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11AliveNews App

The 11AliveNews app allows you to stay up-to-date with local and breaking news, as well as real-time weather and traffic conditions in the Atlanta, GA area. App Features & Highlights: LIVE STREAMING You can now watch LIVE STREAMING broadcasts in the app! You can even choose to set up reminders for Broadcast times in the News Schedule section. WEATHER See current weather conditions, hourly and extended forecasts, a full radar map and weather-related health information. Now home page and Weather section of the app adapt to changing weather conditions and gives you most relevant up to date information. TRAFFIC Our interactive traffic map provides real-time information about traffic incidents, commute speeds, accidents, events or construction areas that can impact your travel plans. CLOSINGS & DELAYS Browse a list of local Closings & Delays 24/7. You can also easily mark schools or institutions as Favorites in the app for quick access to closings information. ALERTS Sign up for Breaking News, Weather and other alerts—for the stories most important to you. Don’t want to receive alerts in the middle of the night? No problem, you can set a quiet time. SHARING Easily share articles and video clips with your network via Facebook, Twitter or email. YOUR TAKE You can now upload your own pictures and videos of the action to share with 11AliveNews viewers through Your Take… we may even include them in our coverage!


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11AliveNews app reviews

  • Try another local news app before downloading this one 2/5

    By justassignmeone
    As many others have said...screen never loads right, you spend more time trying to get to the story than reading it. Way too many ads.
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By Keishamama
    It seems that there is an ad showing after every couple of sentences in the news story. At times the story you’re looking for (that you specifically clicked on the notification for) can’t be found. I thought the app used to be better than that. I love 11Alive and watch NBC more than any other network but this app is not up to par at all with the other ways I enjoy this network.
  • Needs work 3/5

    By Lilleesee85
    I use this to watch the news in the morning. The app crashes, plays ads during the broadcast, and will play them repeatedly until it finally gives up and crashes. I have the option to close out the ad, but it will continue to pop up and play with no sound.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By SML4Q
    Links don’t work, take you to other stories-NOT the one you wanted! Often IMPOSSIBLE to find the story you ACTUALLY want!
  • Don’t get this app! 1/5

    By K-dawg-OU
    This is the most outrageous, horrible app I’ve ever had the misfortune to get. It is nothing but clickbait and obtrusive ads. It is impossible to go straight to a story without clicking through 2-3 links, and the ads won’t go away—they will often spontaneously begin replaying even as you’re reading or listening to a story. Any of the local TV apps are better (although each also has its annoying proclivities). I give it 1 star only because the negative star number line is disallowed.
  • Video Pop Ups!! 3/5

    By GA News Junkie
    This used to be my go to Atlanta news app. Lately it has become frustrating. Random video ads will pop up full screen every 15-20 seconds. I have to close out of them 10-15 times to get through one article. Please fix this ASAP!!
  • App 2/5

    By Jan Atl
    Deleting- badly in need of work
  • Not good 2/5

    By Terrell66
    You can get news, eventually. This app has more pop ups and banners than any other news app I have. Makes it irritating.
  • Queen Esther 5/5

    By Shelley!!!!!
    Thank you for fixing your app. It now loads faster & more efficiently. Great breaking news stories. And I love watching your news on TV. Thank you Vinnie Politan for the new news!
  • Wrong Stories ... Bad Interface 1/5

    By Spin1197
    I see several notifications of stories I would like to read more about however when I swipe to view it often takes me to a different story or the story is hanging off the iPad "page". I can't read the story. If I try to go to the home page and click the story manually, it again takes me to a different story or the whole app completely crashes.
  • Not usable 1/5

    By Ice Mage
    Ads pop up, takeover and block the whole article. Bad.
  • 11 Alive App 2/5

    By NattyNat03
    It keeps crashing. Not worth the frustration!
  • Too cluttered and slow 1/5

    By atlert
    Very slow app whenever I open the app and also too many ads. Please also update for iPhone X. User experience is terrible. Please address these issues ASAP.
  • Keeps crashing! 1/5

    By LsackATL
    Trying to read your weather warnings & won’t load.....
  • Good but Crashes 4/5

    By Colten Holley
    Good app but starting today it will crash every time I open it.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Bluesimi16
    Every time I try to open this app, it just goes black and kicks me out.
  • Notifications no longer link to the right article 1/5

    By HappyUserHere
    Used to be a good app that would bring informative news after clicking through the notifications/alerts. Now the notifications are too frequent and don’t take you to the right article. What happened???
  • Terrible app! 1/5

    By BNeilan
    This is the worst performing apps on both my iPhone and iPad. I will get an alert about a story which I would be interested in reading and click the link. It takes FOREVER to load. Once it finally loads, it makes me click once or twice again to get to whatever meager content there is they alerted me to in the first place. Constant pop up ads. Even if you close them, a blank box will remain where the ad would have displayed. It continues overlaps the text of the article you want to read. Sometimes the audio of a video will start to play but the video itself is nowhere to be found. Just awful!
  • My thought 5/5

    By Pastor Barrett
    Great app. Overall, it is a good app. But like everything else, there are areas that could be better designed for mobile information. But thank you for the update and for the weather alerts that I am able to get
  • A daily user of the 11 Alive App 1/5

    By J&K Nutting
    I use this app everyday. Very annoying to get ads that pop up when reading one of your updates.
  • Ads? 1/5

    By Kaili Peach
    What’s the deal with all these ads popping up? I can’t even read the news for the ads blocking them. There is no way to get rid of them. 11 Alive used to be my most watched local news station. No more. It’s impossible to read the articles and watch the videos.
  • So much promise, so poor delivery 2/5

    By FiraTravs
    Having an app to alert me to local news is great, but the delivery of said news is awful. Video plays automatically and difficult to stop it, really inconvenient when in a place where noise is an issue. Screens don’t load correctly with ads often obscuring what you are trying to read. You have to go to several different sites within the app to get what you’re looking for. Sometimes clicking on a news alert takes you to an entirely different article. Please redesign this with experts in web design!!!
  • Great info 5/5

    By Fjainatl
    I use this app quite a bit as I travel around quite a bit , I can keep up with all local news when I am on the road and I’m actually alerted to certain events going on happening by the app… Works great for me!
  • Ads 1/5

    By qtcar
    Too many pop up ads you can’t get rid of.
  • 11Alive News App 5/5

    By Nancy8252013
    This is a great resource for keeping up to date without politicizing "the news". So current and well written
  • Duplicate images and new format 3/5

    By jacksonandtucker
    Liked this site much better before. New white background format or template doesn’t enhance readability. Also, if there aren’t enough stories, there are multiple duplicate stories on local and top stories. Oftentimes, the wrong picture is with a story or the exact same story is posted 3 times at the bottom of the page. Disappointed!
  • Tim 1/5

    By Tim&Judy
    This was a very useful app. I enjoyed using it several times a week. Now however, it is unusable due to the fact that is linked to the App Store for some unknown reason. When you open the app now, before the article opens, it goes to the App Store for some useless app add. When you get this issue fixed let me know. Until then I will use another news app. Like channel 2 action news. Sorry!!
  • Pop-up Ads 1/5

    By Fra50
    Impossible to read articles when ads pop up constantly.
  • Used to be a good source for news 1/5

    By Haelsrednuas
    The format has changed for the worse. Many of the notifications don’t inform, just give silly leads to entice you to open the app, where you get slammed with multiple ads for apps. Try to scroll thru the story and the page jumps and you find you’ve just clicked on another ad. Too much advertising between paragraphs of the article. This used to be my main source for news on my cell phone.
  • Pop ups are crazy!! 1/5

    By Iron Chef Twanga
    It used to be a good app but now it’s so hard to read a whole article while pop ups are redirecting to the App Store. There should be no reason for that. I’m deleting the app because of the pop ups. The phone acts like a PC with a virus...
  • Switching 1/5

    By Bb121
    This app used to be good but now it keeps switching and making you go to the App Store. Please fix this is so bad you can’t even watch live news.
  • Loaded with ad pop ups and now opens the App Store every couple of seconds 1/5

    By Mark.......
    The worst of all is that every couple of seconds the app now launches the App Store for a piece of junk app no one will ever want. Which app it brings up seems random. The app is now showing ads you have to swipe to remove immediately upon launching the app. They also appear at random times. The news articles it has often now have links to read it. This is not a news app, it’s an ad app. Time to uninstall and look for something else. Yet they advertise on tv that they listen and give us the local news we want. I’m calling BS on that.
  • Meh 3/5

    By RaeHudson1
    Install a pop-up blocker and I might download the app again. I had to delete it because I couldn’t read a news story without being taken to the App Store or an unrelated site.
  • Not pleased with this app 1/5

    By Nish112
    The flow of this app is awful. I have to click on several different links to read or watch one story. An app should flow in a smooth manner. If you need assistance designing a much more user friendly app let me know. We can assist.
  • Too many notifications 3/5

    By HokieJAC
    They need to do a better job of deciding what’s truly notification worthy
  • 11AliveNews App 2/5

    By Nicoless99
    Truly not intuitive. Strongly suggest the app designers see WSBTV or Fox5. 11AliveNews app looks and navigates like CBS46 app. So guess which two apps I use most often?
  • Text difficult to read 1/5

    By AdvancementIssues
    Since the text is NOT in a black font, it is difficult to read. It’s easier just to visit another web site than strain my eyes with a grey colored font.
  • Frequent Ads & Pictures Not Loading 2/5

    By Weu Weuuu
    I recently updated to the newest version of this app and have noticed an EXCESSIVE amount of ads popping up. I am simply trying to catch up on the latest news articles and it’s extremely annoying. Also, a lot of photos do not load so there are just blank pictures. Pleaseeee lessen the amount of pop-up ads.
  • Great App 5/5

    By ShortyJones
    Love the app! Keeps me informed
  • Terrible design 1/5

    By Minna58
    You can't get thru an article without having the entire website close! I can't get thru reading my daily news stories without having to restart the app at least 5x. I even deleted the original app & then reloaded a new one & the same thing happened...over & over. I'm sick of this!
  • Ok 2/5

    By ALKMS
    Too many notifications that aren't news, let alone news worthy of a notification... they've now started sending what are essentially commercials for their new 11pm reformatted newscast as notifications. When in the app there are a lot of ads that pop up. And if you click on most story links you're taken to another page where you have to click again to actually get to the story. With all these things, I don't end up using app much unless I have time to waste or am looking for a specific story.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Raggedy granny
    I watch WXIA every day. Their website is not updated on a regular basis, so I just don't check it out. I also am not fond of the changes they made with the on air broadcast teams. All the familiar faces are gone with just a few exceptions. I don't like the early morning format - if Chesley and Crash weren't on at that time, I don't think I'd watch it.
  • Poorly designed 2/5

    By JessAtlanta
    You click an alert which only takes you to the headline. You then have to click another link to get the story, after of course you are inundated with ads. Obviously the reason for this is to attach cookies and sell more ad space not to tell at story.
  • 11 Alive 4 iPhone 2/5

    By Subivea
    Very annoying to use. Breaking story pops up on home screen. When you slide to watch, it is interrupted by so many commercials and pop ups that you finally just go back to what you were doing and watch the news later on TV. Come on guys, you can do better.
  • Jar 2/5

    By jar1947
    Poorly designed website. If you click on a story, it will go to that story for a moment then an ad will pop up and when you close the ad, it takes you back to the original page where you have to click again. A waste of time.
  • Too many interruptions 1/5

    By lc012477
    It gets old real quick when you're in the middle of an article & pop ups keep interrupting & when you go to close it , the whole app closes. Ridiculous 😡
  • Great timely news 5/5

    By Adennisc
    They continue to up grade their news app. Timely and great alerts.
  • Great Intuitive News App 4/5

    By EaglesFaninGA
    Two thumbs up for the 11Alive News App. They continue to make improvements and provide meaningful stories as well as local weather focus. My only suggestion would be to have more timely notifications. I often get notifications on breaking news from other sources LONG BEFORE I will get the notification from 11Alive. Great job overall! Update: Suggestion to cut back in the ads - seems like too many keystrokes to get to the full story.
  • Love it 4/5

    By Jus4ellis
    Great app. No complaints here.
  • Waste of resources 1/5

    By winedawg
    Biased, shoddy reporting. 12 alive has been the worst of Atl's news Chanel's for decades

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