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  • Current Version: 2.4.10
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Ketchapp
  • Compatibility: Android
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2048 App

Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile! Swipe to move all tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one. Get to the 2048 tile, and reach a high score! Inspired by Gabriele Cirulli game available on the web: http://gabrielecirulli.github.io/2048/

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  • But manage the sound...! 3/5

    By roakydoak
    I like the game. I sometimes play in waiting room etc where I play w all sounds off, phone muted. BUT when the game ends, the ad that immediately follows plays FULL BLAST volume. How do you get around my system settings - and why would you piss players off by doing this?
  • Only the ads load 1/5

    By Mind The Rant
    I’ve played this game dozens of times on my Windows PC but thought I’d download a version to play on my iPhone 7. The only thing that runs are the ads — the game board refuses to display. Hence the 1-star rating.
  • I don't like the ads 1/5

    By Booooom pshhhh
    My eyes = scarred The ad I got was not age appropriate! >:(
  • Ads 1/5

    By Katie 11111
    Too many pop up ads interrupting the game.
  • Broken 1/5

    By killer2665
    Doesn’t work
  • Bogus af 1/5

    By Fftbrghrfuh
    Game will spit 4 then 2 then 4 then 2 once very far. This game is a wild bull cranking it out in a sheep straight special deformed garage skeet as can be
  • Ads kill the fun 2/5

    By mf88802
    App was super fun until they updated it to include a 30 second ad between every level. Makes it much more time-consuming and a lot less fun to go through.
  • Intrusive ads 1/5

    By Pasta pasta
    Ads are fine especially on free games, but this game pops up an ad in the middle of game play without any warning, which leads to accidentally tapping on the ad. Additionally, some ads do not close despite tapping the 'x' button, forcing me to close the app completely to get rid of it. (Which triggers another ad to appear the next time you open the app, and hopefully maybe that one is dismissable).
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By groovyjayla
    Can’t enjoy due to the ads and now freezes up and won’t let me play. Used to be a good game
  • Ignores your sound setting 1/5

    By costlypuppy
    Overrides sound setting to blast you with noisy ads
  • Ads are so bad 2/5

    By Deirdre140
    The ads recently are so annoying. There are multiple and hard to click out. I loved this game and it really hurt that they added multiple ads per game. I will delete my game because of this irritation.
  • Ads are obnoxious 1/5

    By Dogwood Dingus
    Imagine being bombarded by ads just opening the app, starting a run, and ending a run. There’s another version on the store that Im pretty sure is the original, even if it isn’t the ads are far less atrocious there.
  • Great game, Ads are annoying 1/5

    By Lisagna
    The ads that are included lately are so irritating, when they have sound, they cause the music you are listening to in the background to stop. Change that, please!!
  • Fun game but it crashes 3/5

    Whenever I try to add 2 1024 tiles the game crashes
  • MORBID ADS 1/5

    By WF-10
    I like the game, but, although the ads in between games are cartoons, they are quite disturbing. A man succumbing to his demise due to a deadly gas, or explosion? Really? They couldn’t come up with something better?
  • .... You didn't fix the bugs! 3/5

    By Bug fixes that never came!
    Game was working fine until last update. Now it locks up about 1 minute into it. Can't even play it. I'll give it until the next "bug fixes" update... Then it's deleted.

    By Lunæree
    Despite the ads it’s really fun and hard
  • Paid for add free still have adds 1/5

    By TylerM174
    Bought the add free.. still have adds
  • Needs a dark mode 2/5

    By LIBeaches2011
    Needs a dark mode
  • Adds every 20-30 seconds. Deleted. 1/5

    By Tile war
    I played this game years back and loved it. And I got to 2048. I reinstall for fun. And start swiping. Maybe 20 seconds in the game stops for an add. The whole point of the game is fast paced swipes and now you have to stop a couple times a minute for a game add? #failedtotheirowngreed
  • Used to like playing this game 2/5

    By tanstaafl1963
    I’ve had this game on my phone for about 4 years and after a more recent update I would lose my progress if I closed the game. Previously I could play the game over several day. Very disappointed in the change
  • Fun with pleasant design but intrusive ads 3/5

    By eucharin
    I really enjoy how intuitively the app works but ads have started to pop up on a lag so you’ll start a game and then mid move the ad pops up and your move will be considered a click that’ll send you to the App Store. It’s a whole mess; I wouldn’t mind ads otherwise cuz like I -get- it, you know? But the way they’re being carried out is really messing up the whole experience for me (I can count the number of reviews I’ve written on one hand but the ads singularly drove me here in this case). Move their location, make ‘em less obstructive/ ‘mandatory viewing’, and/or incentivize watching them for some type of reward and you’ll create a better experience for players.
  • Paid version still has ads 3/5

    By 30wiz
    I paid $1.99 for the ad-free version and still see an ad every time I open the game. I would either like this fixed or my money back
  • Ads 3/5

    By Zachary Lird
    It’s a fun game... but way too many ads every time you finish a game there’s an ad
  • It does’nt work 1/5

    By Mgolbanoo
    The dame is so much fuuny and enternaining but this app does not work
  • Ads are out of control 2/5

    By clsamford
    Game is great, but the ads are so out of control it almost makes it unplayable.
  • Messed it up 2/5

    By Zyereri
    Welp. As always big business trumps consumer satisfaction and overall quality. Was a great game until the constant ads started freezing it up. Now it’s just clutter. Deleted.
  • Ads kill it, otherwise it used to be the best version 2/5

    By Mja024
    If you want the most invasive and annoying ads you’ve ever seen on an app, here you go. Every update makes them worse and worse and more and more intrusive.
  • Excessive Ads 3/5

    By BlockyGamer360
    It’s one the best games out there but the amount of ads now is too much every time I loose a game, a massive amount of ads start popping up and are often can’t skip them. My request to the developers is to not be much of a sell out and please, PLEASE STOP PUTTING ADS, ITS NOT WORTH IT
  • Ads Ads Ads! 1/5

    By Klc5012
    There are way too many ads in this game and they’re so intrusive! I’m not gonna play the solitaire game! Get over it! It’s a shame because this is a fun game.
  • Buggy Intrusive ads 1/5

    By Jmacxctf
    Ads pop up incessantly and frequently cause the game to crash
  • Banner Ads Even When You Pat 1/5

    By Honcho Brenda
    I gave you money. Why am I still seeing ads?
  • not the original 1/5

    By ya boi (can be trusted) cris
    this is not the original game Mostly everything by ketchup is filled with ads I suggest download the erkay uzun version (I think it’s called that idk ) it’s way better
  • Fun but.... 3/5

    By Galina517
    Fun but no option to turn off sound
  • Piece of junk randomly crashes 1/5

    By 2048iscrap
    Game randomly crashes and progress is lost. This has been happening for a while now and the developer is too lazy to fix it. Find a better version of this game. The loser who made the app deserves zero stars.
  • crashes, ads enough to gag a maggot 1/5

    By autnagrag
    It crashes. It tricks you into tapping ads. The ads blare out sound even if your device is on silent. The game is OK, if you can tolerate the adherent excrement. If you download it, chances are you will delete it soon.
  • Used to be a fun game 2/5

    By mlikh
    Still looks and works the same, but now there are ads that pop up after each round. And it’s the ads you have to wait to click away! It’s a mess...
  • Silencing app leaves ads on full volume 2/5

    By Blumjn
    App silent, phone ringer off, and the ads play at full volume. FFS.
  • Paid for no ads 1/5

    By NeaneDragonfly
    And immediately after next game another ad. Refund my money or fix. Fun until that moment
  • Like to play, don’t love ads but... 3/5

    By BrunoLuvs
    Moving ads like slots are distracting during the game, even just in the margin...😣
  • Dark mode for this game 5/5

    By Benson238
    The light colors make me feel dizzy after a while
  • Game keep kicking me out 1/5

    By streamstrike
    Too many bugs, keep kicking me out of the game and I gotta start over constantly
  • Bug report as of recent update 1/5

    By xxcbryantxx
    Game crashes and erases my current game as of the recent update 5 days ago.
  • Crashes 3/5

    By Danay22
    I was doing well with the 1024 tile, progressing in the game and it suddenly crashed. How frustrating. Not worth the time.
  • Why No Premium Version? 3/5

    By Hypnotoad9641
    Why is there no premium version to get rid of the ads? Almost every free game has a premium version so there are no ads, why can't 2028 have the option? I would gladly pay $20.00 or more to stop the ads. I would even pay a monthly price. Plus the ads seem to cause the most glitches and crashes in the game. Causing me to start a game all over again because it wants to puch ads at me. Blah! Please, just release a premium mode to stop the ads.
  • Crazy amount of ads 1/5

    By Brewers!!!!!
    30 second solitaire ad? Ridiculous.
  • AppleWatch 4/5

    By Stormywillow
    Make this game available on Apple Watches!!!
  • Good game - terrible ads 2/5

    By ClayMottley
    The game itself is pretty fun and addictive. It’s a great game to jump in and out of throughout the day. But they play ads after every game and even if you have the game sound off, the phone on silent, THE ADS STILL PLAY AT FULL VOLUME!!! Fix this! I set my phone silent settings to cover everything. I should have to turn my phone volume down when I’ve set the app settings to silent. Ads are part of this app, they should follow the protocol of the app. Get rid of this ad feature and I’ll give it a 5-star rating.
  • Great but... 4/5

    By ReviewMaster7474
    Oh my gosh these stupid adds are killing me. FIX THIS NOW!!!!!

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