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  • Developer: American Automobile Association
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AAA Mobile App

AAA Mobile improves on-the-go access to trusted AAA services including trip planning, discounts and roadside assistance. The mobile version of AAA’s TripTik® Travel Planner helps you find AAA Approved and Diamond Rated hotels, restaurants and attractions, and the ability to create and share itineraries between your desktop and mobile devices. KEY FEATURES INCLUDE: Maps & Discounts • Find more than 59,000 AAA Approved and Diamond Rated hotels and restaurants • Book your next hotel or rental car • Receive member discount offers at over 164,000 locations • Share saved trips across desktop and mobile devices* • Find AAA Approved Auto Repair facilities, AAA office locations, and cheapest gas prices near you Roadside Assistance* • Request Roadside Assistance from the app • Get instant battery replacement quotes (not available in all areas) Passbook* (iPhone only, iOS 6 or higher) • Add a scannable AAA membership card to your Passbook *You must be a current AAA member to use these features. Not a member? You can still use our unparalleled trip planner functions. To take full advantage of all the features of this app, Join AAA. NOTE: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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AAA Mobile app reviews

  • Awful 1/5

    By DaiWil
    Have had this app for years and incredibly it just keeps getting worse. This is absurd especially since AAA wants you to use it to get road service. They don’t want to take phone calls anymore. If you do call they tell you they can’t arrange road service and that you absolutely must use this awful app. Great! Can’t sign in without going through online contortions while they have to search for my account. And they can’t even do that without your membership number. Time would be better spent looking for a different service - one with an app that works. Revised 6/25/2019 Developers: Don’t try to put responsibility for this disastrous app on me! I keep all of the apps and the device software on my iPhone XR up to date. Obviously there’s no point in my giving you my zip code. I’ll just show them my review and your patronizing response, along with a suggestion that they find other employment.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By 1976 Rishi
    Doesn’t work when you need it , it doesn’t remember passwords and login name . In roadside emergency you have to login and and reset passwords. What a waste of time .
  • Hate this app. 1/5

    By mab0708
    It is pretty much useless. So disappointed can’t what I need or want. Doesn’t navigate properly. Can’t do a mobile triptik. I am not sure what you would actually be able to use this app for. Asking for a zip code 85262
  • Useless responses from developers 1/5

    By HiddenSelf
    Bad app and the only response is give us your email and we will notify your local club. What does the local club have to do with the app development? Deleted.
  • Can’t even see my card 1/5

    By Dating in WA
    I just joined and then downloaded the app. The app will open but when I go to the screen for my card because I want to put it into Wallet, it just endlessly gives me the spinning spiral of death. Why do apps that are this crappy even get made. Why bother? I’d give it no stars if I could. Get it together app team.
  • Good App 5/5

    By Wiesiu33
    I don’t understand all the negative comments. I use this app on my iPhone XS Max and it works just fine. I have no problems. I really like the Face ID feature to logon. I have been a member for 10 years. 😀
  • Doesn’t work! 1/5

    By Kruge631
    Keeps asking for internet connection with a full signal while on the road! All my other internet apps work as they should, so it’s not a connectivity issue. The only time the app seems to work is at home on wifi- what good is that? Triptik is awful.
  • Road service 5/5

    By Ppanky1
    Excellent road service We had to be towed twice once off the Mass Pike and once from Big Y parking lot The service was amazing all tow handlers were professional and polite and made a very unpleasant situation more tolerable! We are thankful they were there for us!
  • AAA is A+ 5/5

    By PA Mitchell
    Wouldn’t leave home without it. Great service and provides some nice discounts.
  • Needs updates 1/5

    By Mml8400
    This is the worst app I have dealt with. It kicks me out, it won’t show my card number. I pay for aaa to have services that would make life easier but ur app isn’t one of them
  • Pointless 1/5

    By Demonica66613
    I downloaded this app. I used to have it and it used to work. I downloaded it now and all it does is direct me to download the auto club app. This app is pointless. I’m also unable to navigate the auto club app. I get asked a zip code yet, when I tap GO, nothing happens.... I am very dissatisfied with both apps! This app needs to be more than a redirection to a website or another app!!!!!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By 2961Loveangels
    We’ve had great experience and in the past.
  • Impossible to use 1/5

    By Botld92z
    Says I’m offline when I’m not. Leaving this review while I’m “not online” according to the app. Deleted it and redownloaded it. Still doesn’t work. Why even have an app if it doesn’t work?
  • Why did you change it? 1/5

    By Rosannabanana
    We downloaded the new app recently because we were driving into the Grand Canyon... we get a flat tire and we cannot even log in. The last version had a faux card that immediately popped up and it remembered from last log in. Not a fan.
  • Unacceptable for 2019 1/5

    By Pikachudeservesbetter
    How did this app get shipped in its current state? Did nobody test it? Aside from being very slow, the login portal for the insurance page has “test header” and “test footer” from 2014 displayed. Why would another login even be necessary here? If you hired a 3rd party to develop this, get a refund and find someone competent to rewrite it.
  • A high school student would write a much better app. 1/5

    By Dr_ASP
    This is a private entity. It is something I’m paying a membership for. This poor quality in an app right from the sign in stage is unheard of and unacceptable. All of this is terrible. We’ve evolved. We have ways to verify identity with a fingerprint or similarly. This app is absolutely useless. Especially since it must be used in emergencies. Why not change it radically to make it work?
  • Great service, awful app 1/5

    By Roons83
    By far one of the worse apps out there. It’s clunky and buggy. When I try to find hotels, it won’t remember my membership number. Wish they’d make some basic improvements to bring the app to at least 2014.
  • Wizi weezer 5/5

    By wizi weezer.
  • Getting WORSE by the version 1/5

    By Where In The World
    With 4.1.5 you have to ‘skip’ the 3 screens of promo before the login button appears. Login asks if you want to use fingerprint login but never gets activated. App must be removed from running apps before it will load your membership card info. No way to add card to Apple Wallet. My automobiles weren’t loaded from membership account and I had to enter manually. Got tired of the poor app at this point, logged out and then deleted from running apps. Pretty poor app in my opinion. Hope this app isn’t an indicator of AAA membership service - will have to cancel if it is.
  • Michael moore 5/5

    By Mike lowery 💯💯💯💯💯
    Get service every time! No complains here
  • Bad App 1/5

    By Over Frustrated
    I agree with many of the others bad app. I believe it was design to make you get a lower score. Remove the smooth driving portion of the app and you’ll have a chance. Roads are so bad out here your going to get a low score 68154 and all those around it.
  • Can’t get it to open 1/5

    By JerryJ
    Would love to try this app, but as soon as it’s downloaded, it gives you a screen showing your zip code. Then you accept their conditions and then it shows you a “configuring your experience “ screen and then nothing but a blank screen. Tried deleting and reloading twice on iPhone and iPad with same result. AAA needs to fix this.
  • Always an issue 1/5

    By Shiny new toy
    Crashes on latest update when opening. Always loses a phone around renewal time so insurance discounts are a fight.
  • Battery service 5/5

    By holmesv
    These were the most kindest people to help me, as well as explain what was happening. I’m very happy with AAA. Thank you
  • Sherif 1/5

    By Vank'amoh sherif
    Poor customer service from the tow company. Very rude driver . Didn’t drop off the car properly and park it in the driveway of the shop and left it there to be push by the garage owner .
  • Useless browser based app 1/5

    By J PDX
    Rarely works, just easier to call them than use the app
  • By far the worst update. 1/5

    By cribgo
    It is impossible to seek roadside assistance with the app. When you try, it will not locate you. I've made sure location permission was granted, uninstalled/reinstalled the app... no good. It sits there "trying" to locate you. You cannot bypass this. Horrible.
  • Not bad... 4/5

    By WilsonC137
    The worst flaw seems to be updating my information. Some things have updated, others seem to be in limbo.
  • Useful 5/5

    By ChefMichaelW
    Lots of options easy to navigate good job
  • Doesn’t load 1/5

    By mooneyhead
    It’d be cool if it actually worked
  • Unable to create a login???? 2/5

    By Mozell Lovett
    I’ve once had this app a while back and it was amazing. Knew where to get gas and even took advantage of rental discounts. But I just tried to use my login and it redirects you to a website that doesn’t work. As a possible alternative, I tried to create a new login and come to find out, This app is only for members of certain states. But I’m totally confused since I had this app once before. I would love to have something that makes the roadside assistance that I pay for easier to receive and keep track of. I guess Ohio isn’t giving such luxury. :(
  • Philip Choate 5/5

    By Philip CHOATE
    Interesting app will use it thanks
  • Hotels 4/5

    By dundalk girl
    I wanted. To be able to click a map from the hotel, to see where it was. If it’s there I couldn’t find it.
  • Won't work when you need it 1/5

    By MaryLG22
    This app literally never works when you need it. It's always looking for a "stable internet connection" or "configuring" while you're sitting on the side of a road in the dark in the middle of the night. The last thing I need when I'm dealing with the stress of car troubles is an app that won't work when I need it to work.
  • Amazing Roadside assistance and handy mobile app 5/5

    By MusicHawk
    My car broke down at late night at a Kroger parking lot. I placed a road side assistance request via mobile app and the help arrived in 10 minutes. Very pleased with overall experience and quality of service. Thanks AAA.
  • Zero Rating 1/5

    The latest version of the app allows only 12 destinations per trip. The previous versions allowed 26. I can no longer see the trips that are saved from previous years. The current trip that I was using for mapping a few weeks ago can not be seen and can not be edited to meet the 12 stops requirement. I have never reviewed and app before but the AAA app is beyond worthless for planning a road trip since their latest update!
  • Hydroplaned 5/5

    By LaRae_SJ
    I hydroplaned yesterday on I-65 and thank goodness I had AAA coverage! I had a tow truck out to me within 30 minutes even in the pouring rain to pull me out of a ditch. I’ve never been more relieved and thankful for this service!
  • Crap 1/5

    By Chevy1950
    Don’t work at all CRAP APP
  • Had to delete and reinstall before it worked. 1/5

    By BobK88
    When I needed this app today after locking my keys in my car while traveling (June 2, 2019), it didn’t work. (iPhone 6s with the latest iOS 12). I tried to add my vehicle, view my membership card, and request service, and all I got was “Loading..” I thought it was because I was in an area with poor reception, but I got the same results at home with a strong Wi-Fi signal and cell service. Finally, I tried deleting and reinstalling the app, and then it worked. Update (June 14, 2019]: After the experience described above, I decided to test the app on my iPad Air 2. Upon launch, it said “configuring your experience” with the green progress bar, then the screen became solid white. Deleted and reinstalled the app and got the same results. A complete fail - absolutely worthless. Also: IMO, the first thing you see when you open the app should be the phone number for roadside assistance. As far as I can tell, the only place that number is listed is on the electronic membership card. If you can’t load the card, as I couldn’t, you don’t see the number. Be sure to add the AAA number to your phone’s address book in case you don’t have your membership card on hand. (I‘d forgotten to add it to the Wallet app.) Update (June 16, 2019]. Developer responded to my review by suggesting I contact support if I continue to have problems after the update. But I already had updated, deleted the app, and reinstalled. I don’t want to be a beta tester. That’s their job. Considering that I had similar problems on both my iPad and iPhone, both of which have the latest iOS version, that suggests the problem is the app, not my devices.
  • Prompt alerts 5/5

    By STLKimb
    Very quick to get service and love the message alerts
  • Doesn't work when you're out of town 1/5

    By RE Shopper 671
    AAA member for over 25 years; this app should be taken down. I live in CT and am in South Dakota, I cant log in because the app defaults to California AAA. When I click on 'select a different club' it redirects back to Cali even with location services off. Can't log in, can't get service. I may cancel my membership; without online access the club becomes fairly useless.
  • Great discounts on flights 4/5

    By Nevergiveupjb
    Easy to use app, real discounts.
  • Mobile app 1/5

    By Mema71
    Tried to renew my membership in the and online would not take my email or address, did the forgot password went to email did as requested still did not work! So why sign up if the darn thing doesn’t work!!!!!!! Had to call and renew over phone! This app is worthless
  • ID Card 1/5

    By Tim01010100
    I can't load my ID card I try over WiFi and cell neither of them load the card. It's just spins and spins.
  • Awasome! 5/5

    By Bullet F1
    The best.
  • Functional & Convenient! 4/5

    By tarheeltc
    I use the app often and it never disappoints.
  • I don’t feel very insured about AAA 1/5

    By Stephhhannnieee
    The whole company has gone downhill in customer service. I have updated my email phone and address with AAA in person, on the phone, over emails and I still cannot access my account again & again. 25+ years I’ve had car, home & roadside insurance with AAA. My home burns down now I feel afraid because I’m not being included in MY OWN HOUSE POLICY AND CLAIM. This app does nothing, just like the website
  • Horrible 1/5

    By _ŒÂ◊
    I'm glad the roadside service is better than the app. I can't view my card, just a spinning wheel.
  • Worst website on the internet !!!! 1/5

    By judyiu
    All I want to do is create a map to travel to a destination. IMPOSSIBLE I have been trying for 40 minutes. There is no way.

AAA Mobile app comments

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