5miles: Buy and Sell Locally

5miles: Buy and Sell Locally

  • Category: Shopping
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 7.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: The Third Stone Holdings Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
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5miles: Buy and Sell Locally App

5miles opened a new channel called 5miles Dash. It is a new auction feature that allows you to bid on brand new items. - Auctions last 90 seconds and bids start at $1. - Only pay when you win. - Items are shipped directly to your door. - If user is unsatisfied with a product, we offer buyer protection so you can request a refund. - Claim up $5 in credits towards your first purchase. 5miles is the highest rated local marketplace app, helping you buy and sell stuff in your area. 5miles is free, easy, and safe and has facilitated more than $1 BILLION in local sales, helping 10 million happy users put money back in their pockets and find great products at great rates. “5miles is the first to integrate local services into an app of this kind” - CNBC “The 5miles app is a great way to sell old items AND to buy new things at a fraction of the cost they would be retail.” - Alicia Reneeg, BuzzFeed “It’s better than Craigslist and it’s better than OfferUp with its attention to informative detail.” Catherine, 5miles buyer With 5miles you can also discover great classifieds in your area, find a place to live, hire local services, or get a new job - all from the comfort of your phone. It’s FREE to list items for sale and FREE to discover local goods and services, all within 5 miles. Easy • Snap a photo and offer up your items in seconds • Use GPS and zip code to find thousands of listings nearby • Make an offer by sending an in app chat message • Free to boost your post to send it to the top of the feed • Easy registration via Facebook or email • Share your listings via Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and Email Safe • Email, phone, and Facebook verifications • Rate and read reviews of buyers and sellers • Use our Safe Area Exchange Locator (SEAL) feature to find a secure meetup spot • 5miles team constantly monitors listings and chats to keep fraud away • 5miles doesn't share your information with anyone • Don't want to meetup? Choose shipping for your exchange method Fun • Discover great stuff near and far by browsing photos • Search and filter to find relevant listing • Like items and follow sellers • Make offers and get the best deals • Chat to share more details, photos, and meeting spots • Share listings to Facebook and Twitter to sell faster Shop, make offers, and list items and services for free. It's like your own online garage sale without the hassle. Find home cleaning, home repair, or home improvement professionals. Get help with chores or errands. Find a mover you can trust. Looking for housing or a roommate? Find apartments, houses, and condos for rent or sale. Find a roommate to share your dream loft. Landlords, list your real estate in a snap! Looking for work? Find jobs near you! Full-time, part-time, freelance jobs, or short gigs. FREE for everyone. Download now and discover great listings from the 5miles community. Are you ready to go shopping? Want to find out more about us? https://www.5miles.com/ Email: [email protected]

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5miles: Buy and Sell Locally app reviews

  • Not worth it 1/5

    By not eorth it
    This app doesn’t work you have to pay in order to have this listed on their app Such a waste
  • App is garbage 1/5

    By Archiexx1
    Customer service is so terrible and utter garbage. The app itself is a shadow of what it used to be years ago. I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone... ANYONE.
  • I am unable to download 1/5

    By Ben babu
    I deleted this app few months ago but tried to download again and it doesn’t let me. Don’t know why. Try few times in AppStore but does not say get the app and when I press cloud tab it does not do anything.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    There is all kinds of fake users on here & I have proof of it. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I’m sure the others are similar. I’ve had the best luck with offerup. You get messages from a person saying hi stating their first & last name & then a 2nd separate message asking something like how much? Or can you send more pictures? Negotiable? Stuff like that. When you reply back, you get no response & that message you sent (a specific message I sent) stays unread for a month.
  • Getting worse with every update 1/5

    By lc012477
    Now there is no way to set the distance & they’ve added something stupid where you can bid on items. I won a bid & they expect me to pay for it & you can’t even tell them your size. I’m not paying for anything if your not able to have it sent in my size. Stupid addition to 5 miles. Also, this app never boosts my items, even after 2 days. I notice everyone else’s items are boosted. I’m not selling anything that is prohibited, so there is no excuse. I got rid of this app in the past because of the same problem with boosting, decided to see if the problem was fixed, but nothing has changed. I don’t expect to get a response since no one really cares about reviews unless it’s a good review. Totally useless app.
  • Services provided 5/5

    By Mr.DTB23
    Services Are professional
  • Quick & easy except for hard categories 3/5

    By Esummey
    I have used this app to buy and was pleased. Then I went to sell large TV. I put it in electronic category. They took it down (not approved). When I think of TV I don’t think home & garden. When I buy TV I go to electronics section of store. So did everybody else. I scrolled home & garden category - no TVs. Scrolled electronics - there they were. 5Miles said all those ads were being pulled. Why argue with users? Still don’t understand. Administrators not flexible.
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By rapdancer
    Worst customer service and worst app.App have lot of big issues like freezing.This app helps scammers and frauds to do business over here
  • Very Suspicious App 3/5

    By Seekingmoney4food
    I downloaded 5miles to check out the kind of people who sell and buy here as opposed to eBay, OfferUp, Letgo, and Mercari. I recently listed an art supplies kit online, and have gotten two responses from different people that both introduce their names, ask for a product’s availability, and when I answer, they don’t respond. What is going on here?
  • Not working 1/5

    By BrazenSS
    App isn't working. Every time I try to sign in it said oops something went wrong... Pretty annoying. Iphone XR
  • weird 1/5

    By ayeee3
    the app is buggy, and i know it’s technically not the apps fault but there are a lot of creeps on here, there should be a lot more verification especially if you’re meeting up with a stranger.
  • Link sharing!? 1/5

    By Bri Jean Queen
    When sending a link in messages or any other app it doesn't open the link to that product, it displays a blank page! Please fix, how can I share listings on the app if the link sharing doesn't work!?
  • HORRIBLE 1/5

    By 7bk
    This app is a JOKE! The previous reviews where people have stated that FAKE users are contacting them is TRUE. All of the people who have contacted me about my item do not respond back to any of my messages: they are inactive users. Rather than having fake users contact me, I would be happier if no one contacted me. The point in using this app is to sell items to people who are ACTUALLY interested, not to deal with fake accounts. If this is an ongoing issue, it’s not worthy of using. HOWEVER, if they fix this issue, I HIGHLY DOUBT, I will stick around a bit longer. The next fake user that contacts me, I will not respond and delete this app!!!
  • Go get OfferUp... 1/5

    By techie.diva
    There is COUNTLESS things this app could learn from OfferUp. It’s the worst of the worst. Too many bad things to list.
  • Great App 5/5

    By carkingdallas
    This app is a great tool to showcase any and all items for sale !
  • Best site 5/5

    By hukc dhjcxdh
    Love this site and prices
  • Too many glitches and auto responder support is no help! 1/5

    By KJohnsonMD
    I use several other apps for local sales including OfferUp, letgo, and craigslist and this App is by far the glitchiest! If pictures aren’t sized just right your whole listing gets rejected, and instead of allowing you to edit it, you have to cancel it and start all over from scratch – ridiculous! I don’t have this issue with any other app for the same identical listing! Another issue that relates only to this backwards app is listings getting canceled for being in the wrong category. Again, you have to start all over from scratch instead of being able to edit the listing. When you appeal, they don’t tell you what category it’s supposed to be in and if you don’t put it in the right one, your listing gets canceled again and you have to start all over. Support is virtually no help because they don’t read your comments and just send you canned responses that just infuriates you even more!
  • App is worse than offer up 1/5

    By SweetTeaGeekn
    This app is full or fake/bot accounts sending messages.
  • This app is terrible 1/5

    By lilliana shivley
    This app is terrible it won’t let me post my ad it keeps saying to verify it and when I try it won’t let me it’s supposed to send you a four digit code through text message but they never sent me a text and I guess I’ve done it so many times that they won’t allow it but it’s on their end that they messed up and if I don’t verify it it won’t be posted
  • Free Pets ! 1/5

    By Artistscloset
    I’m absolutely disgusted and outraged to discover this apps policy on FREE pets ! That’s right, no re- homing fee, they do not allow it ! This is how these fur babies end up in the hands of evil people who will use them for “ bait “ in dog fighting. I hope you realize the poor pets that will end up suffering unbelievable torture and ultimately death !
  • Fake 1/5

    By scam cruncher
    The app is a scam ! I have ordered items from the 5 mile dash . And everything I received was broke or was so cheap made ! Also that retail price is a lie all together ! There’s no way that these items cost what they claim they do ! So it is a scam ! Beware !
  • The update 1/5

    By Rachel Nicole:)
    Will not let me click publish for my posts and it’s been happening for 3 days or so now. It’s very upsetting
  • Oh well 1/5

    By rwpik
    Posting was removed because I posted in the “other” category... They stated it was incorrect and I needed to repost. I immediately went to repost in a separate category that might work, but it immediately said removed due to duplicate listings. I don’t have time for this... Been aggressively selling my stuff through various platforms and not one sale has come from 5miles. It’s a frustrating waste of time and I’m fine doing without. Deleting the app... Needs some serious work to compete with the likes of Facebook, OfferUp, Letgo, etc. Too bad
  • From OK to really bad. From Offer Up to Deal Dash? 2/5

    By Dax210
    This app used to be pretty OK. I used it just like offer up, Facebook marketplace and let go. Unfortunately it has taken a really rough turn trying to be a bidding site. This is extremely unfortunate and is prone to all kinds of fake sellers, items that you don’t have enough time to read the description on before they are a bid off, they really need to go back to what made them good to begin with. They are not eBay, they are not Deal Dash , Now they are not even offer up or let go. I’m not sure who is in charge of the site but they really need to reconsider the direction they are going or they will not be existing for very long. I honestly do not even have them in my buying and selling folder anymore
  • I have had great experiences 4/5

    By Trish1789
    About 2 years ago I moved from condo to condo and sold many items on here. If people didn’t want to meet me I would deliver for a small fee. Never any problems.
  • Nothing Stays the Same 3/5

    By E.G-C
    This was a great app several years ago. I have made quite a few sales over the years, but like most buy/sell apps, the buyers are cheapskates, unreliable, and have now been invaded with scammers and trolls! It has gotten much harder to sell, as there are too many FAKE account holders. I would love to know how some of these people have 5 star ratings, but have never sold a single item or purchased anything? Aside from all that, now they have flashing banner ads , plus that new auction page which is very displeasing to the eye. Regarding CS, there is none! Just CG responses. No one cares.
  • Nearly daily app updates for no reason 1/5

    By Mobile Manny
  • 5miles seller 1/5

    By Frustrated2216
    Have been using this app for a couple of years and have loved it until a couple of days ago when the app was updated. Now there are numerous problems which I can’t seem to resolve.
  • The new update is AWFUL 1/5

    By Penguin_LIFE
    Why are there two tabs to bid on items now? That’s beyond excessive. I don’t use this app to primarily bid on items as I don’t think anyone else does either, it’s really annoying that this app now majorly highlights that. Not to mention getting rid of the amount/price ($) on pictures for things being sold locally? It doesn’t make me want to click on an item if I don’t know how much someone is selling it for up front. If you put up an item for sell, it will now get lost amongst the countless pictures of other things being sold and you will get less traffic to that item since the price will not be listed on the “local” tab your post is found. Really awful update.
  • Went from kind of buggy to never opening 2/5

    By ChelseaKeebs
    Latest update: App recently updated to a new look, and now all of my liked/saved local items for sale are gone. Only my 5Miles Dash items remain. Very disappointing; I saved items I intended to buy, and they’re gone. ——————— Update: Used this app successfully for months, sold several things, and made appointments. App would sometimes not open, would have to try a few times. For the past several weeks, I've been able to access the app once or twice. Otherwise, it won't open, despite trying multiple times a day. Deleting the app. ------------- Been using the app for a few weeks. Sometimes I get notifications for messages I've already read, sometimes for messages that aren't there. Nothing too bad (other than some of my experiences with other users.) Now, after updating to the new IOS on my phone, though, the app won't open a lot of the time.
  • Great App!! 5/5

    By choccolicious
    Easy to navigate, buy and sell.
  • Adventurous fantastic. Thank you. 5/5

    By bebe cici.
    Thank you.
  • Omg 5/5

    By Badhit2
    I love this app 👌👌👌👌
  • Order watch 3/5

    By johnasingh
    I ordered a watch on here well over a month ago they took the money from my bank account and I still haven’t seen it
  • 5mile dash??? 1/5

    By BoricZ
    Update 4/20/2019 Dash is still terrible. The app is full of thieves as users. Now deactivated account and deleted forever. ———- Sounds like a weekend race for kids. Here is the issue. 5miles introduction of Dash is now forefront in their storefront. Or doesn’t represent anything 5 miles from anywhere. Obviously trying to compete with Letgo and OfferUp who still maintain the seller to buyer platform is tough. If 5mile wanted to compete and thought Dash was the answer then you are wrong. 5mile positions itself at the forefront and the user has zero option to set up settings to say “don’t show me that.” 5mile might as well rename their app “dealdash” and eliminate the buyer / seller portal.
  • Bidding 1/5

    By Shankster74
    Selling & buying can be difficult. You have to pay to be visible & easily contacted. In regards to the bidding,,,,, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!! Your lucky if you actually receive what you bid, as it can be canceled & then you have to fight for your refund, which can take weeks if at all. Then,,,, if it’s not canceled, you will have to wait between 1.5-3 months to get your item,,,, which by the way CANNOT be tracked. When disputed, you get the run around about how issues can arise, & how it can take 3 months. I purchased 3 items, 1 was canceled, no refund, 1 made it to me after 1.5 months, the other cannot be tracked nor refunded, & I’ve been told I can dispute it after the 3 month mark. RIDICULOUS & FRAUDULENT
  • Best app 5/5

    By amos##1234
  • 🌚 1/5

    By موالي لآل البيت ص
  • Perfect buy/sell app 5/5

    By kaileyfishie!!13
    Good app
  • 5 miles is horrible 1/5

    By shskabaiak
    Got scammed out of 600 bux of fake iphone x and all they say is sorry to hear that and they refuse to do anything and still tell me if you call the cops on the person they have to send a sapina bunch of jagg this app is a joke
  • HORRIBLE 1/5

    By Sebas1088
    I used to use this app a lot but not any more horrible charging us to pay to POST .
  • Smh so disappointed on this app 1/5

    By KevinNaranjo
    Since when we have to pay to sell our things ?? Your better off downloading Letgo It’s free and way better!
  • If you want sex toys come here 1/5

    By Cyn18xo
    This app sells butt plugs sex toys in the bids section and honestly that’s truly inappropriate for a buying and selling app. I reported the app to the App Store and deleted it from my phone. Absolutely disgusting.
  • Horrible! Knock off Wish 1/5

    By Stevalina Melly
    This app is a joke. I’ve purchased two items, both of which were not what was described in the description. The last item was roughly $30, have been waiting on a refund for TWO WEEKS, and they continue to tell me the refund has already been sent. Not okay. Do not use. This is a wannabe Wish app that isn’t even as reliable as Wish.
  • Ok 5/5

    By ttttooonny
  • Fix it now!!!!!! 1/5

    By sickassjoje
    When I share something through the app to a text/imessage the link is corrupted. Needs a huge fix to make sharing things easier and simple. Thanks!!!!!
  • New member 5/5

    By jaye79
    I’m new to this site but I think it might be just what I need to sale my items
  • Great app 5/5

    By Onelove 518
    Download it
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By dragonlibramm76
    Great local deals available soo fast

5miles: Buy and Sell Locally app comments

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