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AARP Publications App

Enjoy the best of AARP’s award-winning publications with our iPad® Publications app. Periodically, this dynamic app allows members access to special edition articles, and combines our top website and magazine content with enhanced, interactive features. Find special edition digital-only issues on Health & Wellness, Beauty & Style, and Money & Retirement. Go deeper into the stories that matter to you with exclusive celebrity videos, audio interviews, samples of new music and books, step-by-step recipes, slideshows, quizzes and more. Share content easily with friends through your favorite social media sites. It’s all available to you whenever you want, wherever you go—through a simple, user-friendly interface designed just for the iPad® AARP members gain full, free access to AARP The Magazine and the AARP Bulletin. Non-members can purchase annual AARP membership. The AARP iPad® app is also a gateway to our other great published products, including eBooks. • Keep up with the latest information that matters most to you and your family. • Personalize your app by adding your favorite subject areas. • Instantly share content with friends via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or email. • Go beyond the printed page and stream exclusive videos and music.

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AARP Publications app reviews

  • "more" does not always work correctly 2/5

    By dat1250
    There are several pages with the "more" icon but nothing happens when I try to scroll. Some pages work and others don't? I have an ipad mini 4.
  • Digital delay in bulletin 2/5

    By dme49r
    It would be nice to be able to read the digital bulletin before or at least the same time as my neighbors who are receiving the print edition !in the mail! I still can’t get May 2019 and it’s a week into the month! Needs fixin’!
  • AARP apps *NEED* to work in landscape on my iPad! 2/5

    By fjpoblam
    (1) AARP apps—all of them—need to operate in *landscape* mode on my iPad. This is the device on which I’d be most likely to use them. (2) Nice to see that most of the content from the bulletin and the mag are available online. To bad the content is so litteredd with ads—I’d expect better since I’m a *paying* member! (3) The print’s too danged smallish. Our local paper’s app has a nifty feature whereby you can click on the article title, convert the article to LARGE easy-to-read plain text, read it, then click to go back. This shouldn’t be so hard to do. Also see the V for Wiki app (for reading Wikipedia) for an idea on ease of reading. Heck, in this AARP even the icons at the top of the screen are hard to see. Atrocious. In the end, the online mag and bulletin are not as enjoyable as leafinf through a good ol’ paper copy at my leisure. There’s just something about the feel of paper. (Especially when the battery runs low 😉)
  • Difficult to log in 3/5

    By roadwarrior1234
    The app won’t let me log in. It doesn’t like my email address for some reason. If that’s the case, give me the option to enter my membership number instead. Then the app gives me a site to add my card to my Apple wallet, but after I log in and try to add it, nothing happens. Please fix these basic capabilities.
  • Not kind to people with low vision 2/5

    By wpittsg
    I am one of the millions of people who has age-related macular degeneration. I found it difficult to read this publication for the following reasons: 1. Some of the pages could be enlarged on my iPad and some could not, even within the same story. 2. The bars at the top and bottom stayed on a very short time. The top bar was difficult to read because the print was black on dark blue. 3. I prefer to be able to view in landscape mode rather than being locked in to portrait mode.(If all pages could be enlarged, landscape mode would allow for larger letters.) I enjoy the content of this publication, but I will soon have to stop reading it if changes are not made. Thanks for allowing me to share my frustrations. Wilma Griffin Texas
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By DCH7
    Had hoped to access AARP content on my iPad. Two terrible things about this app: 1. It does not include all of the content from the print version of the Bulletin. Honestly, how hard could that be? 2. Every other page is an ad. Not kidding, every other page. Makes for a rotten browsing experience. Deleting app now. Disappointed.
  • Thanks For Nothing 1/5

    By GrannyDar
    App no longer works in landscape mode on IPAD. I am allergic to inks so guess I won't be reading your articles. IPAD 5 IOS 11.4

    By PaSigKa
    Cross word puzzle keep clearing out all answers (NO, I am not hitting the clear button). Very frustrating and so not worth it!! But, then again.... AARP membership isn’t worth anything either!
  • No Save or share 3/5

    By Gramps156
    Worth 5 stars when I can share and save.
  • AARP publications 1/5

    By reddad101
    Login issue still not fixed (November 2018). Don’t waste your time.
  • Can’t login. Still broken 4 years later 1/5

    By essorkm
    Still broken are tech support clueless
  • To Old. . . 1/5

    By praiseworshipre
    This is not the app for me.
  • Very informative 5/5

    By Robosapi
    I have been a AARP subscriber since I became 50 and the hard copy of the magazine and bulletin always have a ton of information. The IPad application is a time saver because I can read both products on the go and forget about the hard copies. I wonder if it is also available for kindle
  • Still not working 1/5

    By peggdemus
    I read that they fixed the sign in problem so I thought I’d try the app again. STILL NOT WORKING!
  • Great app & info 5/5

    By NeoTekWerk
    I enjoy the magazine and bulletin and always get something from it.
  • Mediocre app that is unstable UPDATE 2/5

    By JWM CPO
    Have been receiving emails from developer saying, “The log in issue has been fixed” but it hasn't. The only way I could get in was to delete and reinstall and then change my password. Raised my review to 2 stars for the effort, but without instructions on how to get it to work, it's another time sink. Still a mediocre app with ineffective support. Original review: I prefer to read AARP mags on my iPad but the app has been broken for months. Changed password, deleted and reloaded app, but still can’t log into app. Can log in using browser so I’m pretty sure this an app bug. Not worth wasting more time on a buggy app...
  • Great APP 5/5

    By jerry Fry
    AARP Publications now is an app that works great. Thank you for correcting the login problem. This app puts AARP Publications together in one place. Works perfect. Everyone in AARP should use this app. Thank you. Gerald Fry
  • Works well 4/5

    By Pianolist
    App appears to work well. Read an article or two.
  • Excellent app for their periodicals! 5/5

    By ShareNest
    I read 95% of my books and magazines digitally. I was still reading aarp periodicals physically and scanning articles that I wanted to keep. Well, no more! I can now read and keep articles that interest me on my iPad. Less clutter😊. I subscribe to over 15 digital periodicals and this app is on par with most of the other apps like Condé Nast. I have no complaints and I thank aarp for putting their magazines in Digital form for consumption!!
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Tucson Tom
    After jumping through numerous hoops, all the App does when I try to log in is sit there and spin the gear. Waste of time.
  • Can’t logon 1/5

    By Bob Cornely
    Unable to log on the screen just freezes
  • Unable to log in 1/5

    By Ka Honu
    Unable to log in since latest iPad update. Just keeps loading and never finishes
  • OK App 4/5

    By Elinon
    App works fine for me. I use only to read articles. Works for me.
  • Complete Waste of Time 1/5

    By davida96
    I’ve been a permanent member for several years and wanted to access some archive articles on AARP Bulletin. After 8 attempts to log on, I gave up. Totally not ready for prime time. I like AARP, but this makes me seriously doubt their competence.
  • Won’t log in 1/5

    By smartinecp
    Tried this app on my iPad Air 2 running IOS 11, when I enter my username and password, it shows the spinning progress indicator and won’t go any further. App won’t let me do anything without logging in, so it’s basically useless.
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By Singin_Harmony
    While I can log in to the AARP website, I cannot log in from the app. Tried everything :-(
  • Useless 1/5

    By Pngil
    Unable to login on my iPad using the same email address and password that I use to login to the website.
  • Useless since I can’t log on 1/5

    By NearlySun
    I cannot log in to the AARP Publications Tablet App on my iPad Pro 9.7 running iOS 11.2.1 - I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app, verified that the email and password are correct and tried to log in several days apart — it gets stuck at the login pop up, the progress dial keeps spinning and I have to close it. The same credentials work perfectly when I log in to the AARP Now App on the same iPad and also when I log in to the website so this should have worked seamlessly.
  • Happy with online publications 4/5

    By Charle17
    I receive the print versions of both AARP Bulletin and magazine which I like to read, but it's not always convenient to carve out the time. Now I can browse through the current or some past issues at my convenience.
  • First time use 5/5

    By galivantstom
    I downloaded the app quite some time ago. Today I used it for the first time. I was very pleased with it and expect to make it part of my regular reading selection. Nice job.
  • Love the magazines 5/5

    By Bluecatmom
    One of the perks for me with having AARP membership has always been their publications. Being able to read them on my iPad is a real treat. Easy to use app and good reads will keep me coming back. Thanks, AARP!
  • Adequate 4/5

    By Sjslive
    The app works fine for reading. I have had no issues so far.
  • Doesn't work with iOS 9.3.5 1/5

    By Walter R
    I have a 5-year-old iPad that can't be upgraded from iOS 9.3.5. The AARP app doesn't allow me to log on, although the username and password work fine on my computer.
  • Fair, it with limitations 4/5

    By WLanceHunt
    Works mostly as one would expect, with swiping sideways moving to new items, down to continue with a longer piece. The multimedia is mostly useful. The limitation come with saving, sharing and book marking. Bookmarking works, but as usual, only when the issue is loaded, which wouldn't be a problem if one could save or share a page. Doesn't work with Instapaper, my preferred software, and one can't post pages or quotes. I.e. It's not designed well for Social Media, or really the 21st century. Rather, it's a fancy magazine that fits on one's iPad, and can't move or be shared.
  • Confusing APP 3/5

    By Don Giroux
    First, I can't get this to go horizontal on my IPad. Second, articles are confusing as to which way to scroll. I end up losing what I was reading and looking at something entirely new. Very frustrating
  • Slow and Bloates 1/5

    By caad963cm
    Uses 1.1 Gig of memory. Won't open and locks my iPad. Awful.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By MassBirder
    Does not work on my IPad Air 2 with a current operating system. Should have read the reviews before I installed it. The App has to be updated. Will not open! Worthless.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Katakura Town
    I love all the great stories
  • Can't login 1/5

    By Virtual Mike
    My email plus password works for other AARP sites and apps, but it won't for this one, and AARP doesn't seem to offer support for its apps.
  • Can't log on 1/5

    By DeepRoot
  • Login problems 2/5

    By Swype10
    Upgrade to iPad Air 2 with IOS 10 and the publication app will not allow my login. The AARP website works fine, just not the publications. Changed password still nothing. The app worked fine on the old IPad. Please fix this.
  • Dissatisfied 1/5

    By Jland53
    Can't sign in for bulletins and publications. Even changed password. I guess in order to receive this benefit a tree may need to come down. So sad. Can someone help?
  • Can't login 1/5

    By Empie225
    I am unable to login - I'm using the correct credentials. Please fix!!! This app is useless if I can't login.
  • Good app 4/5

    By goodbookct
    This app has great graphics and is easy to use. However, I think it frustrating that AARP makes you download so many apps for their various services. For an organization that gears itself to an older community you would think they might make it more concise for the possibly (not implying here - I said possibly) less tech savvy.
  • Download Magazines 5/5

    By eeziem
    I love this app for the downloadable magazines. They are easy to navigate.
  • Bad app recommendation by AARP 1/5

    By WV Rose
    I just tried the CareZone app your last magazine recommended. This app didn't scan one rx bottle, said type in instead. It made you register before you even tried. It's a way for them to get your info and sell it to everyone. I can't believe AARP recommended it. It's the last time I'll use anything recommended by AARP. Too and I can give no stars. Also, I don't appreciate the constant AARP related advertisements mailed to me all the time. Take a break and really help protect us from identify theft by stopping all the mail.
  • App does not work 1/5

    By Cxxopi
    It is virtually impossible to use this app, it is ridiculous. It does not work.
  • Worked well for me 5/5

    By Kcassmick
    I read a lot of publications on my iPad and this one is just fine. Slick, easy, did what it was supposed to do.
  • App not working well. 1/5

    By Knightrider51
    This updated app is not working very well. You either can't download an issue or delete one you got lucky to download. Have emailed the issue on their website and hopefully will get it fixed.

AARP Publications app comments

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