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Zipcar App

With the free Zipcar app, you can find cars and vans in your neighborhood and across the globe—and (if you’re a member) reserve and unlock them, too. Gas, insurance, mileage, and dedicated parking are included in every reservation. Download the app now. The open road awaits! 9 GREAT THINGS MEMBERS CAN DO WITH THE APP: 1) Reserve a Zipcar by the hour or day 2) Choose from a variety of vehicles—sedans, hybrids, vans, and more 3) Sort cars by available time, make, and model 4) View your upcoming reservations 5) Get directions to your Zipcar  6) Easily locate your reserved Zipcar by honking its horn  7) Unlock and lock your Zipcar  8) Tap to speak to the friendly local Zipcar team 9) Change, extend, or cancel reservations on the go ABOUT ZIPCAR Zipcar is the world’s leading car-sharing network, driven by a mission to enable simple and responsible urban living. With its wide variety of self-service vehicles available by the hour or day, Zipcar brings freedom, flexibility, and convenience to urban areas and university campuses in over 500 cities and towns across Canada, France, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Zipcar is a subsidiary of Avis Budget Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: CAR), a leading global provider of vehicle rental services. More information is available at NOT A MEMBER YET? Download the app to see which Zipcars live near you and learn more about the service. Then join to reserve, honk, and unlock Zipcars with your iPhone. To hear what current members are saying and join the conversation, find us on Facebook or Twitter (@Zipcar). To learn more about Zipcar or to sign up, visit WHAT NOW? Join our million members and give us a try! Let us know what you think, tell a friend, and rate us, too.


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  • Where is my list view? 3/5

    By eyemoreland
    I love the service but the latest app update killed the list view and makes it hard to navigate. Also why not have military time so we can confuse am as pms

    By Kyle Dicus
    I’ve only been a member with you guys for less than a month and have spent roughly $1200 renting your vehicles! I want to express how much i regret not using a different service than Zipcar! Every time I’ve been in one they have been extremely dirty with debris, smoke odor, and trash ! Not to mention a couple of them have even had service due lights on! One being “transmission error”? You need to come up with some way or incentive to make other Zipcar users return the vehicles clean! I took my little spare time and money that I have YET AGAIN as I have done with each of your cars I’ve rented and made sure to clean up debris, wipe it down with armor all, vacuum them, and cleaned the windows but I’m not going to continue to do so if it’s not enforced or regulated to others! Especially with the HORRIBLE customer service I receive EVERY time I have to call your company. The agents are rude and don’t care nor listen to our comments! I EVEN HAD TO USE PERSONAL MONEY TO GAS UP because the gas card was not in the car!Considering how ungodly expensive your service is to rent a car for a day you’d think that Zipcar would be on top of issues like these but that’s unfortunately not the case. To say the least I am VERY disappointed and honestly don’t know if I will even continue to use this service!
  • This company does not care about you 1/5

    By cln1978
    Have had multiple issues with rentals - car not starting, dirty cars, not parked where they’re supposed to be, then not being able to find the car where I parked it despite having parked it exactly where I found it, double-charges to my debit card.....They literally have no way to contact customer service online. The links in their emails to customer service are all broken. The only email address online has a message warning that if your email isn’t about applications it won’t be reviewed. They send out email surveys asking how your ride was but they aren’t actually interested in knowing about or fixing customers’ problems. I called customer service multiple times and all they were able to do is tell me they’d have someone email or call me back. No one ever did. I ended up having to dispute an erroneous charge with my bank. Still no reply despite multiple bad reviews on their surveys that apparently fall into a black hole once completed. I hope a customer service oriented car rental company buys them out and fixes this company because unfortunately, Zipcar owns the market for this type of service where I live.
  • The Best Car Rental Service 5/5

    By Tone_Sb
    100% Satisfied
  • Abusive customer treatment 1/5

    By Terminationshok
    Would you like to rent a car for twice the price of competitors, only to have them lock you out of the car hundreds of miles from home for no reason? Then this app is for you! Zipcar used to be good, but now they want to play gotcha games that result in fees. Avoid.
  • Service is great... had a couple of bad experience with the cars... 3/5

    By sriram_je
    Took a car a couple of days back. It won’t start. They had to arrange a new one. Took a car today and it won’t accelerate beyond 20MPH. They had to arrange a new one.
  • The best rental solution for students 5/5

    By Rishi sudireddy
    I live in Kent state university. And so far I feel Zipcar was kinda best model that just works ! But would be great if had any benefits for people that bill a lot (use more ). :(
  • Pretty good app but poor customer service 1/5

    By Melbatoast2000
    It does almost everything you need. Some of the help could be a bit better when there's an account issue, but once those are cleared up, it does well. Easy to use. Over the years, as they’ve grown, their customer service has disappeared. As with other companies, “customer service” is really “business defense.”
  • Back to the drawing board 1/5

    By Soneechka
    Unfortunately Zipcar folks, you replaced a well functioning app with a subpar version. Yes, the previous app looked outdated but would take it back in a heartbeat over this version. Managed to prematurely book twice while trying to find out pricing. UI is confusing and immature Bummer.
  • Cars Are Nasty 1/5

    By Shellycancan
    Cars aren’t clean they Smell like cigarettes and the quality of the cars are awful.
  • Bad condition of car & worse service 1/5

    By Renee Costanza
    I had a zip car reserved for yesterday. I arrived to find the car covered in snow AND NO SNOW BRUSH IN THR CAR. I called customer service and she just said “sorry, do you want to just cancel “? I had errands to do so I brushed a foot of snow off with my arm. It took about 15 minuets- I have a picture I’d love for you to see. Tell me if you think i should have to pay for making sure the car was clean for the next driver. Will Not be using zip for a while.
  • Love this for college students 4/5

    By niahall
    Best app for college students just can get rly expensive
  • Conveniency 3/5

    By twins mommi
    I really wish they would bring back the zipcars at park 7 apartments It’s not convenient if I have to catch a Uber/Lyft to a zip car 🙄
  • The New interface is a step backwards 3/5

    By asomr1
    It’s a great service and I love it but the last major interface update was a step backward. It’s hard to tell when other users have a car reserved for when booking your own times and the app interface is just no longer as intuitive as it used to be.
  • Zipcar and App needs improvement 2/5

    By cncruz78
    App is not that useful, you can’t unlock the vehicle bc it always gives an error. Like others have said, the gas card never works and you want to fill up so you don’t get a fee but you’re also running out of time on your trip so if you’re not back that’s another fee. Car2go got rid of their cards to unlock vehicles there should be no reason Zipcar can’t update their app to work better as well.
  • Not Ready for Release 1/5

    By chuck tuna
    I don’t know where to start. I’ve been a member for five years, and the new version of the app (plus changes to the service) have me considering ending my membership. The app constantly reports false availability time; either a car is shown as available when it isn’t, or shown as not available when it is. I either end up using the web site to get an accurate availability, or, if I’m out, call customer service (where you’re now charged for reserving over the phone because the app is useless). The lock/unlock feature doesn’t work reliably. You’re presented with a mysterious “operation could not be completed” message. The app is painfully slow. Common settings and preferences are not remembered (but it often “remembers” to open to the “drive” screen when I don’t currently have a reservation). Every time the app is opened (even if I just switch to another app for second and back), your previous search is reset and you’re force to start from scratch. There are so many more small issues, but this review is long enough. I used to really love Zipcar. This new app and other changes to the overall service are really disappointing.
  • Customer who ? 2/5

    By Upset Wildcat
    Incompetent customer service I used to frequently use zipcar. Then a issue arrived with a previous member leaving gas tank empty. This forced me to extend reservation to get gas as those are "zipcar" rules atleast half full. Needless to say customer service isn't helping and obviously doesn't know the company Guidelines for customers. Wish I could give no star sincerely U of A Used to be stellar now a headache and hassle
  • Good Cars However 3/5

    By YungMarvinGaye
    The cars are pretty reliable for the most part.. however i had an experience in which the car was almost empty on gas.. i get the car and something says go straight to gas just to be sure .. the car cut off prior to getting there and the road side service was horrible... they told me wait 45 mins they would let me know something mind you im stranded on a bridge.. they reimbursed for the gas but failed to take any accountability fir the customer prior Whom didnt fill the tank and they also charged for the extra time needed to finish my trip #POORSPORTS
  • It’s cool 3/5

    By A girl with no car
    Zipcar is convenient in its own ways and right. I think the fees it charges for everything is absurd and should be looked at and revamped. Otherwise the convenience of picking up a car for a few hours and dropping it off is a cool thing.
  • Ok 3/5

    By YouSuckDonkeyDick
    But not enough cars available to be convenient.
  • Prices are too high 1/5

    By Thumbs?
    I would rather purchase a car than pay a rental fee that is the value of a monthly car note. Getting a car from here for four days equals a monthly car note and the insurance.
  • The upgrade is horrible 1/5

    By 的点点滴滴都是生生世世
    Please change it back!
  • Great Service, Bad App 2/5

    By Jasonblevs
    The redesigned app is a mess. It looks nice but it’s overly complicated. All apps need to be refreshed over time but the function should not be hindered for aesthetic improvements. Functionally, what used to be capable of being quickly modified (like extending rental time) are overly complex that it’s difficult to do at a red light, if needed. Don’t know what Zipcar was thinking but the old design was more sleek and focused on delivering a better user experience.
  • Gas cards don’t work 1/5

    By ftbuckley
    Gas cards never work and customer service agents refuse to answer questions as to why they don’t work. Be prepared to use your own money to pay for gas and wait for reimbursement.
  • Just awful 1/5

    By julien_sorrel
    I had stopped using Zipcar because of the myriad problems—app not working, garage attendants not having cars ready, cars not serviced, EZ tags not current, etc.—but returned for a one-time trip. The new app is a complete disaster. It is impossible to navigate and has not retained any of the user-friendly functions of the previous version. I’m not sure why they would have overhauled the whole app; its problems were related to syncing.
  • Zipcar 5/5

    By Judge25
    It is super convenient that I can reserve my ride(s) of the day through a mobile application. Thanks, Zipcar.
  • Great 5/5

    By Majeeda
    Love it!!
  • Zipcar app 1/5

    By jfksenior
    The new app is def not as to easy as the previous version.
  • Satisfied customer 😎🏆 5/5

    By shavonluvable80
    Zipcar is the best rental car service around
  • Less useful 2/5

    By TPNH
    The new version is clunky to use. All I want to do is search for reservations, not see a map.
  • It'd Be Nice If... 1/5

    By oaktowndweller
    You had nice cars like in SF.
  • Good but needs tech improvements 3/5

    By BbRrOoWwNn
    I like this app and use it quite often. There are always some cars available in my area. Also, their customer service is really tactful and accommodating. But there are many tech problems. For example, I can’t book a car from my laptop, because the “search for cars” page does not work on my laptop. All I see is a clear white screen. On top of that, Zipcar app CONSTANTLY logs me off. I don’t remember the password, so I can’t log back in and book a car. So I just have to call a car then. Very inconvenient and annoying.
  • Useless App, So I’ll Use Lyft Instead 1/5

    Nice service, but you’d think a mobile app for a transit service would be fully functional. Imagine my surprise when I get an email from Zipcar advising me that I can’t use the service until I update the expiration date on my license, still valid for another month. But I have to get to a desktop to do it, because it can’t be done either on the app, or on a mobile browser. Terrible design. I suppose I’ll have to use a Lyft. Come to think of it, why not just use Lyft? The Lyft app actually works. Update: It gets worse. I get to a desktop and it won’t let me update my information. I call customer service and they suggest I try with Firefox. I use Chrome, like 58.4% of humanity. It looks like they don’t want our business.
  • Latest version of the app is horrible. 1/5

    By Joel Matthews
    App assumes users only want to reserve at current time and location. Attempting to reserve in future and location other than where logged on is cumbersome mess. After trying several times I finally gave up and logged into Zip’s website via my PC where I was able to reserve no problem. Needs to be completely reworked,.
  • Great: when it works. 3/5

    By Nazedayo
    Zipcar as a product is excellent but sometimes the car you reserved won’t be there. Or sometimes they will double charge you for the same trip. Or sometimes won’t let you reserve a trip for a car that’s in front of you (and yes I called to make sure it was reservable for the night). Also adding someone to the corporate plan is surprisingly difficult to the point that sometimes you wonder if it’s worth it. This sometimes makes me sigh and debate whether the cost savings over just taking uber.
  • Can’t make reservations 3/5

    By Robsh14
    Works good for checking a trip. But there doesn’t seem to be a way to make reservations from the app anymore. It’s been going on for a few months. Otherwise it’s a decent app.
  • Zip cars at SPU 1/5

    By gnortsdc
    The Fairy Tale Ford car often has trouble starting and the zipcar people are not helpful.
  • Rapidly rising cost! 3/5

    By Blackboy195
    I joined this company only a few months ago. The sales pitch was $7.00 an hour and gas on them. However the cheapest car is $15.75 an hour and the gas cards don't work. I've had to fill the tank out my own pocket, the last 3 vehicles I rented. Customer service provides no assurance to solving the issue in the future, they just tell you to go online and request a reimbursement. If you want a good vehicle, that's $17.75 an hour.. I'm starting my search for a Zipcar replacement. You guys have priced me out...
  • Old app better 2/5

    By Reviewthissucka123678
    The old app used to have my location on file. Now i have to put in my area all the time. Old app was better
  • Call me old fashioned. 5/5

    By Rebelteller
    But I liked the old version better.
  • Parking spots always taken and fuel always low. 1/5

    By wsuwoohoo
    Whenever I try to park cars in their designated spots on public streets the spots are always taken so I have to drive around to find a legal spot. Also the fuel is always low so you have to spend time you paid for-refueling the vehicle. Zipcar fines members for not fueling yet makes drivers use their time to fuel. How is that different than stealing?
  • Never leave well-enough alone 3/5

    By Dryoameal
    The old app wasn’t perfect but its functionality was better than this. Favorite search areas used to be saved (allowing for locations like Home, Work, etc). Now you have to type in an address every time. Results used to default to a list of cars in your search area. Now it defaults to a huge map of your area and you swipe through each car individually. You can hit a “list button” to bring up a list of the cars in the area, but it lags. Yeah, in the end you still get your car, but it’s made the process much more opaque.
  • New App stinks-not user friendly 1/5

    By YoHoHo56
    Longtime Zipcar user...old app was easy to use...list instead if swipe much better...can no longer see overview of availability...should keep it simple app requires more time to navigate...actually using Uber more because app is so frustrating
  • App has gone all wrong 2/5

    By wyliespop
    What can I say except the interface is confusing and adds NO value. Can I book a car? Yeah, just about... but I am literally just going fire up my laptop instead. Not worth my time and effort... so sorry, but FAIL. Please revert to the old app.
  • Convenient 5/5

    By Asmahanan
    I’ve read a lot of negative reviews on Zipcar but my experience, everything was great. Well, Zipcar is pretty much convenient for my case as the parking lot is just a minute from my campus library. Great idea for grocery shopping. Never had an issue of a broken/malfunctioning car but I think Zipcar should regularly check on their cars just to maintain the quality. But most of the times, the car is well cleaned by previous users.
  • App upgrade - please go back! 1/5

    By winteriscold11
    I love Zipcar - I’ve used it for years across the country and it’s one of my favourite things. I always recommend it. The most recent upgrades to the app (I want to say since the fall of 2017?) however, are impossible. It is hard to find cars, the labels for things don’t agree with the action you’re trying to take, you can’t browse like you used to be able to do (and like you can on the computer), and it malfunctions when you try to make a reservation. Please go back to how it used to be! And this last goes for both the app and the website - I wasn’t planning to post this as a review - I would have preferred to send an email to customer service but couldn’t find a way to do that! So public review it is. Thanks!
  • W 1/5

    By Brettcollins007
    You don’t clean your vehicles enough, the cars stink like smoke and there is rarely a full tank of gas. I’ve been a loyal member for over ten years and I feel like no one is paying attention while I follow the rules others get away with breaking them all the time. I don’t feel valued and I feel like you charge too much for not enough customer value. My New Years resolution is to find a new car share program that treats their loyal members the way they should be treated.
  • Can’t get to locations quickly. Or at all 1/5

    By Jillian NYC
    The most recent updates have made this app near impossible to make a reservation. It doesn’t bring you to your current or favorite locations easily. Need to fix ASAP. You can’t even click on “nearby” anymore. This app is basically useless!
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Saif Al-Enizi
    Very useful service
  • Useless ZipCar App Ver 1/5

    By Latin reader
    The last version of this app is completely useless: 1. When opening, it displays a map of continental USA, yay! (???) 2. When entering any address on the search bar, nothing happens. 3. My trips, then reserve, nada. 4. Drive, then reserve, back to the continental USA map, broken record! When zooming to the location, it's just a plain map with no ZipCar locations or reservation options of any kind. 5. Doesn't show past reservations 6. Doesn't display the hometown of the ZipCar member 7. No longer displays immediate saved addresses i.e. home and work, like past versions of the app. 8. Tried on a WiFi or on LTE network. Restart phone, delete and install app again, same useless app, no change. 9. In a nut shell: This app is broken, please fix it!

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