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Zipcar App

With the free Zipcar app, you can find cars and vans in your neighborhood and across the globe—and (if you’re a member) reserve and unlock them, too. Gas, insurance, mileage, and dedicated parking are included in every reservation. Download the app now. The open road awaits! 9 GREAT THINGS MEMBERS CAN DO WITH THE APP: 1) Reserve a Zipcar by the hour or day 2) Choose from a variety of vehicles—sedans, hybrids, vans, and more 3) Sort cars by available time, make, and model 4) View your upcoming reservations 5) Get directions to your Zipcar  6) Easily locate your reserved Zipcar by honking its horn  7) Unlock and lock your Zipcar  8) Tap to speak to the friendly local Zipcar team 9) Change, extend, or cancel reservations on the go ABOUT ZIPCAR Zipcar is the world’s leading car-sharing network, driven by a mission to enable simple and responsible urban living. With its wide variety of self-service vehicles available by the hour or day, Zipcar brings freedom, flexibility, and convenience to urban areas and university campuses in over 500 cities and towns across Canada, France, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Zipcar is a subsidiary of Avis Budget Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: CAR), a leading global provider of vehicle rental services. More information is available at NOT A MEMBER YET? Download the app to see which Zipcars live near you and learn more about the service. Then join to reserve, honk, and unlock Zipcars with your iPhone. To hear what current members are saying and join the conversation, find us on Facebook or Twitter (@Zipcar). To learn more about Zipcar or to sign up, visit WHAT NOW? Join our million members and give us a try! Let us know what you think, tell a friend, and rate us, too.


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  • Rent from zipcar: recipe for thanksgiving fiasco 1/5

    By no turkey
    So I rent from the same zipcar parking lot for 2 years and I reserved this one for thanksgiving one month in advance. Family's with me with plenty of food and packages in hand and ready to zip to our family dinner and the car doesn't open with the zipcar card. They can't do anything to help centrally, and offer a cargo van with 2 seats for my family of 4. Nice fit eh? thx zipcar for turning a fantastic holiday into a anxiety producing experience. And the agent is given nothing to help turn this experience around. Can't wait to write a presidential complaint letter to the exec who I'm sure is having an anxiety free thanksgiving.
  • Update is terrible 1/5

    By AllyseChaigneau
    Been using Zipcar for almost 3 years and i love the service but this update it honestly the worst! Change it back. Please!
  • Where are the one way reservations?? 1/5

    By Stephenba
    Just signed on to an updated app and can’t find one way reservations anywhere. The other version was so easy to use! Bring it back!
  • New update has awful UX/UI 1/5

    By Jwzrd
    So Zipcar updated their UI and at first I was like oh cool a face lift but I quickly realized this was an awful change. Everything that was so easy before to do is either removed or hard to find. Renting cars is now a tedious process and changing the reservation is not as straight forward as it should be. These two things are the most important features of Zipcar but it seems like some UX designer thought having an enormous map was what customers need. I could honestly go on an entire rant about this new update, but just leave your old app if you haven't updated yet. Also you can't change payment info from the app anymore
  • New interface is awful!! 1/5

    By Musicianne
    What’s new? Everything! And that’s the problem. The new interface is not intuitive or user friendly. It is practically impossible to search - want to change one parameter? Everything gets reset. Want to see rental cost up front? The display is inconsistent. Want to save a favorite location? Can’t do it on the my account screen. Tedious to use on a phone. Practically impossible to use on a tablet. New is not always better. And in this case, definitely not.
  • Much worse than prior app 1/5

    By Jhtmmmmmm
    Can’t find how to extend reservation!
  • Zipcar blues 1/5

    By JFortino
    Zipcar NEVER follows up on any emails/complaints/concerns...especially when they OVERCHARGE you. You are basically screwed when trying to get $$ back or to even just address the issue. They have the worst follow up - 0% in 2 years of zipping
  • Update is terrible 1/5

    By Ttboston
    They took a perfectly fine app and made it significantly harder and slower to use. I question if any of their product managers actually use this junk they came up with.
  • Crash test dummy 1/5

    By alisonstrategy
    Sorry Zipcar, you’ve really hit a roadblock with this new update. The look is sleek & shiny as a new Mercedes but it’s functionality is as clunky as a Pinto. Favorite location is gone along with the ability to book several daily reservations in a row without having to start all over once a trip is booked. Too much information shown now as well – if I want all that, I’ll go to the web view. Too many detours make this app stall.
  • Terrible not an improvement 1/5

    By Eff&ARR
    Worst update ever! You can’t report damages or any car issues or maintenance when needed. Zipcar Should focus more on the features instead of a new look. The app was fine how it was.
  • What happened to One-Way Zips?? 2/5

    By Peabodie
    I live in the metro Washington, DC area and have loved the ability to use one-ways Zipcars. Lately it’s been impossible to find one and the new app doesn’t even appear to have the option. Please bring one-way cars back!!!
  • Are you design the APP without brain? 1/5

    By 🎡么么哒
    worst version ever used
  • Pretty update, missing essential feature 2/5

    By andrewed
    The redesigned Zipcar app is gorgeous and addresses some the issues that made the outdated older app frustrating to use. It falls flat, however, in the most important interface in the app—the car reservation menus. It is nearly impossible to tell when cars are free. As much as I enjoy the game of zipcar roulette that ensues (is that little line... 6:30? 7:30? I guess I could just count the lines from midnight...), I sorely miss being able to directly select free times on the time graph.
  • Doesn’t make user experience easier 1/5

    By Star-rating@@@
    The user experience before was much better because it was easier to see the times a car is available and you can block the time you need the car from timeline. Now you have to do it from that scrolling calendar scheduler thing and unless you have really good eyes (I don’t), it will take you a few tries to reserve a car on a free slot. Can you bring back the old timeline feature please?
  • On way rides 3/5

    By Snackbardan
    Unclear if this feature still exists in select cities. Would really like for this to come back!!
  • App update horrible 1/5

    By aedifica
    I don't think they could have come up with a less useable app if they'd sat down and tried. Difficult to book any trips now, especially one-way trips. During a recent one-way trip, screen kept switching back to the screen describing where to pick the car up, which was less than useful since I'd already picked up the car and wanted to know where to drop it off. Etc. New website redesign is also not good: login button hidden in a menu, no place to send feedback (the "contact" button now goes to the FAQ page). Frustrating experience.
  • New update is awful 1/5

    By Mr Kyle000012
    Old app was very user friendly, new app is very much less so. Buggy, hard to use, and seemingly designed in such a way to trick and confuse users into paying more.
  • Head ache 1/5

    By Studnettie
    After the update I can’t sign in to my account
  • No one way trip support in the app 3/5

    By Pk10s
    No one way trips, it's at least difficult to request
  • The update spoils the experience! 1/5

    By UV24
    The latest version spoils the experience entirely. I can't search 'by day' anymore. It just isn't user-friendly! 👎🏻
  • New app version 1/5

    By rob4000
    What happened to the usable UI? The new version of the iOS app makes things a lot less natural to use, I don’t want to sound like a cliche but why did you try and fix something that wasn’t broken? Rented a Zipcar earlier today, and the app was the only frustrating part of the experience. Could you just swallow your pride and go back to at least some of the old functionality?
  • New App is almost worst than their customer service!! 1/5

    By Dlicious4
    The new app is awful! I can't save addresses and it doesn't auto zoom in my location and drive options once an address IS typed! Can't change payment options which is MOST IMPORTANT! How do you not give your users that simple freedom to choose how they pay?? You basically can't do anything except book a car. And then when you try to call for help - hah! Might as well call your uncle who's on that business trip in Borneo. He'll be more helpful than the reps at Zipcar. Once I had an extremely faulty transmission and had to follow up myself for three weeks to get any kind of acknowledgement, AND to get them to listen and take the car off the road or fix it! This time, I've called twice to have wiper fluid put in the SUV that I always rent....still nothing! And winter is here so when it snows and there's no fluid? Thanks for looking out Zipcar. I'm about to start using the newer car sharing services that have joined the arena. Things can only go up from here.
  • The new app stinks! 1/5

    By I. Hate Zipcar
    The new app stinks, customer service is a joke.
  • Zip 1/5

    Honestly being with zip has been a horrible experience they ban your account can’t nobody on customer service tell you they just do a whole lot of things i can’t agree with i recently just made a account everything went through i checked out with my driving history i checked out with everything else then a day later before my card is scheduled to come and nobody can tell me why
  • Don’t update if you haven’t already 1/5

    By Mirto_P
    This app update is a disaster in terms of ease of use. The previous version was fine. Back to booking via the website for me.
  • Nov 2017 Update Loses Functionality 2/5

    By Feraljane
    I no longer get an estimated cost for my reservation. Pretty stupid. I’ve never been crazy about the mobile apps but it seems they’re getting worse.
  • The best 5/5

    By The HULK appreciate this
    Zipcar to me is possibilities and freedom. If it wasn’t for zipcar I would have never fully learn how to drive a car. Renting the car every other day is a great way to hang out with your friends, lover, and even shopping. Zipcar deserves more than 5 stars with their outstanding customer service. My opinion of zipcar for any person looking to rent is that this is a great company to start with I highly recommended it to my friends and family
  • Where did the ability to book flexible one way trip go? 2/5

    By iRunLinux
    I can’t use the app to book flexible trips anymore.
  • Latest app update is a downgrade 2/5

    Most recent app update logs you out of the app too frequently, and the app is generally less easy to use. One thing in particular, it should more readily display Favorite locations rather than always forcing to default gps location.
  • What's wrong with Old UI? 1/5

    By KrishnaMilwaukee
    The new UI is not user friendly
  • Horrible app – great company and extraordinary customer service 4/5

    By GFirstTime
    Zipcar is a great concept and a good company with extraordinary customer service. Your new app is horrible and confusing.
  • The absolute worst 1/5

    By jcilione
    If 0 stars could be given I would. The old app worked very well. Then this update came along and it is pathetic. Can’t view times well to chose. Won’t recognize my pick up location if I’m not in the area. A lot of issues which I’ve emailed them about but so they care? No. I get an email with a few suggestions that don’t work. If you’re going to release an app first check the bugs are out. Also ask the users what they want and don’t want. For me the app is unusable and Zipcar are the same non caring people they’ve always been
  • Why such a change in the app? 2/5

    By ezeacross
    So, the new app looks fine. Problem is I lost my personal locations. He app has to be made my own - why do I have to input a new location every time? Is the thinking I only want a car near me. I plan ahead so I rely on my locations being there. Why not allow favorite locations so they come up first and not the nearby exclusively?
  • Love ZipCar from the first Springboard pitch 5/5

    By 82CJM222
    Early VC’s poo-poohed the mighty ladies pitching their early stage company at the Springboard Presentation in Boston way back in the day. Now, the competition buys them out. Still amazing service, brilliant idea that saves me and my family in many ways. Loyal and proud Zipcar customer!
  • Where’s the 3D Touch? 3/5

    By 30M
    Lock/Unlock via 3D Touch is essential. I’m surprised it’s taking so long.
  • Unable to report dirty/other car problems. “Server unavailable” rest of app unaffected... 2/5

    By Wchess2001
    I don’t know how it gets better if you can’t tell them something is wrong
  • Latest update - sluggish 3/5

    By Jolly Hubris
    Zipcar (the service) is great and I have no issues with it! Zipcar (the app) was recently updated and now performs very sluggish when scrolling through menus, and a lot of the car selection process has been unnecessarily obfuscated. I don't see a clear reason why the old app needed a complete overhaul.
  • Customer service is as incompetent as they come. 1/5

    By Zipcarisass
    Customer service representatives just know the bare minimum. They're so ignorant about how the company works and how they can help you.
  • What a terrible new app 1/5

    By reviewbyhakon
    I love zip car, but this new app is the worst ever. Impossible to book a car, extend a booking - and doesn't even recognize your location. Please get the old one back
  • Bad update 2/5

    By brklynreader
    Just updated the app - can’t find a way to locate more than one car at each location and I tried 5 different locations and only one car came up as option. No way to scroll to find more cars. Confused over navigation - how about a “reserve” link to simplify things? Tried to alter reservation times and have to start over otherwise only option is to confirm reservation. Im finding too many issues and getting easily frustrated. I hope they work it out.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By ozidecuritiba
    Whoever is the CEO of this company and whoever is in charge of this app has no clue at all of what they are doing. Beautiful company but no clue at all of how to handle/take care of business and costumers. Cars are all very low maintained. Many times there is no gas card inside. Then costumers have to use their on money for gas and most of the time doesn’t get reimbursed. Cars are all dirty most of the time. And this last upgrade just got worst then the last one. But this company used to be so good. I am over 4 years costumer now and I remember how this company used to be in the beginning.
  • One-way trips extremely difficult 1/5

    By Andy123dc
    Zipcar makes a big deal of allowing one-way trips between DC and Baltimore, yet their app doesn't allow bookings between the cities. Each time I select Baltimore as a destination from DC, the app shouts 'Woah, cool trip! We haven't made it there yet.' It would be a 'cool trip' if I could actually book it! The app has not been updated since June. It's difficult to use a service for its intended purpose when the app prevents it. Really poor.
  • I want the name of the UX designer of the app 1/5

    By didiermorino
    So I make sure I never recruit him/her. Basic feature : time extension. Took me 3 min of effort.... to still not find it. 6.1, what a downgrade this is so ridiculous. Fix it
  • No more saved locations no app!?! 1/5

    By nelson2670
    What happened to saved user locations like “home” and “work”? I often have to reserve a car well ahead of time since the number of cars at my “home” lot has gone from 8 cars to 2 cars. It’s annoying to input address everytime.
  • New update 1/5

    By JDFlan
    The new update is terrible. Filter by model is not intuitive and it shows models are aren’t in the area.
  • Don’t Download Update If You Use One-Way 1/5

    By APmonty85
    What happened to the One-Way option? I’m in Boston and use ZipCar primarily for the one-way service. That service has either disappeared completely with the new update or is so hidden it’s impossible to find. In any event, don’t download the update if you use the one-way service.
  • New version cuts features 2/5

    By Momass132453
    One of the very helpful features in the last version of the app was add to calendar. Why is that gone? It also was easier to see what cars were available in a clean list all at once. This may be a prettier version of the app but it’s just not as good.
  • Latest update is the worst UX on earth 1/5

    By adriansd
    Whoever “designed” the user experience, ie. how we interact with the app, should be fired. The app is now extremely complex to use. The UI elements are also inappropriately scaled. Seriously - did anyone try this before releasing it?
  • HORRIBLE !!! 1/5

    By MaceMakins
    Zipcar needs to improve customer service you can’t get your problems rectified when speaking to a representative all they say is “ I don’t know I’m sorry for the mishap “ I’ve been with Zipcar for about three months I’ve heard bad reviews about them but still wanted to give it a try . So recently my account has been closed due to payment issues . Please keep in mind my account always has sufficient funds & when ever I use zipcar the charges come on immediately . Talked to one rep & all she said yea once the membership team closes your account that’s it . I get my account closed based on a error on your side . Please take more pride in customer service !! ATTEND TO CUSTOMERS ! 0 rating . They will make everything smooth at first then after awhile close your account . This happened to four other people I know as well who were zipcar members .
  • Convenient 2/5

    By Theoriginalpb
    This app is great for our business. It was easy to make reservations on the go. However the current update is clunky and counter intuitive. What was once easy to navigate has has become less user friendly. You fixed what wasn’t broke and didn’t improve it.😤

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