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2 For 2

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  • Current Version: 1.6.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Crazy Labs
  • Compatibility: Android
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2 For 2 App

WARNING! You will absolutely get addicted to this puzzle game. Connect the numbers, and DON’T run out of moves! Make lines by connecting as many same numbered dots as you can. The longer the line, the more points you get and the longer you’ll survive. As you connect the same numbers, they add up in multiples of 2. Ready, set, connect! ABOUT US Crazy Labs is a casual games brand, under which TabTale develops and publishes fun and addictive games. Crazy Labs partners with independent development studios across the globe to create engaging mobile content for audiences of all ages. Like us: https://www.facebook.com/crazylabsgames Watch us: http://www.youtube.com/Tabtale Visit us: http://tabtale.com/ Follow us:@CrazyLabsGames CONTACT US Let us know what you think! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contact us 24/7 at [email protected] PRIVACY: The app is free to play but certain in-game items may require payment. The app includes: - advertising for TabTale and some third parties that redirect users to our sites, apps or third-party sites - social networks links to connect with others while playing - the option to accept push notifications to inform of exciting news (e.g. updates) - an age-gate to prevent access to some features to protect children (e.g. restrict behavioral advertising or information sharing). Privacy is important to us. The app may enable data collection for legal purposes (e.g. respond to support queries; enable, analyze and improve the app’s features and services; personalize content including targeted advertising). For more information refer to our Privacy Policy: http://tabtale.com/privacy-policy/. Note that referred third parties are subject to their own policies. Use of the app is subject to our Terms of Use: http://tabtale.com/terms-of-use/.


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2 For 2 app reviews

  • Strategy game love it 5/5

    By Wifeechris
    This game is great it’s not one where u think u have to match all the numbers cause that’s what I thought you actually have to think and strategize what to do. Love it. Give it s go.
  • Keeps jumping between games 1/5

    By deargodhelpus
    I like 2 for 2, but it is impossible to stay in just that game because if you hit new game or continue or home, it takes you to all kinds of other games I have no interest in. I’ve looked for a paid version that would cut this junk out and haven’t found it. 2 for 2 is a good game. It would be great to just be able to play it.

    By Angwcat
    Seems to be a new popular thing to advertise all the time throughout the app (like every 30 seconds). Then it says "buy to remove ads" but it only removes the banner ads, but the annoying ads people really want gone are left to plague the game! I would give it a 0 star for dishonest manipulation for financial gain
  • Addictive 5/5

    By HawgMoudy
    Great game
  • Great game- but it keeps glitching 4/5

    By Chez 8425
    Overall, I really love this game. Its addictive and works without wifi, so it's perfect for me to pass time in school. The one problem is that after playing a round for a while, a few of the numbers will freeze and I won't be able to combine them at all. This always results in me having to start over the game, because it seems like nothing will fix it when it happens. Very frustrating, especially when I have a really high number and I have to start all over. I would totally would give this game a five star rating if it wasn't for this frustrating glitch
  • New user 3/5

    By katalan211
    Appears okay after day 1
  • Anita Broxson 3/5

    By Abroxson
    It just takes so long to get to the game everything pops up and you have to wait and wait. But love the game.
  • Aaa 2/5

    By Ahus45
    I do not like all the time I have to spend with trying to be influence to take other apps
  • No Ada 1/5

    By jenms27
    I paid for the app but keep getting the ads. MAKE THE ADS GO AWAY P😩
  • UPDATE! PROBLEM FIXED. So much fun!! 5/5

    By Lydster08
    Super addictive and very straightforward to be successful!!!
  • Very addicting 4/5

    By Tooth fairy 32
    I could just keep playing. Only down side is way TOO many ads for other games... Way too many!!!
  • Awesome but it has a glitch 4/5

    By big sisterhead
    The glitch is on medium level three. It’s impossible to win because it won’t let you connect some of the number dots. This needs to be fixed! I love this game! Please fix this problem. Until then I won’t be playing on the new challenges feature because it’s no fun when you can’t win.☹️
  • Addictive Game 5/5

    By schadey40
    Can't stop playing, only for those of you that can think outside the box and good with puzzles and numbers.
  • *Sigh* 1/5

    By BestSpike22
    It was working before, but more recently it’s just been opening to a blank screen with only a couple of things, like my number of coins and an ad at the bottom. There was no way for me to actually play the game. Had to delete.
  • Bbg 5/5

    By bbg alice💖💖
    I’ve had this game for three days an I can’t stop playing it I’m so happy it’s so addictive 😍
  • High score 5/5

    By gc5115
    Is there an all time high score for this game? Bc I might be approaching it?
  • Counting my sanity 5/5

    By Abigor/Abaoth
    This game started out innocent. It held my hand and guided me gently. Soon however like a baby bird propelled from the nest I was thrown into a world fear, suffering, and the searing pain of my face smacking into the ground in failure. Eventually, through my trials and errors, running into brick wall after brick wall, I finally began to question my life decisions. What is humanity? What is the need to solve every puzzle? Can I truly eat potato salad while playing this successfully (no)? After salvaging the shattered remains of my phone after yet another loss, finally I have decided to do what is best for me, and become an entrepreneur. Obviously. Thank you 2 for 2, 10/5. Would flick again.
  • Great game 5/5

    By LuckyLouie38
    I have played this game for about a week - have been waiting for it to get boring!!! IT HAS NOT!! New every time. Different screens, challenging strategy to achieve higher scores!!!
  • Fun game 4/5

    By Australian Magpies
    Very addicting, very fun! I like the design a lot. Many ads but not as irritating as many other games I found. Great app:)
  • High scores?? 4/5

    By Hoekstra1
    When it comes to games like this I am very competitive. There is not a game center sign in as well as any way to know what the high score is? Currently I just reached 1,000,016
  • Challenging 5/5

    By debiszone
    I’ve had games last as long as three weeks before it beats me. I’ve only reached a score of 161k and I am frustrated that I’ve not reached that score again yet, I keep trying. I have an addiction to this game.
  • Changes in update 3/5

    By Erastide
    It's frustrating that the latest update changed the boost of x2 so that you can only use it on a limited number of numbers. Before you could use it on anything but the highest number, now it's limited to 2, 4 and maybe 8 as far as I can tell. Which will make the next challenge of connecting 32k 4 times in one move not worth it. Before I would spend coins to help me reach a hard challenge, now I'll just do the short video to skip anything difficult.
  • Ads killed otherwise ok game 1/5

    By TheBaldr
    I can’t get passed the ads, I have to restart and the same ad blocks me from progressing. Going to delete this app since it is useless now.
  • Good but has Flaws 4/5

    By missginessafields
    This game is a good game but it has flaws. This game is fun and addicting, but it is upsetting that you can’t connect the number vertically only side-to-side and horizontal which is good—but annoying. Don’t get me wrong I really like this game, but I have a suggestion, you should -make the numbers connect anywhere -have about 1 or 2 ads every now and then -make sure it doesn’t make you loose your data I hope you understand what I’m trying to truly tell you. I’m telling you how I feel, honestly. If you do understand Thank You.
  • Addicted 5/5

    By Vonnie5035
    I can't put this game down. I keep trying to beat my previous score. It's driving me nuts 😀
  • Walleye 4/5

    By Ndwalleye1
    Not to bad of a game
  • ADS!!!!!!!! 3/5

    By el butt-faced baloney
    So.... a great game but TOO MANY ADS I was able to make mom and dad think it’s a math game so dats good. Just so y’all know I got a 2,048!!!!! JK but I did get a five-twelve. But anyway a great game but to many fricken ADS!!! DADDYS BUTT EL SEE FART FART FARTING A LOT FART FARTS
  • Wow 4/5

    By PikáMOM28907
    This is by FAR the best game EVER created it is so amazing and addicting I can’t go 1-2 days without playing it. But..... the ADS they are so consist and so long and you can’t skip them
  • Great 5/5

    By beckymeow22
    Favourite game, never ever had any issues with it.
  • Fun game, too many ads 3/5

    By 242manyads
    I like the game, challenging and addictive. Too many long ads.
  • Soooooo addicting 5/5

    By Ejbigdog
    I’m not one usually for puzzle type games, but this one has me hooked.
  • Its true 5/5

    By Twisted8164
    You can’t stop! So much fun
  • Numbers. Who knew! 5/5

    By TRUtoya
    I’m not a numbers or math person but the game looked fun. It is. Also highly addictive even to a math phobe like me.
  • One of the only games I’ll keep 5/5

    By KnightJeran
    It’s a brilliant game, and it’s nice not to have levels. It just competing against a previous personal score, which is great. Thank you for a great game. It’s never bugged out on me, and the ads aren’t too often/intrusive.
  • Addictive 5/5

    By JTwist239
    It’s great for Memorizing Plus it’s Highly addicting Trying to beat your old high school!!!
  • To many ads 1/5

    By Anonymous🎭🎭🎭
    Dont like how there is an ad every time I open up the game
  • Not happy 1/5

    By Uljunky
    I downloaded the free version and played it a for a bit. I got tired of the ads and forced videos so I bought the app. I still have forced videos. Not nice guys.
  • 2 for 2 5/5

    By Finn.o
    I’ve had this app for several days now, and it’s got me so captivated!!! I enjoy it because the object is simple & straightforward, yet complex and full of many opportunities. Having the ability to connect the numbers and create different patterns is so much fun. In all, it’s a great app!!!
  • All then nothing 3/5

    By Mamie1696
    This game is very addicting but once you find the patterns it gets to be too easy. The challenges are good but easily accomplished. It’s missing something. I like it and and loved it at first but you lose your momentum after a while. I played for a few days and got bored with it. And every time you make a big number, an ad pops up. It has too many ads. If you take a break and come to the same game, an ad pops up. If you move up a level an ad pops up. In a nutshell this app is a series of ads and simple math
  • Good Game, but... 2/5

    By TK_421cool
    WAY TOO MANY ADS. Not buying to get rid of them. Not that good of a game.
  • I’m addicted 5/5

    By laney._.3244
    It’s currently 2:30am and I have been playing it all night trying to beat my high score and I love this app it’s so relaxing and fun and definitely something to do when your bored
  • Awesome!!! 5/5

    By nawalqueen
    I am do addicted to this game and I love it so much!!
  • Great game 3/5

    By tmchiusano
    Very interesting and entertaining but to many ads. Yes you can pay to get rid of them but like every other app the ads still pop up
  • Good Game But... 4/5

    By Rockstar3m5
    I really enjoy this game, but I’ve noticed a few issues. The word quest game takes forever to start a new session. It will at times take three or four times collecting the prize to finally play the new quest. The video skips on the challenges also don’t work most of the time. Other than these two issues I really like the game.
  • ADS 1/5

    By NopedByaNarnope
    Omg I’m gonna give up on this game if I keep getting 30 second ads I can’t skip whenever I die and when I even start up the game. The ads also will pause your music which is VERY annoying and if you click the ‘X’ button in the corner after the ad 70% of the time it’ll take you to the App Store because it thinks you clicked the ad which will give the company money because you clicked it. This game is a big way just to make money and I’m deleting it because of how many ads there are. On top of that you can’t buy the good skins by saving coins you have to buy them with money which is ridiculous how much they want money. OH AND GUESS WHAT! To get rid of the ads, YOU HAVE TO PAY. All these guys want is MONEY, they don’t care about gameplay or their customers, they care about MONEY. This game required almost no coding and I made the same game in unity in literally 30 minutes but with NO ads! Don’t get this game, all you do is encourage them to make more games like this with stupid in game purchases and tons of ads.
  • Great brain teaser! 5/5

    By Jima9
    Love solving these puzzles!!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Doodle wink 11
    Completely addicting, but also relaxing
  • GREAT 5/5

    By Savannah__
    This app is so fun and very addicting!!
  • Purchased ad free version but it’s not ad free 1/5

    By Miki_Vann
    Update 3/21/18 well, I received responses from developer. Unfortunately, the “Ad-Free” version I purchased is not ad free at all. It’s fewer ads, but there are still 30 second video clips which I was told “benefit the player”. Wrong.....they don’t benefit the player; they benefit the developer as a revenue source. Which is fine, but then don’t sell “ad free version”. I deleted the app and won’t play any games by this developer as a matter of principle. Downloaded this app a couple weeks ago. Really liked the game. However, the ads are long and and there are tons of them so I purchased the ad free version. But to my frustration, it is not ad free at all! I also emailed support days a go and have received no reply. I may feel some addiction to this game, but not sure I like it enough to deal with the ads after paying for an ad free version and get no response from customer support!
  • To many commercials 4/5

    By sgmdat
    Too much advertising

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