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  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Ketchapp
  • Compatibility: Android
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2048 App

Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile! Swipe to move all tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one. Get to the 2048 tile, and reach a high score! Inspired by Gabriele Cirulli game available on the web: http://gabrielecirulli.github.io/2048/

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  • Obtrusive ads ruin game 5/5

    By smellyd13
    Slow unresponsive game with a ton of ads. Uninstall for another one
  • Good game but why is there sound in the adds? 1/5

    By jjhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Turn the sound off of the adds
  • Ads 2/5

    By jwmnlm
    Friends who started when I do and did not update still have ad free - I who updated has to be inerupted with the most annoying ads Nancy Pinkwasabi
  • Fun but... 2/5

    By jftasnim
    It was a really fun game until it started crashing. I click on the app and it just crashes.
  • Love this game🔆 5/5

    By Akbeck
    My score: 38160 I’ve been playing this game for a few years, I’ve never tired of playing this game👍
  • During Game Ads Ruined the Game 1/5

    By Disappointed Droid
    Before ads were only between games. Now ads are at the bottom of the screen during games. This it causes the game to lag. This game went from relaxing and enjoyable to annoying!
  • Simple to play 5/5

    By Coolkitty831
    I play all the time and when you beat your high score it just gives you a sense of accomplishment.
  • Total Battery Hog! 2/5

    By kbeiderman
    I love the game, but it wiped my battery out just by opening the ap. I uninstalled it and downloaded a different version.
  • Hey j s 5/5

    By kodielicious
    I think I'm almost there
  • An awesome game, but the Ads!!! 5/5

    By #Tweet Tweet
    This is such an awesome game, but the ads!! Every time I open the game: ad. Every time I lose: 30 second ad I can’t skip. I want to turn on airplane mode to stop them, but then the app lags and I can’t move the tiles. Now, the good parts of this game: I love the sound of the merging tiles, it is just relaxing. I am bad at this game, and my high score was 512 with some 128s. To the developers: great game, but please cut down on the ads. If not, just make it so you can skip them. To people downloading this app: If I were you, I’d think twice on getting this app. It’s great, but if you don’t want the ads, and you don’t want to turn on airplane mode, then maybe not download this app? But it’s a great game, I recommend it.
  • Too much advertisement 1/5

    By gamergirl_626
    This game had by far the most advertisement throughout. More than any other game I’ve played. What a waste of time. I’ve never played a game with 7 adds through a single game.
  • Um 2/5

    By jgzrudoev
    Too many ads
  • 💩 ads and 💩 RNG 1/5

    By User111121
    Be warned, this game is at least 40% chance. Game ending moments happen with stupid random tile spawns. Also, ads
  • Updated App and Ads came back 2/5

    By No name914
    Good game but I paid once to remove ads. When I updated it, the ads came back. That’s not right.
  • Avoid latest version 1/5

    By Long time WSJ reader
    The “improvements “ have made this version much slower to respond. The game barely keeps up with touches. Please fix or put the old version back! A long time player!
  • Noise 1/5

    Can’t turn off noise
  • Pay to remove ads but they remain 1/5

    By EEDad
    The ads at the bottom have been removed but ads run after a game is completed. Got my 2.99 but this will be the last app I get from this developer. Shady.
  • Needs landscape mode option 5/5

    By frohnhofer
    Love the game but my iPad case does not have a support easel for portrait format. Could you make it convertible to landscape?
  • Double pay 1/5

    By CBR_599
    If you buy this app on one device, you will have to buy it again to remove the adds on that device. There is no customer support.
  • Math,Math,Math 5/5

    By ssssssssssssssssssssswssssss
    Math is my favorite subject and,some puzzles are math. So,that is why I 💙 this game.
  • Favorite game! 4/5

    By itsaixa
    I love this game! It’s my favorite, it’s challenging and all around fun. If I could change anything I wish there was a “go back” button!! Ugh it’s so frustrating when I accidentally do a wrong move and I had other options!!! Also the ads are annoying, there is an ad on the bottom of the screen and sometimes you accidentally click it. Plus they are slow (the ads) and so long!! Other than that love this game and the challenges.
  • Awesome game 3/5

    By Jfdexghffsgvhfdd
    I love the game itself, it’s addicting and easy to play and I like that the goal changes each time you reach it. Problem is with the latest update it is super laggy and sometimes takes awhile before the game responds to my touch. I have data turned off for it, so not an ad issue causing it. Once that is fixed the game will be back to 5 ⭐️.
  • Good game, but uses cell data when told not to 3/5

    By DogHousePro
    I like this game a lot. But it uses cellular data when it is turned off in settings... which is a huge no no and am surprised it wasn’t flagged by Apple and declined before going into the App Store.
  • The plane 5/5

    By Izaiah435
    I played this game on the plane and I got addicted to it
  • Game doesn’t work properly 1/5

    By Michael the great 53
    Game is slow
  • The update was a good idea but ads are bad for my friends 4/5

    By abvg
    It was so easy at first.Now you have the challenges.They are so fun with harder goals as you go up but there is something that always annoys me and that is ADS.Ads don’t come up that much for me but ads annoy my friends.They always come up when they finish or fail a challenge and in the regular game so I think you should make it so that there is not much ads.
  • Ads are horrible 1/5

    By h2hor
    Why cant you people give us the option to keep the sound off during ads too? Why should my music be interrupted by those horribly stupid songs and game noises between games? Or even better, give us the option to purchase a no-ad option. Id gladly pay 3 or 4 bucks to get that. The game itself is great but you greedy idiots have successfully ruined it.
  • Good and bad 3/5

    By 🍭➕🍭
    It’s good because the uniqueness of the “slide and add” gemic is good and all, but disabling ADs never work. I already paid for no ADs and I HAVE ADS. I feel so ripped off and want my money back. You guys just made me pay for no ads and still have ads. If you’re new, don’t buy it. It’s a SERIOUS waste of money and is useless to buy. Please fix or delete.
  • Want a refund 1/5

    By caselawsuit
    I paid for no ads & i am still getting ads. I want a refund!!! The game is great, but i paid for no ads!
  • I can’t even get into the app 1/5

    By Weird name person
    I just got this app and I’ve opened it five times already and it crashes as soon as I open it. Waste of time to get this app.
  • It’s a really good game 4/5

    By a thwee yeer owld
    I’ve been playing since I was nine years old and the game is so addictive. I love the smoothly slidable blocks and creative color. But obviously I like the complication and enjoyment a lot. I recommend buying it if you don’t mind as much ads. It has a bit of ads but quite less compared to the games I’ve played recently. I’d say this game is counted as an older game and is more enjoyable for elders and young children. It Exercises Their young/old brain. Since it is an older game, the “teens” don’t really play it anymore but I think it’s quite fun and I can count myself as a teen I guess. I mean I am 14. Anyways I really recommend it for you!❤️🤗🤗
  • Noisy ads 1/5

    By dniq
    The app starts playing video ads with sound, with no way to turn the sound off besides muting ALL sounds on the iPhone. This is a BIG problem, if you wanna play while waiting in line, for example. Deleted.
  • Game crashes 2/5

    By guba73
    Game crashes when I am almost to 4096 and it does not accurately save my top 5 scores as promised. So what am I striving for if so can’t see how far I’ve achieved?
  • Relaxing game 5/5

    By TreyTreyA
    This is a nice skill game, and skill relaxes me. People be like... lol 2 stars 4 u cuz ads. Use an adblocker guys.
  • Ads ads ads ads 3/5

    By argle-bargle
    Good game but stop the stupid ads.
  • Needs dark mode 5/5

    By Shadrach
    I like playing the game at night before bed as it’s a nice way to calm down. I do wish they had a dark mode though.
  • Pushes other games 2/5

    By Jdupaquier
    I just want to play the game. I don’t mind an ad banner but it pushes other games every time you finish a game
  • Loud adds with scare the crap out of you 1/5

    By Snickus
    Out of nowhere an add will take over the whole screen and blare music without you consent. It's incredibly jarring.
  • faulty purchase 2/5

    By gazabaaa123
    paid the $2.99 for no ads, and still receive ads. bs
  • Crashes and restarts 2/5

    By Helen N.
    I love this game, especially since i can play underground on my commute to and from work. But it crashes and starts over the game way too often. I literally beat my high score and got the 16,384 tile with no sign of being close to losing, I go back into the game next day and it restarted. It’s really frustrating when you put all that time and effort and it gets erased. The developers really need to work on this or create a save point. I’m just going to stop playing if it’s just going to delete my progress every time I go back in. Especially since it’s not something you play quickly. It’s one of my favorite games. Please work on this.
  • wow, another ad infested app 2/5

    By F-15 Guy
    sick and tired of those ads
  • “Random” Tile Spawning 4/5

    By 7034923985164
    This game is very fun. It is challenging, and I have been playing it for about a month now. And in this time I have noticed a trend in the “random” spawning of tiles. Some spaces are more likely to receive a tile than others. For example, I like to keep my highest tile (often 1024) in the bottom right corner. I do this by always swiping down, right, and left. However, I am sometimes forced to swipe up when there are no other options. During this time, I usually have around 7 empty spaces. When I swipe up, the random tile that spawns is almost always under my highest tile, which basically ruins my chances of getting to 2048. Now, I have an idea of why this is happening. The algorithm’s idea of “random spawning” attempts to place tiles equally across all spaces. For example, in one game, every space should receive the same number (say 200) spawning tiles. So, if I always keep my highest tile in the bottom right corner, it will almost always be occupied. So in one game, the bottom right corner will receive spawning tiles maybe about 10 times while the other spaces will receive spawning tiles around 200 times. So this means when the bottom right corner is open, the system spawns a tile there to equally distribute the spawning of tiles. So, the spawning of tiles is technically random, but not the form of random that would be preferred for this game. I would prefer for the randomness to be based on the tiles that are currently empty at a particular moment. By saying this I mean that when I have 7 empty spaces and I have to swipe up, the likelihood of a tile spawning below my highest tile would be 1/7 and not 9/10. Please consider this devs, thanks.
  • 2048 5/5

    By reidshuping
    The only game I’ve consistently played in a long while. Suggested updates I would love to see would be to: • Show player’s best score, average score etc when getting matched up to another player • Issue a loss to any player who quits a game early and award a win to the other player Thanks for a great game!
  • Ads are a pain 4/5

    By Shrnbehkhxr
    Something should be done about the ads because every time I open the app they don’t open at first so I start playing, and then a few seconds later one pops up and I always click on it.
  • Ummm..... 3/5

    By ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜unicorn🦄
    Ok first of all, WHY IS THIS GAME RATED 12+ !?!? It’s just numbers! Second of all, this game is too unpredictable! It’s fun for the first few minutes you play it then it just gets really boring. Btw, I don’t really have any suggestions for the developer, but if your thinking about getting this game, go for it. If you like challenges, you’ll probably like it. I mean, the game IS free 😉
  • 2048 is AWESOME 5/5

    By Crazygirl😊😊😜😜
    I love 2048... I mean the ads are a little annoying but the game is still awesome👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  • Ads killed a great game 1/5

    By Bercosad
    I used to love playing this game but the pop-up ads have just gotten too intrusive. Bye, bye, Luv. See you in the next life.
  • Uses data. Has ads 1/5

    By steph54559899
    I dislike that this game uses data and WiFi. Too many pop up ads. I wish I could disable the WiFi access.
  • Game good but... 1/5

    By Bobo-the-clown758
    The game is addictive but I paid to remove advertising & there was no change whatsoever. Still same amount of ads. None of the customer support links go anywhere. Feel ripped off.

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