60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure

60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure

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  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.27.9
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Robot Gentleman sp. z o.o.
  • Compatibility: Android
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1,952 Ratings
$ 3.99

60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure App

60 Seconds! is a dark comedy atomic adventure of scavenge and survival. Collect supplies and rescue your family before the nuke hits. Stay alive in your fallout shelter. Make difficult decisions, ration food and hunt mutant cockroaches. And maybe survive. Or not. 60 Seconds! requires at least an iPhone 5, iPad 3, or iPad mini 2. As Ted, a responsible citizen and a family man, you are faced with a slight disturbance to your happy, suburban lifestyle. THE NUCLEAR APOCALYPSE. With only 60 seconds left to impact, guide Ted in a mad, intense and action packed dash through his house in search of his family and useful supplies. Everything will be against you - time, your very own furniture, the house that's different every time you play and the fundamental question - what to take with you and who to leave behind? Reaching the fallout shelter in time and alive is only the beginning. Whatever you scavenged and whoever you saved will play a vital role in your survival. Each survival story will be different, with every day surprising you with unexpected events. Will all of these stories end well? It's up to you. Ration food and water, make best use of your supplies, face difficult choices and even venture into the wasteland. Good luck. EXPERIENCE the suburbian nightmare of a nuke dropping down on your neighbourhood in this atomic, dark comedy set in 1950s. SCAVENGE any supplies, you will need to survive, and family members in a 60 second rush through your randomly generated house. PREPARE for the worst. Don’t just grab arbitrary items, plan your survival and follow helpful tips from emergency broadcasts! SURVIVE in a fallout shelter with whatever you brought with you. How many days will you last? Will everyone make it out alive? DECIDE what to do, when the post-apocalyptic world pushes you to the corner. Will you risk going outside? Who is not eating dinner, when barely any food is left? How do you deal with a mutant cockroach infestation?

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60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure app reviews

  • Language 4/5

    By beeboo272
    Good but should add vietnamese
  • Good but 5/5

    By Aaron93847
    This game is good I just wanted to write a suggestion when it says use a flashlight to signal the military there should be a gun option when the gun shoots it makes a flash and that flash in bright enough for people to see other then that the game is good c:
  • U should do this 4/5

    By lala et
    When someone goes on an expedition u should let them go outside for 60 seconds
  • 60 seconds is fun! (500) 5/5

    By Mwheelerii
    In 4:00 dollars In a lot of glitch
  • I need my money please 2/5

    By JainB24
    You have, I don't know what to do. I think it's my phone, but I don't think so, I bought it and then I removed it again and put it worse again. I didn't care :( I just want to buy it at all, I just want a return and maybe wait, since I can't play it, it's a shame but I'll wait for it to have an improvement or something, thank you
  • AWESOME 5/5

    By Skillzofpvp
    THIS GAME IS SO GOOD BUT can you add more updates pls
  • NOT GOOD 1/5

    By bader than baddddddd
    Why are you charging us more money
  • Very fun but… 3/5

    By Qh8239978
    I wasn’t lying it’s fun but it does get boring easily.
  • Pls read this 5/5

    By Jaby81
    Can you add more stuff to the game. Your other one didn’t work on my phone. I would love this more if you did cuz I’m already obsessed wit it.
  • Great game 5/5

    By ABB1984
    It's really fun, I enjoyed all the other missions like bunker alone, I loved how there was a entire mission for my favorite character the controls could be better but overall nothing really that bad or frustrating a out it i love how you have to be quick about getting all your supplies! What I recommend is water day 4 then food and water day 8 and repeat that prevents them from getting sick
  • BEST.GAME.EVER!!!(Along with Roblox & Minecraft) 5/5

    By opaqj
    Ok first off,idk why some people rate this game lowly due to the “bad” controls.Y’all probably had it for a day!One complaint is that I get stuck on furniture,but that’s on me cuz it’s near the door(not shelter door)and I keep not giving them water,but again,on me!Its too addicting!I can’t stop playing!Amazing job!:)
  • Wom 5/5

    By that_dumb_rat76
  • The best game ever 5/5

    By AwesomeCrazyLukie
    I got the twin ending first time I played I finished all the challenges and I wish there were more and I played and I’m currently desperate for the military ending if you play this two you should get the game it’s amazing and that’s it!
  • Theroy maybe y-n 5/5

    By yo sans
    So my theroy is that two games hapend at the same time because in 60 parsecs [tm] you see the space shuttle get bombed and earth too so you can assume that when you die in (I don’t wan to say it’s name again ) the space game in the earth game you get rescued
  • Refund 1/5

    By fjdjekajgf
    It was so bad I want a refund
  • Incredible Worth the Money 5/5

    By Jakejamjob
    I absolutely love this game, there are so many cool endings and Easter eggs, I’ve had this for almost a year and I still enjoy playing it, so many things can happen, so good keep up the good work. Also 60 parsecs the sequel is super amazing.
  • 饶了我吧 5/5

    By 999008
  • Hi I love this game sooooo much 4/5

    By jahaira253
    This game is so addicting but I would love for the game to be remote compatible ❤️❤️❤️ pleaseee I have the backbone I swear if this game was remote compatible omg I would never move I would be playing it 24/7
  • low key boring lol 3/5

    By The Real Baby Kata
    see at first it’s exciting but it kind of gets boring like after a while (like most games) it starts to get overused and it’s just like what’s the point of playing this it’s only taking up storage and there’s no new levels it’s just boring, so honestly if there’s anything i would wanna say to the creators it’s that you should make it more interesting and create newer and more creative levels, other than the fact that it gets boring REALLY easily it’s a good game with an awesome concept and it’s extremely creative and cute. i also kind of wish there was more lore involved in the game <3
  • May I please get a refund? 1/5

    By captim meepers
    I normally hate giving low reviews for apps The game seems very fun, and I like other people’s gameplays of it on YouTube But it keeps kicking me out and won’t really let me do anything So I’m very sorry but I’d really like to get my money back.
  • I love it 5/5

    By blue4498
    I think 60 seconds is a great game it’s really fun and there are a bunch of different challenges and modes you can Play on people say the Controls are not good but I really like them and think they’re really fun it kind of swears so you do need to be age-appropriate but I think it’s a really good game
  • disgusting do not buy waste of money 1/5

    By jackydaved69
    a disgusting do not buy waste of money the worst game in the world doesn't work

    By Pretty necessary
  • REFUND NOW 1/5

    By Refunds.now
    I have been using this app before I had downloading it on my new iPhone. I had accidentally added it on here and wasted $3.99. I had knew this game had problems on iPhone. I would like my money back!
  • Great 5/5

    By jdjcjfkkckkd
    This app is good and worth the money however if you play it Long enough it gets kinda boring But over all it’s a great game and worth the money I like how it’s not just the same thing each time so you can’t get board when you play for the first time
  • Not good 3/5

    By inksans697
    I hate it it’s not like the one in the videos I want my money back
  • i loved this game 2/5

    By Ffsgfahjfc
    game is literally unplayable i start and every single time it stays on the day 1 screen until i restart the game erasing my progress. i miss when i used to spend hours on this awesome game
  • okay 3/5

    By Daddy lily amos @bxddy.lily
    It’s okay. I like the game concept and the idea but i do not like how sensitive the controls are . and i don’t like how all the furniture can block the way of rooms and you can’t get certain things.
  • Thx for making the game 5/5

    By monstermaster9675
    This game is one of the best survival game you have 30 seconds to get your stuff but not only it’s fun to play my reading grade went up by 72% just by reading
  • Change 4/5

    By Kirstenlolo123567
    This is a really fun game but there is a few problems could you please add a timer option like 2 min it kinda annoying crashing into stuff and not being able to get the stuff I need. But it is only an opinion but just asking it would be a little bit easier and more fun to play
  • What I think 4/5

    By 3264009815780t
    I think it’s fine just the movement is bad and I can’t move easy
  • An impossible chalnge only 000000.00000% can get it 5/5

    By a glich in this game
    It’s the only say no and win you can’t do it cuase you have to say no to opening the door

    By BillyBobJoe1919
    60 seconds is a great great great great game that is very addictive
  • ⚠️ READ BEFORE BUYING ⚠️ 5/5

    By frostii gachi
    Hello, I am Lexi. I prefer you watch videos about this app before buying it! If you want to know my experience here it is: This is really great. I love the different endings!! The stories are really entertaining, I play it offline! 5 S T A R S ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By coconutawsome3
    I like the game I watched a youtuber play it and I was so excited to play it but the controls are really bad but the game in self is pretty fun
  • Good but... 4/5

    By Mimzy🐰
    This game is so good but I think it needs a little work I think there should mor options for endings and also the controls to get all at the things in the beginning to survive.
  • Why is this game $4 2/5

    By SMOdanani
    I played this game and it took me 2 days to actually beat the game. This game is addicting and is not worth the 4 dollars.
  • This is a dream 5/5

    By sower 9870987
    This game was so good and it’s a dream for me
  • Mobile controls are just trash 4/5

    By Red was not the imposter
    The game is just great! The mobile controls, not so much. You can’t even run when you’re scavenging. If there is furniture in front of you, you are screwed. Also YOU CAN BARELY SEE things like the ammo or playing cards. But overall, this game is awesome.
  • Why I gave it five stars 5/5

    By kimkims mom
    It's good but when I try to buy it it said I can't. but I saw other people play it and I got in to it and that is why I gave it five stars
  • Awesome but 5/5

    By ttvzombieman2012
    I found this game on YouTube of my favorite YouTuber’s channel when i got it I didn’t know what to expect, one thing i think that should be fixed is trying to pick stuff up, when i was doing a challenge it wouldn’t let me pick it up so i failed the challenge but other than that it is a really good game and i see nothing else wrong with it
  • Refund 1/5

    By zack_whats_new_eh
    I want a refund cause the game isn’t what as great as I thought it was, people make it look so fun but the actual game is kinda boring controls are messed up, there isn’t anything special about it but challenges but the rewards aren’t even good, soo if you would please give me a refund that would be appreciated cause this game was not worth my money
  • Kinda good 4/5

    By qwageh
    Kinda good but 60 parsecs is better
  • yes 5/5

    By samalama🏋️‍♀️
    ME AND MY SISTER LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH ITS WORTH THE MONEY i LOVE pancake and sherivok :] It’s fun and makes your mind think a lot
  • ITS SO GOOD 4/5

    By Tiggerhood
    It’s really good but just it’s way too hard. I would give it a five star if it is way easier but so far I love this game and I cant stop playing it.
  • Great 5/5

    By mkp0110
    I love this game my favorite is the atomic bomb one kinda thing I love scaving
  • Good game but... 1/5

    By GKEam206
    The game is really fun but the graphics when you get supplies it looks like one of those cheap construction games that cost 1.99 but besides the graphics it the best game ever and hardest game ever but it’s still fun. Ps it’s a little pricey but if it was 1.99 it would be the best game ever
  • It’s okay.. 4/5

    By kbc1128
    I loved this game as a kid and decided I wanted to try to again. So, I bought it and remember how hard it was to scavenge on mobile. I recommend getting this on a PC instead. Still a great game, just hard to control
  • Terrible 1/5

    By deku_bakugou_todoroki
    I want a refund. I couldn’t even grab anything. Plus the controls were terrible