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The ABC News app brings you breaking news coverage and live streaming video from ABC News Live. Get the latest clips from your favorite shows, including Good Morning America, World News Tonight, Nightline, This Week and 20/20. Follow breaking U.S. and world news or catch up with the latest stories in politics, entertainment, weather, health, lifestyle, technology, science, sports, and business. ABC News is your source for live breaking news and the latest news video With the ABC News App, - Watch live stream news coverage from ABC News Live - Get breaking news alerts - Personalize alerts & a custom ‘News Inbox’ keep you from missing stories for the topics you care about - Not interested in reading the News? Watch local and national news clips, check out news slideshows or listen to ABC Radio! - No Cable subscription - No problem! Get hassle-free news, wherever and whenever you need it, no signup or service required! Our new ABC News app lets you stream news from anywhere, whether you have WiFi or just a 3G connection - No need to log in or have a cable subscription. 2020 ELECTION COVERAGE Stay up to date on the latest 2020 U.S. election coverage! Learn about how presidential candidates are doing with top-notch, unbiased U.S. election coverage! Get in-depth political analysis from Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, we can get you the news, polling and primary results you are looking for. Learn about debates, delegates, super delegated, state primaries, and all the hot-button issues. Who will the presidential candidates choose as their running mates? Get all the election news, polling, reports, and live election results that you need here! LOCAL NEWS STORIES BY GEOGRAPHY: Watch local stories from ABC stations in Chicago, Fresno, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Raleigh & San Francisco. Your California Privacy Rights - Do Not Sell My Information - Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which contributes to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information

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ABC News app reviews

  • iPad: Where’s the Play button? 1/5

    By AndroidVet
    There’s no way to start a video. Controls appear after a video autostarts. When it’s over, there’s no way to start another. I don’t even mind the ads so much, but I can’t start a video I select. They seem to start on their own at random.
  • Please Enable Dark Mode 3/5

    By kmvaami
    I find your web site near impossible to see. The interests are NOT visible to me. Yellow and gray font on bright white is not visible to me . I incresed the font size in the site settings.The yellow and gray fonts are still way too small. Is the site set up for video only? Prefer to read the content. Prefer ABC News for US news. Sure wish the ABC News site was more user friendly. Thanks.
  • One job 2/5

    By Yroc31
    Devs have one job, make the program/app work. Tap a story and read a story you didn’t pick. 1000 Mbps so I know it’s not my connection.
  • Worst Ever 1/5

    By busterharl
    This is literally the worst news App I have ever seen. All I want is simple news. I don’t mind ads now and then. But with this app, the ads run the same time as the news, you have to move from story to story. I chose this app because I got rid of my TV, and am a news junkie I admit. When I open this app, I choose “shows” at the bottom, and “World News Tonight”. What I get is a series of independent videos, NOT in order. Typically the FIRST story opens with “ and finally”.... yep. The stories are basically backwards. So you watch them in order, and the last one tells you about all the stories you just heard. Each story starts with an ad that takes minutes to load, all while you look at David Muir frozen with some idiotic look on his face, mid-sentence. Make an app that is “Online news”. The same stories you broadcast. IN order. Almost like you wanted to entertain us properly.
  • Video always stuck 2/5

    By T. Raya
    I just downloaded but it’s give me hard times to watching the show, video doesn’t play well always stuck
  • Shameful piece of Trash 1/5

    By ROC-889
    That a huge corporation does not have a decent app that will play their news from beginning to end is total garbage. On any iOS device this app plays the LAST segment of George Stephanopoulos THIS WEEK and then will usually ends or play the show in reverse of appearance. Why? Is there ANY excuse for such a poor app?! My guess is that neither the executives or people on staff at ABCnews use the app, and if they do they DO NOT CARE. Shameful that they would have such a low regard for the show they themselves produce. If they DO care, then do not be silent.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By ryanc0989
    Great app
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By GonnaNeedABiggerBloat
    When in the middle of reading an article if you need to switch quickly to another app/task on your phone it doesn’t let you continue reading when you come back 10 sec later... it refreshes the screen to the main page, not your reading article.
  • Worst news reporting in america 1/5

    By BigCrispy
    This is the most bias news outlet in America today, worse than CNN
  • Bring radio playlist back on Listen tab 1/5

    By cabshank
    Really disappointed to see that you removed the radio playlist from the listen section. I loved getting up to date news from you guys. Now I guess I will have to go elsewhere. Sad day.
  • F%#k you ABC news! 1/5

    By Tigger Woods
    Former President Trump speaks at CPAC 2021 and not a word of it on your ABC news app. F%#k you! Deleting the app. REPORT THE NEWS spineless motherf%#kers.
  • Love ABC news, can’t stand their app 2/5

    By dellenb
    It makes me crazy when the watch and read articles never load. The video that does seem to load is just the useless “notified” thing, which has nothing to do with the headline or the story. Most of the time the story itself never loads but all the ads at the bottom sure do. No, it is not my Internet connection… All other apps perform fine. Just ABC fails 80% of the time. Reluctantly, I am about to delete it and use my browser.
  • Love ABC, but CAN’T STAND the app!!! 1/5

    By charlieditter
    You get a notification of a story you want to see - you select it and the app opens. You see 3 choices and I want to click view but it disappears quickly. Then, give up trying to find the story! Fix the app so I didn’t waste so much freaking time!!! I swear! I’m just going to delete it. CBS works great!!!
  • Poor font colors affect readability 3/5

    By CCW51
    Orange headers are a poor choice on a white background. I find it annoying and it limits readability. Having the ability to increase the font size is helpful since some sections have a default smaller size.
  • Biggest Spreader of Fake News 1/5

    By Glocktane
    Starting in early February 2021, ABCNews began spreading fake news via its headlines. Leftist-scum ran media outlet. Would give 0 stars if possible. #2021NotMyPresident
  • News notifications do not link to proper articles when selected! 1/5

    By llb1213
    It is pi’s sing me off. Fix it . It happens regularly and is chasing me off.
  • No local news. 1/5

    By 6862899
    If I wanted crappie opinions I would go to CNN.
  • Photographs 4/5

    By Angry and Loathing in Denver
    Your articles tend to lack photographs of the subject matter that other news apps have. It helps illustrate to the reader what’s going on in the story.
  • Negative, Negative, Negative! 1/5

    By Exhausted Patriot
    The constant negative reporting is exhausting and hurtful to a nation already so divided. Media needs to take responsibility for the anger and division they have helped create. There was a time when news was reported without bias, only good reporting. Now it is filled with only opinionated stories. Keep with reporting news, we don’t need or want your constant opinions. We are educated enough to make our own judgements.
  • HORRIBLE! 1/5

    By DavBec
    The site keeps jumping around and when you try to play World News Tonight it shuts off. The other news apps are far better and work better...they need to definitely update this one because it has lots of bugs. The live option has no sound. The technology is disgusting in the USA compared to ours in the UK and Europe.
  • Tap notification, doesn’t jump to the story 1/5

    By tychadwell
    It’s really annoying. It just jumps to the top story page.
  • Crashes when playing video iPad 2/5

    By Boise gal
    Recently upgraded iPad mini 4 to latest iOS - now video won’t play; crashes app. Please update. (Works on my phone with latest iOS.
  • Me 1/5

    By keeterfaircloth1962
    Always have loved ABC The last 5 years that has changed!! So biased I can’t even watch anymore!! Not journalists just deticated Democrats.. bye to you!! So sad!!!
  • Ad volume is so f’ing obnoxious 3/5

    By LazyIronManHou
    Why is the ad volume set to twice the content level? OBNOXIOUS
  • Over rated 1/5

    By dwwright000
    Manipulates every headline. One sided.
  • Suppression of real news 1/5

    By Wratran1
    Why is your app continue to suppress the Hunter Biden deals? Slimeball Joe Biden lied several times on national TV....but your network refuse to tell the truth. Your apps continued the lies without any journalistic investigation
  • Awful 2/5

    By gallopinggourmet1
    App redo is nothing but glitchy. Stories won’t play. Video feed is overlapped with ads. Not straightforward as it used to be
  • App doesn’t not work well 1/5

    By kh7349
    Slow connection to load. Delay when making selections. Requires cable provider to see videos?? Why bother with app then.
  • Notifications don’t drive to related articles 1/5

    By Brittany2930
    When I click on a notification, I expect I’ll land on the related article... Nope. I have to hunt for it. Not sure if this is a bug, intentional, or an oversight. Also, why insert unrelated videos into articles??? When I see a video embedded in an article, I assume it’ll be related and either give me the same info as the article or at least add some value.
  • No feed at all!!! 1/5

    By La-dee-dah!
    What’s wrong with this app??? All I get is a white screen. No feed shows at all! I’ve closed and reopened app, closed the app and rebooted my phone, and deleted the app then reinstalled. The later only show the feed the first time I open the app back up then it goes back to just a white screen with no feed. I’d have to delete then reinstall the app again and again and again. So frustrating!!!!
  • Notifications on Breaking News 3/5

    By Alala55
    I love receiving notifications to breaking news. It would be even greater if they would link to the corresponding article in your app. Instead I receive a second pop up. I touch view article and it goes no where. Why not just delete the second pop up?
  • Lame push notifications. 3/5

    By Jbeeeeeeeeeeee
    So many times, including just now, there will be a headline I want to read about and then it takes me to something totally different and then I’m unable to find the article I was wanting to look at in the first place! I love abc news but this app is a little irritating at times.
  • Nice app but... 3/5

    By quiltstash
    I wish I could see the full video but the close captioning does not turn off it’s constant. There is no way to turn it off in the settings area either. I’m using an iPad and this is the current version of the app. Other than that it’s perfect I just would like to see the whole video or all of the news that’s on the bottom of the screen.
  • Biased Content 1/5

    By jesscarr123
    Non-partisan Journalism of the past is dead. ABC is too biased to left. I’m deleting the app.
  • Leftists lies 1/5

    By Keith A Vancouver, USA
    I Never believed in fake need till now.
  • Censorship 1/5

    By 1234reposition
    Ignore Biden criminal behavior. Ignore Senate vote on Justice Barrett. Very disappointed in David Muir. Hello CBS
  • Don’t get this app 1/5

    By cvhuyfd
    ABC once a day forces you to read an article whether you want to or not. The only way to cancel is the turn off phone or delete the app. Very irritating.
  • Bias media protects Democrat Biden 1/5

    By DdMacD28
    It’s despicable that one of the largest newsworthy corruption scandals in our nation cannot be found on this “News” site. I’ve always thought there was slanted journalism but Donald Trump has exposed the corrupt media for what they are...bias and fake! I’m more frightened by the loss of objective media coverage than either of the presidential candidates. This is so sad for our country. Shame on ABC News!
  • Video section never updates 2/5

    By Ms23456
    I have tried deleting and re-loading this app, refreshing app, turning off my phone and restarting—you name it, I’ve tried it. But, the videos section is ALWAYS outdated. Stories for 10/6 are showing as the latest stories for today 10/16. When I refresh, I get a never ending pinwheel that never reloads or updates the stories. I used to love this app, but can’t find a fix and outdated videos are obviously of no use. I’ve deleted and redownloaded this app at least 4 times and no change.
  • Bias is overwhelming! 1/5

    By cab3216
    I am deleting this app. Your bias during this election is blatant. I just want info on each candidate. I will make up my mind; don’t try to do that for me. What ever happened to just reporting the news! Disappointed
  • Notification Link Often Fail 3/5

    By Texas__Girl
    The notification links fail with frequency. If that happens, I do not hunt for the article. I close the app and move on with my day. Whatever it was isn’t usually so interesting that I need to work to find the article. If so, I’ll Google it and read the content from another provider. So annoying. Makes me feel like Charlie Brown when Lucy holds the football.
  • Opinion based news 1/5

    By Slc girl
    Am deleting this app due to OPINION based articles that bash the president. One sided, liberal news is not how things should be reported.
  • Abc bias news app 1/5

    By MountainTime84
    I give them no stars and deleted the app after a year. I also quit watching their one sided bias news
  • ABC news is a joke 1/5

    By michigan renko
    I am deleting your app. The amount of ridiculously biased reporting has gotten so bad, that there is no longer any benefit to watching or reading your reports. The main stream media has become laughable. Goodbye
  • Dark Mode Please 4/5

    By michael46205
    I would rate this higher if it wasn’t harsh on the eyes. Otherwise GREAT!
  • Dark mode 2/5

    By Mhighgal
    Where is the dark mode for the old people.
  • Breaking news: this app is bad 1/5

    By Cy Monsays
    ABC News has great reporting, but the app doesn’t cut it. What’s the point of seeing a breaking news alert, open it and the app just goes to the home screen instead of the article? Such a let down.
  • It’s terrible 1/5

    By No_Spoone
    It’s so bad at loading, ads popping up and not going away, freezing, and importing to find what I’m looking for. Great news outlet but terrible app.
  • Closed captioning? 1/5

    By Deafbutnotdumb
    Very disappointed that I could not watch as they were no options to enable CC.