8fit Workouts & Meal Planner

8fit Workouts & Meal Planner

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8fit Workouts & Meal Planner App

8fit helps you become healthier and happier by putting fitness and nutrition experts in your pocket. Get customized workout and meal plans to help you reach your wellness goals. *Rated 5 Stars by thousands of users * The 8fit app is now available in English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and Italian. How to get started with 8fit: 1. Determine your wellness goal (lose weight, get fitter, gain muscle mass) 2. Measure your fitness level and record your dietary preferences 3. Receive your custom workouts and meal plans instantly 4. Follow the daily recommendations to achieve your goal Skip the gym and realize your true potential. 8fit workouts take 15-20 minutes and can be done at home without special equipment. In addition to custom workout plans, 8fit provides delicious, wholesome nutrition plans based on your dietary needs and preferences. Here are other ways 8fit helps you reach your goal: • Nutrition tips and guides • Weekly meal planner filled with healthy recipes • Fat-burning exercises • Muscle-building HIIT workouts • Interactive videos • Research-backed programs Most fitness apps provide a plan or tracker for your goals, but don't help you get there. At 8fit, we help you succeed by: • Explaining proper exercise form and progression • Providing ingredient alternatives in every recipe • Enabling extensive meal plan customization • Providing a grocery shopping list for meals We walk hand-in-hand with you through the complex world of fitness and nutrition. FITNESS • Quantified goal setting • Endurance-building • Scientifically-backed workouts • High-intensity interval training (HIIT) • Dynamic strength training • Bodyweight exercises NUTRITION • Healthy meal planner • Foods for fat loss • Perfect carb control • Losing water weight • Select meal exclusions: gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, etc. • Diet filters: paleo, vegan, vegetarian and more! Apple Health compatible: report your weight and calories burned during workouts and athletics (optional). Apple Watch compatible: sync your interactive workouts with your Watch (optional). Download 8fit and try our free workouts. Our Pro edition includes customized meal plans and complete workout programs, targeted to your fitness level. 8fit Pro is available with a free trial, and can also be purchased for 3 months or yearly. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions will automatically renew at the end of the period, for the same price. You can turn off the auto-renewal at any time up until 24-hours before the end of the subscription period in your Account Settings. When you cancel the auto-renewal, access to the Pro features will not expire immediately, you will have access until the end of the current payment period. You talk, we listen! Consistent updates ensure a 5-star experience and results you will be happy with. Support: [email protected] Privacy: https://8fit.com/privacy/ ToS: https://8fit.com/terms-of-service/

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8fit Workouts & Meal Planner app reviews

  • Too good! 5/5

    By roliqueen123
    This app really is refreshing, it is the first fitness app I was able to get that didn’t need me to pay to actually receive what I want. I already see improvements and can’t wait for more. THANK YOU!😊
  • Great 5/5

    By lil mc trees
    Works well. No complaints
  • Terrible App! 1/5

    By RMJ0518
    Beware - Absolutely do not use this app! I tried the free trial program and cancelled the subscription, but have been charged twice because thy default you to an automatic renewal program making it nearly impossible to actually cancel your membership. This is the worst!!!!
  • I have been charged even though I cancelled my subscription 1/5

    By sfryin
    Please refund me, my 14 day free trial period was until 3/12/2019 and I cancelled my subscription on 3/12/2019, but still I am charged, and I am unable to contact anyone in person to clarify this. I don’t like this app, please refund.
  • Bad math 1/5

    By Dorque
    I just downloaded this app, signed up and entered all my details. I am 5’11”, 193, 35-40% body fat pct, and my goal weight is 147, and 10-15% body fat. The app has me working out 6 times a week for 10 minutes. All my meals total 2500 calories, no matter the settings I change this is always suggested. There’s no way I could meet my goals eating that much, especially in the time that I set to reach the goal. It just does not make sense.
  • 3 3/5

    By NutellaD16
    I love the workouts, but the meals are a little weird and you have to pay to do pretty much everything. I like the layout of the app and the option to log your own meal, though!
  • Was good... now awful 1/5

    By taylorrrrfit
    I used to have this app a few months ago, and it was awesome. The free version included tons of workouts and features. I recently redownloaded it and now everything costs?? I did one workout then I was forced to pay if I wanted to do another. So disappointed
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Lsinquincyma
    Great, quick workout that gets you sweaty in just a few minutes. Perfect for daily workouts and also great in addition to other workout plans. I’m pairing this app with my spinning classes, free weights and Bikram Yoga.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By SingleCierraTon
    Life changing.
  • Me la recomendó mi fisiatra 5/5

    By Jiespinal
    Me encanta poder contar con esta herramienta.
  • Charged after cancelling 1/5

    By elizainhollywood
    I decided to cancel the app during the free trial period and like so many others I was charged for it. I wanted to like the app but it wasn’t what I was looking for
  • Weight loss journey... 5/5

    By dymphma
    A year ago I decided that I needed to change.. I was at 220 and I basically loathed myself. I started dieting and a friend told me about this app. A year later I’m at 135 and I’m feeling amazing. This app even without paying for it has helped me make better choices and get in better shape. I ended up buying the pro version in January as a thank you. I walk every day and I try to use this app everyday. It’s been an amazing experience. If you download this make sure to check out the blog and make this program a habit. I highly highly recommend this.

    So I downloaded this app and figured I’d try to work it into my routine. Started the free trial to check it out and see if it was what I was looking for. After about 1 day I decided that this wasn’t what I was looking for from an exercise standpoint. Didn’t get very far into the meal plans but had multiple repeat meals on day 1. So I went ahead and canceled my free trial. What I didn’t know was that if you cancel your trial through the app and don’t use the settings on your phone (this is not made clear whatsoever) that you will be charged for an entire year of membership after two weeks with no warning. So I got scammed and I wouldn’t recommend this app or this company to anyone. They won’t offer a refund even though I (thought) canceled within 10 minutes. Not to mention I immediately uninstalled the app so for the last 2 weeks I wasn’t even close to using it. DO NOT RECOMMEND. Even if you like the app just know their customer support won’t work with you if anything ever goes wrong. I’d shoot for an app with better values (& quality). - Lucas
  • So Disappointed😢 2/5

    By sos2015
    I purchased and used this app for probably 2 months on my phone with no problem. I’ve always used the LTE and about 3 bars... it was great!! Then in January, all of a sudden it stopped working on the LTE. It only works on Wi-Fi, which is useless to me as I only purchase the app to get a quick workout at work in the morning. I’ve even deleted and reinstalled the app... No luck 🤔Extremely disappointed!!
  • Def recommend 5/5

    By grace4645
    The free version offers a TON. Easy to use.. very powerful app. Great visual aid for seeing your progress.
  • Expensive 2/5

    By Natalie H1206
    It’s a good app for working out however they don’t show you full recipes or let you do very much with the meal plan part of the app without buying a 3 or 12 month subscription which is quite expensive.
  • Amazing!! 5/5

    By ILoveMySister❤️❤️💜
    This app has the best workout for beginners, this app helps you reach the goals that you want to achieve. It even has recipes that you try to help lose weight. I definitely recommend this app for anybody that wants to make a difference in their healthy lifestyle❤️💙💜
  • Be Honest 1/5

    By Ohana #1
    You should put it up front that this app costs $59.99 a year. The limited version offers very little. Just be honest upfront.
  • Wonderful app 5/5

    By masonaz12
    Easy & flows smoothly
  • Bug/Glitch??? 1/5

    By Horrible, constant crashing
    It’s giving me the same 4-6 meals for over three weeks now....it never used to do this???
  • Beginner and loving it 5/5

    By Fairy willow
    I'm new to getting in shape, I don't want to be sore, I have way too much to do for that. This is perfect. I can easy into it and step it up when I'm ready.
  • Got it for the exercises, kept it for the menu 4/5

    By Elmm2222
    I was so excited to try this app. The exercises are easier than I anticipated; mostly body weight. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I love the meal planning portion. The breakfasts have been so satisfying. I'm normally starving or snacking in between meals. The other day I forgot to eat lunch! Enjoying the variety 👍
  • Not good content 1/5

    By juthbi
    I cannot get this app to work. The recipes are not good and I find it a complete waste of money. I’m so disappointed.
  • Day one 4/5

    By #millenialnurseathletebosslady
    Work out was amazing and challenging. I have always been an athlete played soccer all through high school. Now I’m 30 and haven’t worked out in five years . Getting that workout high back. Meal plan looks intense and complicated recipes , but Friday is shopping day so let’s see how it goes ! I even got my boyfriend to do it with me . I hate the gym so this is perfect . I love the music selection too. It even shows you what you will look like in two months if you follow the plan . Visual motivation 🙌🏻
  • Cancelled during trial period, charged for full year 1/5

    By yulip0
    Really underwhelmed by this app. Not sure why the ratings are so high. The recipes were tasty, but not satisfying— I was hungry all the time. The meal logging feature is really inflexible and doesn’t have a way to help you count calories if you stray from the meal plan. It’s also really easy to accidentally wipe out your entire meal plan for the week. Had I not been overcharged by $60, I would have given this app three stars. Buyer beware.
  • Absolutely love it 5/5

    By Schnoodlz
    As a full time student, I don’t have time to go to the gym. 8fit’s daily workout routine is enough of a workout for for me that is also just right! I love the diet and meal planner/tracker as well. All the of the recipes are healthy and delicious! I actually ended up quitting my gym membership and instead opting for 8fit. I am a proud user!
  • Free trial isn’t real! 1/5

    By PaigeEatsSage
    Went to do a free trial and was instantly charged nearly $70?! Utter garbage!
  • Great app, please make landscape an option! 3/5

    By A Fritts
    Love this app, but I think it would be easier to use on my iPad if it were landscape...really only because all the cases I’ve seen are to hold it in landscape mode so I have to find creative (and when traveling, usually dangerous) ways to hold it in portrait.
  • Bad math 4/5

    By Jennings-esq.
    You ad for The Tabata says 12 minutes for the HIT training -but if you do the math - it should only take you 9 minutes 20 seconds HIT plus 10 seconds Rest times eight laps = 4 minutes. Then rest for 1 minute followed by another 4 minutes of HIT. That’s 9 total
  • Cancelled 1/5

    By Skilpad53
    I I have tried to cancel this numerous times on the App with no success. Is not interested in plan with need to pay. Please remove any billing attempts
  • One suggestion 5/5

    By livcromey545
    Love this app it really helps! But if It were possible it would be even more helpful if it could sync with other apps such as myfitnesspal. If you could add this feature I would really appreciate it!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Tired Monmy
    Mom of four kids, here. I can never find any time for myself, and I haven’t exercised since I got pregnant with my one year old. I love how manageable these routines are! Even with just 15 minutes, I already feel more fit after only two weeks! Highly recommended!
  • You’re SOL with your $60 if you change your mind, for any reason 1/5

    By michellemciver
    I loved this app for its workouts and meal plans. I had used the free version before, and tried the Pro free trial, which was set to auto-renewal after two weeks. I suffered a knee injury while doing one of the app’s workout (not the workout itself, just an unfortunate accident) but my subscription had already renewed and charged my account $59.99. Because I will be rehabilitating my knee, there is no reason I should pay for the months I won’t be using the app. If it renews through your Apple account, they will not refund you and you’re SOL $60. I do NOT recommend the Pro version of this app if you might change your mind, or have to stop working out for any reason. You’re better off using their free version indefinitely.
  • Is this the free app 1/5

    By BOD20
    Is this the free version. No trial
  • Lost 13 pounds 5/5

    By Nicki135
    I have been using this app for just over a month and have lost 13 pounds. The meals are easy to prepare, and leave you feeling satisfied.
  • Your Data will be compromised 1/5

    By tketcher
    This company is careless with your personal information setting you up for Identity Theft. They have already been breached Delete this app if you value your privacy
  • Espectacular rutina, corta y efectiva👌 5/5

    By forty15
    Recomendada 100% corta, fuerte y muy efectiva
  • Really Enjoying but... 4/5

    By MJG_HD
    I’m really enjoying this app. Workouts are quick but makes you sweat and the recipes are really good but the Apple TV is bad. I was hoping to have the actual workouts on there so I didn’t have to use my phone or iPad but all the TV app is is a glorified ad for the mobile app with handful of videos you can watch but it always directs you to the app for anything else.
  • Only ok 3/5

    By rcc619
    So first work out was only ok. Could have been better with more audio explanation of the work out and encouragement
  • Just awesome 5/5

    By and_rs.ort
    I’m going to honest when I first get the app I just get lazy and forget about it then like 2 months later I saw it im my phone and I said well let’s do it and see how this works and I’m for real it’s an awesome app !!! (And I have the free one and so I guess the premium it’s the boom!!!) it really help it changes and make do every day differents exercises it’s awesome if u think like ur not going to get better in your body cuz u Donat like to go to the gym get this app cuz is like a gym in ur house !!!
  • Cannot unsubscribe from the app 1/5

    By Gir luvs me
    I subscribed and gave this app a try. Was not what I needed so I decided to finish out my year subscription in case I changed my mind. Now the subscription is over I’m ready to unsubscribe and end my membership. So far I am unable to do this and cancel my membership. The app directs me to use my apple account to unsubscribe and apple directs me to use the 8fit app to unsubscribe. After contacting the 8fit app support directly I was again sent to apple to solve this problem thru their support and told to “have a nice day”. No help or support what ever from 8fit. Sound like a scam to me!! Be aware if you are using this on you apple phone and want to cancel it will be a big hassle or at least is has been for me! Last resort will be using my credits card company and open a complaint if 8fit try’s to renew my subscription after contacting them I do not want to renew it!!! Maybe a negative review will prompt them to fix this problem. Subscribers Be aware!!!!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Ryan's babe
    Great app. I was using this app consistently (3x week) a year ago and enjoyed it but stopped when I got pregnant, now ready to tone it up. Absolutely loving the cool down feature that was added. Not sure what else they changed but I am very happy. Considering upgrading when the time comes. I love how convenient it is; it reminds me and I fit in a workout right after I put my kids to bed. No drive to the gym, no mopping up other people’s sweat or being watched by that creepy guy. It totally works for the season I’m in life-wise. I don’t use the meal planning or other options so can’t speak to those but def 5 stars and three cheers for 8fit workouts!
  • Great app, sad price 4/5

    By Kayyysayyy
    I really enjoyed the 14 day free trial of this app, awesome fast workouts and delicious fast, easy and cheap meals that actually taste good. I can’t get past the $59.99 a year price that must be paid all at once. Month to month options of $5.99 would be doable but idk if I’ll even want/need this app in a couple months- it’s an odd app to commit to for an entire year. I understand creating an app takes a lot of work and one like this even more so, I also think it should be affordable to the public with options to fit different budgets and financial situations. Especially when the recipes and workouts seem to be recycled from one week to the next. If you offer more affordable month to month options in the future, I will be back and singing from rooftops to everyone around to download the app as well. Until then, this will just be a really cool free trial I got to try once.
  • Don’t sign up. They will charge your card even if you cancel within the proper timeframe. 1/5

    By jametjj
    They will charge your card even if you cancel within the proper timeframe.
  • Gracias 5/5

    By blondiejoy'
    Buen trabajo hacia mucho que no hacía ejercicio y esto me a gustado mucho, gracias
  • Free Trial 1/5

    By mhfitness123
    Beware of the free trial! I didn’t know it would automatically charge you so yesterday I get an email saying I had been charged for the entire year without asking me! I’ve been trying to contact this app and Apple but I’ve received responses from neither. I only downloaded this app for the meal plans but ended up never using them. So now I’m stuck with a $60 app I’ll never use! Extremely dissatisfied.
  • Very...AMAZING! 5/5

    By Shellazoo
    i recommend this app because i’m really over weight for my age... when i work out every day(it gives options) i feel like i ran on the treadmill!!( in a good way)!! all i’m saying is that try this!! you won’t regret it!
  • Hacked 1/5

    By GftthErnestoooooor
    I just downloaded it last night. And now got an email from them saying they have been hacked and my data has been compromised.
  • HACKED 1/5

    By !2&,$/!:&&-!.!
    I had the app but be careful I just got the email from them saying everyone is havke meaning they have the email password and information im never using this again

8fit Workouts & Meal Planner app comments

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