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60 Minutes All Access App

Download the 60 Minutes All Access app for hard-hitting investigative reporting, interviews, feature segments and profiles from 60 Minutes, along with original stories from 60 Minutes Overtime, a weekly web show that begins where the television broadcast ends. Easily find stories that interest you by browsing by category, correspondent, or year and bookmark and share your favorite segments. Experience the best of 60 Minutes in a brand new, better organized and easier to navigate app. In the free 60 Minutes All Access app, you will get: • This Week on 60 Minutes – high-quality video segments and stories from each week’s broadcast. • Previews of new stories leading up to the broadcast on Sunday night. • 60 Classics section with hand-picked stories from across the entire history of the show. • 60 Minutes Overtime - originally produced content offering a weekly behind-the-scenes look at the production of 60 Minutes as well as an additional archive of classic stories. • Bookmark a segment to collect all your favorites in one section to retrieve for watching later. • Easily share your favorite segments and share via email, Facebook, or Twitter. Get the most of the 60 Minutes All Access app by logging in with your 60 Minutes All Access account for the following exclusive benefits: • Unlimited access to watch the latest 60 Minutes episodes and segments without commercial interruption. • Watch your favorite 60 Minutes archived episodes and segments from the last 50 years including iconic interviews and Andy Rooney favorites. * Pricing for 60 Mins All Access ad-free viewing is $.99 per month or $9.99 per year. Download the 60 Minutes All Access app now to get started. Mobile Service Agreement: http://legalterms.cbsinteractive.com/eula Terms of Use: http://legalterms.cbsinteractive.com/terms-of-use Privacy Policy: http://legalterms.cbsinteractive.com/privacy Video Services: http://legalterms.cbsinteractive.com/video-services

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60 Minutes All Access app reviews

  • False advertising 1/5

    By celticbyrd
    It says no ads when you pay however mine started off with a 26 second ad which feels like false advertising
  • 60 Minutes, Journalism on steroids 5/5

    By virtualmon15
    Personally, I always have enjoyed watching 60 Minutes on TV and to be able to watch it on a mobile device, priceless.
  • Best journalism. Period 5/5

    By RalftT323
    My entire life (literally) this show has led the way. Keep going.
  • Doesn’t support iPhone X and above full screens 1/5

    By NickSD84
    Please update ASAP.
  • Feel ripped off 2/5

    By FreeAppGuru
    The ads are horrible and you can’t stop them once they are running without quitting the app. The video scrub doesn’t work either. I paid for the app originally and feel that those that supported the app early should have been grandfathered or at least been given a free period. CBS just cut us off.
  • Great Ap! 5/5

    By midwest newsie
    I truly appreciate being able to watch this on the go.
  • Useless.... 2/5

    By EyeInTheSkySB
    app doesn’t work anymore on 12.4.1
  • Good reporting on a broad range of subjects 5/5

    By kpolly62
    I watched 60 minutes for years until I moved out of the US. I just recently purchased this app so I could continue to watch 60 Minutes with their broad range of subjects and their award winning journalists. 60 Minutes you have my attention!
  • App has been hijacked by relentless ads 1/5

    By Lao Tzu Bravo
    Deleted after years of great programming. Can’t get through a story without the same ads repeatedly interrupting. The ad content is also slow loading compared to the main content. Ciao!
  • Crash crash crash 2/5

    By Charlie Howard
    Crashes on certain decades and on many correspondents. Good when it works, but the unreliability limits its value.
  • Very Convenient to use 4/5

    By computerjimmy
    You’re much improved from the older app, but the search function can be very daunting to get that proper key word to get that show I want to watch. Thank you a more stable app with less or no crashing. Thumbs up to the IT dept...... Using a two year old iPad to watch.... If there’s a way to let us know about future programs, please do. Regards, Jim
  • Nice, but 2/5

    By prophotog777
    This would be a great app because I love 60 Minutes. But the stories presented have not refreshed in months. I still am getting the same old stories.
  • 60 Minutes App 5/5

    By Alta Vista3
    I especially enjoy the 60 Minutes App when I’m busy when the show airs and I can watch at a later time. I also appreciate the archives when I need to watch a previous show.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Rcrn41
    Just like the show but at my convenience
  • Guuhhyugg 5/5

    By gftfkkhggfuft
  • My Very Own 60 Minutes App 5/5

    By must I use a Nickname ?
    It makes for a most informed workout on treadmill, ride on subways, trip on buses, walk between home and work. And since it’s been must-see for me since it was originally up against Marcus Welby, when it had no audience, I hate to ever miss even a segment because like, well, like I really missed something of value. So with app, I don’t feel as pressured to catch-up on the DVR. And the app works well too; Better than most. Wish nCBS would have one for CBS Sunday Morning.
  • Great app 5/5

    By VentureForth
    I love being able to easily follow up on stories that especially interest me after watching them on 60 minutes. I have not experience any problems with the app as others have commented on.
  • App fail 1/5

    By maui.gsber
    Fantastic content. However, App is a dumpster fire. UX fail re ability to share segments: app sends only 10 second blurb - and not actual segment. Back to the huddle CBS!
  • 60 Minutes 4/5

    By Thatoneneighbordude
    I love 60 Minutes. I’ve watched it since I was about 13. I’m 27 now and it’s as relevant as ever. The reporters are phenomenal and the show does a great job overall. The app isn’t as great but it’s still pretty solid. The functionality is odd at points and I don’t like that you can only watch the program horizontally in your phone.
  • Decent App cause of content 3/5

    By nóooooô
    I do enjoy most of the pieces produced by 60 mins but feel slighted by the app which I purchased a couple years ago only for it to stop working for a long time b/c it couldn’t operate on an updated system. Then it comes back and I can’t get to the locked content that I already purchased. Also, can’t connect w/ my chrome cast which blows.
  • Please add Chromecast Support 3/5

    By maxmikulecky
    Having the entire catalog of 60 Minutes episodes is really great but I’m limited to watching on my phone. It would be really great if this app supported casting to Chromecast devices.
  • Still great 5/5

    By zurichstrasse
    Always loved 60 Minutes. Still must watch TV and the app is great
  • Too many long commercials 2/5

    By BigGenerator
    Too many long commercials. The same commercials again and again. Over monetization.
  • No ChromeCast support 3/5

    By Reviewer-1978
    ‘Nuff said.
  • Difficulty with commercials and Airplay 2/5

    By Ric Dube
    Frequently can not resolve change between content and commercials when Airplaying to Apple TV, a completely legitimate use of the app.
  • Commercial loop 2/5

    By KWB317
    I’m blown away by the number of commercials they play. I paid for the app hoping it would eliminate the commercial interruptions but they just pile them on. One I got into a loop and all it would do is play commercials over and over again. I hate that.
  • Good Way To Catch Up 4/5

    By Chitwn Luv
    When you have a busy schedule it’s a good way to catch up on their main topics. Unless you pay a subscription though, you don’t have full access and I’m not paying to see it when I pay for it through the cable bill.
  • Finally! 5/5

    By Bingbongboing
    On demand, i get to watch 60 minutes on my own schedule. easy to use, whenever.
  • Digging this app 5/5

    By Electric Shogun
    I like the way I can pick and choose what to watch. I have little time and it’s perfect for the time I have.
  • Video quality is really poor 1/5

    By António Gomes
    I wish the video quality was better, looks terrible all pixelated on my tv
  • Great app but hate the ads 3/5

    By Larval Shadow
    A free app supported by ads would be fine, but paying $5 and still seeing them is frankly just greedy.
  • Love 60 minutes. Solid app 5/5

    By Alice Grace Stanulis
    I love to watch 60 minutes! The reporting is so genuine and curious, but I am not always in front of the TV Sunday nights, so I love the option to watch it anytime. The app can be a bit weird sometimes if you need to go back or forward in the video, but overall it’s definitely worth it to have the availability to watch it anytime.
  • App is not bad, not perfect, but... 5/5

    By Kashyg
    ... a great way to get caught up on the show if I miss it. I don’t do DVR!
  • 60 Minutes CBS Sunday morning 5/5

    I want to hear stories True since I got my iPhone I don’t miss the reporting of a single show Thanks I Have Learned A Story’s That’s informative an enjoyable experience to watch TY sweet Fr: FL TAMPA BAY
  • Ad Geniuses Replace Chantix with Cologuard! 1/5

    By neilpeart2
    Dear 60 minutes advertising geniuses, I realize that most of your target market is over 60 years old, with unmanageable smoking addictions and colon problems. But for the love of everything that is holy, you need to fire the 50 and 60-year-old advertising people you have working for you, and bring in someone that knows what they’re doing! You have a brand that is among the most respected in the world, and you’re letting stupid advertisements from Chantix and Cologuard make me as a 47-year-old feel like I’m about to die a gruesome cancerous death any moment. Seriously, fix your advertising strategy. I’m sure Chantix will throw money at you all day long, but take it from me, the viewers who consume your content from this app HATE IT!!!
  • App has been getting stuck on ads for years 1/5

    By A Programmer
    The ad will start playing and then it will just freeze
  • Premature 4/5

    By IggnantOverlord
    I only last a min in this app.
  • App quality is bad 1/5

    By Lwl85739
    Several thing it failed to make it right 0. I pay $9.99 fo the access. But it logs me out frequently. Really painful to relogin when what I want is to watch! 1. Dragging backwards and forwards does not always work. 2. Playing UI sometimes freezes. I need to kill the app to recover 3. Does not save the previous played position. Making it hard to continue from where I left off 4. No way to browse the content by month. Or even by year. By decade seems to be an odd decision. 5. Hire a Product manager from YouTube, amazon video, Facebook video or any big video service company and you will get your features right.
  • Works as it’s supposed to 5/5

    By Gorambo
    60 Minutes app works really well at home or when I’m away I never miss a moment
  • Great for overseas viewing of my favorite investigative reporting show! 4/5

    By belgeek
    I normally watch 60 Minutes on my phone in the US via my Xfinity Stream app from my DVR. But streaming is not allowed outside of the US with it. The 60 Minutes is a great option to satisfy my thirst for the show here in Europe! Thank you. And I love the fact that the 1 hour show is cut up into the various segments ! Easy to choose which I want to watch or in what order. Gracias, as they here in Spain. Note: I’m not giving it 5 stars because it lacks a resume from last place feature and also lacks convenient 15 sec jumps forward and backwards (or however long each of these jumping types would best be)
  • Journalism par excellence 4/5

    By chiquiz
    You can’t get much better than 60 minutes, it’s stellar. In the best of all worlds, I would like a commercial free version with the ability to go forward and backward, especially the 10 second option. When this app first came out, I don’t remember any commercials. They seem excessive and decrease my interest in watching it through the app.
  • Advertising 2/5

    By Gentleman golfer
    This app used to be ad free. So it is especially painful now given the incessant advertisements. There are two or three versions of the same sponsor. It’s complete overkill and frequently tempts me to stop using the app. Not the reaction I’m guessing the advertisers desired.
  • This app has been ruined! 1/5

    By Courtney45798
    I used to have the original 60 mins app w no commercials at all - it was fantastic. Now it is the same commercial on repeat that you cannot escape from. Cannot enjoy the segment because I am being bombarded by cologuard ads. So disappointing. Charge more for the app and dump the ads.
  • Needs Chromecast support 4/5

    By Ethan1780ix
    Needs Chromecast support. Other than that it's a great app.
  • Great content but same ad over and over 3/5

    By upstate&chill
    The content is great and always has been. But does an advertiser really want the viewer to see their add over and over to the point where the viewer is annoyed and has a negative impression of the brand? Also sometimes app crashes right after watching ad and when you restart you have to watch ad all over again... even more repetition of the same ad.
  • Too many Long commercials 1/5

    By Ddanrrr
    The commercials are too long and repeat too often. I can’t bare to use this app.
  • Convenient 5/5

    By Iburuka
    I am regular 60 minutes viewer and the App is just makes it even better easier for me to follow the weekly programming of 60 minutes on air.
  • I Love 60 Minutes 5/5

    By Boone Man
    60 minutes provides the humanity of good journalism and brings it right to your living room! I love being able to explore and hear the personal stories and in depth questioning with all of the 60 Minutes stories in Overtime. Thank you for keeping it real and giving the world great stories worth hearing about, and doing so on a regular basis, week after week.
  • Coverage 5/5

    By Cool biker
    Great coverage of current and important topics.

60 Minutes All Access app comments

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