7NOW: Food & Alcohol Delivery

7NOW: Food & Alcohol Delivery

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.2.6
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: 7-Eleven, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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7NOW: Food & Alcohol Delivery App

Delivery on all your favorite 7-Eleven items. Browse anything from Slurpee® and Big Gulp® drinks, pizza and sandwiches, and even beer (21 years or older of course). Just another way we are making convenience conveniently more convenient. This is 7NOW. WANT IT.GET IT.™ DELIVERY Don’t want to leave your home or office? Having a party, or friends are over, and need some last minute items? No worries! Get your order delivered to your door. SELECT YOUR ITEMS Fulfill your cravings whenever they may hit with whatever they may be. We have a wide menu of our most popular items and are constantly adding new assortment. Go ahead and grab a pizza, your favorite drink and a few bags of chips to get the party started! EASY PAY Easily view your order and confirm at checkout. Securely pay in-app with Apple Pay or enter ​your payment info to save time and streamline your order. ORDER STATUS UPDATES Want to know where your order is? Track your order and receive notifications. FIND YOUR STORE Easily provide your location, and shop the closest 7-Eleven® delivery store to you. Each store is unique, allowing you to browse the menu for your store. PROVIDE FEEDBACK Have a favorite 7-Eleven item that you can’t live without? Located in a city that we haven’t expanded to yet? Let us know! We are listening and want to give you everything your heart and stomach desire. You are our number one priority! Yes, you there. Keep an eye out! We are quickly growing our delivery capabilities so that everyone can have a 7-Eleven in their pocket and on demand.

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7NOW: Food & Alcohol Delivery app reviews

  • Eh it’s iight 3/5

    By Xenkari
    I can’t say everything is right all the time, there’s been missing items before there also is a lack of conversation due to the fact of you not having communication with the driver or the store...
  • Wrong items 1/5

    By nae2722
    I didn’t get what I asked for . They got my order wrong
  • Uses Postmates. Stay away. 1/5

    By L.J.A.D.
    I had no idea this app uses postmates service for delivery. Therefore it has the same terrible service with no customer service mechanism. As postmates normally does, they forgot two items in my order. Then you have to go call a 1800 number to make a “case” and someone eventually emails you back to hopefully give you a refund. Ridiculous. Will be deleting immediately, just as I did with the Postmates app.
  • Incomplete order 1/5

    By legibile
    My order actually came in incomplete. I was under the impression I was to receive certain items and I didn’t. Now when I spoke to the driver he told me he didn’t know what the order was for and that he had just picked up a bag. I really can’t blame him for the misconception. However, he told me the order was dependent on inventory and if it was incorrect then it was “Postmates fault” I ordered this through the 711 app and so for it to tell me that makes me feel a bit played with...
  • Still in BETA testing 2/5

    By Abbey Skye
    This app automatically assigned an address...which was incorrect. I called customer service and got a voicemail promising not to ghost on me...but they never called back. I had to call the store..not via the App...but via Google. Then we he had no idea what I was talking about, I managed to flag the driver down. There was NO option to add a tip via my debit card info. Overall, this has so much potential, but there are WAY too many flaws, and lack of customer support for it to be public just yet. Take your chances...
  • Wow 5/5

    By JoseElMatacucas
    Very easy and efficient. Good job
  • Horrific! Do not use this app!! 1/5

    By rivkam
    Absolutely HORRIFIC. Do not order from this app. I ordered almost an hour ago and they told me that it would come 30 minutes ago, I guess a half an hour is a pretty reasonable amount of time. However when I checked the app at the expected time it was supposed to come at, it informed me that it would be coming in another 25 minutes!! I called up the hotline to see what’s going on and an annoying automated voice told me that there were 5 people on call before me. I waited on hold for another minute, and then it informed me that no one could pick up the phone and directed me to leave a message. Once my order does come, I’m deleting the app as fast as I can.
  • EMyster 3/5

    By E Myster
    App was accessible but I could not place the order because some how the wrong brands of beer got picked instead of the brand I selected. If something is out of stock, the app won’t tell me. Surely you can do better than this.
  • Missing Item 2/5

    By susy20122014
    I was missing an item in my first order :/
  • Good but could be better. 3/5

    By gnarly taint
    Order was super easy to place, and very quickly delivered. They were out of 1 of my items and I just did not get it. Suggestion, there are other delivery apps that allow the shopper to communicate and offer a replacement via the app. You should do that, it is a great feature.
  • Says out of stock. But not true. 1/5

    By GridDrifter
    Says out of stock but I’m looking right at it.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Lola Marie'
    Love it ! Got all my snacks
  • Never got my order.. 1/5

    By Potatojia
    Never received my order, and somehow I got delivered notification
  • Wrong orders every time, no customer service 1/5

    By Zacccccccchary
    I’ve ordered 4 or 5 times. Every single time (not exaggerating) there have been multiple wrong or missing items. All of the other times I’ve called and been refunded for the items that were missing and wrong. My last order they sent me bad milk and 2 wrong items. I called 2x. Now the customer service line makes you leave a message and promises to call back. There must be 500 thousand messages on that machine. The recording says something like “We know your time is important. Those cat videos aren’t going to watch themselves. We promise not to ghost you.” Yeah, well I left 2 messages a week ago and another today and have been officially ghosted. The cat video thing was a little funny at first, but is now kind of insulting after dumping a gallon of milk and getting ghosted by this incompetent company for the 3rd time. Give your money to a bodega instead.
  • Doesn’t work. 1/5

    By Kaz5498
    Submitted an order for eight items that totaled $20. Definitely not the biggest order, but not an order for one item. Got a notification saying that they were putting the order together only to get a message about half an hour later saying that they canceled the order. Why advertise that they deliver if the store does not have the capacity to fulfill the orders. Shame, was really looking forward to using this service.
  • dont use 1/5

    By anthhonyy909
    i want my redund this app stole 20 dollers from me
  • Not too happy. 2/5

    By Alexia Benitez
    The app doesn’t give you an option to change your order around if your items have been modified due to availability so sometimes you end up with nearly none of the items you wanted.
  • 7NOW delivery 5/5

    By Nayskie Skaskie
    My order was promptly gathered and delivered within 15 minutes, which was way beyond my expectations! I had no cat food and really wanted a fresh hot cup of coffee! My cats and I thank you very much!!! P.S. The delivery driver was very polite and professional! Keep up the good work!!!
  • Has to be coolest app ever 5/5

    By Ry_Guy!!
    Of you don't have a car and is a little late to walk to get ciggs or snacks this app is a god-send. Super fast delivery and sale prices that are in store. My new favorite app for sure
  • Horrible customer service. 1/5

    By nightmare919
    Never got my delivery but it was stated as delivered. No customer service. It’s been a week and still no answers on getting refunded.
  • Don’t blame your postmate 5/5

    By JamieRudy
    If the various stores you select or custom select to have a postmate go shopping in don’t have your items - your postmate should still get paid the measly delivery fee. It takes time and money to source shop your items. That’s the pros and cons of businesses that deliver from “anywhere” at your command. And you should tip your postmate.
  • When will tobacco and juul pods begin 2/5

    By Mariams ipad
    Alcohol is an option but tobacco and juul Pods is not?? You guys are almost there at perfecting this! Hope to see tobacco options
  • Get it Together 7-Eleven 1/5

    By Minif235
    Waited over two hours for my order. App sends the driver to the wrong location. First time my order got canceled with out any text message or phone call, the second time I tried the order the app once again sent driver to the incorrect location. Tried calling the customer service number, no answer. Awful experience I should’ve just gotten in the car and picked it up!
  • Why 3/5

    By Meems Wyley
    Why can you order alcohol delivery but not tobacco???!!! Very disappointing.
  • I don’t understand what’s going on??? 2/5

    By Brii SaVage
    Since downloading the app I have ordered at 2 different addresses and have never had a single problem until today. I have even ordered at like 1 or 2am!! Fast-forward a month or two since ordering and now 7Now is not delivering at either address? Or any address in my area?? How is it that 7Eleven had the bodies and the store locations to run this app but a month goes by and you can’t make a delivery from either one of the three 7elevens near me? Ridiculous and inconsistent. I was using this app instead of Postmates but I guess I won’t be using it any longer.
  • Terrible customer service line 1/5

    By Jwwjww1515
    So I had ordered a few times from them. No problems. Tonight I ordered and the poor guy got sent to the wrong address, because they’re gpa tracker said I was at another location other than the one I entered. I then spent 20 minutes waiting for him to find the right place, but by the time he did he had dropped my order, shattered the eggs, and the case of soda had burst. He gave it to me and explained what happened. I called customer service hoping to get a refund... I waited for another 30 minutes while I was ‘next inline’ and then was told by an automated message that they couldn’t take my call. Absolute garbage.
  • Awesome!! 5/5

    By lazeeee lady
    Truly a lazy persons paradise lol
  • 2 Hours and nothing 1/5

    By FU711
    Ordered at about 10:15 it’s 12pm now and still nothing. Customer service is horrible I called the store they said someone picked it up already. I never got it. Wasted my time and money.
  • Took too long 1/5

    By Luizqf
    The order got here too late. The process is too slow
  • Horrible customer service & promotional lies 1/5

    By startswithaj
    Update 1/6/19: Tried to give them another shot shortly before Christmas. First order was modified & then one minute later cancelled. I placed a second order which made its way to me. The order was fine for the most part except they charged me for both orders. It’s been a couple weeks and I have yet to be refunded for the cancelled order. Calling customer service(as the developer response says I should do), does nothing. They put you on hold forever and when it’s finally your turn, they send you to a voicemail box to leave a message. I’ve tried multiple times to reach them to no avail. Original review: You’re better off going with their main competitor(GoPuff) in the convenience store delivery industry. Twice now I’ve had issues with my orders. The first time, I didn’t receive items. I finally got through to someone but it took a lot of effort. Over Black Friday weekend, they had a promotion where if you bought $50 worth of stuff, they would later return $25 to your credit card. It’s been over a week now and no sign of it in my account. I tried calling them and the automated system hung up on me. I did this two more times and each time the system hung up on me.
  • No Bacco 1/5

    By mermaidmonster13
    Alcohol, but no tobacco products? This is ridiculous! How are you going to offer every product in the store BUT tobacco products?! What supervisor do I have to talk to to get this in situated?
  • Greedy 1/5

    By Loverrrytxjjd
    I ordered food at like 11:30 and around 12:30 it said the food had been delivered when in fact it had not been and I didn’t receive anything yet they still charged my card. I called to complain and I haven’t heard anything back. I also emailed and have heard no word on my refund.
  • Worst delivery service app - TRASH 1/5

    By Bill Couch
    No surprise since its Postmates system. Absolute trash. Always screwing up orders, missing items & over charging. Don’t waste your time. Garbage.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By aharrv
    Terrible customer experience and terrible wait time, cab never talk to anyone on the phone. Would rate no stars if I could.
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By Saltlake22
    I ordered food at about 2am said it would be delivered by 2:52am. I call the customer service line all the way up until 10am and after staying up all night and not being able to get in touch with anyone they cancel my order. I left 3 messages on the 7 now number they said they would not ghost me and I would get a call back and I never did. Worst customer service EVER it shouldn’t take them 8 hours to realize they don’t have any drivers or that they don’t have something if I could give 0 stars I would.
  • Missing item 1/5

    By thiswasbad2131
    I ordered multiple items and one was missing.
  • Slow 2/5

    By Lalo1080
    Took an hour for delivery
  • Step it up. 1/5

    By Buster's-ipod
    Driver can’t complete a simple task. I ordered 2 canned sodas and a kit Kat, postmates Calls me and tells me they didn’t add the soda, then asks me to do all the work reordering or canceling the order. It would have been easier to grab it myself. Postmates is becoming complete trash.
  • But.... 3/5

    By AngryBat32
    Options are limited, but was worth it. We were stuck at the house because of a flat tire, so this was a life saver!
  • Best thing ever 5/5

    By Bsbmouse
    It is 2am, and it got an order of food! Yes!
  • Order 1/5

    By Trevor Camacho
    Did not receive order.
  • WOW!!! 5/5

    By SebM73
    Love it, but I wish I can order “Hot Dogs.”
  • i got jipped 1/5

    By lourrystylinson
    ordered two slurpees that never arrived, although they charged my boyfriend’s account. customer service was awful, would not recommend this app!
  • Perfect 5/5

    I was expecting to make a bad review seeing that there was a lot of bad reviews but I gave it a try and was actually really pleased with the app and the delivery time. I don’t really write reviews but I figured if you have a bad review you probably just have a bad 711 near you
  • 5 stars all the way 5/5

    By melithatwaseasy
  • Missing items every time 1/5

    By SkdgavsbagavafBsjwkan
    I have used the app four or five times and something was missing every time. Just used it again, because I apparently don’t learn from my mistakes. I ordered a pizza, some candy and drinks, and the pizza was canceled. Very bad experiences with this app.
  • Took 10 hours to fulfill order 1/5

    By Oh flick
    After trying to contact customer service several times throughout the day, I gave up. They then proceeded to try and deliver my order 10 hours later. I called customer service again and they finally picked up. This was a horrible experience. I got a refund but I wasted so much time with this service.
  • Do not use 1/5

    By chrisinseattle
    Orders are confirmed with an estimated delivery time. Driver did not even get order to go pick it up till 2 hours later. Customer service has no one manning phones says 2 people ahead of you and to leave a message I left 2 messages. No call back food arrived cold
  • Worst Customer Service Ever 1/5

    By mmorales89
    On 12/29/18 I placed an order at 8:07 pm for some snacks, then the app told me that it would be delivered by 8:40 pm. When 8:40 pm came around nothing at all. I waited a little bit and then got a notification at 8:58pm that it was picked up from someone from Postmates, it had the picture of the driver and their number if anything. The new delivery time was set to 9:04 pm, I waited and it shows the driver location on the map. The driver was just sitting near my place for about 20 mins and then I received a notification that it was delivered in which it wasn’t. It looks like the driver couldn’t find my place and either kept it or delivered it to someone else. I tried to call the driver but the phone was out of service. I tried calling the customer service line and they had a long wait so they offered to call you back. I waited about 2 hours for them to call me and nothing at all. They say they won’t ghost you in responding but they do. I tried multiple times to get In touch witth them but they always say they have long wait times. Now today on 01/01/19 I just got a email for a refund. Worst app ever and customer service is pretty much non existent.

7NOW: Food & Alcohol Delivery app comments

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