1Password 8 - Password Manager

1Password 8 - Password Manager

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  • Current Version: 8.9.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: AgileBits Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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1Password 8 - Password Manager App

1Password is the world’s most loved password manager, trusted by millions of people and over 90,000 businesses to keep their secrets safe. "1Password offers the best combination of features, compatibility, security, and ease of use." —Wirecutter == All your passwords on all your devices == 1Password makes it easy to create and use strong passwords, and sign in to any app or website in seconds. Your information is available on as many devices as you need, with beautifully-designed apps for every platform and web browser. == Sharing made simple == 1Password is the safest way to share logins, credit cards, documents, and other important information. Keep personal items private, and securely share secrets with the people who need them. And if a team or family member gets locked out, you can help them recover access. == More than just passwords == Automatically fill forms, payment details, and logins on websites and in apps. Save important documents like passports and identity cards, safeguard your software licenses and medical records, and store private notes for safekeeping. == Better than your browser's password manager == 1Password gives you access to your data from unlimited devices on any platform. Unlock in an instant with Apple Watch or Touch ID on supported devices. Plus, use it as an authenticator for easy access to one-time passwords for multi-factor authentication. == Uniquely secure, completely private == The information you store in 1Password is encrypted end-to-end, and only you hold the keys to decrypt it. We can't see what you store in your account or which sites you visit, and our system is designed to keep your data safe – even if your device is stolen or our servers get hacked. Learn more about our security model at 1Password.com/security. == Get automatic security alerts == Identify potential threats before they happen. Watchtower warns you about weak, reused, or compromised passwords so you can update them right away. You'll also get an alert if any of your credentials are exposed in a data breach. == The 1 for Business == Protect your most vulnerable assets: your company secrets. 80% of data breaches can be traced to weak, reused, or shared credentials. 1Password integrates seamlessly with your company's infrastructure so you can secure your team without slowing them down. Administrators can effortlessly provision new users, recover accounts, and use domain breach reports to see if any company email addresses or credentials have been exposed in a data breach. == The world's most-loved password manager == Hailed as the #1 password manager by Wired, New York Times, CNN, and The Wall Street Journal, millions of people trust 1Password to keep them safe online. 1Password helps secure over 90,000 businesses, including IBM, Slack, Intercom, and PagerDuty. == Get started for free == Try 1Password free for 14 days, then find the plan that’s right for you or your business. Use 1Password on as many devices as you need, with apps for every platform, unlimited password and item storage, and personalized support. Terms of Use: https://1password.com/legal/terms-of-service/

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1Password 8 - Password Manager app reviews

  • Longtime user. 1/5

    By Eckelberry
    Love the app. New app uses electron which I find very fast and responsive. Please ensure that the quick scrolling with the alphabet on the right side of the lists makes it into 1password 8. Also, the app icon can no longer be changed which seems like a step back. Thank you.
  • Don't use it, use Lastpass app 🫡 1/5

    By iMaz1n
    I'm using 1Password since 2015 with Pro plan, with iCloud vault, now Dave Teare removed version number 7.9.8 and released 8 without iCloud syncing, that's mean forcing us to subscribe with monthly plan, loyal customers are supposed to be respected who give value to 1Password in the beginning.
  • Needs a few things, but ok overall 4/5

    By macxlab
    Overall the new 1Password 8 iOS App is a step in the right direction. I like the configurable main screen. But I keep running into a search issue that makes it less functional than 7: The search function only returns results on whole, discreet phrases, for example, if I search for “vpn” I will only get results that either start with vpn or have vpn as a separate word. So VPNUnlimited would show, Express VPN would show, but PureVPN would not. *note the space between Express and VPN that allows it to show. Is there a solution for this? I’ve had trouble finding things because of this loss of functionality, so I often have revert to 7 to find things.
  • Not very usable 2/5

    By Mrjamestx
    Have yet to be able to use on my new iPhone 14 pro max. Cannot even find help Have the new version 8 on my Mac and am terribly confused there and once again there seems to be no source for help
  • Unreal 1/5

    By Johnnylubeck
    Stay away from this app, now I am locked out of my account. For some reason I need a secret key and it tells me to sign in, but I can’t sign in without the secret key. Talk about going backwards.
  • Cannot re-order fields, feature removed 1/5

    By techkgirl
    Every version of 1Password prior to 8 had the ability to reorder fields and sections, but 1password 8 removed this. Now i need to keep 1password 7 around, and no telling how long that will work. I am a long time 1password user since the days of individual apps. I guess it is time to look elsewhere.
  • Stick with version 7 until… 3/5

    By Tristar
    I advise 1Password users to stick with version 7 until, at least, the first update after October 1, 2022. Apparently, there is a bug where if you reset your iPhone, it will permanently break 1Password’s Face ID function. No amount of reinstalling 1Password nor resetting Face ID fixes the problem. 1Password developers are aware of this, and working on a solution, according to their user help forms. I had to roll back to version 7 in order to keep from manually entering my my master password every single time.
  • keep crashing on iphone 13 mini 1/5

    By computergreek
    Devs, absolutely LOVE the service for what it does but this app is not ready. every time i launch it on my device (iphone 13 mini, iOS 15.1) it crashes. there’s nothing i can do to stay open for more than a second. at least there’s still 7
  • face id not working 1/5

    By yuleihit
    face id not working for months and a lot of users has reported issues but no fix so far
  • Newest update - 8 1/5

    By chipwilson
    REALLY REALLY miss ability to see password and to make it bigger!!! How do I do that now? Or go back to version 7?
  • Mostly Functional Regression 2/5

    By NeoSe7en
    1Password 8 is a nice visual face lift but that’s about the only upside. The rest is unfortunately removed functionality, extra steps for basic tasks and bugs that they don’t seem to care about fixing.
  • Why would they ruin search? 1/5

    By Tarabine
    The key functionality on the app is search. Why would the developers make the search functionality so unintuitive. On the ipad, you can’t even use the keyboard commands properly to search. It would be great if you could type command-f when you open the app to search all your passwords. Very frustrating, especially since it worked fine in 1password 7.
  • What is Going On? 2/5

    By portorikan
    Without a doubt, this update has been a huge regression in design and quality. I’ve been a huge 1Password evangelist and user for YEARS and this update on the iOS (and Mac side) has been quite a disappointment. I should’ve known something was up when the early preview/betas/releases were for not for iOS or Mac devices. The design of the app has changed in such a poor way. There’s a separate search button at the bottom. Why? Vault focus favorites are gone and now all lumped together? Why? The Apple Watch app has been removed. Why? Vault data is all lumped together into one giant bucket. Why? The in-app browser (which I had built Shortcuts around) has been removed and is gone? Why? To view a password now you have to long press and choose from a pop up menu. Why? So many of these changes and updates have made the user experience worse overall. It’s almost like this update was created by designers who have never actually used the app on iOS or a Mac device. It’s bizarre and puzzling to think someone could be a user of their own product for so long, make these changes and think they are actually good and useful. Why would Agilebits do this? I’m disappointed and frustrated by this update. I’m hoping the developer will respond positively to feedback from users, because most users seem to overwhelmingly be underwhelmed by the changes and direction of this update. The one thing does at least give me some solace is is that if need be, I can easily transition to Apple’s native solution if 1Password continues to get worse; I’m hoping I won’t have to though.
  • No In-App Browser Anymore 3/5

    By FlippyFlipFlip
    I finally upgraded to 1Password 8 and am regretting it. Not having the in-app browser has added so many needless clicks and redirects. It’s made using it on the phone very clunky and slow.
  • A dump 1/5

    By summerisnear
    What a lack of respect for legacy users. Just forcing everyone to use the dumb subscription model. I thought AgileBits cared about good software. These antics are disgusting. Even after finding a fix I’ll switch out to another company that doesn’t treat it’s years-long customers like idiots.
  • Put Search field front and center please 4/5

    By nkmower
    99% of the time I open the app I’m doing so to search. The new version no longer has the search field on the home screen. I would love it if after unlocking the app the cursor was active in a search filed for immediate typing. Also, the new avatar/icon person for the account is stupid and should have options.
  • very poor engineering 1/5

    By John798755
    1Password doesn't seem to test their products before release, the app crashes after authenticating me with face ID, UI is even worse than before & it seems they focus on trivial gamification like "watchtower" instead of making a functional product

    By Flipfilm
    This update puts a bunch of cute crap in the way of using the app. In the guise of making the app more “customizable” it obscures basic functions that I use every day. I guess it’s supposed to be more “fun?”
  • Turned 15 year old customer away 1/5

    By adamspicar
    The quality and build of this app is no longer professional. 1Password lost their way. From incredibly bad design and color choices to bugs, non working extension and poor UI. Like long press to reveal password? Really? I don’t believe you even use your own app. That’s how bad it has got! What a fall from being considered the best.
  • subscription lock in, anesthetics and not user friendly. 1/5

    By Aboy336
    I’ve been a user of 1Password for a long time. In fact, i downloaded the original 1Password app (it was called 1Password Pro in the late 2000s). Ive see a lot of changes some good and some bad but despite that, I wouldve continued to be a loyal customer. Prior to 1PW 8 - You offered your own cloud based service but you offered alternatives too - local databases, iCloud, Dropbox, etc. You gave us options for database locations, the app worked seamless with iOS and was user friendly. now there’s no option to even store files locally. Truthfully, you had it made but you’ve now forced everyone to your cloud service. I understand from a business perspective it’s more lucrative. But sometimes that’s not always the best decision in the long run. Think about it, do you think that the cloud service you offer is safer than Apple’s CloudKit? I have no doubt you get a lot of scathing comments about this, please listen to us. Give us back the option to choose whether we want to use your cloud or not. You’ll find that more people will rejoin the 1password community than ever before. The app itself is not user friendly. Accessing passwords is a pain, there’s a ridiculous amount of authentication to view a simple password. I just want to open the app and view what I need to look at. The app crashes and there’s no way for me to revert back to 1password 7 now. From my understanding, you’re building your apps using proton and it has inherent issues of its own. Prior to 1password 8, do you know how many people I’ve recommended your app to? Quite a few users. In the grand scheme of things, I know 1 person isn’t a big deal but listen if you ever decide to give us options for storage like 1Password 7, clean up the user interface and make accessibility a priority, you’ll find me returning to you community.
  • It looks better but it’s slow to sync across devices 3/5

    By super_genius
    You no longer have the ability to force it to sync, whereas previously you could tell Dropbox to sync on demand. No controls to force a sync. We end up texting a burn link as a workaround, instead of waiting for our apps to sync.
  • Awful update 1/5

    By Mhmmond
    If it ain’t broke then don’t try to fix it! Nothing about the latest update is good, plus having to reEnter your password every two weeks is ridiculous!
  • Local Vaults are no longer supported. 1/5

    By FrancisSGL
    Since 8, Local Vaults are no longer supported. And I will no longer a customer of this software because of this stupid decision.
  • Downgrade in many senses 2/5

    By nickdyville
    Already went back to 7 on my laptop. On iPhone 8 feels faster but the animations are a tad slow, so when I think im about to tap something its moved location and i did it wrong. Some of that is habit, some of it is poor UI/UX theres more research and design work to be done folks
  • Absurd changes to an app that didn’t need them 1/5

    By sfritz
    I’ve used 1P for years and this is the first version that makes me question what the designers were thinking. The new UI is abysmal and adds pointless, unnecessary complexity to what already worked well. Why are categories buried on the second tab? Why is Search made its own tab when we’ve had great working examples of pull-down searching for several iOS revisions now? While I get that Watchtower is important, does it really need its own tab as well? For that matter, why are the tabs unlabeled? Don’t make me guess as to what these things are for. Everything’s hidden by default, useful subcategories are buried and everything takes so much more time than before. Waiting for menus to open or tapping through multiple levels might not seem like a big deal but over time it really adds up. On top of all that, there’s weird display oddities that I can’t decide if it’s a bug or not- the tab bar is transparent on scrolling lists-why? Does the 1Password team really use their own app? It’s hard to believe someone thought this was a useful change.
  • The worst customer service I’ve ever had! 1/5

    By Zandrac
    After transitioning to 8.0. It was a disaster! I’ve been a customer for years and never had a big problem until now. Do u know they don’t have a phone CS? These are my password for heaven’s sake! The CS emails were all standardized answers I could get myself on the website. I spent 3 days trying to fix my problems over email, until I couldn’t go on. Thank God, I had all my Passwords backup on a spreadsheet. I canceled my subscription and signed up with someone else! Beware of a company that tells you they don’t use phones to help you!!!!!!!!!! Z Thank you for your follow up but it is a travesty when a company like yours sends me a message telling me you are proud of yourself for not providing phone, chat… or something to talk to an agent when you are having trouble with one of the most important things you can own. Congratulations!
  • App is useless since update 1/5

    By Binx60
    I’ve used 1Password for a long time, but since the update 8 It has become useless! I want version 7 back.
  • I have to enter my pass each time i use it 2/5

    By ramy eid 11
    Even face id option is enabled on my iphone 13 , each time i use the app it shows me that i have to enter password which is so annoying
  • Not Faster or Smarter 2/5

    By AMBer1954
    1Password 8 may be safer, but in my opinion it is not faster or smarter. There is nothing intuitive about the new app. All I want out of this app is to auto fill the usernames and passwords for the websites I’ve saved in 1Password. The old version worked seamlessly, which certainly is not the case with this new version. I’m exploring other options, as 1Password has become too cumbersome.
  • No Support for Apple Watch? 3/5

    By Jerman885
    The ability to install on Apple Watch isn’t available in this version. Major disappointment, it comes so much in handy when you have 2FA and you can just glance at your watch without having to get out of the app you’re trying to sign into and go open 1Password. Not good.
  • Removed features from 1Password 7 1/5

    By BigBoss1197
    The lack of PIN code unlock makes this update unusable for me. I work at a hospital and wear a mask all day so I rely on PIN unlock when FaceID isn’t available so I don’t have to enter my long password every time. Also the removal of the “jump to” letters is baffling to me. Now I have to use search or scroll to what I want? Why remove these features that were already there?? Most of the rest of this update is great. It looks nice and it is definitely faster in almost every way. But what I mentioned above is a complete deal breaker for me. Hopefully these get added back soon, but for now I’ll be sticking with 1Password 7.
  • Driving me crazy 3/5

    By T184k
    When I used to open 1Password on my iPhone I would get a full list of logins. Now, it seems I can only see “favorites” or “recently used” or any other “customizations”. How do I see the entire list?
  • No way to set default Vault 2/5

    By RizziNUp
    iPassword8 is definitely a step backwards in shard vault usability. One of my favorite features from iP7 was the ability to have everyone in my family have a shared vault. More specifically, a shared vault between my wife and I. However, everything on iP8 now defaults to your personal vault, and there is no way to change your default settings. Most times I want to keep our passwords shared. Not very often is there a time to keep it in my private vault. I might as well use google or iOS passwords at this point.
  • It’s okay but I miss ver 7 3/5

    By Tanker57
    I had high hopes for ver 8, but I have found myself wondering why I upgraded. The new version does not have the clear UI that I am used to in v7. I understand that developers want to challenge themselves by adding new features. I just want my password manager to display my passwords, help me create new and secure passwords and limit the amount of time finding and adjusting settings to make my needs happen. I would recommend using v7 if you have the choice.
  • Immediately reverted to 1Password 7 1/5

    By Ee Durbin
    There was no apparent way to import the Vault I’ve been using happily with iCloud, *only* online vaults. That’s a dealbreaker for me. If 8 adds this in the future, great. If not, when 7 stops working or is left to rot by lack of updates… I’ll go forth to find a new password manager after 8 years of 1Password.
  • Bait and Switch with New Version 1/5

    By alt_title
    I originally purchased an app that allowed me full functionality. Now after updates I can no longer use this app without paying a monthly fee. I don’t even have the original capabilities that I paid for, such as adding new logins. I’m going to move all my logins to a new app. Update: this is a two part failure. 1) Apple’s terms should prevent this from occurring. I’ve paid for an app, the developer should not be allowed to rug pull that functionality and force me to pay them more. 2) the developer should have deprecated the software and not provided further updates then started a new version that’s monthly fee based. The developer response does not provide me a better experience. It just forces me to pay them for functionality that I’ve already paid for under different terms.
  • After updating to Version 8. Doesn’t open using Face ID 1/5

    By Haroldinhobatista
    After updating to Version 8. Doesn’t open using Face ID
  • What Happened?? 1/5

    By Gellis68
    What happened since version? Eight now Face ID no longer works with the app whatsoever. Please fix ASAP.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By i very disgruntled user.
    User interface went from efficient to obscure. Touch ID does not function in Safari on an iPad. I am looking to downgrade to version 7.
  • Horrendous 1/5

    By reyesljose
    If it’s not broken, why fix 1Password 7. Version 8 is horrible can’t login with Face ID . You have manually inter your master password every time on iOS
  • Terrible redesign 1/5

    By C.R.Mc.
    Terrible redesign. Another longtime user here to say that the new app is extremely frustrating and has me looking at alternatives. The move to a subscription model was annoying enough, but now this bizarre step backwards in functionality and usability has me regretting all of the times I’ve steered friends and coworkers to 1Password over the years.
  • Can’t customize 2/5

    By rhp123456
    If it’s YOUR Home Screen then why can’t you put what YOU want on it??? Have to go to search to find your log ins….
  • Umm…what happened? New update UI is junk! 2/5

    By Mtn man 652
    I’m not sure the thought process behind the new user interface of 1Password 8 but wow. I’m not only completely frustrated every time I use the app now, but I’m also shocked that a product that had been so solid for so long took this huge step backwards. I just spent 4 minutes trying to find a very simple password. I even used search, but the search results don’t even show the entire results. You literally have to click ANOTHER link just to see more of the results for the same word. Very disappointing and it’s bad enough that I’m looking at other password products for the first time ever.
  • 1Password 8 is a massive, massive, massive regression 1/5

    By Joe Anonymous 12345
    I've been a 1Password user for 5+ years since before it was a subscription. In that time the apps have always been fast, responsive, and performant. The v8 release throws all of that out the window. It is so slow and laggy to be unusable. Operations that used to be instant now take 100+ ms to complete and it feels like they jammed a web app into a native wrapper and the users are paying all of the performance penalties of that approach vs a true native app. Even worse it does not seem possible to download 1Password 7 on devices that don't already have it as they have removed it from The App Store — a tragic misstep. The sheer number of 1-star reviews (nearly 50%) on this new version speaks for itself. 1Password used to be high quality software and this is a classic case of taking VC money causing scale to take precedence over quality. Unfortunately for the PM that made this terrible decision, password management services is a space where quality matters a lot. If this is the future of 1Password, it is very very sad. This is so unusable I will be canceling my subscription and leaving 1Password for an alternative that has usable and responsive clients. I don't think there's any other software I've used for 5+ years that I can say this about. It is truly unfathomable that they actually shipped this terribly slow, unresponsive app and simultaneously removed their prior app that was both fast and responsive. Is product management asleep at the wheel? This is atrocious and embarrassing. The approach makes sense for a company with just a few engineers but 1Password must have dozens. Why would they shoot themselves (and their users) in the foot like this?
  • Cumbersome!! 1/5

    By designforpeople
    I gave it more than a month to try it out and it was cumbersome to install, it’s difficult to find my passwords and logins, can’t fill in usernames and passwords without going to the app and copying and pasting, format is user unfriendly. Hate it. I deleted it and went back to version 7. This one is so much easier to use. Why does the Face ID not work with version 8? I don’t see the point of this app if it doesn’t automatically fill in usernames and passwords. This version needs to be redone.
  • Step Backward x 2 1/5

    By Trackerguy
    I immediately deleted v8 and reinstalled v7. No numeric passcode, unable to alphabetize favorites, etc. Other reviewers have discussed the numerous failings of v8 so I don’t need to repeat them. The worse part is that despite all these complaints, the company has not fixed them, and has not indicated whether they will be fixed or not. All you get is (paraphrasing) “we’ll pass your request to the team” or “wait until the next release and you’ll be surprised.“ This type of patronizing reply is just unacceptable. Will you fix this issue: yes or no. If yes, when? If enough people are complaining, provide an interim release to fix the major complaints. After years using 1Password, I believe I may have to switch to another manager. REPLY See, right there, that’s the problem. "We're actively working on this, however we're unable to say when this will be available in future versions of 1Password.” That’s not an answer, that’s an excuse. It’s an amorphous statement that really does not tell the user anything. Let me help you out. Here is what your dissatisfied client base wants to hear: Yes, we are restoring the numeric unlock code, and alphabetizing the favorites bar. The update will be out within the week as an interim release. Other complaints will be addressed within the next 30 days. Very sorry for our developmental errors. Recognition and remediation with a quick time line to remedy it. That is how you deal with the v8 complaints.
  • Lacking Important features 2/5

    By Optum=Bad
    You have to type in your password every time you want to access the app. No PIN code is allowed. This is cumbersome and takes way too much time. The old app allows for this feature. Seems like 1PW made simple aesthetic changes and removed a rather important feature. Won’t be using until they add features that actually matter.
  • I like the new design 5/5

    By lk737
    If you want to have the original Pin lock you can now just use Apple’s built-in password manager for it.
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By hooverp
    cant find anything, nothing airfoils anymore in iPhone 14 pro. Give me the old version.