Zomato - Food & Restaurant Finder

Zomato - Food & Restaurant Finder

  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 11.2.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Zomato Media Pvt. Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Zomato - Food & Restaurant Finder App

Zomato lets you search for and discover restaurants to eat out at or order in from. Browse through restaurant menus, photos, user reviews and ratings to decide where you want to eat, and use the map feature to guide you there. If you are in India, UAE, or Lebanon, you can also order food online for delivery, with thousands of great food delivery restaurants to choose from. Features: * Search easily for Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs and Bars by location, cuisine (e.g. Chinese, Italian, Indian), name (e.g. Starbucks, Domino's Pizza, Amaya). * Explore every restaurant in your city, including the ones near your current location, and use search filters to find the one that suits you best. * View menus, pictures, phone numbers, directions, user reviews, and all the other information you need to choose a restaurant for Dine Out, Food Delivery, Nightlife, or Takeaway. * Browse our theme-based curated lists to discover places for the best burgers, perfect date spots, or the top trending restaurants. * Create your own Collections and share them with your friends and followers. * Rate and review restaurants you've been to, and share photos of your foodie moments directly from the app. * Maintain an easy reference list of your favorites or places you want to visit with Bookmarks. * Use the map view to explore restaurants around you, or draw a circle to search in a specific area. * Find and follow your friends to see where they're eating and what they like. * Journal the restaurants you eat at using your Dineline. * In-app table booking (select locations) – you can view and book yourself a table at all partner restaurants. Zomato is now available in over 10,000 cities across India, the USA, Australia, the UK, UAE, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, Portugal, the Philippines, Indonesia, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Chile, Italy, Lebanon, Brazil, Sri Lanka, and Qatar. More locations coming very soon. USA, Australia, and Canada – we were previously called Urbanspoon in your countries.


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Zomato - Food & Restaurant Finder app reviews

  • So Far So Good 4/5

    By Retardondo
    So far it's going good. I haven't add any issues, but I would recommend having the menu for some restaurant would be helpful.
  • Helpful 5/5

    By shahrazabg
    There are all restaurants menu with people reviews. What is more important and trustable than customers review. Enjoy Zomato.
  • Weekly user 5/5

    By steve91945
    Like the app, easy to use, just as good as Yelp from the USA.
  • Horrible App and Worse Customer Service. 1/5

    By Reindeer McCoy
    Most reviews on this app are written by fake accounts made by restaurant owners; especially in arab countries. Negative reviews are constantly edited and or removed in favor of the restaurants. Customer service is a joke; run by millennial morons.
  • Wonderful application 5/5

    By Swinfan2020100
    The developer really knows what they're doing I'm very pleased using this app thank you so much for a wonderful experience
  • Great app, my new go-to 5/5

    By thecroztm
    Very useful, like it better than Yelp. Hoping more people will catch on to this alternative. Starting the migration to Zamato. Also, stupid name. Probably should mention that here.
  • Clunky and useless. 1/5

    By Christopherwestjr
    As a restaurant owner I wasn't heartbroken losing UrbanSpoon because I personally felt like it was flawed. Urban did have some great qualities but yelp and TripAdvisor seemed to take all those qualities and make them better. I was hoping zomato would take urban spoon in a similar direction but all I can say is Zomato is a absolute mess. Wipe it out and start over guys because this is as good as a screen door on a submarine.
  • Bring Urban Spoon back! 1/5

    By Circuitbreakee
    Giving one star because it doesn't let me give anything less. Absolutely worthless, clunky and it only seems to get worse with time. Get any other app than this.
  • Like Urban Spoon but much worse 1/5

    By Ed the art guy
    Done my best to endure this transition (from Urban Spoon to Zomato) which now requires an account. No thank you.
  • Terrible and it's just getting worse. Zomato's no Yelp 1/5

    By Fuzly18748394
    Downloaded it as an alternative to Yelp, since it doesnt yet have a presence in the country I moved to. The features on this app are helpful, IF ONLY THEY WORK. The 'exclude mall' filter still yields restaurants in malls after it has been applied. Multiple criterias checked when filtering, tends to override one another where only one criteria will be applied. When I chose restaurants that are good for 'Dinner', some of the options that came up ONLY OPENS IN THE DAY, AND IN FACT CLOSES IN THE EVENING. These filters and features that are supposed to narrow down your search, really doesnt make it easy. Rating: 1 (only because there's no 0 option)
  • Un professional 1/5

    By Mostafa Fikry
    Many times made order with no delivery after waiting 2 hours and when i chat with the customer chat service which is completely useless they do nothing,this is the worst app ever hiring bunch of people who dont do their job.
  • Deal breaker 1/5

    By BeeMaster
    The request to link to my social media or email before being able to use it was an instant deal breaker. This app spent about one minute on my phone. Bye bye!
  • Great app and service 5/5

    By jfm001
    Great app Easily find your location in a strange city (gps) and find out what food is around, and who delivers. App has worked seamlessly since I have been using it. Search feature works for anything
  • Sad 1/5

    By Steven Zyler
    7/28/15 Absolute dismal failure--and that's after giving Zomato a fair chance and spending (wasting) a lot of time with it while keeping an open (even optimistic at times) mind. The good news is, it really doesn't matter--when I go even one day without food, then I might have something to complain about. That said, if I had anything to do with the development of this bug-ridden, poorly-designed, miserable failure of a replacement for Urbanspoon, then I'd be simply embarrassed. Yelp will have to take its place. 7/12/15 Getting rid of Urbanspoon's Favorites and Wishlist lists was probably one of the worst parts of this acquisition. Bringing those back (or adding the ability to create and name custom lists) would certainly go a ways toward trying to gain back the support of former Urbanspoon users. ------------- They have disgraced (and destroyed) Urbanspoon. At least change the icon.
  • Take it back! 1/5

    By Dollabill1983
    Do you guys actually read the reviews? Take. It. Back. To. Urban. Spoon.
  • Absolutely in love with this app 5/5

    By ASEEL hasb.
    It's so fast and gives me everything I need as well as it's literally pretty to just open and go through 🙃
  • Horrible 1/5

    By bandler21
    You replaced Urbanspoon with garbage. This is a perfect example of trying to fix something that wasn't broke.
  • Too Controlling 1/5

    By B.o.o.p.63
    The previous versions of this app were submissive. The new update makes the app too dominant. I don't like my app telling me when I can and can't leave a review! UPDATE: They've now hidden the ETA. Going back in transparency.
  • Worth it to have this App 3/5

    By Sicilian chef
    As a frequent traveler within the USA it is important for me, as a stranger in a new city or town, to be able to identify, locate and determine the quality or lack of quality at restaurants found in my location. Zomato more than meets my needs and has proven to be a necessary and effective application to have on your phone or PC 9/11/17. I must say that I am not too happy with this new version. Quick access has been removed. Getting hard to locate restaurants easily. I liked the older more efficient version of this app
  • Copy of yelp 2/5

    By jsnsnxn
    As always indians like to copy so they copied yelp.
  • Sinply the best restaurant finding app 5/5

    By NikhilG1977
    My go to app whenever I want to eat out... in India or in Indonesia. And till now, all the 4+ restaurants I've eaten at, haven't regretted one bit...
  • A must have app if you like food 5/5

    By MNK78
    This is our go to app to try any new place. Not just for restaurant reviews but also to see what the popular dishes are (as recommended by users) and also menu previews. If you like food and eating out then this is the only app you need (assuming it covers your area). It also has the option for online orders though can be a bit glitchy for ordering from. You can also make restaurant reservations / bookings which work well (though if you call the restaurant directly you can find more time slots than those shown on zomato).
  • Great app 5/5

    By ClassicSarah
  • Best foodie app 4/5

    By scottocarpenter
    Like this app a lot. Especially when traveling. Could be better though. App depends too much on content provided by users. Well organized.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Inuyasha 34
    I love this app it helps me every time to find or get a rating of a particular restaurant it's a wonderful app. 😎😎😎😎😎
  • Urban Spoon never got hacked! 1/5

    By Stan-butstanwastaken
    Zomato is a good example of taking a good thing, Urbanspoon, and turn it into garbage. Even better, Zomato was hacked on 17MAY17, allowed over 16 MILLION accounts to be compromised, and didn't say anything about it until after more than three months passed. So, you have a krap app with krap security. If give a -100 rating of I could. AVOID!!
  • OK 3/5

    By Melrichoux
    I too loved when it was Urbanspoon for the different features. This app is useful, but just like any other. Nothing to rave about anymore.
  • Data breach 1/5

    By WindFreak
    Recommend letting the app die a horrible death for failing to keep our data secure.
  • zomato is a mess 1/5

    By s84abhishek
    zomato is all a mess not ordering from it anymore...zomato on website showed 250 (taxes included)....then Zomato rep called that resturant says the price has increased so now the bill will be 280 and then I say okay....Now 30-40 mins later...The restaurant calls saying Zomato did not cound the entire taxes correctly GST, etc....hence now the total is 340...Phew...and still the order has'nt started from their place...this is not a good customer service...Note to self - Don't use Zomato for ordering food
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Intimidating.
    This app has steadily gone downhill since Urbanspoon was bought out by Zomato. It has horrendous search functions and filters. It is impossible to get the results you expect. Most restaurants in my area are not even listed, the ones that are have completely wrong information. After having this app for many years, I am happy to say I will never use it again.
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By Kevaugn
    I loved Urban Spoon. I gave Zomato a chance. Awful and now you can't use it without giving them social media or email info. Gee, I wonder why they want that. Can't be to improve their crappy app.
  • 👎 1/5

    By AddictedGamer#...
    Not as good as urbanspoon
  • Good app. Works well 5/5

    By Stavop
  • Zomato is very helpful for finding restaurant 5/5

    By amit032007
    I like zomato as the app always helped me finding restaurant in any state.
  • Why do I need to sign in? 1/5

    By PollyQ
    ... when all I want to do is find a restaurant?
  • Horrible and worthless App! 1/5

    By Rjury
    I used to have a great wishlist on Urbanspoon! Years of input and this app screwed it up. All that information is gone. Why would you take a great app and dumb it down to this useless one?
  • Fail fail fail, please bring back the Urban Spoon 1/5

    By itechsupport
    I stopped using this app when they killed the popular Urban Spoon app, I thought I would give it a look again and wow, what a disappointment. Why would I use this app at all? The features that were Urban Spoon are now totally gone. I could just use google or yelp which are way more updated, and this app no longer lets you search by cuisine unless you click 8 steps deep in filters? Fail. It just shows you restaurants nearby. What if the nearby restaurants are not what I am looking for? It has no more pick cuisine, price range and shake your phone and a cool vegas like slot machine would roll thru food possibilities with sounds and ratings. Yelp has easy cuisine slider with one click. For those who never knew Urban Spoon you are the lucky ones as you have no idea what you are missing as this app deleted it and replaced with an app not worth taking up space on my phone. Nothing to see here, keep moving along.. so sad.. I can't see what value this app brings to anything, it's purpose is irrelevant. The reviews here that are more than 1 star are either fake or have never heard of yelp. Bring back Urban Spoon and see which app users prefer or just continue to force people to login to this app after reading the bad reviews to see it is really that bad. Click, delete.
  • Must sign in 1/5

    By none567
    Had Urban Spoon for years and then it became Zomato. Worked fine until a recent update now requires a sign in. Won't let me use it without one, so it is now deleted.
  • Verry nice app to use 4/5

    By By toktokmin3albeb
    The app is very user friendly and tells you all what you need to know in addition no restaurants or bars were missing from the app
  • 👍🏻 4/5

    By Z00ni
    An essential user friendly app for anytime use.
  • Terrible. Go back to Open Table. 1/5

    By Mre0701
    New app interface is horrible. Difficult to navigate. Doesn't have a section for what is popular, picks from a local or picks from Urban Spoon. Hate it.
  • Inaccurate... 2/5

    By Futebol fan
    Some prices are completely wrong , support thinks that "the formula" to calculate is more accurate than a customer that have been at the restaurant... anyways just a guide of pictures
  • Horrible app, search engine is non existent 1/5

    By Not paying for games
    When your search for nearby dinner restaurants and all that comes up is breakfast restaurants that are closed until the following morning it seem as though you need to fix some things with the app. I would recommend another app but since Zomato bought out the competition, we are stuck with this "high quality" app....
  • Great while on vacation. 4/5

    By Ladyatc
    Get a quick picture of what is available in your area. Love all the search functions.
  • Thumps down for Zomato 1/5

    By DarrylTB
    I have been using Urban Spoon for many years, first on my PC then on my iPhone and iPad. I found Urban Spoon to have a very friendly user interface which only improved over the years. I especially liked the iPad app which had additional features on top of what was on the iPhone. Now there is just an iPhone app. The move to Zomato is taking a big leap backwards. It is not intuitive and lacks a lot of the features and functionality which we came to count on in Urbanspoon. To be honest my wife and I (Lily933) both put a lot of time and effort into rating restaurants over the years and made friends of with other users who also had a love for great food but with the change to Zomato I think this is the end of this road. There are now other restaurant rating apps which are friendlier to use.
  • Looking for the IMDB of Restaurants 4/5

    By NarrowPath
    I've been looking for an app that will act like IMDB, but for restaurants. This app is not perfect by any means and lacks some functionality that I would appreciate like making personalized lists and sorting your bookmarks by personalized tags, but it's working for now especially as where I live many other apps aren't available. I will try Urban Spoon next and update this review after.
  • Very useful app 4/5

    By Mjplatt
    Have had great luck finding new places in my city (Houston) and also locating eateries while on the road. Find reviews from actual users better than supposed "experts".
  • Login? No thanks 1/5

    By English Walnut
    Why do in need an account to look up some places to eat? My Zomato account was compromised before and caused me to change passwords on other apps/services with similar/variations of that password. Not worse the hassle
  • UrbanSpoon rocked... this is terrible! 1/5

    By PSKroger
    Why can't I just go back to UrbanSpoon? I LOVED that app! What is this garbage?! I'm sure you'll reply that I need to email your feedback team. Well, no - I don't want to. Read literally ANY or ALL of the reviews. No one likes the changes you made to UrbanSpoon. Want happy customers? Go back to what we used to love before you screwed it all up.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Super Irritated Customer
    Ugh this is terrible compared to urban spoon. Why change it? There is no way to sort and this was what made urban spoon so great for travel especially. Before there was price ranges, types of food, neighborhoods, restaurant features... Zomato is an app that basically just gives you a google search of nearby restaurants. What a disappointment.

Zomato - Food & Restaurant Finder app comments


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