Living Wine Labels

Living Wine Labels

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  • Current Version: 1.30
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Treasury Wine Estates
  • Compatibility: Android
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Living Wine Labels App

Meet Living Wine Labels, an updated version of the 19 Crimes app. Discover augmented reality experiences from 19 Crimes, and many more of your favorite wines. From swirling vortexes to grim confessions, the app brings the labels to life – and reveals the story behind every bottle. Start by scanning an AR-enabled label to watch its story unfold. Share the app with your friends and update regularly to access new experiences. Now Available within the app: - 19 Crimes: Come face-to-face with infamous convicts as you hear their side of the story. - The Walking Dead Wines (exclusive to US and Canada): Join Rick Grimes of The Walking Dead on a dangerous supply run, or dodge the grasping hands of a zombie or use both bottles to unlock the ultimate battle for survival: a showdown worthy of the apocalypse. - Beringer Bros.: Journey back to 1895 and help the Brothers capture a moment in history. - Gentleman’s Collection: Let Dr. Lindeman’s wistful words bring out the discerning gentleman in you. - Chateau St. Jean (exclusive to US and Canada): Watch the Chateau come to life as winemaker Margo Van Staaveren narrates a magical day at the estate.


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Living Wine Labels app reviews

  • 19 Crimes 2/5

    By dsmill
    Half the time it doesn’t work! Or just says the same line over and over 😳😳
  • App doesn’t work - wine is so-so 1/5

    By dls141
    Sorry but your app doesn’t work 90% of the time.
  • Doesn’t work on all 19 Crimes labels 1/5

    By Ashredith
    This doesn’t work with 2016 Pinot Noir label.
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By bjenning04
    Tried to scan a bunch of wine labels and the app didn’t do a thing. Doesn’t work.
  • Wine is good, app works great. 5/5

    By ZachTheUnSober
    If your not brain dead, then you can get this app to function good. The only people who complain are confused old people. It is fun to read the negative reviews. The wine is good for the price.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By jbro1406
    Me and my husband both downloaded the app, but when we pointed our phones at the bottle nothing happened all it did was just eat our battery instantly
  • No. 1/5

    By serenaandstuff
    When downloading this app my face was simply glowing, radiant with expectancy and shimmering with joy. I open the app. I hold the bottle close to me, shivering with anticipation. I was ready for a monologue worthy of an Oscar. I raise the phone and- Two sentences. The bloke on the bottle says the same two sentences. This is not entertainment, it is mockery.
  • Good wine, crappy app? 1/5

    By Petdoc05
    Ok, bought the wine and we scanned the label....guys starts talking and then in walks a loud group of people so we can’t hear well. Got to replay and, downer!, it won’t replay. WTH? So I buy a new bottle a few months later, happens to be the same type of wine and, bummer again!, won’t play at all. Would be MUCH better if it would play the story more than once. I mean, come on, the idea is to show it to multiple people and market it right?
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By Ara Ghanbarian
    Doesn’t work at all… The instructions are shoddy at best, if you’re going to come out with a cool concept, at least roll it out with some capability… Such a disappointment.
  • Nah 1/5

    By Todds Laptop
    The augmented reality idea is neat however it doesnt work very well. Actually didnt work at all for me. I tried scanning the label in many ways but it did not. So i gave up and tried to delete but there is no delete option on ios version.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By rtg5b7833
    Downloaded twice and couldn’t get the app to work. I like 19 crimes wine, but this app does NOTHING.
  • So cool! 5/5

    By son of a bun
    This is so silly. This is what makes life worth living-life’s little surprises.
  • The Punishment 5/5

    By Flamingo002
    This particular label, Pinot Noir, is not talking. I have an iPhone. Love the talking labels in general though. I don’t drink but everyone says the wines are great. Hope to see The Punishment working soon.
  • Only plays once...? 2/5

    By T3chnicolor
    Played once. Then never again 😔
  • The Walking Dead - Red Blend 5/5

    By Ness B.
    Loved it’s smooth flavor. Darn right I’ll add this bad boy to my list of favorites!
  • Useless 1/5

    By Johnsw1988
    Not working!
  • Only five available labels 1/5

    By layladog55
    If this app included a broader repertoire of labels, it might be worthy of more stars; but, at a current count of only five labels, it barely deserves this one. I have a boatload of wines - none of which are “live” with this app. Very disappointed.
  • Great wine. Awesome app. 5/5

    By Favrevrgirl
    Really love the Chardonnay. The App is so clever. I served this wine during the holidays and demonstrated the App. One my guests went out the day after to buy every kind of the wine...for the App!
  • Great Wine 5/5

    By Rickjl
    Great wine, amazing concept with the labels. Cannot get enough of these, however, don't get sucked into the find the 19th cork contest. The Liquor Stores fail to mention it ended October 31, 2017.... ha. Love the wine though.
  • I’m a wine steward... 1/5

    By Gene Debs
    at a store that sells a ton of wine. But the app doesn’t work & customers are disappointed.
  • App is a let down 3/5

    By Callingingone
    Nor my husband or I could get the app to work, so frustrating. My hubby loves the wine, Please fix the app!!
  • 19 Crimes Excellent 4/5

    By wendiwinkle
    I have now tried three of the red wines, and love them! I have been drinking the reds for three years, long before the engaging app that tells a story. Excellent marketing techniques are used. Thank you!❤️
  • So far very good! 5/5

    By buy this wine!
    I bought this wine because my wife and I are expanding into red wine now. It is very good and very well marketed. I will be downloading the app to see what all the rave is about.
  • I have seen it work 5/5

    By Armyman1105
    I have seen the app work and it worked on my phone even but when I bought a bottle of the Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 the guy didn’t work very well at all and he’s very glichy nor did he look like the first time I tried it on a different bottle in the store. Maybe you all could check this out and get it fixed. Thank you
  • My mom loves it 1/5

    By Littlegirl567
    It won’t even delete. My mom has this app she loves it but it won’t let me delete it. Apparently when she buys an app I get it downloaded on my phone too. Can you fix this
  • Doesn’t work 2/5

    By Chris___911
    Have 4 bottles only works on 2 of them
  • App 1/5

    By Mooredesigns
    I've tried several times to download the app. It's very slow to respond and wouldn't download after several attempts. Great marketing concept but poor download ability. The 19 crimes wine is good but I bought it to go with the app. Won't be buying it again due to the poor app support. There are other wines out there that are as good or better for less money. I bought it for the marketing gimmick but it's an epic fail.
  • Worst EVER 1/5

    By Redgrapes
    App just kept saying “up against the wall”
  • Walking Dead interaction 1/5

    By Sad day 12321
    There seems to be an issue with the app when trying to use the interactive feature of both Walking Dead bottles at the same time. All of the industry press states they should interact but it doesn't seem to work.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Tturnq
    I was so excited to buy the wine and listen to the stories. But the app does not work on my phone which is a 7. Good wine but am disappointed and probable won’t buy anymore.
  • This doesn’t work. 1/5

    By M. Freed
    Nothing else needs to be said.
  • Lame 1/5

    By trayscool
    The wine may be good but this app doesn't work good. Waste of time to download.
  • Nothing special 1/5

    By AmLucha
    App didn’t work and the wine is nothing special.
  • Love this app, so original! 5/5

    By robinsda2
    We love the wine and the app.. well done developers!
  • Up date not good ! 1/5

    By LngIndROn
    The app worked great but after the lastest up date it won’t scan label! Stopped working .
  • Decent wine, terrible app 2/5

    By Leslie_JT
    Did it one time then wanted to show my bf. Would not scan again. Frustrating waste of time.
  • Updated App still not working 1/5

    By Fishrlayd
    I see an update was just done today but didn’t fix the problem with the app not working on bringing the labels to life. It’s obvious that the reviews aren’t even read. I did go thru customer support, so maybe the problem will be addressed.
  • So much fun! 5/5

    By Jane Z Photography
    I had so much fun picking out which wine I was going to get that I bought much more than planned! It’s the perfect wine to bring to a party and the effect is so cool!
  • does not work 1/5

    By Xeronimo
    the app is not functional. opens to a blank screen, and does not interface with camera even though permission is granted.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 4/5

    By Pumpkintx
    I have a 19crimes Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 and it won’t play. It seems confused between the warden and another character bottle
  • Awesome advertising 5/5

    By kde88y
    How much Fun is it to sit and watch a criminal talk to you on a bottle wine? I’ve enjoyed this wine for a few years but didn’t even know that there was such a website that I couldn’t really enjoy it and get a glance at the criminals. Very awesome awesome awesome awesome wonderful advertisement and it’s fun to read their stories.
  • 19 crimes wine 5/5

    By wine convict
    I bought the wine for the label entertainment. Amazing! The wine turns out to be very good as well.
  • Pretty neat! 5/5

    By Molmae28
    This app is way cool! I showed my teenage boys and they thought it was awesome too.
  • Great wine great app 5/5

    By LewisBrian
    I’ve been enjoying red blends for over a year. Then I tried 19 Crimes and it became my go to wine. Everyone who tries it loves it. I serve it just a touch chilled. Soooo good. It’s very difficult to find a wine my wife likes but 19 crimes is her wine. Consistently delicious.
  • Best app in a long time! 5/5

    By Skyrocket987
    Haven’t tasted the wine yet (I hear it’s great) but I will be buying all 19 just for the history and this mind-blowing app! Sharing with everyone I know.
  • Amazing wine 5/5

    By Elvis0101
    Amazing wine and have the bottles talk to me is just a bonus. Like Pokémon, I got to collect them all.
  • Great wine and such a cool app 5/5

    By Renee Plemmons
    I watched the video and thought omg how cool is this then I opened it thinking how good will this really be for the price. Well then smell was amazing and then I tasted it. Wow it was smooth and very pleasant I had the 2016 red wine. Can’t wait to try the others.

    By ashlynnes
    You make such a fun night with amazing wine. Thank you for the fun journey. It’s so rad!
  • 19 crimes.... great wine 3/5

    By hulagirl0912
    This app does not work on all bottles. Where's the fun in that?!?!?
  • Review 5/5

    By Hdjifjrudidn
    Awesome wine! Very entertaining at parties!

Living Wine Labels app comments


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