5miles: Buy and Sell Locally

5miles: Buy and Sell Locally

  • Category: Shopping
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 5.12
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: The Third Stone Holdings Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
235,907 Ratings
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5miles: Buy and Sell Locally App

5miles is the highest rated local marketplace app, helping you buy and sell stuff in your area. 5miles is free, easy, and safe and has facilitated more than $1 BILLION in local sales, helping 10 million happy users put money back in their pockets and find great products at great rates. “5miles is the first to integrate local services into an app of this kind” - CNBC “The 5miles app is a great way to sell old items AND to buy new things at a fraction of the cost they would be retail.” - Alicia Reneeg, BuzzFeed “It’s better than Craigslist and it’s better than OfferUp with its attention to informative detail.” Catherine, 5miles buyer With 5miles you can also discover great classifieds in your area, find a place to live, hire local services, or get a new job - all from the comfort of your phone. It’s FREE to list items for sale and FREE to discover local goods and services, all within 5 miles. Easy • Snap a photo and offer up your items in seconds • Use GPS and zip code to find thousands of listings nearby • Make an offer by sending an in app chat message • Free to boost your post to send it to the top of the feed • Easy registration via Facebook or email • Share your listings via Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and Email Safe • Email, phone, and Facebook verifications • Rate and read reviews of buyers and sellers • Use our Safe Area Exchange Locator (SEAL) feature to find a secure meetup spot • 5miles team constantly monitors listings and chats to keep fraud away • 5miles doesn't share your information with anyone • Don't want to meetup? Choose shipping for your exchange method Fun • Discover great stuff near and far by browsing photos • Search and filter to find relevant listing • Like items and follow sellers • Make offers and get the best deals • Chat to share more details, photos, and meeting spots • Share listings to Facebook and Twitter to sell faster Shop, make offers, and list items and services for free. It's like your own online garage sale without the hassle. Find home cleaning, home repair, or home improvement professionals. Get help with chores or errands. Find a mover you can trust. Looking for housing or a roommate? Find apartments, houses, and condos for rent or sale. Find a roommate to share your dream loft. Landlords, list your real estate in a snap! Looking for work? Find jobs near you! Full-time, part-time, freelance jobs, or short gigs. FREE for everyone. Download now and discover great listings from the 5miles community. Are you ready to go shopping? Want to find out more about us? https://www.5miles.com/ Email: [email protected]

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5miles: Buy and Sell Locally app reviews

  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Lisawog43
    I sold my first item very easy to use
  • Me gusta 5/5

    By mayitopipe
    Me gusta
  • Great app 5/5

    By Gracezvic
    Meet local people and make instant cash
  • Filters 3/5

    By tbardee
    If your app is going to ask for filters such as distance then don’t show me something that is farther away.
  • Súper especial 5/5

    By leonel laurencio
    Es una grandiosa App felicitaciones 5 miles
  • Customer Review 5/5

    By Love Selling
    Great way to sell to great people! Easy to use and I appreciate 5 Miles online customer service.
  • 5 miles yayyy 5/5

    By Rjhuck
    5 miles is the best app to sell in your area for a quick buy I’ve never waited for more than a couple days for a buyer
  • Great first experience, from start to finish! 5/5

    By N8TEV_TXN
    So happy to have found out first purchase on 5Mile! Great first experience.
  • User Friendly Layout 5/5

    By mikewillsellit
    Easy to navigate throughout the app. Love how simple and easy it is to get my products listed within minutes so potential buyers in my area could see it.
  • Rating 5/5

    By Syd5348
    Sold the items I needed to sell!
  • Good sales man good job 👏 5/5

    By Gears of war 3 trailer
    We buy from him agin & agin 😃
  • Out standing 3/5

    By Cuadra Auto Sales
    Great for sales
  • Easy to reach people. 5/5

    By Naser Zaghlol
    God job 5miles.
  • I like this app 5/5

    By espiritusantos
    Looks like im goin to hang out longer in this app for best finds in d marketplace
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By akingfuhvv
    Great app very easy to use people very friendly.
  • Requires a phone number? 1/5

    By Tights2017
    Requires a phone number to sell. Won’t accept voip numbers. Senseless. Also, I don’t understand why within 3 seconds of opening the app for the first time you get a pop up of “are you enjoying the app?” I didn’t know then, and I don’t know now.
  • Better of using a he app called OFFERUP 1/5

    By TheCarGuyss
    This app is just a money pit can’t have more then 5 listing of else they start charging $5 for every other one. LetGO and OfferUp is way better to sell things fast and free!
  • Great app it’s really good for every thing 5/5

    By davo hml
  • Great app 4/5

    By yourmajesty27
    I like the way this app is set up
  • Awesome buy N Selle app 5/5

    By Cranberryfarms
    Such a great app not Like Others where you search for something specific and then they give you wallmart or Amazon adds
  • Do not get this app! 1/5

    I just downloaded this app and this morning I got an email saying someone logged into my account from Mount Hope, KS. That wasn’t me. So everyone be careful don’t put your credit card information in the app. There are hackers out there.
  • Hello 5/5

    By machihuiz
  • Unreasonable listing policies 3/5

    By Tbond75
    Ignorant stance on not allowing simple hunting items like scopes on their platforms. About as reasonable as banning cardboard because some manufacturers ship firearms in them.
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By fairmid23
    If a person doesn’t like a conversation or can’t bargain they can leave you a bad rating without buying any stuffs. The rating should be met once the person sold the item instead they can simply rate for not reducing the price.
  • Good 5/5

    By Tipo39
  • Love 5 miles 5/5

    By Coffeeeeeee Talk......
    There is this song and well, let’s just say instead the songs basis (in a nutshell) basically a repetitive loop of the band singing, “I would walk 500 miles” I dropped the zero to make 5 miles the hero. Hopefully you wonderful souls get this because it should be your company song! If not, ummmmm I sound a lil nutty 🥜 “I would walk 5 miles and I would walk 5K more....” da da daaaaa da daaaaaaaaaaa Song is by the Proclaimera and it’s titled, “I would walk 500 miles.”
  • LOL what a joke of an app 1/5

    By XKristixax
    They randomly deleted my account after having it for a year and made up some excuse that I violated terms and did illegal stuff. All of which are false. Their customer service is also a joke. Don’t use this app. Stick to ebay, Facebook, or craigslist.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Jlo B43
    Great app highly recommended
  • This app look like furrniture store 🤨 1/5

    By Cypress El Salvador
    This app look like furniture store 🤨
  • Why do I need to connect my social media??? 1/5

    By Notafanofthisapp85
    I like to keep my social media private. Since when do I have to connect to my twitter account in order to sell stuff? I’m about to delete my account after I finish selling what I already have for sale because this is ridiculous unless is some type of a glitch. This used to be a good app not anymore
  • 5miles 5/5

    By Pita12010
    Love the app it comes in very handy.
  • Best app ever. 5/5

    By phsann
    I really like this App. It EZ and fun!
  • Good service 5/5

    By Bo.bie
    So far so good
  • Phony Seller’s App Scam 1/5

    By Connor Briggins
    They have a billion prohibitions on selling items, and they take down your items randomly at whim and don’t recognize that they’re wrong ever, and keep re-enforcing themselves that they’re right. For example, if you upload an image that you took yourself, that’ll say it’s a stock image, and after haggling with them, they still think it’s a stock image, and hold audit judgements after, even when they’re wrong. They hire cognitive deficients for their livesupport staff, and they never fix anything, ruin your sales, and give you a hard time trying to sell your items. They also have a point system where if you talk back to them, like explain that they’re wrong, they threaten to suspend your account. Also, they put selling restrictions on certain payment modes. For example, if you have a certain item in a certain category that exceeds their ceiling, they’ll block you from selling via credit and debit, and make it harder to receive instant digital payments. They also have spontaneous category definition revision purges, and will start taking down your items, and say they’re not in the right category and tell themselves nobody knows, and when you do change them, they’ll take them down again, and say it’s a different violation, and keep doing the same thing over and over again. They also won’t let sellers post addresses for check payments so you keep paying their 4% transaction fees and more. They also only let you open one account per phone number, and block you from selling till you verify with a text. They hire mostly Italian-American and German-American cognitive defects, and say it’s revenge for the injustices they suffered from society of their mental ailments and assimilation malaise with undertones of “helping the little white” humilation schemery. Clearly a racist anti-American Socialist/Marxist run app that sells themselves as a legitimate tech company for internet sellers with genuine interests of American sellers. Selling rates are also really low. For example, you’ll get 20,000 views per month if you’re a seller, but only 10 offers, of which, 0 are successful. A lot of phony offers, half-way offers, and hung offers with no sales outcomes. Again, they try screwing over big gains of sellers, and say it’s only for small sales only when they get questioned, so don’t waste your time trying to get rich with this app. They then advertise themselves as a primarily cash only app with meet ups only when they get questioned, and relish sometimes in the inconvenience and gains sabotages. They also take down promotions (in-app advertisements), and play with account settings to make it harder for you to re-sell. For example, if you have an ad running in the Hot Deals or Triple Visibility program, they’ll take it down a lot, and you lose a lot of views, time, and money. When you try to edit it, they’ll take off the edit option of your item description and photos, forcing you to delete the item(s) entirely, and force you to dig in your phone (they only allow editing of items in the mobile app and block users from editing their items on their PC’s), for the images and description copies. They also don’t refund you when you delete your item that was marked and flagged under their “prohibition rules”, and you have to keep messaging them over and over again, or they don’t refund your money. Also, if you love fleeing hard-knock support staff, and getting new ones, they sabotaged that too. They have the same three live-support staff, and you don’t get anyone else ever, and every day, you’ll get items taken down, and have to keep fighting through their bs with the same three live-support staff every day that say the same three intro sentences, and give you more bs and excuses not to fix anything ever. For example, they’ll keep saying, ...”we’re forwarding this to upper staff for resolution...”, and take a week to fix if you’re lucky, but most of the time, nothing ever gets fixed, and you have to keep re-sending messages to get something fixed, like a broken ad, jumbled text, and item take-downs (when you repost, they’ll stalk your account and take it down again). They also don’t allow in-app links, or external links either, so when you want to cross link with an item, or post more links for external accounts, they don’t let you, and you keep having to play stratego with their restrictions and bs and find new ways to overcome their hurdles and obstacles, and when you ask them to make changes to allow account conditions for peak performance, they say they can’t change anything and it’s out of their hands and they can’t do anything ever always. Do not waste your time. It’s set up for their racist Marxist inconvenience infliction cryptids.
  • Network error 1/5

    By pfmg619
    Won’t let me view messages!!! Keep popping up network error!! ????????
  • Navigation and advertisements 3/5

    By de mcCosh
    Navigation is kinda unusual. And I HATE it when leaving a dialogue box to be diverted to “don’t miss these items” Uugh!
  • Plplplllll 5/5

    By ii j
    Put liking jerseokplpollppp
  • App crashes update crashes 1/5

    By VikingHAM
    Won’t let me open the app anymore without updating it yet the update is unavailable.. when i tried to uninstall and reinstall the app is “unable to install” waste of time.. no matter, I’m getting tired of 5 mile turning into instagram anyways. Tired of paying to post ads and tired of all the flakes on the app. Complete waste of time
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By ArchieBak
    Bunch of flakes who never reply and people making ridiculously low offers. “Hi! Is it still available?” Is all you’ll get 99% of the time. Not worth it.
  • Best app ever!!!! 5/5

    By cimple25
    Other apps don’t give you courtesy boost. I get it they have to make money too, but at least give us 3 free boost every month or something! Hey after all they are using our info. For advertising purposes....
  • Review 5/5

    By scottenrotten
    5 mile delivers! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, hang in there it will show up. Great place to barter.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Dinhhoang30044
    Love this app
  • Rug 5/5

    By lisaclick62here
    Very nice & a great buy
  • Don’t bother downloading 1/5

    By Stitch_cpt
    You need to be connected to WiFi to browse items. So you can’t just open the app and see what’s 5 miles from you unless your connected to WiFi just download OfferUp
  • Great app love the cyber miles currency option too! 5/5

    By Krazybazer
    Highly recommended love the rating system in the currency options
  • 5 Mile let down 1/5

    By By Laceypandora
    Would be a good app if it wasn’t for the pop up advertisement that make it so frustrating to list anything or shop or anything
  • Arleta Auto Center 5/5

    By Arleta Auto Center
    Good place to sale cars.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By babypinkEverything
    Love love love this App!!!!
  • Lawnmower sale 5/5

    By Satisfied seller!
    I got inquiries on the very first day that I posted my riding lawnmower. I was able to negotiate with the purchaser and they came and got the lawn Mauer that same day. Great response both parties very satisfied!
  • Likes do no good 2/5

    By marymunk
    When your on a social media app or website getting a like is nice, like a warm fuzzy but when on 5 Miles it is annoying because this isn’t just about seeing who likes what I am selling it is about trying to sell to the people who like my stuff but this isn’t possible. I have tried to figure out how to connect to the people who like my items but am not able to and when I go to chat it tells me no one is available right now leave a message ... why have chat if you can’t reach someone. Then there is the name of the app 5 Miles .... hello, if it is called 5 Miles than people out of that range shouldn’t be able to see your stuff or give us a way to make it so they can’t. Not sure if flaky people can be part of this rating system but it is very annoying to have people say is it available and then you answer immediately with yes and when would you like to get it or I am free tomorrow and the. They don’t respond back or say we’ll let me think about it or ask for a price that is ridiculously low. I get haggling, I really do but to take an item priced at 15 and then ask 2 is a slap in the face. I have seen people make Money off this app , just not sure how they do it when so many flakes out there

5miles: Buy and Sell Locally app comments

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