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  • Current Version: 3.4.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: 7-Eleven, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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7-Eleven, Inc. App

Put savings in your pocket with this convenient app from 7-Eleven that rewards you for buying the food and drinks you already love. Earn points on almost everything! THE NEW AND IMPROVED 7REWARDS℠ Big news! Now you can earn 7Rewards℠ points on most purchases. Redeem your points for more awesome 7-Eleven food and drinks. Plus, buy 6 cups and get the 7th FREE! That goes for any cup, any size, your way, every day.  Start earning 7Rewards today with three easy steps: ·      Download the 7-Eleven app to join. ·      Scan your app barcode at every checkout. ·      Earn 7Rewards℠ points ·      Any 7th cup is FREE!  COUPONS Your member barcode earns you free drinks and so much more. Scan it at checkout to redeem exclusive offers on 7-Eleven and partner products.  STORE LOCATOR  7-Eleven is always on your way. Find the store closest to your route or anywhere in the country, heart your favorites and find out which locations provide services like hot food, Redbox, gas and propane tanks.  GIVE FEEDBACK We’re here to make your day better. Please let us know if you think we’re doing a good job or not. Submit feedback in the form of a question, complaint or compliment at any time in the app. GET REWARDED Earn 7Rewards℠points for every dollar you spend* and score exclusive bonus offers to help you get rewards like free food and drinks even faster. Best of all, you still get every 7th cup FREE. *Points exclude services, fuel and age restricted items including tobacco, lottery and alcohol. MOBILE CHECKOUT – NOW AVAILABLE AT SELECT STORES!!! Take full control of your shopping experience. Skip the line every time! How it works: Download the 7-Eleven app and find MOBILE CHECKOUT on your app home screen Scan the items as you shop, while enjoying all 7Rewards benefits and in-store promotions Review your cart and pay using your preferred payment method (debit card, credit card, Apple Pay) Confirm your purchase by scanning your QR code at the scanner near the entrance

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7-Eleven, Inc. app reviews

  • Ok, i guess it works again 5/5

    By academyspatula
    I enjoy playing stupid games to get free stuff. Please add more games!!
  • Missing Feature 3/5

    By amos:thebmoregod
    I don’t even have a games option to earn points on my iPhone 7 but my friend who has an iPhone XR has the game option and he can earn points for free but I have to buy things at the store to get points this isn’t fair please fix this
  • Bug 2/5

    By jarvisyx
    App bugs out and doesn’t load up
  • Updates cause headaches 3/5

    By Bringbackcassettes
    This latest update, as with previous updates, cause the app to lose functionality. I can’t even get the app to open. It sits stuck on the green rewards screen. This happens about every second update that comes through. Not all stores process your phone number either. They’ll claim the screen doesn’t work. I would’ve sent this in an email but your “app support” does not send you to any page where you can find FAQ or contact solutions. Needs better technical people working on this it seems.
  • App not working after update 1/5

    By His creation
    Pls fix
  • Stuck on initial load screen 1/5

    By lpanbos
    Since today the app has been stuck on the initial load screen and can’t move on no matter how long I wait. I tried force quitting the app and restarting my phone still no luck.
  • Scammed 1/5

    By 🍩-🍩
    This app is mad fake The coupon only lasts for one day and sometimes the store doesn’t even have the item so ur basically wasting points
  • Was great... 1/5

    By Maggie petersen
    This app worked great yesterday but won’t even open today.... and at the app store it says you fixed some bugs..... not so much🤣🤣🤣👽
  • Poor update 1/5

    By FET347
    It was updated today, however now it doesn’t even open. It stays on that intro screen forever without actually going into the app.
  • When it loads, it’s great 2/5

    By cmpaugh
    Today was the second time this month I had to uninstall then reinstall the app because it just would not load past the initial load screen. When the app does load, it works great.
  • App won’t work 1/5

    By SunshineDuck
    I can’t get the app to open so therefore I can’t redeem my points....very frustrating! Please fix this! I’m not the only one it’s happening to
  • Teresa Randolph 1/5

    By Teresa Randolph
    I am federal government employee. I work for The Census Bureau. I have a computer on me for my work that has personal information on it. I am not to let go of it or give it to anyone. I have taken a sworn oath to protect the personal information in my bag. I have discussed this with several of the security guards, shown my government ID, and I have always been allowed to shop. This time a new security guard would not let me keep my bag. The woman behind the counter Maria whom I have never seen before , also refused me service and would not let me shop. Then, a young man who has waited on me several times before with my bag - refused me service. I am disturbed by the ignorance of your staff. I am also very upset, and now having been a frequent customer will no longer choose to go back to this store. This happened at the Los Angeles St. 7-11 located at Los Angeles and 2nd st.
  • Reward 1/5

    By mrbthomas
    How you gone take the whole pizza reward off
  • Won’t open 1/5

    By al newman
    I have a iPhone 6plus and the app doesn’t open
  • Version 3.4.4 is BAD 2/5

    By Fvhdgbshcycrrd
    This app hasn’t opened since I downloaded it on 9/10. Can’t redeem anything. Fix it already.
  • Rate 5/5

    By Kristen LHFH
    Love 7/11. Always friendly staff
  • Lose rewards after certain amount of time 1/5

    By Systemsrebootcp
    To me it doesn’t make sense to keep speeding and speeding at 7/11 stores that prices can be a lot higher than regular liquor or market stores if your points go away at some point. I was almost to 2000 and it all just went away
  • Patti M 1/5

    By Fl Patti
    I have an active account. According to the 7-Eleven a manager as of today I had over 7000 points. Yet when I go to my phone it says I have zero points. Both the manager and myself have tried everything to get my points on to my iphone. I have reached out to 7-Eleven twice, the corporate office, and they have never responded. I now SHOP elsewhere. So disappointed, been shopping there for 17 years. Lousy customer service. If there was a minus Star button I would click it.
  • Liked older app better. 3/5

    By gnuwine
    Click to play video games controller ikon is missing. Needs to be fixed.
  • Garbage bull 1/5

    By akpaynez
    So if I accidentally tap redeem I have to get that item or just let my points expire. Now I have 2 coffees by accident that I have to use like 1600 points on or just let them expire completely bogus and scam like.
  • Could use improvement 4/5

    By CharlesWK
    If you could delete / remove an errant reward selection, rather than waiting for it to expire, so you could reclaim your points, I’d give it 5 stars.
  • Zero response from customer service 1/5

    By Bbbbangbangbanh
    I’ve have decent luck with my 7-11 app transactions up until a recent experience at a location in Ventura CA. Went into this location and it seemed very unorganized (isles blocked by stacks of boxes, very unpresentable) I figured maybe the location was undergoing some sort of remodeling. Anyhow, I purchased a hot dog along with some chips, drink n stuff. My phone was on the counter with the app opened up to be scanned and I placed my credit card in the machine to pay. You got my app right? I asked the clerk as he proceeded to finalize the sale. Then he said too late. I said really? Wasn’t in the mood for drama so I just said oh well better luck next time. So I go over to put my favorite goodies on my dog (onions, mustard, jalapeños and mayo) guess what, no onions, jalapeño bowl was only juice and a few bits of busted up pieces of chili’s, mustard was empty so I had to settle for a hot dog with mayo only lol. I asked the clerk about the condiments and he said he ordered everything but the delivery guy didn’t show up. I wish he’d of told me that when I ordered the hot dog. So I walk out and as I’m eating my mayo dog lol, a homeless approached me asking my if I had 20 cents cause he was short and wanted a cup of coffee. I told him I had enough points for a free medium coffee on my app and I’d be glad to get him one. So I walk in and redeem my free medium coffee and my favorite clerk says 1 dollar. I showed him the offer on my app and he said he didn’t care what my app says and that his computer said I owed one dollar. The poor homeless guy put all the change he had on the counter and thanked me. He apologized that the clerk was incompetent. I Handed the homeless guy 2 dollars and he again thanked me again as he left. So now I’m closer to being in the mood for drama. I told the clerk it was wrong for him to sell me a hot dog knowing there were zero condiments available besides mayo. I also told him that it was wrong for him to charge 1 dollar for the coffee when my redemption deal was for a free coffee. So as I leave I get an alert from my app asking how my experience was. So I rated it accordingly and the app asked if I’d like to be contacted about my experience. I replied yes. This was 2 weeks ago. I’m a easy going guy who isn’t quick to lose my cool. Between the time I walked into that location 2 weeks ago and now, I’ve developed a desire for a little bit of drama. This feeling has strengthened day by day due to the apparent lack of concern displayed by 7-11. 2 weeks ago a simple acknowledgement would have laid this issue to rest. So let’s see how much longer this gross neglect will carry on. Respectfully, JR
  • App does not update coffee purchase 2/5

    By BirenGandhi
    I’ve been buying coffee everyday and getting my account scanned, but the app has not been updating the number of coffee cups purchased lately.
  • New update causing problems 3/5

    By please stop messin with me
    Ever since new update app won’t let me look at it unless at a 7-11
  • More Games Please! 4/5

    By It's what I needed
    Can you guys add more daily games.
  • Freezes 1/5

    By mandy baze
    App will not load anymore I am at 711 5 days a week and spend at least 6-15 and always use my number last I checked I was at 2300and that was months ago. I still use my phone number at the store every day I work so I know I have points it’s frustrating when it will not open at all anymore. Guess I’ll start going to the mini mart instead of 711. Finally got in after deleting the app again and now I only have 4600 I call BS and I want to see history for my member card. Usin 5 days a week 6-15 bucks and hardly any points most time my things are double points that I buy too
  • App not working for iPad 1/5

    By cbalitz
    Ever since the update, I just get the green screen picture and it doesn’t go anywhere.
  • Tech Support isnt helpful 1/5

    By Marc from LI
    Ive been trying to get the app to work properly for over a year. I emailed them again on sept 4. They replied and asked for some more information, which i gave them. Since then... nothing.
  • 7-Eleven forgot their business model 1/5

    By Stan1dog
    This is a convenience store walk in walk out. Now I have to open an app get it scanned or punching a phone number that I have now found out does not work on the app. Reached out to 7-Eleven have not gotten back to me yet of course. 7-Eleven forcing consumers to use a waste of time app to get every day prices not discounts it’s bull crap
  • Lousy Aoo 1/5

    By Cocodiva56
    No one had addressed my issue concerning my point descrepancies. I have gotten email stating it would rectified but nothing has happened. Is this sone sort of scam? Why hasn’t this been corrected by now? The store say I have over a thousand points but my phone say 800. What is the problem?
  • From Oh thank heaven to oh for gods sake! 1/5

    By tlneader
    Another app created that shot his load before finishing the creation. Can’t merge accounts when multiple accounts are accidentally created. OH THANK HEAVEN? 7-11, No Longer the Friendly Neighborhood Heaven. Oh thank Heaven for 7-11 is a slogan that I grew up hearing. A jingle that seed to promise convenience at a time when businesses didn’t offer 24 hour convenience, creating the term convenience store. The iconic sign conjures memories of a frantic thought of forgetting something and then the relief that you can just run to a local 7-11, problem solved. Oh Thank Heaven is as iconic as fly the friendly skies. Now 7-11 conjures feeling of anger, fear, disease, and exploitation. Most of the stores also sell gas to further increase “convenience”. Unlike other companies who understand that if you remain stagnant, your like to become extinct. 7-11’s approach is to let the stores disintegrate into ruins. Customer service has been on continual decline since the 80’s as different and better store popped up with more products and better amenities. The companies customer service call center is located in El Salvador, where uneducated operators, barely capable of speaking their native language, assist callers. The operator Is there merely to take messages, which are not returned. If turning to social media, as most people do today, one will receive an automated response asking for a private DM. The messages are not answered quickly, I’ve been waiting 4 months. The message is the same regardless of the complaint. One problem involves the 7-11 app introduced more than 4 years ago. Employees encourage customers to download app. One trip I had forgotten my phone, the clerk asked for my phone number, assuming they were able to access my account with my phone number, I gave my number to the clerk. Little did I know, the clerk was creating a new account with no information other than a phone number. The app points cannot be redeemed without the app. The phone number cannot be added to the app because the phone number is already in use. This scam is creating false sales figures and shows customers growth, without having to give away merchandise, which is the prime selling point of the app. The brand has recently been linked to scandals regarding the sale of expired merchandise. One local store has been selling Christmas themes cookies since Christmas. The cookies have a long shelf life, but the retail industries thrives on theme based sales never selling a specific holiday item past the allotted time frame. You won’t find egg nigh at the local grocery in June. The stores look like they haven’t Had an update since the 70’s. The employees look mor and more like they have been recruited from a half-way house or prison. One day will excavations reveal archaeological digs,a Slurpee cup or big gulp? Oh thank heaven, once a cheer may now be a desperate plea for help. RIP 7-11, we’ll miss you.
  • Bad bad bad. I give up with this app. 1/5

    By EvaAngelini
    Support team is a mess and completely ineffective. Originally app worked until I did support ticket about someone else using my phone number blocking me from using it myself (maybe the previous owner of my mobile number prior to it being assigned to me)...which escalated into a nightmare support correspondence for weeks. Finally someone from corporate in Texas called promising to fix it. I told them to delete my account completely but they talked me into staying and offered extra rewards to be loaded on my account for all the trouble and for the time wasted since mid August. Phone number issue was eventually fixed, but no extra rewards were ever added. Still waiting for the conclusion to that situation. Now I can’t even log into the app - App is unusable for me. Either it gives me an “oops” error when logging in - or it fails to load the login screen showing the splash screen endlessly. Deleted and reinstalled with no resolve three times. Can only log in via web browser. Customer service has been ineffective and disorganized since mid August. Nothing is ever followed through with when they tell you things and also support tickets somehow trigger new additional issues due to their horribly bad customer service and disorganized support team. I give up. Been a customer with 7-Eleven since the 80’s - now I won’t even shop with you anymore. Just done and disappointed.
  • Disappointed and embarrassed! 1/5

    By Eddie Eddien
    I went to 7-11 today because Wednesday is two dollar sandwiches when I went to the register with more than one sandwich I was told that I can only purchase one at the discount price ! The sign by the sandwiches didn’t say anything about only one per customer so I think because of this error by the 7-11 corporation I should be allowed to purchase more than one sandwich ! The corporation should notify the customer by adding one per customer on the discount sign ! I’m in and out of this store several times a day for coffee and other items . I felt embarrassed because the other people in line were laughing and the misunderstanding! One STAR rating from a FIVE STAR CUSTOMER!
  • Fake App..... 1/5

    By kenjidragon
    Downloaded app try to open says something went wrong so can’t sign up then deleted app to redownload app again and it keeps saying the same thing something went wrong so the app is completly uslessss.....
  • Love the app but.... 4/5

    By Jeremyrhodes9492
    I use the app everyday since I go to 711 literally everyday. And I would save up my points and get a free pizza whenever I had a enough points. That was me cheat meal whenever I had enough points. But lately they have removed the ability to get pizza with 2000 points. Honestly that was the highlight of the app. Made me go to 711 everyday and even multiple times a day sometimes. Please bring back the ability to redeem for a pizza please!
  • Can’t add phone number to account 1/5

    By Toad Hop Fan
    This is now my 48th time writing as you keep closing my ticket. Let’s #1 not close this one until the issue is fixed, #2 escalate this to a supervisor. It’s a simple problem my phone number to be linked to my email. It seems easy but the app says number already in use and for some ungodly reason you ignore my complaints. Should I post all 47 of these: Your case CS0065396 has been closed. Please contact the consumer service if you have any questions.
  • App broken 1/5

    By DelaJustin
    Wont load
  • App Doesn’t Work on My Phone! 1/5

    By Bluesunshine26
    I install it and it doesn’t open
  • Doesn’t open 2/5

    By Raptor2848
    For the past 2 weeks the app gets stuck on the loading screen and never launches
  • I love it wish my town had it 5/5

    By fetoneguy
    I love 7 eleven when I go up north wish they had one in Memphis Tennessee
  • Bugged 1/5

    By Blazz001
    So I go to 7-11 every day for my mother and occasionally for myself for a quicker lunch. But ever since the most recent update it takes 20 minutes for the app to fully load up on mine and my best friends phones. This needs to be fixed. I have resorted to just taking a screen shot of my scan code so I don’t look dumb at the cash register
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By jessie78$
    Sense this last update I can’t login yet says no such email found. I go to sign up again & won’t let me use my email claiming it’s already in use 🙄🙄 well make up your mind!!! Everything was fine til this stupid update!!! I should be cashing in my points for a free pizza 🍕 but no...thanks idiots!!!!
  • Loved it before 1/5

    By Desmond886655
    I had the app on my old phone, I had to get a new one now I can’t link my card/phone number to app since it registered already. So kinda stuck in the water.
  • My phone number is linked to another account 5/5

    By KiraCook
    Hello! So I’m having problems creating an account due to my phone number being already linked to another account because I’m assuming that the past user of my phone downloaded the app and used my phone number, is there anything I can do to un link the phone number?
  • Lost points 1/5

    By TripleA916
    Opened the app and was signed out for some reason. When I signed back in all my points were gone and so was my free drink. No one responds to emails about this. Very disappointing
  • Saving money 4/5

    By whyyouaskingsomanyquestions
    They took of the hole pizza in the 2000 point dat why it’s 4 star but the app is great on saving money and having great deals on drinks and munchies
  • Very useful 5/5

    By OrangeCountySickboy
    I work out On The field and this saves a lot of money and gets me free shet a lot. Love it
  • Please fix 1/5

    By DylanMilbourne
    Can't add to apple wallet Will it ever be fixed???
  • Latest Update 1/5

    By d.aver
    I completed the latest update that “squashed some bugs” and it takes forever to load and then tells me I need to update my app. Go to the App Store and I have the latest version. Missing out on points and deals. Bummer.

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