5miles: Buy and Sell Locally

5miles: Buy and Sell Locally

  • Category: Shopping
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  • Current Version: 6.2.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: The Third Stone Holdings Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
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5miles: Buy and Sell Locally App

5miles opened a new channel called 5miles Dash. It is a new auction feature that allows you to bid on brand new items. - Auctions last 90 seconds and bids start at $1. - Only pay when you win. - Items are shipped directly to your door. - If user is unsatisfied with a product, we offer buyer protection so you can request a refund. - Claim up $5 in credits towards your first purchase. 5miles is the highest rated local marketplace app, helping you buy and sell stuff in your area. 5miles is free, easy, and safe and has facilitated more than $1 BILLION in local sales, helping 10 million happy users put money back in their pockets and find great products at great rates. “5miles is the first to integrate local services into an app of this kind” - CNBC “The 5miles app is a great way to sell old items AND to buy new things at a fraction of the cost they would be retail.” - Alicia Reneeg, BuzzFeed “It’s better than Craigslist and it’s better than OfferUp with its attention to informative detail.” Catherine, 5miles buyer With 5miles you can also discover great classifieds in your area, find a place to live, hire local services, or get a new job - all from the comfort of your phone. It’s FREE to list items for sale and FREE to discover local goods and services, all within 5 miles. Easy • Snap a photo and offer up your items in seconds • Use GPS and zip code to find thousands of listings nearby • Make an offer by sending an in app chat message • Free to boost your post to send it to the top of the feed • Easy registration via Facebook or email • Share your listings via Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and Email Safe • Email, phone, and Facebook verifications • Rate and read reviews of buyers and sellers • Use our Safe Area Exchange Locator (SEAL) feature to find a secure meetup spot • 5miles team constantly monitors listings and chats to keep fraud away • 5miles doesn't share your information with anyone • Don't want to meetup? Choose shipping for your exchange method Fun • Discover great stuff near and far by browsing photos • Search and filter to find relevant listing • Like items and follow sellers • Make offers and get the best deals • Chat to share more details, photos, and meeting spots • Share listings to Facebook and Twitter to sell faster Shop, make offers, and list items and services for free. It's like your own online garage sale without the hassle. Find home cleaning, home repair, or home improvement professionals. Get help with chores or errands. Find a mover you can trust. Looking for housing or a roommate? Find apartments, houses, and condos for rent or sale. Find a roommate to share your dream loft. Landlords, list your real estate in a snap! Looking for work? Find jobs near you! Full-time, part-time, freelance jobs, or short gigs. FREE for everyone. Download now and discover great listings from the 5miles community. Are you ready to go shopping? Want to find out more about us? https://www.5miles.com/ Email: [email protected]

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5miles: Buy and Sell Locally app reviews

  • Is it the app or my phone?? 3/5

    By perez_dgo
    I enjoy shopping here but lately I haven’t been able to open my notifications.. can anybody help?
  • Something wrong 1/5

    By Ashley2277
    There is something wrong with the messages, someone sends me a message trying to buy a item and when I text back they don’t get it
  • Transaction at 5 miles 5/5

    By newbie woodworker
    Like the app liked the deal 5 stars !
  • Why 5/5

    By jaylongdickstyleyogirl
    Making a password is hard
  • Not as good as it’s made out to be!! 3/5

    By monstercoinhunter
    I have more sales on Letgo Craigslist & Offer up than I do 5 miles,, like any other selling site it has its fair share of time wasters which is fine we all get that.. But sales on here are slow and I don’t price high and list some very good items.. All I can suggest is try this app yourself and see how you get on.. it is a very well put together app and easy to use so for that I’ll give it 3 stars
  • BUYERS BEWARE!!!!!!!! 1/5

    By Pezhead Fan
    There are a lot of FAKE items being sold on this site. They also have a bidding site, where items being sold are FAKEs or From POOR QUALITY. Electrical items do not even work. Good Luck with getting a refund!!!! This site should be SHUT DOWN!!!! Buyer BEWARE!!!!!!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By lindastf_
    Great tool to buy n sell
  • Kimbrad 5/5

    By kimbrad4evernlove
    Perfect Thanx! : ) HAPPY 2019 NEW YEAR
  • Bad Chinese off brand 1/5

    By skyrazar
    The in app auction sell cheap Chinese’s off brand item pretending to be high prices tricking people to bid high.
  • Tommy 5/5

    By Thien Nguyen TX
    Best thank c
  • Never boosts my items 1/5

    By lc012477
    This app never boosts my items, even after 2 days. I notice everyone else’s items are boosted. I’m not selling anything that is prohibited, so there is no excuse. I got rid of this app in the past because of the same problem with boosting, decided to see if the problem was fixed, but nothing has changed. Deleted permanently. Totally useless app
  • Super 5/5

    By varadero cuba
    Lo disfruto y encuentro lo que busco gracias

    By Cheezypickle
    “Free to post”, yeah right! They charge $5 per car post!! Not some big dealer or anything, I just buy a lot of cars for personal use and don’t like to keep them for that long and my family and friends always ask me to sell stuff for them. Deleting the app, let me know when it’s actually free.
  • Excelente aplicación 5/5

    By ceratok3
    Excelente aplicación
  • Bs 1/5

    By textrilm97
    I put 5 different passwords and nothing works
  • Password issues 1/5

    By bying86
    It wont accept any password I try to use even though it is between 6-16 characters and contains at least 1 letter and 1 number. Very frustrating!
  • Terrible! SCAM 1/5

    By amberrr1819
    I bought 2 things from here and after a weeks waiting I checked it again to track the items. It says I have zero purchases and no tracking numbers. It has already taken the money from my account then blocked my card. DONT ORDER FEOM HERE! ITS A SCAM.
  • Ad Nazis 1/5

    By ossifrige
    They moderate, censor and force you to change your ads. They don’t allow contact information on ads. Just let people communicate! Why do you have to force people to use the app to communicate?! That’s creepy. If you try to put your ad i multiple categories they ban your and says its a duplicate ad. This is stupid, for example if you have a home cleaning and trash hauling service, you would think you would want to put your ad in both the “Cleaning” category and in the “Hauling” category, but when you do that they remove your ad.
  • Horrible!! Fake bots! Scam!! 1/5

    By Ambilicious
    Do not use this app to sell! Definitely bots. Barely any views on my items I’ve gotten 3 messages that are all worded exactly the same. And now that I’m trying to delete my account it won’t let me. I don’t know if this app only exists to scam people or steal information, but don’t use it!
  • Smooth experience 3/5

    By Jahzwill
    Lovely app n nice to understand it's functions

    By Tomlonni
  • It’s awesome website to buy or sell your goods within few hours you can do wonders 5/5

    By cooking craze goals
    Welcome try it today is your day
  • Useless 1/5

    By Alex Osokin
    Application doesn't allow me even to register. Tried to put 15-20 different passwords, but received same message "Your password has to contain letters and numbers" Absolutely useless and underdeveloped.
  • Great 5/5

    By Superdj10
    Great site on finding great items
  • Scam! 1/5

    By Jkryck
    This app scammed me! I was bidding on a flashlight, won the flashlight, and didn’t check the invoice before I paid. After review of the invoice it says I won a pair of earrings??? Contacted customer service, guess what apologies for 2 days while they said they were trying to figure it out. Then they said there was nothing they could do because item was already shipped.
  • SCAM COMPANY 5miles dash! 5/5

    By docscott1953
    When you bid on an item and win then they tell you that what was advertised might not be what you get. I won 5 coins and paid for them and then it states that what was advertised as far as year and type of coin will be different. I have sent over 2 dozen emails for a total refund the same day as purchased. I have received over 60 ROBO RESPONSES. Stating items were already shipped which was a lie. I am contacting my district ATTORNEY TO FILE A LAWSUIT
  • Great Deals!!! 5/5

    By Faithian hart
    What a great way to buy anything from cars to general items at unbelievable prices, on a trusted worthy platform, and I really enjoy the variety of buying products close and convenient, so cool!!!
  • Cool app! 5/5

    By Kleelibert
  • Ok 1/5

    By beecats
    Won’t let me sign up saying password must be 6-16 characters with 1 letter and 1 number.. my password meets those requirements and it still won’t let me sign up
  • 5 Miles bidding “Dash” scam 1/5

    By Gogo gal
    SCAM Alert! Beware of 5 miles “Dash” bid buying! You won’t get items or if you do get them the items received are cheap knock-offs, broken, or wrong item won. And by all means don’t make complaint to sellers or 5 miles because then your account will get suspended like mine was after I lodged complaint over 8 items won, paid for & not received. I was told by multiple customer service reps that a supervisor would contact me; and that has never happened (over 6 weeks ago). No refunds either! I’m done. I have 100% positive reviews from selling & buying on 5 miles since joined years ago. Before you get pulled into their new Dash scam, suggest you read the comments and account questions on 5 miles and you’ll see I’m not the only one. Scammed & DONE with 5 Miles.
  • Great app except for photo limitations 4/5

    By Ridestherange
    This is a great user friendly app for the most part. The only exception is that they require all photos to be square and limit the number to twelve. If the photo does not meet their square 2:1 ratio photo limitation, they will not approve the post and therefore it cannot be sold on their site/app. Perhaps it is a limitation of their software developers but, not all objects are square or can be edited to be square without distortion of the object appearance, which would then be a misrepresentation of the product and fraudulent. Please develop a way to give more allowance for sellers. All other marketplaces allow for rectangular and circular photo uploads. That is the reason for the four-star, instead of a five-star rating.
  • I hate it 1/5

    By dont get 5 mile
    Just don’t get it
  • Smart tv roku 1/5

    By Mes.hernandez
    She sold me a broken tb and it says it was brand new
  • Online looking for a PS4 pro 5/5

    By mrmatt805
    I was online looking for a PS4 pro and came across a sweet deal from a honest man trying to do something nice around Christmas and all I had to pay was shipping this app is awsome hope y’all have the same great experience as I have had thanks 5 mile
  • Read me fromReal person 4/5

    By Ctr zach
    Fast easy to pose etc... but sometimes these apps seem congested and you have to pay money or post a lot to not be lost in the abyess of ads.
  • Great app 5/5

    By PatoGtz01
    It looks really nice and works well
  • Hate it 1/5

    By Cliffyb5
    Worsted app you can download and don’t bid on the bid site they have there rip offs and won’t help you with the item or a refund beware!!!!!
  • Stop the spammy notifications 3/5

    By carlover2393
    Most of this app is great. I have sold more items on here than any other app. It’s easy to use, and generally issue free. The one complaint I have is the constant notifications I’m receiving for their auction function. I receive them constantly advertising different items on the platform. I have all notifications turned off in the app settings and still get them. This needs to be fixed. I don’t appreciate receiving adverts through my notifications without option to turn them off.
  • Not a fan of the new focus on bidding 3/5

    By Just1Jerry
    It’s distracting. Looks like 5miles has lost it’s focus as a startup. Basically conceding that OfferUp and Craigslist are better options
  • Muy buena Aplicación 5/5

    By champana
    Para hacer negocios
  • Hernandez 5/5

    By mudithow
    Encontré lo que no había encontrado en otras paginas :)
  • Horrible When You’re Really In Need!! 1/5

    By BigBrandough
    I post items for sale because obviously I need the money.. Then the apps “system” says it’s a duplicate item when it is NOT and doesn’t allow me to post it. Then I change the price in an item I currently had posted and it tells me the same crap! Like hello?! I’m in a position where I NEED money and your app is supposed to be an avenue to help me achieve that and it’s blocking me from making sales!! I’ve sent various messages and have had NOT ONE helpful message or any at all.... ‘OFFER UP’ AND ‘LET GO’ ARE WAY BETTER!!!
  • Yay 5/5

    By iridescentsnail
    Good stuff!
  • So far so good! 5/5

    By JuJu Harper
    Easy to use!!
  • Love 5 miles, HATE 5 miles DASH. 2/5

    By ExtremeGameReviews
    The new main page is 5miles dash and I hate it. If I wanted to use a penny auction app I would.

    By Dude0u812
    DELETE!!! This company now disobeys your setting preferences for “marketing” now SPAMS message notifications like crazy. “Great gifts” “Buy now!” “Over 100 new products added” every day. At first it was an okay alternative to CL but with this implementation they have permanently lost me. No clue how in the world it could have 4.7 stars, has to be some shenanigans. DELETED!!!
  • I love it 5/5

    By UTS & CDG
  • Great! 5/5

    By macaustiin
    Great transactions
  • Annoying notifications spammer app 1/5

    By nbarros8
    You can’t leave notifications on because the app spams you with useles notifications in order for you to be opening it. And if you turn it off, you can’t timely respond messages. I can’t recommend it.

5miles: Buy and Sell Locally app comments

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