I love that it gives you scientific knowledge around fasting, along with the daytime calculation to promote eating around circadian rhythm. However, it’d be great if there were an option to have a notification sent to remind you when to begin fasting/stop fasting or a every-other-hour update or something along those lines :) overall a great app with an aesthetic interface and solid value.
  • Must Have 5/5

    By Latin King Pin
    Basic but Powerful!
  • Great tool for intermittent fasting 5/5

    By Bumgrappler
    Easy way to keep track of fasting
  • Simple and easy. 5/5

    By Kochomo
    A very simple and easy way to track my fasting. Exactly what I was looking for.
  • Needs to sync among devices 3/5

    By Laruex3
    I just downloaded this app and it looks like it will be very helpful for timing purposes, but I may end up ditching it bc it won’t sync between my iOS devices. I use my phone and my iPad fairly equally - typically use my iPad more, but use my phone when I need portability- for apps that require data entry. Bc there is no syncing ability, I would need to enter my data on both devices each time; that kind of defeats the purpose of an app created for convenience. I’ll give it a try, but really wish I could share data between devices.
  • Just a good time keeper 3/5

    By Stlgirl03
    It keeps the time for ya that’s about it, if you are looking for something more this is not it, you could just us the timer on your phone.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By fab4freak1
    I love this app so much it’s so helpful and I’m super glad you can add the exact time you started your fast even if it was a few hours ago. Super helpful and convenient because it notifies you when to start and stop it!
  • Absolutely... 5/5

    By Btmeadors
    I absolutely love the app, however I would like to recommend adding in the ability to make your custom fasts longer than 24 hours. Specifically for those people who love doing longer fasts, such as 36, 48 and 72 hours. I myself am a big advocate of longer fasting, however the moment I got my iPhone, I knew I wanted this app. The sunset counter is amazing and the app is beautiful. But again, I’d love to be able to track and be notified of fasts longer than 24 hours. Seeing the pop up say that my fast is up is the most satisfying feeling in the world. Thank you for such an amazing app and keep up the good work!
  • Accountability 5/5

    By Cessia48
    Definitely keeps me on track!
  • Love love it 5/5

    By Hayder Adil
    Very good. And it keeps you in track in the days you’re feeling a bit hungry, and it makes you proud of your achievement on the days you’re feeling like fasting. Great tool. Download it if you’re into IF
  • Need it on the Apple Watch 3/5

    By Biggest balls of em all
    Please add to the Apple Watch...JS
  • Useful, but doesn’t display correctly 3/5

    By BrokenDMSS
    I like the simplicity of this app and will continue to use it, but it needs a better way of reflecting fasts that go beyond 24 hours. It is very beneficial to throw in an occasional 48 hour fast, but if I begin my fast on Sunday and break it on Wednesday (easy to do if 48 hours ends in middle of night), then app show that I fasted on Sunday and Wednesday, but not Monday or Tuesday. True, it shows that I had REALLY long fast on Sunday, but that’s not the best way to represent what occurred. I would prefer that it shows the fast across the three days.
  • Needs a few more tweeks !! 3/5

    By Marcee574
    I really can see this app going far it needs a few things added though like more than24 hr fast some people go longer than this time and it’s missing achievement awards for when you do hit that mark.Also it can use dates also and it can use a beginning weight and ending weight goal come on ZERO know you can do it and last but not least still keep it very simple 😀
  • So far so good 5/5

    By Stiletto-go
    I like that I can keep track at my convenience.
  • Needs more features but nice and simple 4/5

    By Will I am ruiz
    Title says it all. Definitely good for the ketogenic diet.
  • A super simple way to keep your fasting on track 5/5

    By Scweiss1
    Zero isn't perfect, but it's so simple it deserves 5⭐️! If you want an easy way to see if you've completed your fast for the day, check out zero.
  • Good App Would Pay for a Premium Version 5/5

    By Rowan74
    This app is nice, I like the look, it’s clean and beautiful. For a free app it’s five stars. It’s working great helping me keep track of my 16:8. But I’d really like to see a Premium version that has a programmable calendar so I could plan longer fasts or even just time them. I’m looking at the occasional 5:2 so I can get the health benefits of the longer fasts plus I have plenty of weight to loose. Also I’d like a count down to eating. There are other inexpensive apps that do this, they just don’t look as nice and clean as this one.
  • Needs a timer to notify when 8 hours is up & when it's time to start fasting again 4/5

    By DylanFire
    Needs a timer to notify when 8 hours is up & when it's time to start fasting again
  • What more would I need? 5/5

    By Lucky1772
    Does what I want with no fuss!
  • Extras 4/5

    By Extras Please
    It would be nice to have an alert before you should begin your fast each evening and when its ending the next day. Also a point system for the days you reach your goal yourself. You could score yourself each time you push end. Something you could fill out for yourself at the beginning. A quick journal of what you would like to achieve. Commit to 1,2,4,6 weeks etc. Thank you! CLK
  • Can be much better 2/5

    By Lector05
    Is a good application. But can include more options. Share with friends, fast together, register body fat% and body dimensions.
  • Great, but... 5/5

    By cpacfeguy
    ...a widget to control the timer would make it even more impressive...
  • Good app 5/5

    By Mr.Republican
    App does what it’s supposed to. No bugs.
  • Love the Simplicity 4/5

    By capcolorado
    I have used this app (almost) since the release. I love the simplicity. --One bug I noticed that I hope gets fixed. I will press "start fast" and then the next day it seems to reset or "forget" that I started my fast. Consequently, I also have to start fast the next day, edit the time to reflect when I started the previous night (the best I can remember), then end the fast immediately to track accurately. --Would love some integration with apps like MyFitnessPal...

Zero - Fasting Tracker app comments


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