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  • Current Version: 1.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Ketchapp
  • Compatibility: Android
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ZigZag App

Stay on the wall and do as many zigzags as you can! Just tap the screen to change the direction of the ball. Try not to fall off the edges! How far can you go?


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ZigZag app reviews

  • Nope 1/5

    By Danceamanic
    I hate this game soooooo much, not just because it gets me mad but it glitches and makes adds pop up in the middle of the game. Don’t buy the game it is a monkey
  • DO NOT GET 1/5

    By AG🤓
    terrible game. Wouldn’t recommend. It’s very glitchy. BUTTTTTT, it also has way too many ads. I was at at 204 on zigzag and an ad for color switch cane up and I died. Do not get this game!!! It’ll give u cancer and 3rd degree burns
  • Entertaining🤯👾🤖👻 5/5

    By Mason🤑🔥
    One of The coolest and entertaining game I’ve ever played

    By JLAB1
    I rated this game a 1 star because it puts adds in front of your screen while your playing! Also it gets very frustrating and difficult my high score is only 5 not just because of the adds but I get so mad that I chuck my phone at the wall and I have broke the screen before..... this is not the games fault so I would not get it if you get mad and frustrated easy if your go with the flow enjoy the game if its possible to enjoy
  • Zigzag 4/5

    By Player number 1638474
    This game is so good but it's cind of hard work but I'm getting better at it bye
  • Addictive 5/5

    By lovelypupling
    This is a great app I love to beat my scores My score is currently 106 I highly recommend this app
  • Awesome app!!!!❤️❤️❤️ 4/5

    By teagantatertot
    This game is so addictive!!! I could play it all day!!! The only problem is that there are WAY too many adds. There is a new video or picture of an advertisement about every four try’s. It gets really annoying and the same adds play MULTIPLE times!!! But overall it’s an AMAZING app!!!❤️❤️😍😍😁😁
  • Fun game 1/5

    By Kayedence
    Its a fun game but an ad pop up during the game and I was at 207
  • The adds 2/5

    By Girl of weird names
    Gluten free games are better!
  • Good! 3/5

    By Too many!!!
    Believe me when I say it’s a great game!! But..... it can sometimes glitch up on me here and there. There is also some adds popping up on me to, it’s just adds for other games like this one though. So you can decide to get this app or to not get this app.
  • Zig-zag 4/5

    By Anna_banana8202
    I like this game a lot. And I play it everyday. But i do not like the ads. They pop up in the middle of the game and it’s very annoying. Also it’s very laggy, like when I go in to the game it either freezes or I have to turn of my phone and it still glitches. I love the app just these things need to be fixed. Also if u could add something like I can save myself if you pay a certain amount of diamonds just a suggestion.
  • We'll it's okay 1/5

    By Zomgypv12
    First of all you need to have a lot of patience to play this Second of all it's hard Third don't play
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Kellyswagger
    I’m sitting in class really bored doing maths I I just play this game and it really is a time killer, I start playing next thing you know class is over. It’s addictive and just fun to play great job on this game
  • Freezing 2/5

    By Havoc6191904
    Great game. Freezing a lot though.
  • Great game 5/5

    By 114632783377272
    Could y’all add like something like levels on the game but overall it AWESOME
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Jaaziel Coreas
    this game is mad funn 💪👌
  • Fun game 5/5

    By Iceychill
    Definitely keeps me distracted.
  • Cool Game! 4/5

    By Ava 63
    I think it’s a cool game and helps kill time. I wish that there wasn’t so many ad’s though. Overall, I think it’s a fun game.
  • Too laggy 1/5

    By Cooltoni6470
    It was too laggy and had to many adds
  • Seriously 1/5

    By fixitmobile
    This game is too glitchy every time I play it freezes after I get to 50 and I die fix it
  • Awesome but many problems 4/5

    By DracoM1
    This game is great and so addicting. There are a few problems tho. When I play in the middle of a run adds pop up and I die. It's also very laggy and shuts off randomly. Over all it's a pretty good app.
  • BIG fall 1/5

    By adrock1970
    You can do nothing on it,it doesn’t make any sense,and bad to play whit friend on the game
  • I hate adds🙄🙄 1/5

    By lala world🤑🤑😜
    I hate it when you are playing an add popped up and made you loose.
  • Game skips frames during gameplay 1/5

    By TheRealSProject
    Its constantly lagging and now Im getting ads in the middle of a game which cause the gameplay to skip frames due to the interference and not only that it makes you fail when its a pop up ad. I was on one of the best runs I had and was rudely interrupted by an ad and my ball ran off course.
  • Booooooooooooo 5/5

    By zahaaaaaa
    I love game I played every day
  • It's okay 3/5

    By gomezlkenia
    It's an okay game I think I just need to get the hang of it
  • Get this app now!!!😁👌 4/5

    By madeleine nicole s
    I love this app because it is super cute and a great way to pass time. The only flaw is that if your not very good, or if your in a moving vehicle, it gets boring after a while.(at least it does for me!) But this app is great and you should definitely purchase this app! Oh wait! It's FREE!!!!!
  • Why not to create this game 2/5

    By Jovi1st
    I don’t see the objective in this game. The first star is for trying and the second star is for that it is a game
  • Worst Game Ever 1/5

    By WuseMajor
    I died five times right after pressing go because there was nothing to tell me what to do and touching anywhere on the surface rolls the ball right off a cliff before I could react. Terrible controls, terrible level design, will never play again.
  • This game is alright🆒💯💤❤️ 4/5

    By cool biy🆒💯🆒💯🆒
    This game could be better than it is. Not being nasty or mean that is my option.
  • Addicting as most tap games 5/5

    By dandada1996
    Ads aren't too intrusive and doesn't hinder my gameplay, overall good game, keeps you busy on slow days
  • Minor issues 5/5

    By #26bestie
    The game is so fun but there’s one issue why do you make it so difficult to play.this game is definitely not my favorite game but it is one of them.there so much fun games to play and pick the one that you like best and if you download a game that you don’t like you can just delete it"
  • Good game 5/5

    By Candycorn😂😂😂
    Good game that is fun for boredom whenever, with fun new balls to unlock this game keeps you hooked. I recommend this game to anyone who wants a friendly free game with minimum advertisements.
  • Boooo this is a HACK 1/5

    By Micro GEEK 93
    I almost got hacked from this game. Here's the story: On the day my aunt let me get this game I was super excited I did a flip(I'm an expert gymnast). But when I played three rounds of super fun games and got a score of 60, this random ad played for five seconds then it took me to "the creator's hack world!" His username on ROBLOX is poopheadhack649. He told me to "give me your account" and then held up a sign with blood and a head pinned to it! I was almost hacked so I shut the app out and immediately deleted it! In conclusion do not get this game or you will get hacked.
  • Cool 5/5

    By EmFra789
    This game is so fun that's all I can say
  • Zig zag 3/5

    By Stevens 784
    Sooooo glitchy!!! It won’t even let me play! Good game wish I could play it.
  • I like but... 5/5

    By this is an really good game
    I love it so much but can you add something like obstacles and a stop button that would make the game way better and cool and so so so so good
  • Nig 1/5

    By eelnoynac
  • So awesome 😻😻😻 5/5

    By Walking daily
    OMG this game is so much fun and I love it so much it is always going to be awesome and fun for me and to everyone who loves it to 👍👍👍👌🏻👌🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Copy 2/5

    By Fhhdjeikakhrhf
    This is obviously a copy of dancing line so come up with things in your own mind but the game is so hard and it needs to be a little easier I give all other apps 5 stars because they are fun and time killers this one not so much so DO NOT get this game I repeat DO NOT get this game seriously it is so hard and I’ve only played it for a day and ads keep popping up in the middle of my game so I just keep it on my phone if I’m calm enough to play it BUT GUESS WHAT..... I NEVER DO. Never ever get this game unless you like being frustrated and hard games then this is the game for you buttt if you have anger issues or if you hate dancing line or you hate getting mad then don’t don’t get this game I hate it take it off the AppStore #terriblegame
  • Love it! 4/5

    By Monaspa
    I love this game's quality! It is best! The ball is moving where i want! But..... ADS! This is annoying me so much! If you will make it better, this game will be the BEST in the world!😊😊😊
  • Super fun 5/5

    By happyfeet33599
    I love this game. It is the game I look forward to every night before I can go to bed. The best part it is challenging and fun those 2 are the best things you need to have in a game. So that is why I love it
  • This game is so much fun 5/5

    By Afjndhdhsnjzidbdhjd
    I love playing zigzag when I'm pooping
  • It’s a good time killer game 3/5

    Recommend to get this game

    I frfr love this game. Like I spend sm time on it like omg it's j to die for😍
  • beeeeeeest gameeee❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕😘😍😍 5/5

    By ❤️Martha❤️
    It is my favourite game.some people thinks that this game is impossible but it is very easy:))))) 💕❤️
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Princess fergi
    It's horrible it should be taken down
  • Love it!😍 5/5

    By StaticSparkle
    Love this game! There are adds but it's still great!👍🏻 I was addicted!❤️ I think I might have had the same problem a while ago with adds coming up in my game while I was playing making me lose but I don't quite remember, I think so.
  • 5 stars 5/5

    By vballAB
    This game is really fun and making you always want to beat your high score ... I love this game
  • Love this game 5/5

    By BreKan1234
    Love the game hate the lag. If the problem was fixed I'm sure more people would love it and find it addictive too.

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