Simulator Laser Camera Joke

Simulator Laser Camera Joke

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  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Denis Ivanov
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Simulator Laser Camera Joke App

This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true Laser. Simulator Laser Camera joke - this is a game simulation of a joke application where you can play on your phone with both a laser pointer? Like a powerful laser and color? Do you want to afford a laser but is not allowed to adults? Then take advantage of our laser safety! For realism used camera! In the game you can choose different colors for the laser! With this laser simulator you can play and be sure not to anyone not harm! Make fun and play your friends and loved ones! Warning game joke created for pranks and practical jokes and is absolutely safe for your health! Download the game for free, you can now play and driving do not need an internet connection!

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Simulator Laser Camera Joke app reviews

  • Definitely not a game made my a 9 year old 5/5

    By Redfalcon999
    Title says it all
  • don’t waste your time 1/5

    By jtruecurl
    i thought it was gonna make the flashlight red at least or something . it is literally just a picture of a laser and that’s all it does .

    By Brodyjody
    I downloaded this cause I could play with my cats but I realized that it didn’t even do a laser
  • (•______•) kind of funny 3/5

    By deepblue76
    I do not understand the point of this game it is not even really that funny
  • Why did you make laser prank game 1/5

    By JPoolGuy
    I was waiting 24 hours for this laser day when I woke up I looked at it and no laser actually came out it wasn’t realistic anything it was weird and crazy and I did not really like it I wish you would just come out I got more games like laser game prank two and 100 lasers I’m about to try those out but if they don’t work I’m blaming it on you
  • It’s ok 1/5

    By sodabakasuss
    It’s ok just nothing really happened I wouldn’t play it again the ad misled me to believe it would come out the phone some how.

    By gydjveyx
    I was so happy I found a laser app. But it is fake!!! Make something real!!
  • Great 5/5

    By OldDogInWater
    People don’t understand the joke they are like “It doesn’t work” well you just proved it works amazingly
  • Scam 1/5

    By topewrites
    This app is not what you think it is. it’s one of those games which when you see the picture it looks cool but when you get it it’s a bunch of baloney just delete the app!!!Theres no way I am ever going to download such again, again it’s not what you think it’s that the laser will come through your camera, sorry to disappoint you but that’s not it at all it’s rather just some picture on your screen meaning that this game is a scam I give this a 👎👎👎👎👎👎 down it’s a total scam don’t download this.
  • stupid 1/5

    By pprriinnnnnngl
    this is absolute stupid, how do you play the game? 1. Let the game access camera 2. Choose a laser 3. LITERALLY JUST POINT A LASER SOMEWHERE THIS GAME WASTES TIME AND STORAGE
  • Really? 1/5

    By •Moonwolfie•
    It doesn’t even work!! I wanted to use it to play with my cat but it didn’t work. My cat just walked away and it probably thinks I’m an idiot. I even think I’m a idiot for installing this.
  • Literally Trash 1/5

    By Champ0903
    Who ever created this is literally a waste of sperm 😑
  • Extrodanary 5/5

    By ☁️Dreamer☁️
    I got this app not really expecting it to work but the moment I downloaded it I knew this would stay in my phone for ever! This lazier app is brilliant. I used too sit on my butt all day, searching in my head for inspiration on what to draw, write, ect. But after getting this app I do not need to sit for hours looking for inspiration anymore. Now all I need to do is stare at the lazer and Ideas instantly flush into my brain like a toilet flushing. My pencil flies trying to write down all my inspiration that is flooding my brain. Sometimes I stare at the lazer and it takes me deep into my brain and I remember things I forgot. I even remembered when I was in mothers womb. This app is truly amazing. Also I'd like to thank Denis for giving me this new found inspiration.
  • Most disappointing thing I’ve ever seen. 1/5

    By Iggy mosher
    This doesn’t even deserve to be an app, there is no use what so ever and poorly made. People when they see this would think it would produce a lazar out of your camera but it doesn’t work.
  • Works just as i intended 5 stars 5/5

    By IndirectPancake396
    This works exactly how I thought I would. But be careful as this is a very strong laser with a powerful diode. 5 stars would recommend.
  • Not worth downloading 1/5

    By 💙Bonnie_Lover💙
    Didn’t work was trying to find my cat that got out and tried it nothing, #lame
  • Trash 1/5

    By somoting
    It’s not 3D so it looks as photoshop as it can get and dose not stick To its title waste of storage and time.

    By I am dating wiff waff
    Hi Simulator Laser Camera Joke, I’m here to say that my wife divorced me because of this app, and I have never been happier!!! When I first got this app I thought, wow this is dumb and stupid, and now I realize that this is an app for people with superior intelligence, and is not meant for people under 574 iq. So after that minor inconvenience happened I was attacked and I had to pull out my simulator laser funny prank, but it didn’t work because of the known bug, so I ended up using Simulator laser camera joke instead, SAME THING HAPPENED, worst app ever sm my head. I will be completely honest here, this “game” is just pretty lackluster overall - but the best parts are just above and beyond… I mean, my wife Karen almost threw a chair at me when I shot her with a laser; it was great! I can’t believe you actually thought this dumb app would work; you must be a idiot (note the grammatical irony).
  • Not good at all 1/5

    By Samri fas lento
    So I was looking at bad games and I found this game it tested it out there's 4 problems with this game one NO LASER GETS OUT OF MY CAMERA two THERES ONLY 3 COLORS three IT SOUNDS VERY DUMB fourth THIS IS NOT A JOKE ITS A PRANK like really do you have to make a game this bad I will rather using my own camera or playing fortnite on my iPhone 6 this deserves a 0 star if you like having good games then don't download this game please it's as bad as trash so please I would not rather it for you but if you like to prank your friend download this and I'm doing a giveaway on fortnite you will get 3000 vbucks if you tell me your user name mine is conussiionPlayz
  • This game is goofy 1/5

    By 40 to the michel jackson
    This is deserves the #1 most foolish game when I was going to download the game I expected for the laser to shoot out of my camera but that didn’t happened instead the laser was across my screen this is a utterly disappointing goofy foolish misunderstanding game that most people would think would work until they try it
  • 0/5 stars, actually 1/5

    By Phia179919
    I don’t know what I expected. Something better than this absolute garbage of an app. Don’t waste two minutes of your life downloading and opening this app.
  • Worst thing ever 1/5

    By big person 27
    Why would you even need this. It does nothing except just make a laser on your phone and shoot a light that does not even show in the real world. Do not download this… whatever it is it just wastes storage space.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By idkWhatNickname2Write
    Don’t recommend. You can download it to see how bad it is tho 😀👍
  • what…….. 1/5

    By se,x
    what the sussy baka is this………
  • Why 1/5

    By Peytonvader12345
    I didn’t even expect it to work in the first place but this is just bad heck this is a scam of your time
  • What kind of crap makes it to the App Store? 1/5

    By sstirt
    Denis, what were you thinking, this is so stupid, it’s just not funny, how the heck does Apple put such a crap app in their store. Do disappointing, that such a sad example of wasted time is accepted by Apple and put on their App Store, Steve J would have never allowed such crap to be on their web store. I just wish I could forget I’ve even seen this. So disappointed now can I have that crap filter I’ve asked for so many times now.

    By jimmybobby1234
    I thought the laser would come out my camera and I could play my friends cat but all it dose is go across your screen so this app is useless
  • Another lying app🙄 1/5

    By carton of love
    This app lies like the second one
  • Idiot 1/5

    By aderinpola
    This app I really thought a lazer would come but nooo what did I get a foolish picture of notin I am so disappointed in this like did a one year old do this I do not recommend having this app try rec room hehehehe not this piece of idiot
  • Don’t speaks your time on this. 1/5

    By Peter marty forrest
    It can make you think that a laser will come out of your phone but it is just in the camera and does not move.
  • >:( 1/5

    By vivianaleija062209
  • The best troll 5/5

    By breadman33
  • BADish 2/5

    By funashton
    Cool idea I thought it was gonna accluly work then when I downlodead it I saw it said a joke and does noy shoot lazers it is only good to pnnoy people white the sound...
  • Sucks🙄 1/5

    By nikki monter
    Soo my sister has a cat and she wanted a laser pointer so I thought maybe there will be A laser pointer app. So there was and I thought it would work... it didn’t. Not even a little bit so I recommend that you don’t downloaded this app.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Slimy_apple44
    This is not what I thought it would be, it is just an image of a laser.
  • Omg 1/5

    By gfggguifdyhxbb
    I can’t even troll my cat
  • What a scam 2/5

    By sponge media
    This app does nothing it just shows a laser pointer it doesn’t do what it was meant to do I don’t know why I keep downloading these dumb apps but this was the last straw sorry dude but your game stinks but I have some respect
  • Seriously? 1/5

    By paintingrabbit
    Terrible app I’d not download if I were you 👎 the quality ya tat
  • Laser out my phone 5/5

    By imthepro1001
    Omg a laser toooooaaaaaatally came out of my phone 😳😎🥳🤯😮
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By peyton farber
    NO NO 😤😠😡🤬🤮💩
  • NO 1/5

    By pee deodorant
    You most likely think it works how it does in the photo, right? Well, it doesn’t, at all. So, you pick the laser and start the laser, but, instead the laser is in the middle of the camera. Even if you turn it on it just turns on the one on your camera screen. I did look at the reviews before downloading, but I downloaded anyway to see what the fuss was about, and quite frankly, there’s nothing good about this app.
  • B S 1/5

    By Vahidovsky
    It dose not work
  • Wow 1/5

    By Ow The Pro
    9II, I want to report a bad game..
  • trash 1/5

    By Chardonnayyyyyyy

    By ant unboxing
    This does not do anything it doesn’t make a laser come out of your phone and it doesn’t even make your flashlight blue or red or green. It is just a laser on your screen. They literally get money for this poop!! It says joke in the game but it’s actually a joke, like is this a joke for real? It’s a huge scam horrible. Please don’t buy this it’s insanely bad!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every laser is also the same. They are all scams.
  • This is my reaction 1/5

    By isbdinehdmdjr
    If you think it will actually shoot out the laser to trick your dog or cat you are wrong it doesn’t even work so for the creators try to make it actually work
  • What is the point of this game? 1/5

    By cool boii Angelina
    It just shows a picture of a laser toy that you can turn on and off.
  • Yes 5/5

    By zachyjsh
    This is good to
  • UGH 1/5

    By viviboyerr