23andMe - DNA Testing

23andMe - DNA Testing

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  • Current Version: 11.19.0
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23andMe - DNA Testing App

Explore your DNA with 23andMe. Discover how your DNA connects you to 2000+ geographic regions around the world. Gain insights into your health, traits, and more. • Ancestry + Traits Service includes Ancestry Composition — covering 2000+ geographic regions — and 30+ Trait reports such as Ability to Match Musical Pitch, Cilantro Taste Aversion, and more. ◦ DNA Relative Finder allows you to opt-in to connect with other 23andMe customers who share your DNA and ancestors. ◦ Your Family Tree, automatically built from your DNA relationships, allows you to easily visualize how you’re all related. • Health + Ancestry Service includes everything in Ancestry + Traits Service plus 65+ additional genetic reports such as Genetic Weight, Muscle Composition, and more.* Both Services require purchasing a kit and submitting a saliva sample using the collection kit provided. You can log into your account to track the progress of your sample. Once you get your results, open your app to view all your reports. In the app, you can also choose to answer survey questions and participate in 23andMe research. Link your account with Apple HealthKit™ and participate in activity tracking enhanced research initiatives. Our rigorous standards ensure quality service. • Our team of scientists and medical experts uses a robust process to develop reports and ensure validity. • Ancestry percentages are derived from our powerful, well-tested system that provides you with ancestry estimates down to the 0.1%. *Health + Ancestry Service is available in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, and Sweden. Terms of service US (https://www.23andme.com/about/tos/) UK, IE, FI, DK, SE, NL (https://www.23andme.com/en-eu/about/tos/) Canada (https://www.23andme.com/en-ca/about/tos/) All other countries (https://www.23andme.com/en-int/about/tos/)

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23andMe - DNA Testing app reviews

  • Thank you for your service! 5/5

    By Margvaldez
    I really appreciate for all I was really happy for my results! Very interesting information, that I couldn’t ask my family now in haven . And very much help for our family! Thank you !
  • Family health genetics 5/5

    By Madison LEC
    Knowing my chances of different genetic health problems allows me to adjust my life style to reduce chances of having that condition. I also know what things to tell my doctor to look or test for.
  • Surprising Genetic research 5/5

    By Jpowerman
    When I began with 23 andMe, I expected a break down showing me about my ancestors, this site does much more than. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun finding out about your heritage, but this site goes way beyond that. They do genetic research that give you information about predisposed genetic traits that could lead to major health issues. Being in the know is valuable to me.
  • Better apps and better DNA services 2/5

    By Lady Undertaker
    My family used an ancestry dna mapping service and then I tried this service and it shows a big chunk of my family heritage missing completely. And not due to me secretly being adopted or having a different father, that has been ruled out. So honestly just felt like a waste of money. App was okay to use, also not the best.
  • Too soon 4/5

    By iwanttoknow2
    May have given 5 star if I had some time to make a opinion
  • Overpriced health traits 2/5

    By Cat'thulhu
    They want to charge you and extra 100$ for health traits. Thing is, they can’t even get the physical traits accurately. 90% of my physical traits were totally off. I contacted cs to see if I could get a reduced price for inaccuracies. They still want me to pay full price. I refuse to pay 100$ EXTRA on top of what I already paid. Especially for being so inaccurate. You can go to ancestry and then get a comprehensive health report printout from another site. Only costs about 20$ and is FAR more accurate than 23andme. The ethnicity is accurate. But as far as health traits. This price is a total ripoff. About as bad as buying a 60$ video game then being charged 60$ extra for each dlc pack. Noone in there right mind is going to support this.
  • How do results change after over a year ago 1/5

    By Rose13
    Almost all my results have suddenly change and no reasoning of how or why. At the point I now don’t trust any of it. Ditto
  • Interesting 5/5

    By gowing strong at 60
    Enjoying what I’m learning
  • Ancestors 1/5

    By What a bunch of bull
    Try telling me my niece is my half sister. Come on!!!
  • Second attempt and no results 1/5

    By Doom Five
    I really want to rate this five stars but now I’m really mad I wasted, and they wasted nearly 2 months for nothing; thanks for the experience guys; it was fun while it lasted.
  • Waste of time and money 1/5

    By neverlimited
    I bought two DNA tests from two different companies and they are the same, one just has more people involved. They all send consent emails and they are constantly trying to sell upgrades and extras. Oh, and you have to repeatedly sign in to the account for no reason
  • Review 5/5

    By Mcrawfo
    Awesome to see we’re beautifully and wonderfully made.
  • Not compatible with latest iOS 1/5

    By kate obrien
    App is not compatible with latest iOS update
  • Salo 5/5

    By YoopRocker
    Just received my results So I’m learning about the site Hoping to find a Family tree that goes back to Finland
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Babs Darling
    Money well spent!
  • Joke 1/5

    By charlotte bays
    You don’t tell me who’s my mom and dad is my close family is This was a waste of my money and time
  • App update is awful 1/5

    By Dyvette7
    Before the update it worked fine. The app just shuts down without opening so not what I expected
  • Accurate 5/5

    By arleeennnie
    23 and Me is accurate. I have a cousin that joined, but did not list her name. When I saw that 23andMe indicated that she was my first cousin, but without her real name? I then contacted my cousin and she confirmed that it was her. 23andMe also listed second cousins that we were both able to confirm. It has been informative and fun. I definitely recommend joining.
  • Wrong 1/5

    By Missingtree
    Has my moms and my fathers switched around. So messed up I can’t fix it.
  • Don’t waste your money 1/5

    By not ready 732
    I’ve been waiting two months and I have no results. There isn’t even a method to contact 23 and me. Pay your money and they say goodbye.
  • Terrible. 1/5

    By #DailyLWC
    Can’t even figure out who your parents are without testing them also. The point of ancestry DNA is to find the people related, not have me gather my whole family and have them tested individually. The whole 23andMe thing seems like a scam, don’t use this service.
  • 24000 years 1/5

    By Jenn's Cool New ipod
    I thought genomics research had improved and carbon 14 dating had been proven wrong. Guess I will wait some more.
  • 23 and Me app dead!? 1/5

    By Lukewarm acid
    23 and Me is not responding. After opening the app and waiting only for it to crash and then watching this repeat like a sad song stuck on a single note, I decided to check for a pulse by updating the app. Still, there was no response so I pulled out a defibrillator by deleting and then reinstalling the app. After several attempts to no avail I am regretful to declare the app has died as of 28 February 2023. What can I say about 23 and Me in light of this recent tragedy? Prior to this, the app was easily worth 4.5 stars. I will miss being able to look at my ancestry and health reports. It was a nice feature to be able to find relatives through the DNA testing and comparing our results. It’s also good to be aware of any underlying health problems. I only wish I had more time to learn about these things with 23 and Me. But alas, the only thing to do now is decide what to do with it: cremation or burial?
  • Great ap 5/5

    By LemonJacuzzi
    Love it!
  • Your heritage 5/5

    By Buckeyefangoohio
    I think it’s so interesting to find out your heritage that you never knew. I had a very good experience using 23 and me
  • Taking a long time 1/5

    By kickit123987
    They keep missing their target dates. Now it just says taking longer than expected. :(
  • Do not use for genealogy 1/5

    By Barbatwork
    They missed the mark on me big time. I am a 65 year old, female grandmother. All my relatives received that I was a male. I am listed as my daughters father, my parents, son, etc. I am 100 % female.
  • Spot On 5/5

    This DNA test has gotten all my health conditions right on the money.
  • Truly Amazed at my DNA 🧬 Makeup! 5/5

    By Gunny7
    23 & Me has introduced me to some amazing people who are also relatives. It’s also taught me a lot about who I am and why I am the way I am! I highly recommend their organization if you want to be thoroughly informed about who you are and can accept possible surprises beyond anything you’ve ever experienced. Well worth the investment and personal knowledge gained and shared. It’s given me a new perspective on life and the world 🌎
  • So many updates 1/5

    By dr Jv
    Too many updates !!!!
  • 23&me 5/5

    By Seapac95
    Absolutely on target! Amazingly accurate
  • Best thing I have ever done 5/5

    By Daemo gc
  • 50% 1/5

    By Da Daf
    I feel ripped off; this only pulled my maternal side; nothing on my dads side
  • Thanks 5/5

    By Luckydto
    Great & insightful information
  • Hi genealogy report 5/5

    By alligater breath
    Mine was spot on high if I was from Russia and I am a German that was the highest on my score
  • What you’ve learned from 23 and me is well worth the price you pay for it. 5/5

    By Robert nine
    Through 23andMe I learned about a side of my family. I knew nothing about. Thank you.
  • Malfunctioning app 1/5

    By Cuthbert63
    Any attempt to sign on to the app fails with the meaningless message: “Oops, something happened Something went wrong. Please try again.” The website version works fine.
  • Accuracy 1/5

    By Zemirageus
    Not accurate at all.
  • Es excelente 5/5

    By Lucia Graziosi
    Excelente esta aplicación
  • Not Impressed 1/5

    By Wildman365
    I spent the money for these tests and the results are making no sense. I thought I would get thorough results. Everything seems to be a mixed confab of rhetoric that we all know and my results. I would not recommend anyone spending over $100 for this. Waste of time and money.
  • scam 1/5

    By ipfilm
  • Genetic predispositions 5/5

    By Grace-Upon-Grace
    Thank you for the most helpful gene reports. For some reason mine does not contain the diabetic likelihood chances whereas other relatives do. Please advise.
  • Great explanation of where I came from 5/5

    By chwimm
    I like how it gives you a great detail on where your from and who you come from.
  • Needs update 4/5

    By matia06903
    Some of ancestry makes no sense compared to other close relatives. For example, how is my daughter Brazilian and Argentinian but neither of her parents are. And my mother has Greek and Ghanaian and all the sudden, I don’t. But also there’s a lot of accuracy in detecting family members. And they did see that my mother was Calabrese and she is.
  • As keeps popping up 1/5

    By Pooh12456
    Once you signed up, the ads keep popping up, which includes reviewing the apps! I just want to use the apps. Stop advertising.
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By vgtjhgjnvdsjlbgf
    I have not been able to open the app in almost a year. It constantly says you are offline connect to the internet. It’s been updated and there’s still no change. Idk something just doesn’t feel right with this app.
  • No health reports anymore 1/5

    By Illumination711***
    :(. Loved the health reports before. Were accurate, and now I can’t see them with testing my parents. Disappointing
  • A bit disappointing 2/5

    By naturallyuniqueone
    I expected more specificity. No real connections. But it was cool.
  • Composition 4/5

    By piedliper
    Seems fairly accurate. I need to study it more. I heard your health line was wonderful.