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Zipcar App

Zipcar. Wheels when you want them. - Drive cars by the hour or day. Gas & insurance included - In neighborhoods, cities and airports across the globe - Save hundreds over car ownership - Choose from sedans, hybrids, vans and more - Available in dozens of cities and more than 8 countries around the globe JOIN Download and apply now! Once approved, we will mail you a Zipcard to access vehicles across the globe. RESERVE Use the app to book a Zipcar for a couple hours or the whole day. DRIVE! Go! When your time is almost up, return the car to the same reserved parking spot. Then you are all done! If you have any issues joining or using the app, please go to Privacy notice: Membership contract:


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  • Terrible upgrade 1/5

    By ozidecuritiba
    The app doesn't show my reservation. Now I want to upgrade my reservation but it doesn't recognize that I have a zip car with me right now. So. Whoever is the CEO on this company and whoever is in charge of this app has no clue at all of what they are doing. Beautiful company but no clue at all of how to handle/take care business
  • The App 1/5

    By QueenBayla
    The App keeps saying request failed (404)
  • Regret Signing Up 1/5

    By Dldrapiza
    First, no customer service at all with the exception of a phone call. No email, no mailing address, they don't like visitors in the offices. You will most likely take two weeks to get a card. The cars are dirty. Really I still haven't gotten my card....waiting.... already using car2go and ReachNow instead. Honestly too much commitment for little gain; I'd divorce immediately or better yet leave zipcar at the alter.
  • Love Zipcar, hate the app 1/5

    By mpalomba3
    I just started using zip car and I'm very happy with the service but the mobile app needs a complete overhaul. It runs like an app that was developed for the iPhone 4. It's slow, glitchy, and very unintuitive. It's also very basic and for a business a large as zip car the app should be much better. Please overhaul this app, I use zip car 3-4 times a week and the app is by far the worst part!
  • App is not working 1/5

    By sehrrot
    I cannot login into this app. How can this be fixed?
  • Worst App and Rudest Customer Service 1/5

    By flurg23
    God, I wish there was an alternative to Zipcar but there isn't so I'm stuck with the worst app on the planet and the rudest customer service reps who never seem to be able to help or want to fix the situation. The app NEVER works and when I call for help, I get such rude responses and most reps are actually mean people. One day, I truly hope that a competitor wipes out Zipcar and understands the importance of treating customers with respect.
  • Please help! 1/5

    By Ahsmdnfhfn
    I just joined zipcar and wrote down the password to my account wrong so I couldn't get in. I was happy when I saw they had a reset password button, however I've tried it numerous times, but it isn't sending me an email to let me reset it. I tried emailing their support email but it has been discontinued and I have no idea what to do now.
  • No tablet version 1/5

    By CookieMonsterYikes!
    In 2017.
  • Worst app -- it was a bad app and the upgrade made it unusable 1/5

    By Eab
    The app does not work (screen don't load, showing blank page instead of where the car lives, etc) Seriously they should QA the app before submitting to the Apple Store.
  • Terrible App and Customer Service 1/5

    By Mackin22
    Been using Zipcar for years, such a great service it's hard not to. But the app is just terrible, it regularly does not work properly. I have a reservation coming up tomorrow, but my app says no upcoming reservations. Also, customer service is beyond terrible. Worst experience was I got to the lot, and my car wasn't there. Called Zipcar, and they informed me the last driver had to leave the car in a parking spot a few blocks away. If they knew that, WHY DIDNT THEY INFORM ME? When the company makes a mistake, they never offer free driving or a discount.
  • Worst Service Ever 1/5

    By Dffdc
    The cars are never in the lots!
  • Bring back report damage in app 3/5

    By Perdue Devore
    As titled - for some reason they removed the most important feature from current version
  • Truly the worst. Great story tho. 1/5

    By davegare
    I have spent the last year trying to get Zipcar's terrible accounting office to remove an $800 charge that I never made. I've had it removed 3 times only to reappear the next month. I look back on my history with Zipcar and realized I only successfully got a car with them 50% of time. There was always a problem on their side. And the support was surly and unhelpful. I missed family parties, concerts and day trips because of them. Needless to say you should cut up your zip card so you are never tempted to use it again. There are plenty of others. Save yourself.
  • Customer Service is Almost Non-Existent 1/5

    By The Trendaholic
    I have a simple issue with billing that needs to be changed in order to renew my membership. Still, more than 2-weeks later, the issue hasn't been resolved. Worse than that, I've only been able to chat with someone on Twitter, one message at a time, sent in random times of the day. No calls, no emails. Zipcar customer service is the WORST. I'm beginning to wonder if the whole operation is run by a handful of people in a basement somewhere in Boston.
  • Too expensive. 1/5

    By zcksmll
    They advertise cars at $7/hr, but I haven't found one near me at that price. They're actually more like $10/hr and $11/hr. That is too expensive, and I will be cancelling my membership.
  • Has its perks 3/5

    By Iphneteam
    Can be very convenient
  • More expensive than a regular car rental 1/5

    By ginseng beba 7g
    Advertised rates are bogus; You'll really be paying about $15/hr. Can't find a car around me for less than that.
  • Worse support, can't see my upcoming reservations 1/5

    By EricGlaenzer
    I have been using Zipcar for a while now, although the service works great, I wish the app was better, how comes I can't see my up coming reservations when I have booked one car at 2pm and I do check for it at 11am the same day? Also I couldn't find a way from the app to extend my reservation because I was stuck in a traffic jam! I am a veteran in mobile app development and I can't believe you released such a broken feature! Give me the code and I'll fix for you!
  • Doesn't work!!!! 1/5

    By Commander Chilly
    When you put the correct credentials. It will constantly say that the user name or account number doesn't exist. This is absolutely ridiculous! They want users to use the app, but yet it won't allow us to log in. Unbelievable!
  • Worst Customer Service (-⭐️). Horrible App 1/5

    By nonZipcarMemeber
    The last month have been the worst experience. Does not matter how long you been a loyal member with them.
  • Review of latest update 7/30 1/5

    By Nekko B.
    This app has worked very well since I've been a Zipp-uh back in 2014. This latest update however continues to say there is no connection when I'm connected and will not allow login at all. Please review this bug.
  • Zipcard mix-up! 1/5

    By Yossarian23
    Signed up for their service, received someone else's zipcard in the mail! Fantastic.
  • The worst car sharing experience!! 1/5

    By ocean385842
    I rented a Zipcar yesterday and it was out of gas in less than 1 mile!! I couldn't even drive to the gas station!! I was stuck in the middle of a busy road in downtown Seattle for 3 hours waiting for the towing company to deliver gas!! I asked Zipcar if I could leave the car to the towing company and find another car. They said if I leave the car, it's called abandon the car and I'll be fined!!! They said I need to stay with the car since I drove it out of the parking lot!!! They didn't even refund or apologize!! What a terrible experience!! I was in a hurry to get to other places!! The app needs to show fuel percentage of each car and send out low gas warnings!!!
  • Worst Customer Service ON THE WEB 1/5

    By jasdogJamesS
    I have driven with Zipcar for years at this point. Both in Ann Arbor, MI and in Tallahassee, FL were my experiences just as terrible. When calling customer service, they will only restate policies to you instead of actually solving your issues. In particular, Caesar, the head of customer service, has no one above him to help you solve your issue. So, he simply just keeps repeating himself to you. His inferiors, such as Xavier, barely understand how the company works, misread information to you, and will try to overcharge you. Additionally, their gas cards almost NEVER work or get stolen. You must then pay for the gas and Zipcar will "reimburse" you. Except, they might not. And even so, they'll charge you if you return the car with low gas, EVEN IF YOU REPORT THE CARD MISSING DAYS PRIOR and THEYVE STILL NOT REPLACED IT! I highly recommend using another app. The customer accusatory tone of the "face" of this companies customer service is demeaning and is only there for the company to try to charge you more money. I hope Zipcar improves its customer service and gas card issues. If not, I will be leaving the company soon. It's not worth your peace of mind, time, money, patience, or respect (as they certainly won't respect you). Shame. :/
  • Buggy but still worth it 2/5

    By Infamous G
    This is one of the buggier / glitchier apps on my phone. I'm constantly reporting issues, logging out and logging back in, etc. That said, I still find it a valuable on-the-go way to manage my Zipcar reservations (provided it ends up working in the end). I wish they'd test it a bit more and or release updates more frequently.
  • Can't login 1/5

    By Dcgjfgi
    I created a new account and then on the login screen I tried to enter my password. But it is showing an error "request failed: not found". I am able to login on the computer. Also I tried deleting the app and reinstalling.
  • App works fine, Customer service is Great 5/5

    By Snkrholik
    I been with Zip car for a little over a Year now, and have rented several cars, there were hiccups here and there such as, Cars being returned late, mechanical issues or the car not being in the lot at all, but Customer is awesome and always handled my issues quickly, by either putting me into another rental or sometimes even giving me a small or large credit on my bill for my trouble in some cases. Zip car has made my traveling such a stress free breeze around NYC. I got one more thing to say though, Zip car, Where are the premium vehicles ???!!!! It's about time !
  • Worst app I've ever used 1/5

    By Sfkaos
    I would summarize the issues I have with the app but I don't have that kind of time. Too busy looking for a car to rent on another service that actually works.
  • A fantastic service though expensive 4/5

    By tealtea
    As a NYC resident, I rely on Zipcar instead of dealing with the hassle of ownership. It's wonderful! I just wish it was cheaper... but the convenience can't be beat.
  • Cannot log in 1/5

    By moe468764321
    The app keeps me from log in! I'm doing okey on the website. But the app keeps tell me that the user can not be found. Fix it please
  • First Experience 1/5

    By Princesslitta
    Today was my first experience with Zipcar. When I got to my destination I use my card per the directions and it didn't work. I call Zipcar customer service and I found out after the fact the car battery was dead and this was upsetting b/c, I was not notified ahead of time. The customer service representative was HORRIBLE and was just disrespectful.
  • One Way? 2/5

    By Scan User
    Where is the one-way option? says "You can reserve more flexible Zipcars in the one-way tab of the Zipcar app," but this does not exist.
  • Please fix!!! 1/5

    By Mike6294
    Latest update is unusable, just freezes and crashes. Please fix ASAP
  • Help system uses webframe 1/5

    By Twiho
    Impossible to get reimbursed for fuel; the link to call customer support is buggy
  • Call Zipcar button doesn't work 1/5

    By bsdfm
    So much about the app just doesn't work. I miss when this was a competitive category.
  • Awful app, especially compared to competitors 1/5

    By Saucepolicy
    The Zipcar app rarely works as intended, more often than not telling me I have no reservations when I do, or not allowing me to see details/ extend current reservations. Customer service options when out on the road are limited, and you even have to dig around for the "call zipcar" button, which should be front and center. Absolutely worthless, going to the website is a bad mobile experience but at least it works.
  • Still need physical card to start rental 2/5

    By spraypaintedgold
    It's still a requirement to use the card to initiate rentals. Even though the technology to securely authenticate drivers has been on iPhones for many years now.
  • What the f happened w zip car? 1/5

    By BoaHahahaha
    One way doesn't work anymore. There is cars all around the city and none of them appear in th city anymore!
  • One way 2/5

    By Juliekim
    One way functionality doesn't work after the update.
  • It's only okay 2/5

    By =ㅇㅅㅇ=
    App crashes so often, the price don't show. There is no my account or past booking or payment history.
  • Is ok but not worth it in NYC 2/5

    By ElcompiNYC
    I don't think as of now is the best thing to use in New York .. they don't have one way use.. my story: I got of work late one night in queens and did not wanted to take the train and Uber was like 70 to Brooklyn .. a friend said use Zipcar so I try it little did I know once I got to Brooklyn and park the car is when I found out that the car had to go back to the place I pick up from .. so I had to rent the car for another hour and drive the car back to queens and them take the train home anyway .. I was piss as heck and said to myself what a waste .. the funny thing is I work the next day so I could drive the car back the n Ct day and they told it was going to be $189 to keep the car over night and drive it back in the morning .. they need one more one way trip here in New York to grow bigger here ..
  • Helpful 5/5

    By Cole Virgil Cole
    Always allows me to get around in cities where I travel!
  • Zipcar is a great service, but the app needs work 2/5

    By Dorseph
    The app does what it needs to, but it is incredibly buggy. Many options just don't work, it crashes, and you need to type in your password every time you open it up.
  • WARNING!! 1/5

    By DJ Freko
    WARNING!! My review concentrates on the company's MARKETING GIMMICKS (in reservations or Ziptrips), their many HIDDEN FEES, the fact that Zipcar (Avis Budget Group--parent company) [on] misleads the member/client (by increasing the actual quoted rates at the time of booking) and their USE, SALES AND/OR OTHER TAX DISCLOSURE PRACTICES where Zipcar does not mention/disclose/calculate any USE, SALES AND/OR OTHER TAXES until the final bill hits your bank card/account (and you've already spent your valuable time going through the so many HURDLES and HIDDEN FEES). There seems to be NO TRUTH OR HONESTY in their practices. It is definitely reflected also on the reviews of other members who have fallen for Zipcar's traps. The following is a list of some of their HIDDEN FEES for their most basic plan in NYC/S. It actually reminds me of other bad apples, like Verizon's or TimeWarnerCable's actual service bills: WARNING!! DO NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH ZIPCAR: After 30 days you'll will not be refunded for the Insurance ($79/Year Complete Waiver) and Annual Fee ($65.33), even if it's a new account or you only rented once and later found out you've been deceived. Occasional Driving Plan Actual Rates And Fees When Trying to Book a Car as a Member [Not Advertised or Reviewed Rates]: (BEFORE NY MCT District Supplemental Rental Tax: 5%) (BEFORE NY Passenger car rental tax: 6%) (BEFORE NY City/State Sales Tax: 8.88%) Annual Fee: $65.33 Cancellation Fee: Up to full trip amount *Daily Rate: $144 - $316 Damage Fee: $79/year for a Complete Waiver Excess Mileage Fee: $0.45/mile (after 180 included miles) *Hourly Rate: $14 - $21 Late Fee: $50/hr ($150 max) Low Fuel Fee: $30 No-Show Fee: Full trip amount One-Time Sign Up Fee: $25 *Most of their cars DO NOT have a daily rate. CALCULATE IT ALL AND YOU'LL BE SO DISCOURAGED THAT YOU'LL END-UP BUYING YOUR OWN CAR INSTEAD...
  • Hardly any information available 1/5

    By Mel24joe
    In my app can't see previous reservations or billing for those reservations. None of my rentals have shown up in the reservations tab as "current reservations". So when it came time to return my vehicle with moments to spare, was driving around trying to remember where the lot was because there was no record of my current reservation on the app. Which also didn't allow me to extend my reservation without calling in. Was not at all efficient. The rep said "maybe you need to update your app." Nope, didn't help.
  • New York One-Way??? 1/5

    By realjumboslice
    NY'ers want 1) one-way rentals, with 2) street parking. When on earth are you going to get yourselves together? Give us the same product as Car2Go (one-way, with street parking), you'll put them out of business. Running out of time!
  • Trash 1/5

    By Gageusownvagzdjk
    The app is trash; lots of bugs, super slow, and none of the customer service options work. The gas card has never worked for me or any of my friends. Once, I reserved a car, and it wasn't there for 20 mins because the people were late. Zipcar refused to refund me. Another time, the car had been in an accident, and no one had bothered to update that once I reserved it, so again, waited for a car for 20 Minutes that never showed up. I was told I would get a "credit on my account" -not a reimbursement, mind you- and then they charged me anyway. DONT GET THIS GARBAGE. JUST DONT DO IT. As soon as lyft comes to my town I'm ditching this.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Tigs12354
    Customer service is easily one of the worst I've ever spoken to. They are rude and condescending people. Zipcar also has shady business practices. All the times I tried using them something went wrong. Stay away and save your money!!!
  • ?? 5/5

    By Joanneanner
    Im not sure where all these negative reviews came from. I used the app and it was working fine. I had 0 problem driving and coming back. Definitely plan on using it more.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Bean-jelly
    The service is trash and the app is laughable at best. Never received a zipcard even though they said they sent me one, and customer service is a waste of time and brain cells.

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