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Watch ABC News directly from your iPhone or iPad – Watch streaming live coverage as news breaks and get the latest clips from your favorite shows including Good Morning America, World News, Nightline, This Week and 20/20. Get breaking U.S. and world news or catch up with the latest stories in politics, entertainment, weather, health, technology, science, and business: - Get ready for the 2018 Midterms with ABC News. Straightforward coverage of all the primaries, campaigns, and rallies leading up to the midterm election. Get ready to vote with live video of campaign rallies, follow reporters on the trail with candidates, and learn about the issues. Watch streaming live coverage as news breaks, including breaking political news this election season - Get personalized alerts & a custom ‘News Inbox’ keep you from missing stories for the topics you care about STREAMING NEWS - VIDEO CLIPS & ABC NEWS RADIO: No Cable subscription - No problem! Get hassle-free news, wherever and whenever you need it, no signup or service required! Our new ABC News app lets you stream news from anywhere, whether you have WiFi or just a 3G connection - No need to log in or have a cable subscription. Not interested in reading the News? Watch local and national news clips, check out news slideshows or listen to ABC Radio! NEWS ALERTS THAT YOU CONTROL: The ABC News app lets you set up and control a personalized list of alerts so that we can send you push notifications about the topics that interest you. You can tell us how often you want to get the push notifications, and when. No need to wade through a bunch of news that you don’t care about! We will help you find exactly the stories, articles and videos that you are interested in. NEWS CATEGORIES INCLUDE: -US News -Politics -Weather -Health -Local Interest Stories -International News -Investigative Reporting -Lifestyle & Entertainment News -Health -Business -Technology News SEARCHABLE MULTI-MEDIA NEWS OF ALL TYPES: Read, watch or listen to news that you want to hear! The ABC News App lets you search to find exactly what you are looking for. You can search by keyword, show or topic. We also have sections for ‘Trending News’ ‘Top Stories’ and the ‘Daily Rewind’ which will show you a visual recap of the events of the day! SAVE FAVORITES & SET ALERTS: Want to skip straight to your favorite topics? Save stories and topics you like in your Favorites, and we will automatically add those stories as well as any follow-up news related to those stories. Your ABC News Favorites holds just the stories that you care about. LOCAL NEWS STORIES BY GEOGRAPHY: Watch local stories from ABC stations in Chicago, Fresno, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Raleigh & San Francisco.

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ABC News app reviews


    By TFD44
    This app doesn’t allow you to navigate to what you want! I want to read a news story, NOT watch a news story clip that is IMMEDIATELY followed by a commercial. The only solution is close the app as soon as the commercial begins and go to CNN, AP or another app to get the desired story information.
  • Needs to update more frequently 3/5

    By linwoodclw
    While this is my primary news source, some of the pages are not updated very frequently. One of the headlines is still about Frank Sessions and Al Franken from over two years ago. Much of the content is not updated for months.
  • Yesterday’s News 3/5

    By FrancysMom
    Today is 12/1; however, the app is providing yesterday’s news. This is not only frustrating but also unacceptable!
  • Too long to load 1/5

    By Katey_Bites
    I find your App for my iPad Pro to be a -5! It takes over 5 minutes for your app to load stories I feel a VERY STRONG DESIRE to delete this app and get my news from other sources. This prob.. issue does NOT occur with my iPhone.
  • Can’t mute ads! 1/5

    By AmLo98
    I originally thought the forced volume on the ads was a mistake, and waited for an update. But even with updates this issue isn’t being addressed. It is frustrating to be in a quiet room and then having a Lowe’s ad blare out. I’ve become quick at closing out the app.
  • Nice 5/5

    By akotski1337
    Thanks for checking out the ABC news app. If you want to see more breaking news go check out the ABC news YouTube channel.
  • Journalism? Keep Looking 1/5

    By mhpdfp
    For a network touting Made in America you sure wouldn’t know a single job was created the last year or that unemployment was at all time lows. Network is currently showing an almost nonstop Michelle-O-Thon but will probably resume their normal NPC talking points soon.
  • Ads automatically on even silence mode 1/5

    By skhouston
    While in the world would I want the ads to be playing the videos while my phone was on silence. It happens every time when I just wanted to read. Scared to use in vibrate mode.
  • Impossible 1/5

    By Allen JT
    The current format of the ABC news app makes it almost impossible to navigate through without frustration. Quite an annoying piece of garbage although I prefer reading this news rather than some of the others available.
  • Use to be my favorite 1/5

    By Anstract Platypus
    This has always been my fav. News app, but now I’m looking for a different one. Even if my phones on SILENT the ads still play at full volume and won’t be silenced no matter how many times you hit the speaker icon. I understand the need for advertising but I can’t have my phone bursting out in noise very time I try to read an article. That on top of having to watch a video commercial before EVERY news video and sometimes they’re a full minute long, is so frustrating. Previously, I knew I could expect a video commercial before every other video, which I was willing to do because they were at max 30 secs long. But now more often than not, I end up not even getting to the news video because of the commercials or because as I scroll down the article it flips me back to the headlines at which point I’d have to rewatch the commercial in order to view the news video. So frustrated and so disappointed. Bummed to have to find a new news source.
  • Bad update 1/5

    By Obsydian6569
    Still can't get ABC News! The app won't open!
  • An app for video ads 3/5

    By DrCharlieMA
    This app has evolved: it seems that the main focus of the developers is not upon conveying the most important news but upon delivering the most video ads.
  • Verizon 1/5

    By B'jane
    Went to your site to check out the World Series result and the Indonesian plane crash, somehow clicked on a Verizon ad and couldn't find a way out. Finally deleted the app, which seems to be going downhill with every update. Trying another network's app.
  • Notifications and Face ID 1/5

    By Mt24
    Ios12 has an option that notifications can only be read after Face ID unlocks device. ABC app fails to do this. Notifications can be read w/o unlocking with Face ID
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Shane-1234
    Do not download this app. The app was not even in use and it used more than 5gb of my data. It also drained the battery of my phone very quickly. Very disappointed and a costly app.
  • New UI is poorly designed and hard to navigate. 1/5

    By bbiker91
    Probably the biggest issue is not being able to discern what is an article and what is an ad in the iPhone app. The iPad app's UI is still easy to use. Now the performance is really slow.
  • Lag with video ads 1/5

    By GriffinDog
    The new video ads that are showing are causing so much drag when scrolling that it’s making the app unusable. Fix this please!
  • Unknown Error Occurring 3/5

    By Ash32493
    Loved this app until recently. When I go to try to open the app, it tells me an unknown error has occurred with a white screen. Frustrating when I receive a notification on a developing story and I’m not able to access it unless I go to a browser.
  • Use to like this app. 2/5

    By Super Gnikki
    Great if you want to listen to the same 15 sec “google pixel” ad (on your iPhone) 20 times in the short amount of time you get to watch the news . ABC either needs an update to this app or I need to find a new news app.
  • Why ABC news?? 1/5

    By Cande32228
    Why do your pictures and video embedded with your content never match the headlines. I love ABC news, but this app is horrible.
  • News Radio stopped working. 2/5

    By Kyung H
    News radio feature stopped working recently. It was my favorite feature of the app. Please fix.
  • Listen feature not working... 3/5

    By Tanyamoon
    I love ABCnews app but rely on the listen feature which hasn’t been working since the latest update. Please fix!!
  • Won't read /Use ABC News app anymore 1/5

    By Dkman10
    So frustrated w the app. The new app has way too much white space (do you actually use a UX designer??b). Too much scrolling to see the articles I want to read. Like the old app much better from this perspective. Am frustrated you have removed the Locals news section, and I have to go to another app for that. I can't believe you still have an "Investigative" section, when the articles there are 11 months old. That's just embarrassing as a news app!! Will get my news elsewhere...
  • Way too many commercials. 1/5

    By Stryker Five Seven
    Way too many commercials.
  • Needs fixing 1/5

    By Mk shanghai
    I used to love this app but it no longer loads - just a blank screen. Please fix - I miss my favorite news anchors.
  • Stop playing the same commercial 2/5

    By smmirac86
    I enjoy this app but I’m at the point where I’m going to delete it. The same BMO Harris commercial plays on every video. I know there has to be commercial, but come on the same one over and over and it’s a very annoying and stupid commercial. Unreal.
  • Very poor. 1/5

    By Redlab46
    I used to like the ABC news app but no more. It's way too video heavy and the content is not as good as it once was. Something has changed at ABC and not for the good. It seems like the news is all left leaning now and I like my news neutral, that's all, no ones opinion unless it's on an opinion page.
  • listen radio feature broken 3/5

    By Chuck Reynolds
    Listen tab top section just says “loading...” Play feature doesn’t work since 5.30.x
  • Won’t load 1/5

    By Donvitog
    Loads text headlines only, videos won’t load
  • Annoying Ads 2/5

    By ch3car0
    I used to love the ABC news app but now not a fan of it.. I hate that every time I hit on a story there’s an AD that pops up. What’s worse, I have to scroll down and I can’t shut the volume off .
  • What happened to ‘listen’ mode?? 3/5

    By Ladyjrun
    Can you please fix the ‘listen’ mode in the app?? It is STUCK in “loading” & then never plays - seems to have happened after last update- I love my ‘listen’ mode while getting ready for work - please fix please!!
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Jgamache3333
    Will flash news update banners at top of my iPad screen but when touched to read the story it opens a completely different page where the news videos constantly attempt to load. No update available. Just a frustrating news app. I’ll get my news elsewhere
  • Streaming audio news not working 1/5

    By Kibbyr
    Used to love the app but latest update broke the audio news streaming feature. Please fix.
  • NewRadio does not work in this version 2/5

    By Landhooo
    NewRadio does not work in this version
  • Captions 1/5

    By 32Tango
    They need to add either captions or subtitles so people who can’t hear can follow what is being bro!!!
  • Love to watch 5/5

    By Teji1968
  • Incredibly poor updating 1/5

    By Bill263
    The stories in Lifestyle and Fun on the opening page have not been updated since the first week in July, 2018. (This is now mid-September.) * zzzzz*
  • Tv news 5/5

    By 1000thon
    Fast streaming
  • New App is Not a Great Experience 2/5

    By TravyBaby
    The new app has been very frustrating. It’s hard to hold in one hand and navigate with the left thumb because it doesn’t always respond as expected. It will swipe to a next article or do something that doesn’t feel like it matches the input. But beyond that, one of the most frustrating things is to get a new notification about a news story, follow to the app from the notification, only to arrive at a blank white screen with nothing but the back arrow navigation. I wait for something to load, and it doesn’t. I use the back button since it’s the only option, and the page is nothing more than a blank white page with a forward navigation button. I ultimately have to quit the app, relaunch it, and just try to find the article manually. Two thumbs down for the “improvements” of the new app. Using iOS iPhone X.
  • Works poorly 1/5

    By Poplar Jones
    It used to crash all the time then after the latest update it often opens to a blank screen and I can’t get back to the intended story.
  • News on your terms 5/5

    By Jackelope 12
    This app is nice because it uses pics to show stories before you click on them and it loads fast.
  • ABC 1/5

    By jgxyixiycucyi
    Junk don’t work turned it off never comes up sad fire developer should have checked basic functions
  • Never loads notification 1/5

    By bighuty
    Never does it load
  • App won’t load 1/5

    By Patchd0gg
    Just ablank screen!!!
  • Update kills app 4/5

    By Jazzcatgab
    Going through withdrawal pain. App update kills app on iPhone 8! UPDATE to update: Crises averted with correcting update. Now functioning normally. Hoping better testing regimen will prevent future aggravations, however temporary!
  • App issues 2/5

    By cdatlas
    1. Breaking news fails to open article. 2. App regularly crashes. 3. Often the app fails to load any content at all.
  • tried your app 1/5

    By davedog545
    but within 30 seconds i was redirected to amazon music services?! content is not easy to find and where is the live video? thanks, but no thanks - there’s already an app for that edit: since the first review never got posted; i got the live stream but with some buffering issue. my add blocker may introduce the buffer suffer but no more complete redirects so far...
  • App still crashing 1/5

    By sunshin0514
    Please fix the crashing problem...still...even after last update. Then I can change my review back to 5 stars. Thanks!
  • Ugh!!! Hate it! 1/5

    By Harptrip
    This was my go-to daily news app. Unless the format changes back to a user friendly format, I'll be searching for a new app to get my news. 9/5 ugh... again!! I tried this app again only to open it and have it shut down just as quick. After hard rebooting my phone (it’s been acting up) and that not helping, I saw there was an update. Bingo... now this app will be deleted instead of filed in my rarely used section. Several years ago, I loved it. Still hasn’t come back around .

ABC News app comments

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