23andMe - DNA Testing

23andMe - DNA Testing

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  • Current Version: 7.9.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: 23andMe, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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23andMe - DNA Testing App

Explore your DNA with 23andMe! Learn about where your DNA comes from out of 150+ regions. Gain insights into your health, wellness, and more. • Ancestry Service provides 5 reports, including Ancestry Composition and Your DNA Family • Health + Ancestry Service* provides 85+ reports, including Sleep Movement, Muscle Composition, and more • DNA Relative Finder allows you to opt-in to connect with other 23andMe customers who share your DNA and ancestors • Link your account with the Health app and participate in activity tracking enhanced research initiatives Both services require purchasing a kit and submitting a saliva sample using the saliva collection kit provided. You can log into your account to track the progress of your sample. Once you get your results, open your app to see all your reports! In the app, you can also answer survey questions that can contribute to research findings. Our rigorous standards ensure quality service. • Our team of scientists and medical experts uses a robust process to develop reports to ensure validity • Ancestry percentages are derived from our powerful, well-tested system that provides you with ancestry estimates down to the 0.1% *Health + Ancestry service is available in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands and Sweden. Terms of service US (https://www.23andme.com/about/tos/) UK, IE, FI, DK, SE, NL (https://www.23andme.com/en-eu/about/tos/) Canada (https://www.23andme.com/en-ca/about/tos/) All other countries (https://www.23andme.com/en-int/about/tos/)

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23andMe - DNA Testing app reviews

  • Lost my package. 1/5

    By Tduh84
    They lost my package and couldn’t find it for over 4 weeks. I spent $150 for them to lose a package and do nothing about it for 4 weeks.
  • Very poor voiceover support 1/5

    By TrigNoMe
    The development team needs to up their game when it comes to accessibility. Voiceover support in the app is very, very poor. As just one quick example, when looking at your connections with voiceover the only feedback you get is a connections initials and no name. Loads of other problems exist throutout the app when you are using voiceover.
  • 23 & me 5/5

    By Calliee777
    This just amazes me and I thank you.
  • I love it 🥰 5/5

    By Leoncita888
    It’s so incredible to know where you are coming from, thank you 23 n me for the awesome results ♥️
  • Ali Beiklou 5/5

    By B1Ali
    Great N Still Learning Thanks n Appreciate 👍🙏
  • I expected more 3/5

    By Francine77777
    I really expected more all it come is 99% ashkenazi Jewish that of course I knew already I was hoping for example: which countries I know the boarders of the empire and countries changed a lot since the beginning of the 1900 or and a lot of times but at least should says Russia/ Romania which is both of grandparents from my mother side, it didn’t mention nothing from my father side and they where born in Hungary they are from a city called Paks like 70 Miles fro Budapest . I didn’t have any relationship with my father side of the family so I was hoping for some enlightenment about them I got more information vía pleading to the Jewish Community in Chile to get in touch with some lost relative in retrospective wasn’t worth the money.
  • Relatives 5/5

    By MS mikie
    It’s so strange but interesting to find out what and where you Originate from. To find out you have other relatives that you didn’t have a clue about. It’s still a lot to take in but yet so exciting.I can’t wait to find out more. Thank you 23 and me
  • Intriguing 5/5

    By HBSurfChick
    Wow amazed on my DNA,how it is broken down.Very pleased.I am on Ancestry.Dna and it does not even compare.And that is not the reason I got tested on 23andMe.It was for health reasons.I do not know who my father is.Which I found out by having my DNA tested on Ancestry.Com.
  • Eager to receive results !! 5/5

    By Krysta Maynard
    I am loving this company so far! Actually bought this offline on Amazon and could not register my kit because the seller I had purchased from had bought from a 3rd party seller, who bought all of his products with a stolen credit card. Feeling extremely disappointed and dissatisfied, I contacted 23andme. They were so helpful. Of course it was confirmed that my kit was not valid to use. They, in return, sent me a free kit for the hassle I was enduring! Thank you 23andme !! You rock !!
  • Filter issues and app auto refreshing 3/5

    By Jdr-1
    Mobile app does not accept data entry in the search section of the filter. Also app refreshes often forcing an exit of search results.
  • Stop advertising on Fox 1/5

    By BoycottEverything
    Stop advertising on Fox networks and implicitly condoning their racist and misogynistic hosts.
  • Hang up 3/5

    By ace mcacerson
    App hangs up when I open up Family Members
  • Great Source of Personal Information 5/5

    By Bklyn1949
    I throughly enjoy the information experience with 23 and me
  • Enjoying it! 5/5

    By MetOperaSinger
    I’m really happy that I’ve done my Family history research on 23&Me. So fascinating to discover new relatives and connect with them. Site is easy to use. Info keeps updating and I discover something new every week. Thanks!
  • Out of Africa 5/5

    By swampnole
    Going back 400 generations (!) I never thought beyond my grandparents stories before 23 and me! The results make you realize just how related we all are worldwide.
  • Auto refreshes 3/5

    By Nikollaaa
    My app auto refreshes constantly. I can’t look at a page without the app refreshing back to the original page. How do I fix this?
  • What a wonderful life 5/5

    By DoanYi dvixnvwixn pick
    Unbelievable to find out that I have French and German and I’m 99% European also has a green that’s understood because of the Roman control Iberia there is Arabic very close in Baldwin too so it goes along with what I knew about my family my great great grandpa parents and my mother side I was told was a buccaneer that might be the French anyway he was supposed to be a sailor
  • Too confusing and not intuitive 1/5

    A very frustrating app. Hard to find the info you are looking for. Clunky at best
  • Great app but needs improving 4/5

    By Burchfield8815
    23&me has been amazing to help me find out about my family and connecting to others. I have learned more than I ever thought I would. This being so, my biggest complaint is that there is no notification when you get a message or when someone completes a DNA test and connects to you. This is a major issue that can cause a lot of inconveniences. Make it similar to messenger where you get notified and can easily see when something has come up. I’m scared I won’t be able to connect with a new sibling because I missed a message and don’t know how long it was there before I saw it.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By maggiemccloskey
    I feel like prior to this test I knew the bare minimum about my heritage. Currently, I still know very little about my heritage.
  • ItalianD 5/5

    By ItalianD
    Some of my blood lines I was aware of, but my mothers side was more of a mystery. This has been interesting.
  • Wrong on several things 1/5

    By karie1009
    I would not purchase
  • Loving it 5/5

    By Tigaja
    I’m enjoying the app
  • I’ve waited months for this bug fix! 1/5

    By CarlKate
    It still hasn’t happened. Surely I’m not the only one with this problem? If you want to read any of the sections, it’s like the app keeps updating and taking you back to the top every few seconds. So annoying!
  • Review 5/5

    By Pbn542
    Wonderful application. So glad I joined up! A lot of fun people (cousins)& enjoy it, just all the way around!
  • 23 reasons why this is bs 1/5

    By nick ullshit
    Worthless send more money if you want details
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Ponch the trucker
    Some of the information I got I already figured out. But my DNA results gave me much more that never new and wouldn’t never have found on my own. A DNA test, tells it all. Pretty amazing.
  • Best app! 5/5

    By Katadidas
    I love answering the research questions because they’re so easy to answer! I can’t wait to get all of my results!
  • Untested app 1/5

    By kath pf
    So many bugs in the interface, started two weeks ago and still not fixed with last update.
  • Knowing me 5/5

    By Fontaine Sr
    Best money spent ever!
  • DNA Relatives 2/5

    By Adrienne Marie Official
    23 and Me should only consider someone a DNA relative if they have more than 5% of matching DNA. Other than that, you’ll get updates of people with .001% of DNA and so on. Plus, my aunt and I took the test, but it says we only have 6% DNA in common which is definitely incorrect.
  • 23 and Me DNA 5/5

    By ali bling
    I LOVE this, and I’m telling everyone I know to have their DNA done. My Mom was adopted, and was never able to find her real family. A few years ago, we did have contact with possible relatives. Our stories all matched up but really, did not know for sure. That is until 23andMe. Sure enough, the family we found were on our list of relatives. I only wish my Mom was still alive to find out too. She would of been thrilled. And now, I Check frequently to see if any more relatives have been added. Our Sister got the kits for us. It’s a gift that keeps giving.
  • My Family 5/5

    By never forgotten
    I’m the last of my generation and 23&me found almost 1100 cousins and I’ve been contacted by a first cousin that I never met or knew of and we have text and talked on the phone like we have known each other our whole life , Thank You So Much
  • E Mason 5/5

    By Poconogeem184
    Great program results came back fast. Some surprise results but connected with cousins from way back. It was amazing. Highly recommend.
  • Leon 5/5

    By Ndn2u
    Well absolutely amazing is the best description
  • 23andMe was my best choice 5/5

    By Shilohcane
    My father had some major health issue that I was worried about. My 23andMe health screening got me to stop worrying about those health issues as much that my father died with.
  • Knowing who I am 5/5

    By Doc72#63
    I am very excited and pleased to finally know where I came from,its a wonderful thing to know who you are.I thank my son for giving this kit as a gift to me.Thank you 23&me for doing a Awesome job! Warm regards DH
  • Not worth your $$ 1/5

    By Sanfrangunda
    It works if you are from the western part of the world.
  • Not nearly as insightful as I hoped 2/5

    By Change Agent
    Hard to understand and seems to wrong about the results.
  • Hard 4/5

    By kdenman00
    Really hard to get your relatives on your page
  • -_- 3/5

    By Jorday17
    Stop selling our sh!t!
  • Background keeps changing 1/5

    By Nick3199
    Now I’m Lithuanian. Not Albanian ( Albanian was news to me) My Irish went to Irish British. Maybe i didn’t read the warning label on this one but seriously each time I open the app my heritage has changed. .
  • More Languages 4/5

    By dndhrndys
    NEEDS MORE LANGUAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Change Request :) 3/5

    By lmhs1957
    the app continues to auto-refresh, while you’re actively using on iphone 8plus. please advise how to adjust settings or release a patch for the latest version.
  • My experience using 23&me 5/5

    By klmckay
    I recently joined after my daughter did. Being an attorney who believes in the adage “trust but verify”, i did a lot of reading prior to joining & became sufficiently comfortable to want to take part in some research. (one can opt out at any time). This site is fascinating & addicting! (much more so for me than FB used to be). It’s exciting to see names of relatives of mine that I haven’t heard in years & be able to send a safe msg through the site to reacquaint. It is fascinating to see names of people I recall my parents talking about when I was a child & contact their offspring who are my DNA relatives. And people have messaged me looking to explore relatives we have in common. I found I share DNA with well over 1,000 people who have participated in 123&me. and the site shows a map of countries in which those DNA relatives are likely from or live now. At the least, the educational offerings on this site are worth exploring if you are thinking about finding relatives and exploring your heritage & your personality.
  • My review, shocking! 4/5

    By kiity Chocolate
    Very surprising, opposite of what I was told growing up!
  • Awesome!!! 5/5

    By Mikey Sterio
    So glad I did this. Feels better to know who I am and where I came from. I definitely want to visit Greece, turkey & Romania! Do it. Never know what you might discover!!
  • Resets! 1/5

    By cramfam5
    Maybe it’s just me, but whenever I try to use my app to view relatives, it will reload after just a few minutes of me scrolling. Once it reloads, it starts right back at the top again. It’s really annoying and makes it impossible to use the app. Argh. I already know I’m related to my mom and my daughters and first cousins. I’d like to see names beyond that page.
  • 23andMe App 5/5

    By Narni J
    I love being able to have my info available by just pulling out my phone. I feel blessed to be able to refer back to this app at any time and enjoy info that I never knew. It is sooo exciting!!! Thank you to everyone involved with 23andMe

23andMe - DNA Testing app comments

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