1Password 7 - Password Manager

1Password 7 - Password Manager

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  • Current Version: 7.4.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: AgileBits Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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1Password 7 - Password Manager App

Welcome to 1Password 7.0, the greatest password manager ever created. 1Password remembers all your passwords for you, and keeps them safe and secure behind the one password that only you know. Sign up for a 1Password membership and try it free for 30 days. == Put Passwords In Their Place == ◆ Create strong, unique passwords for all your online accounts ◆ Fill usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, and addresses into websites right from your browser ◆ Access your information on all your mobile devices and computers ◆ Share passwords securely with your family or team ◆ Unlock with a touch using Touch ID == Stay Safer With Watchtower == ◆ Be notified when your information has been exposed on a compromised website ◆ haveibeenpwned.com integration identifies passwords known to have been leaked on the internet ◆ Discover websites where you’ve reused the same password so you can make them strong and unique ◆ Find accounts that support two-factor authentication to enable another layer of security == Get Organized == 1Password is for more than just passwords: it’s the ideal place for financial information, personal documentation, or anything you need to keep secure and accessible. ◆ Store information in more than a dozen categories: logins, credit cards, addresses, notes, bank accounts, driver licenses, passports, and more ◆ Organize your information with tags and favorites ◆ Quickly look up passwords in your menu bar using 1Password mini ◆ Use advanced search to find and filter your information ◆ Create multiple vaults to keep different areas of your life separate ◆ Upload secure documents and view them from anywhere ◆ Add custom fields to your items to store security questions, extra URLs, and any other information you can think of == Built For Families And Teams == 1Password has full support for family and team accounts. It’s never been so easy to share the simple security of 1Password with your family or teammates. ◆ Add all your accounts — family, team, business, and individual — to see all your information in one place ◆ Easily move information between accounts ◆ Share secrets securely with your family or team == Try It Free == Get a 30-day free trial when you install 1Password. Your subscription lets you use 1Password everywhere. Your data is kept up-to-date securely and automatically across your devices, and can also be accessed on the web. Learn more at https://1password.com. == Loved And Used By Millions == 1Password has been highlighted in The New York Times, The Today Show, GQ, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Verge, Ars Technica, Mashable, and The Guardian. ◆ Recommended in Apple's "Apps for Getting Things Done" Guide ◆ Named One of The World’s Greatest 100 Apps by Business Insider ◆ Inducted into Macworld’s App Hall of Fame == We Want To Hear From You == We love 1Password and strive to make it the best it can be. Connect with us at @1Password on Twitter and Facebook.com/1Password! 1Password never prompts you for a review because we value your workflow too much to interrupt it. If you feel generous and have a couple of minutes, please leave a review. It makes a huge difference to us. Thank you in advance. :) == The Nitty Gritty Fine Print == * 1Password can be used in read-only mode without an active 1Password membership. Full access can be enabled with an in-app purchase. * 1Password is a monthly service that costs $3.99 for individuals or $6.99 for a family of 5 (prices vary by region). Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase and auto-renews at the same price unless disabled in iTunes Account Settings at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your subscription can be managed in your iTunes Account Settings. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. * Privacy policy: https://1password.com/legal/privacy/ * Terms of Use: https://1password.com/legal/terms-of-service/

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1Password 7 - Password Manager app reviews

  • Extremely disappointed w/upgrade from 1P6 to 1P7 1/5

    By Clearlight Insight
    I've had nothing but problems trying to navigate and upgrade from 6 to 7 and then they tried to lock into an annual subscription model with many features I don't need. They overcomplicated the scenario way too much and IMO ruined a good product and model. I can't wait until the day I jump ship from this, but I'm stuck for now. And as of this writing after upgrading from 6 to 7 and trying to use the 1Password7 extension in the browser it didn't work. So I signed on for a $60/year family subscription and have worse performance and nothing but hassle.
  • hwdca 1/5

    By Hwdca
    please help opem my 1Password on my computerm I reading the password noy guessing at it and it will not open? It's working now
  • Forced into a monthly subscription 1/5

    By m_nord
    I used to love 1Password... until it forced an upgrade to 7 in order to use safari extentions. Now I need to pay monthly fee rather than use the program I paid for? I'll find other options thanks.
  • bad subscribtion 1/5

    By diab olino
    I was a happy 1Password Customer for years with multiple versions of the stand alone apps for Mac and iOS. No problems. After the last Mac OS upgrades the functionality of the Mac OS apps was limited. This forced me to go to the subscription model. I hate the subscription. $5 per month for the family and lots of issues. They tell you the subscription includes "friendly service". Well, that sounds like you could talk to some one. No Phone service! Only email, you get about one email every 24 hours. What scares me is that an app that should be all about security suddenly has problems and pops up a windows that shows your super secret all powerfull access to this account number in clear text and asks you to sign back in. Than it does not accept the sign in and pops up the window again and again. Everybody using your computer or seeing the monitor get your access information pushed in their face. I need to find an alternative.
  • Way too Expensive 1/5

    By NotaNoob_
    I was a long time user of 1password, great program however they fell into the greed of SaaS. I'm guessing someone at AgileBits is trying for a new Lamborghini every year since I did not really see that many program advancements to justify the price increase? Anyhow, I've moved on to Enpass, works on all platforms Linux, Windows, MAC, iPhone and Android. One time payment of $54. As for 1Password, if you come back down to reality I will reconsider using your product. Until then I am not interested in your product and I hope other users search for alternative options.
  • Transfering to new Mac == Pay $$. Again. 1/5

    By ssfoiles
    Given my current fully-functional AppStore-paid license on my old 15" MacBook is, well, "full-functional", and given I've successfully AppStore-installed 1Password on to my new 16" MacBook and synced all the data and password onto the new Mac via the iCloud backup and given I'm factory reseting my old Mac to sell it, erasing the harddrive, removing 1Password... ...then WHY must I pay $50 for an additional 2nd new license in order to remove the 'read-only' lock to make edits on my new Mac?
  • Most painful upgrade in a long time - wait to upgrade if you can 1/5

    By Tazistan Jen
    I really hope this app isn't upgraded in any significant way for a long time because this was a truly awful upgrade. Some highlights: (1) I had a lot of trouble figuring out when to enter my usual password and when to enter the new master password (2) I turned on two-factor ID but had to turn it off again because when I tried to login on my phone it asked for the code, but when I went to look at the code and came back 1P kicked me back to login again. (3) Face ID is terrible. Why does it say it doesn't recognize my face? Why? I just used my same face to open my phone and 1P claims to use Apple's system. (4) Why is there no notes field on new entries? I had to manually add it. There is a notes field on existing entries. (5) A ten digit master password requirement is really long especially when I'm entering it on my phone when I was trying to enable the phone. (6) It looks like 1P forces me to use the password it chooses? I couldn't make it change on an entry I just added for 1P forum (trying to figure out Face ID) (7) I got a note that Dropbox was no longer hooked up and I couldn't enter my password because the note came up over and over and my password couldn't be continued after I dismissed the note (hint - use airplane mode to stop the popup). I will hope to come back and change my review once this app become usable without spending hours wrestling with it.
  • No Safari import 1/5

    By LRovi
    No Safari import
  • Very very expensive.Why subscripsion? 1/5

    By Nettex
    Once I'm willing to pay.
  • Inconsistent for iMac 2/5

    By snorkelsoup
    Could not get 1Password to consistently save login information and could not get 1Password to consistently autofill log in information in iMac.
  • Do I miss something here? 1/5

    By Ingo Bingo
    How come I open the app and can’t use its features? I didn’t ask for the update and did not purchase new version as I remember. I paid for this software twice already, cause this greedy company have a history of ripping off their customers from time to time. I can’t remember versions, but switching from 3 of 4 to the next one was like “no discounts, just buy again or loose all your data”. Ok I did. But I DID NOT ask for a subscription based model and do not remember upgrading the app. So now I stuck with this read-only button and can edit only on iOS. Well, let me say that this is basically a fraud I and I wish you guys a bankruptcy. No one on this planet should behave like this even if the conception is money-only-conscience-free business.
  • Not very helpful 1/5

    By PChoppy
    I don't think this is useful. One has to eneter the master password, then click on autofill for user name, click again for password. 1. Use Keychain and Safari's autofill. 2. Store all your passwords on a MC word file and use a master password to protect it
  • Sadly, all my PW gone from 6 1/5

    By Carolxxx
    I had 1Password6, and had signed up for 1PW7 but don't like subscriptions -- I have too many already. Unfortunately, today I went to log onto my bank account, and all my passwords were missing from 1PW6. Now I don't trust this developer, so I need to look for something else.
  • So disappointed. 2/5

    By Jonzinator
    Yup....I'm another one. I have been a user and upgraded when the features "justified" it since 1Password launched. This subscription is nothing more than a money grab for all the existing patrons. Its not a bad deal for someone getting into 1Password for the first time, but I already paid for the features I needed. It saddens me that no effort was made to support Catalina for existing users but rather Catalina was the excuse to force a subscription model. There is nothing a subscription offers to add value. Please don't bother posting a link about the ability to buy a single license. I tried find that option on your site and its obvious that its just a buried option to placate those of us expressing our dis-satisfaction about the subscription. 5 Stars for an app that works and works well -4 Stars for wanting to herd us into a subscription we dont deserve.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By BrittanyC75
    So easy to set up and use across all of my devices! My workplace recommended using 1Password over LastPass and I'm glad I decided to swtich over. 1Password is a fairly simple set up and definitely well worth the money to generate and protect passwords. I like that you can make and save notes in the app as well. Also have an appreciation for the fact that they don't ask for a review every time you open the app up.
  • Extremely Annoying Setup 1/5

    By seatzero
    Moving from 1P6 - which was excellent and worked fine - to 1P7 was a terrible terrible terrible experience. Nothing workeds as it should. Do yourself a favor and search online for yourself and see what an awful time people are having moving to this 'updated' version of 1P and find an alternative. The move from 1P6 is not worth the hassle. Spend your money, and time (it will take a looooooooong time to get it to work the same as it did before), elsewhere. Note: 1 star is the lowest option. I would have picked 0 if able.
  • Was great before version 7. 1/5

    By ErikCarlseen
    We used 1Password from versions 4-6 and were reasonably satisfied with it despite the relatively high price. The massive cost increase with the subscription versions (7 and higher) pushed us away. We've switched to a different product that, while slightly less capable, does everything we need at about a third of what 1Password costs. We kept 1Password around as a "museum view" of our passwords until the upgrade nags became too much, and we've since written off our investment in this platform. Charging almost half as much as we pay for the entire Office365 platform just to manage passwords is just insane.
  • From the best to the worst 1/5

    By MplsP
    I've been using 1Password for a decade and loved it - until now. 1Password 6 worked perfectly for me. did eveything I needed it to. Now they want me to upgreade and charge $35-60/year to get the same functionality, whether they add any new features or not. By they way, they've take away features. the autofill no longer works on safari and their user help is worthless. Just stay away. Edit - 1password support contacted me to say that the Safari Autofill wasn't working because the 'fully functional, read only' trial version 7 I downloaded is not actually fully functional. Thanks for a deceptive discription, too.
  • Abandoned their loyal customers 1/5

    By troyhector
    I bought 1Password back when it was $35 for the desktop app. Now the safari extension no longer works and I am being asked to pay for a subscription. I am happy with 1Password 6 which I already paid for. The least you can do is support Safari for your customers that put their faith in you initally. VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED!
  • App needs improvement 4/5

    By raymi0603
    I've been using this app on my Macbook, iPad and iphone for years and I've always loved it. However, recently everyrtime you do an upfdate the app keeps getting worse. Now, with your newest update trying to install in Catalina is much harder than on previous versions. As a result, I installed the free version of a similar product named Das.... in the hope of finding a better password manager. I have been using Das for about two weeks now and I have to admit that even with it's latest installation flaw and lack of customer support 1Password is still a better app. Although I still firmly believe that the latest upgrade is a downgrade from the previous version I feel that I have to give the developer its due credit. For me, 1Password is still a beter app than Das... and as such I'll continue to use 1Password and hope that the developer fixes the Catalina upgrade issue.
  • Browser plugin dont work after the upgrade 3/5

    By JustZht
    There is a weird issue that when I am using Chrome or Safari, 1Password cannot be updated from Mac App Store as it would require you to exit 1P but the 1P helper would keeps 1P from exiting. After force exit in Activity Monitor (and a successful update), 1P could not contact with browser extension anymore.
  • Amazing Password Manager 5/5

    By albertoc63
    First let me say that I work mainly with Apple products so this review is about 1PW on those devices (Mac, iPad, and iPhone, I do not have anpple watch). This password manager has made my life so much easier that it seems ridiculous the effort I had to put into it before compared with now. It is easy to manage and use, there are a few quirks here and there but the benefits of that outshine all the liottle inconveniences, and that is the reason I give 5 starts. The synchronization is almost instantaneouis between my devices and recent updates have made the apps even better. The only problems I have are the inconsistent user experiences of the plugins on each browser, for example in Safari I can use touch id under certain conditions (not the first time is used, mind you). Bit in Chrome that is not possible and I have to enter the password instead. This is an inconvenience that I am willing to put up with, your mileage would vary. On the other hand I have been using 1PW as a virtual app for 2-factor authentication and that has improved my workflow as well as the security of my logins. Hioghly recommended.
  • Subscription?? 1/5

    By DrRAJ43
    I feel like I have been hijacked into subscription never-never land by 1Password 7. It installed on my Macbook Pro without my intervention and now will not work apparently without paying a subscription. I have been a loyal user for many years and I am now disappointed and enraged.
  • Love it, but... 3/5

    By BruceInAmherst
    I've used it for over three years, and the app itself still works great on my Mac and iPhone, except... This latest update is a pain, because the extension works for Firefox but I can't get it to install in Safari anymore.
  • Please read this before you download 1/5

    By raulsiri
    I have used this for a long time, and i loved it. But recently this app has become greedy. When i am browsing safari and logging into websites, this app immediately pops up and disrupts my work flow. I went to preferences and disabled any option for it to popup. This did not help one bit, safari doesn't pester me to save passwords if i request it not to. I understand if this app wants to notify me when its open. But the app opens up by itself and pesters me to save passwords. Honestly this defeats the purpose of security. All its doing is forcefully pushing its services onto me. You have lost a customer of 4 years. congratulations
  • What even... 1/5

    By pijamalikidi
    I’m being asked to buy an app that I’ve already paid for and bought two years ago, but this time it costs more and doesn’t work! Gee, that makes A LOT of sense. I’m especially angry because it took me hours to get the update and make sense of what the app was trying to tell me (my old serial doesn’t work now for no reason at all! you need a new one just for funsies!) and when I said ‘to hell with it’ and started a trial, the safari extension wouldn’t work and the app wouldn’t auto complete forms anymore… Now it’s all for nothing and I have to look for an alternative. I’d give them negative stars if I could. This is fraud.
  • Used to be better... 2/5

    By Digital Dude
    I've been with 1P since their very beginning. Unfortunately, it's become bloated with features and buggy. I tried to download the latest Safari Extention, and it doesn't load. Likewise, I subscribed to the online 'Family' version, and it struggles to sync at times. Worst yet, when I upgraded to Catalina on my MacBook Pro, I ended up wiping and installing a new clean system. My 1Password desktop very didn't carry over, and I lost many 1P login/passwords. Again, the sync issues I been having killed my data-set.
  • Perfect Software 5/5

    By Muddlefoot
    I bought a version of this several years back. Since I've been upgrading whenever they come out with a new version everytime. Great software that has made my life much easier. I know there are other options, but I have enjoyed having something that I can just pay for once and forget about. I know there is a subscription option they are pushing people to move to, but honestly I haven't felt annoyed by them to switch. The software keeps getting updates and upgrardes. I'll happily buy upgrades as long as they will let me. Not sure why the ratings aren't higher, but your experience may differ I guess.
  • Updaing 1Password is a Nightmare! 1/5

    By pjvdiii
    It is impossible to update 1Password through the App Store. I completely quit 1Password to try and update it from the Updates page, but it never updates. It completes the download and install and then shows it still require an update. Automatic updates is also broken because you need to manually quit 1Password to update it.
  • Excellent Security Tool 5/5

    By Chris.Holliday
    My family and I use this all the time. The ability to store credentials, including one time password codes and share them in a shared vault is very handy. I would like to see some integration with Apple Watch though. Given how often you may need to enter your master password, being able to unlock with the Apple Watch would be really handy.
  • Ver 7.4.1 difficult to install 1/5

    By RayNAng
    UPDATE. When trying to install 7.4.1 I get the message, "Can't close 1Password to complete installation - try again later". However even using 'Force Quit' could not get me past this. Eventualy found that you needed to close the icon in the Status section of the Menu Bar. Since 1Password is trying the close the App to upgrade 1Password it should either close this icon by itself or at least tell me to close it. Second I found that a restart was need to make sure all the components were updated. Would suggest that install instructions state this. INITIAL COMMENT Just installed ver 7.4.1 and found that clicking on a login from 1Password does not open a window. If I go to a website login page then 1Password does not enter the username and password. You BROKE it !!!!
  • Broken 1/5

    By luke3115
    Doesn't work in safari
  • I want this off my computer, what do I do. 3/5

    By Nashvillebob49
    Keeps causing problems between my 5 Apple devices.
  • Safari & Chrome broke after update 2/5

    By Saywhatyo
    I have been using 1Password for a few months now. Happy with the purchase. Devs, please fix the newest update. Neither Safari nor Chrome extension works with any of the shortcut to prefill
  • Have been a user for 5 years. Could not live without it. 5/5

    By FreeSpeechForAll
    Never lets me down and does the job very well. Certainly fiducial to my computing and a great companion to Apple Keychain.
  • Easy 2-Factor Auth Integration 4/5

    By Caleb J. K.
    1Password is outstanding, but the one feature that sticks out most to me is that to setup 2-factor auth, you use a built in scanner on the QR codes. No need to enter some wacky code. My least favorite thing is that when you generate a new password, it automatically gets saved. This can be nice, but for the most part I just paste it into the password field for the site I am signing up for and then 1Password save all the login information. This results in duplicate passwords without a name just hanging around in my vault.
  • Recommend the software for years -- no more 2/5

    By hwiesner
    I no longer recommend the software because I don't rent software and I don't recommend software that you have to rent.
  • Safari extention does work after upgrade 2/5

    By Jer.Ko
    when I click on the 1p toolbar button, nothing happens, neither the short cuts
  • Hot Garbage 1/5

    By Chandos
    This used to be an amazing and usable app. Now it's a cash grab that only sometimes works, occasionally at best. After 7 came out it was usable without paying, now it's a brick. DO NOT BUY THIS APP. Such a bummer. I used to recommend this app to everyone, now I can't.
  • A Lifesaver 5/5

    By fbdjejeisb
    The integration of this app both on my computer and on my iphone (ios) is fantastic! Super easy to use, and super secure.
  • App Won't Update 1/5

    By Ptkdude
    I've used 1Password for years, but now the app won't update; you get a message telling you to click continue in order to close 1Password and finish the update, but it never works. Followed the instructions on the "help" site (which is just a forum to get help from other customers), and it still didn't work. Horrible support from this company!
  • Kind of makes me miss LastPass 4/5

    By ThreesTrifecta
    But I like having desktop apps and 2FA, etc. I just wish it was a lot faster at syncing (not 1 hour or more) and knew to autofill starred accounts over unstarred accounts.
  • Old 1 Password breaks 1/5

    By Kingkkp101
    The old 1 Password (which I paid for as a standalone app) has been functioning perfectly fine the last few years. I liked the cloud based syncing so that I could have it on all my devices on a lock secured by me. Unfortunatly they've broken the browser add ons with a for of 1Password7. If you have the old way of doing it, the extension will not autofill the passwords. This is disabling a HUGE feature. There's no security resasons just a way to force people into paying for a monthly subscribtion. I don't want to pay for my passwords to be stored on 1Password servers, I have a cloud subscribtion already that I would like to utlize and 1Password is quickly making me find ways to export my data out of their platform and into other services. If this isn't rectified soon, I will be leaving the platform and using other services that integrate more nicely into other cloud platforms.
  • Please fix updating through the app store. Otherwise wonderful app. 2/5

    By mikethebigo
    I've been using 1Password for a while and it's literally a lifesaver. I like version 7. I'm happy to pay the subscription fee. This issue was resolved for a while, and is now back in its full ugly form. The app store fails installing the update, and this time I can't even cmd opt con Q and then get the update to work. It just fails over and over. This has been a problem for SO LONG PLEASE FFS FIX IT!
  • I wouldn't be without 1Password 5/5

    By Jenn Bernat
    I have been using 1Password for a long time. It's such a great tool. I no longer use lame but memorable passwords on any accounts that matter. Our joint account information is all safe and accessible to both my husband and I so I don't have to worry about losing access to important accounts.
  • Updates still annoying 2/5

    By Reader of mags
    Why can't AgileBits fix 1Password so that when you quit the program it will actually quit so it can update instead of forcing users to hunt down a way to REALLY quit the program to allow the update. This has been an issue for years and they never fix it.
  • I hate subscriptions, but... 5/5

    By Binaryspiral
    I hate subscriptions but value constant improvments and new features. 1Password is able to deliver a solid product that has allowed me to diversify my accounts and manage my passwords that has already saved me from identity theft, so I can easily justify the subscription for many years. Customer for life. Also, kudos on actual substatnce in the change logs during app updates. None of this "performance improvements and bug fixes..." garbage.
  • Highly recommend 5/5

    By NdaT
    I've used 1Password for over a year, and it is now an indespensible part of my ditigal life. Whether on my laptop or mobile, it enables easy use of strong passwords across all platforms and enhances online security.
  • Updates are broken (AGAIN), plus microtransactions. 2/5

    By jdta
    1Password 7 is such a dissapoinement versus the previous versions. Used to be, you bought 1Password... it was a fair and honest price... and that was it. It was very good well-supported software. With version 7, they decided to copy Zynga's disgusting business model and nickel-and-dime you to death with microtransactions. I have use it for work though, so I'm stuck. At least I'm being reimbursed. There is also some newly-shoddy development going on with version 7. Every few versions, the updating mechanism breaks. 1Password 7 will stop auto-updating, and manual updates fail as well. There's some combination of quitting, rebooting, and hitting the update button in the app store that will eventually unstick it. But it's dicey voodoo that seems to change every time. And this has been going on for at least a year. When I move on to my next job, and am no longer being reimbursed for the microtransactions; I will be dropping 1P for a password manager that sells an honest piece of software. Or, hopefully, by then Apple's built-in keychain password manager will have advanced to the point of being a drop-in replacement. In any event, my recommendation is to avoid.

1Password 7 - Password Manager app comments

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