3 Tiles - Tile Matching Master

3 Tiles - Tile Matching Master

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.11.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: LiftApp
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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3 Tiles - Tile Matching Master App

3 TILES is a free simple and exciting puzzle game. The game is suitable for entertaining, relaxing after stressful studying, and working hours. In the game, you need to match 3 numbers of tiles - for example, avocado tiles, guitar, ice cream, sausage, and many other tiles. When all tiles are matched, you can pass the current level! HOW TO PLAY - Just tap to place the tiles into the stack. Three similar tiles will be matched. - When the playing field is cleared, you win! - You fail, if you don't get a merge for 7 tiles, that you stack. Remember: You have a maximum of seven moves to make one combination of three tiles! - If you want to get a high score, you should merge faster to activate the combo. 3 TILES FEATURES: - Each tiles selection and their distribution on the board are different and surprises with its variety - you have a diverse gaming flow for every level you play. You won't get bored! - You can play as you like - meditative or fast. - Offline game. No need to worry about Internet / Wi-Fi. - Easy and classic gameplay. Suitable for all ages. The simple rules and relaxing gameplay mean that anyone can enjoy a round of 3 TILES.

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3 Tiles - Tile Matching Master app reviews

  • Ads Ads and more ads. Creepy music. 2/5

    By GinBai
    How does one turn off the creeepy dreamy music? Could be a nice game without the data tracking/mining and so many ads. I deleted it.
  • Annoying ads 2/5

    By Three Dogs Night
    I played the free version of this game and thought it was fun but hated the relentless stream of ads. So I paid for the “no ad” version. It’s still a constant barrage of ads or ploys to get you to pay more money. Really annoying - could be so much better!
  • 🤩🤩🤩 5/5

    By Gamerbella AJ
    I love how it send me notifications and motivates me to keep trying 🥰 really a fun, simple, and very addictive game
  • New Levels please!!!! 5/5

    By Minsugayoongi
    I super duper love this Game! I already finished all the levels. I wish they update it and have more levels!!!
  • Relaxing games but the pop ups and ads are terrible 4/5

    By surinaah
    Finished the game and it was so relaxing to play but there were adds and constant pushes to watch ads for bonus items
  • Great game, but too many ads 3/5

    By Jazmine B.
    I personally really like the game, it helps elevate boredom for me! But like the title says, there’s too many ads. I understand that the game is free and the creators still need to make money for their work, but it’s pretty irritating to play and navigate when you have to watch an ad every level and almost every time you revive.
  • Amazing game 5/5

    By h hchxgg
    Buy this gameIt’s so good and you should really buy it It’s pretty good you should Byam I’m not I’m like pretty sure you would like to buy it and it’s real fine you can do a lot of stuff on it all I wanted to say to you guys so you know it’s good it’s not bad
  • It keeps crashing 2/5

    By Stephdau10
    I love this game but it keeps starting over. I can’t progress because it keeps starting me over into level 1. I was well into level 380 and this started when the app updated. An update happened and gave me back my levels and then with another update it took them away again. I just want to have my levels back. It seems that I am the only one this is happening to!
  • 2 aToles 5/5

    By 3017043870
    Enjoying the game. Thank you .
  • 3 tiles 3/5

    By UmKelthume
    Fun game. No instructions. No information. Should be corrected.
  • Ugh! Be careful what you tap or lose $$$ 1/5

    By ZXY!J
    Twice now, I’ve accidentally tapped something and been charged $10 for an in-game purchase I didn’t want. I got my money back the first time. I hope I will this time, too. I’m deleting this game, which is a bummer, but I can’t keep making claims for refunds every other day. The stress undoes any possible enjoyment from the game.
  • Move the pictures covering the used tiles! 1/5

    By 17ty17
    How can a person even see the tiles that have been used when some “genius” put pictures of green leaves over the used tiles?
  • DeeAnn 2/5

    By DK Designs DeeAnn Ketchum
    Needs more levels or at least be able to start over an clear them all so it don’t put you back at beginning each time an way to many ads
  • What’s the 3-bit music in your ad? 5/5

    By kay_drowned
    It’s amazing! I need to know the music please!
  • No fun all ads 1/5

    By way way uptown
    Can’t remove ads. What’s the point?
  • Overcharged 2/5

    By Kelsie_wiggins
    I went to purchase the no ads version, it said it was $4.99...they charged me $11.98. I will be reporting to my bank so they stop the payment. Very deceitful.
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By Dougas2
    Do you love ads? Do you love when ads interrupt your game? Do you like ads before you even start a game? Then this is the game for you.
  • I’ve enjoyed this game 3/5

    By Ablyedi
    Downloaded it a few months ago. I have noticed that some levels are literally impossible to win unless you use their power ups. There are levels, like the one I’m on (308), that do not give you 3 matching tiles within the 7 top tiles. Another issue i have is ads, they typically aren’t too bad but there’s an ad before I do anything, an ad to return to the Home Screen is ridiculous. And the sound of these ads shouldn’t take over everything I’m doing on my phone, oftentimes I’m multitasking and the loud overtaking ads can be annoying.
  • I LOVE THIS GAME!!! 5/5

    By Nka119
    Oh my gosh I just finished the entire game, over 300 levels. Please please please make more levels!!! I find it so relaxing to match the tiles and problem solve, and the art is so cute!! The ads can be a tad annoying at times but you’ll get that with any app these days. I’d love to play more levels! Maybe something with cars or different foods? Definitely recommend downloading!
  • Dark patterns 2/5

    By 3me nick5l
    The continue button is periodically replaced with a “buy more upgrades” button, this is a dark pattern and shocking from an app that I paid $5 to have the ads removed from. Shameful, and the developer should be banned from the App Store for using dark patterns.
  • No Ads 1/5

    By GmaBirdie
    I enjoyed the game to the point that I decided it was worth it to purchase their “no ads” promo. I did, but the app didn’t make the switch to no ads although it accepted my payment. So now that I’ve received a refund for my purchase, I’m deleting the app. Goodbye!
  • Jbec55 5/5

    By Jbec55
    I like this game! I can see how it gets more challenging!
  • No thanks! 1/5

    By immieann
    You only win if you pay money! And too many ad’s! Removed after a few tries.
  • Relaxing yet challenging! 4/5

    By taytay2458
    I’ve really enjoyed this game!! It’s a great way to relax while still using my brain! I especially enjoy the flower and fruit themes. I beat every level, and because of this it always starts me back at level 1 every time I open the app. I wish it would let me keep track of the level I played most recently so I can replay each of the levels! I’m excited to see what new themes will come out next!!
  • Fun game 3/5

    By Thesparklenureyz
    I finally figured how to pay to take off ads, but I still believe it should be in the icons- rather than an icon that only shows up when you are playing a level. That being said it’s fun.
  • Help 5/5

    By bgeenkay
    Please I just would like someone to give me back my boosters I accidentally deleted this app and when I reinstalled it my boosters were gone I spent over $30 on them
  • Keeps resetting 2/5

    By DynamiteMom
    I thought this was a great game - until, after over a hundred levels, it reset and brought me back to level 1! So I started over, and guess what? Later that same day it reset again! So frustrating - deleting it.
  • Good Game Until..... 2/5

    By uyuipppl,.
    Game goes to add after ever model during level 3-22. Just ruined a good game. Never playing again unless I wasn’t to ad after ad during one round. NOT WORTH AGGRAVATION.
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By BeannaWerewolf
    I understand needing to advertise but this just has way too many to really enjoy the game for me
  • Love this game! Needs more levels! 5/5

    By Icy-zoe
    I just finished all the levels, and I don’t want to play the old ones again from the beginning.
  • Background music 3/5

    By DDHannah
    this game idea is great but music needs to change to cheerful and relaxing music, the current music could cause players feeling stress, lonely and depression. Just a suggestion.
  • Slimy liars 1/5

    By plaintiger
    I paid five dollars for the explicitly stated removal of ALL ads. That is not what I got. I got the removal of all THIRD-PARTY ads ONLY. I am still being assaulted by ads for revives and undos and all kinds of in-game crap: these developers think that if it’s an ad for something they themselves are selling, then it’s not an ad. But I have news for them: it IS still an ad, and I am going to ask Apple for my money back because I did not get what I paid for.
  • Not enough levels 4/5

    By Anna Kr
    I certainly didn’t plan on only playing this game for 4 days and then have no more levels to play! I wouldn’t have paid for the ad-free version had I known this game would be over so soon.
  • Sad 1/5

    By zoegirl64
    I love playing this game, and moving on to the higher levels with different items. However, twice now the game has started over at the very beginning. So frustrating!
  • Love it, please creat more boards! 5/5

    By SaraEve41
    I play simple games like this for my anxiety- not too much animation, just enough challenge. I crushed all 300+ boards in less than a month! Absolutely addictive!
  • It was 5 stars until it ended 1/5

    By Cupcake2344
    What a fun game why did it have to end? I paid for no ads for this?
  • Too many ads. 2/5

    By ticktock16
    Way too many ads. I paid to remove ads and I still get them every time I need to revive or start over. Rip off. I want my money back!
  • This game help my mind 5/5

    By elenor56
    The best thing fo memory
  • Commercials 4/5

    By So fustrating please fix
    It’s just commercial after commercial Terrible
  • DON’T PAY 1/5

    By MudderMa
    Hi. I don’t usually write reviews but I’m really upset about this game. I have “purchased” very few games to make them ad free, but it was driving me crazy to watch an ad at the beginning of EVERY game. The games were fun, just the right challenge level, and I didn’t mind watching an ad if I needed a little help-which was rare. So I thought I would pay my little fee and enjoy the game even more. NOT TRUE!! Since “buying “ the game, I have not been able to solve EVEN ONE puzzle without “help.” I’m watching as many ads now as I was before. I WANT MY MONEY BACK! Honestly, I think when you use the paid version, the algorithms change. Phooey.
  • What the heck? 2/5

    By DMZ117
    Why are my tiles on my covered up? They Only show all the way when you buy the “extra slot” which I did but is now gone. They gave me a series of tiles and I suppose they want me to buy it again! Also, I purchased the ad free version. I have spent too much money on this game not to see all my tiles. I used to enjoy playing 3Tiles but now it’s too frustrating Save yourself and don’t bother.
  • Great game, but glitchy 4/5

    By Liz20031985
    I really like this game in theory. However, it freezes constantly and I have to shut it down and wait before I can play again. It’s also very expensive to get it without ads.
  • Groundhog Day 1/5

    By shortstrack
    I really enjoyed this game, but now every time I open the app it starts me back at level one, which is why I’m only giving it one star. I can’t play the same easy levels every day so I’m deleting it.
  • 3tile 3/5

    By 13witches!
    I don’t like that the pop up ads can effect your timing for your score.
  • Update is unfortunate. Game is fun 3/5

    By moc818
    So I enjoy this game enough that I purchased the ad free version. After doing so I was disappointed that every time I started a new game, I got an ad from the app to purchase more hints, Undos and shuffles. I did not appreciate this as I paid money to be able to experience the game without having to interact with advertisements. If I run out of shuffles, hints or undos, I feel that it’s sufficient to push the button and then be offered to purchase more. Being hounded to do so when I’m not interested left me unhappy. Game is fun so I continued. This latest update however they have made changes that are proving to be untenable. It used to be when I lost the game it offered me three options, one of which being to watch a video to resume the game where I left off but It also offered a restart option that i could select to restart immediately. The latest update takes that power away from me.Now if I lose a game there’s only the option to watch an advertisement and resume the game where I lost.This option has a timer that makes me wait until the timer is over before it gives me more options to simply restart. I don’t care how fun this game is if it doesn’t allow me the freedom to play the way I choose without having to interact with advertisements or wait to not have to interact with advertisements I can no longer play. Fun game disappointing policies Also, once you solve all the levels there’s no way to reset the levels (and there are only around 200 levels. Which is not that many considering it is a four dollar game to play without ads) so that you can play the game again I had to delete the app and reinstall it to accomplish this. Befor I took that action I tried simply replaying the levels I had already played but what happened was every time that I close the game it started me off on level one very simple level I wanted to do the journey again where I remembered what level I was on each time I return to the game I could not accomplish this without deleting the app restarting it or starting my purchases. If there are to be updates in the future they should consider adding more levels for changing some of these features. I may never know if they change these policies or add more levels as the frustration I feel with the new current policies will likely mean I stop playing the game Update: Your automated response is baloney. Your remove ads for money option only removes external sponsor adds and banners... sure. But responding to negative feedback with that information useless. Heres a suggestion proactively set accurate expectations with your purchase options. Dont call it “no adds” call it remove banners and sponsored ads. Also it is ridiculous to claim you have to inundate players with app adds to refil undos hits etc. You are the app developer. You design how things work. You could easily offer refil bundle when someone runs and clicks the button to use a hint they dont have. Or once upon opening the ad. Or any number of other options. Your response to complaints about this makes it seem like your company is trying to gaslight its users. “Our hands are tied! Nothing we can do! Dont blame us its just how it it”. Nonsense! This approach makes me ill. It makes me believe that either whoever writes your copy is an unhealthy person or that company policy is not filled with integrity. Own your actions. You are a for profit company. You do ads like that to make money. Its fine. Just don’t try to use crummy PR to slap a band aid on legitimate complaints. Accept the feedback from your users as an opportunity to do better. We don’t like your policy. I deleted your game because of it and your response. Or if you don't want to consider user feedback then don’t but don't offer passive aggressive baloney responses to the people putting money in your pocket. Just be honest. “We are sorry you feel that way, this the way we need to do things and we cannot change our policy at this time”. My too cents, no need to respond
  • Greedy developers - do not upgrade! 1/5

    By Gigirlgogreen
    I have played hundreds of games, paid and non-paid, but I have never paid $5 for a game (a lot!) and still been forced to watch ads to continue game play. This is a beautifully made game, fun to play, but the greediness of the developers is a huge turnoff. And saying this is necessary to make it accessible to all is disingenuous. It will eventually make me stop playing, and chalk up the $5, but know this for sure: I will never pay an additional cent to play this game, let alone $10 for a booster pack! You have created an unsustainable business plan, and you need good reviews to keep getting new buyers. You should change your pricing structure; I am not alone, judging from these reviews!
  • Fun, but... 1/5

    By Calatio
    I don’t have much data so I have it turned off for most of my games. It worked great until today, now there’s an ad every 30 seconds or so. The data is turned off for a reason! I had fun, but I’ll probably quit playing now
  • This game is fun but bad 5/5

    By Lolo23343
    The game is a little hard but it is fun and I Kinda do not like this game because you can’t get more hints😡😀
  • Paid for no ads... 3/5

    By Home123455678
    I liked the game but it had too many annoying interruptions for ads. When prompted to pay $4.99 to never see another ad, I agreed, but it didn’t stop. Update: Perhaps rephrase the offer to indicate what is meant by no ads, otherwise it misleads and creates frustration. I kept seeing long interruptions which advertised other games (which is an ad) for a longer time than I actually played the game. It would be even more fun otherwise.