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ABC11 Raleigh Durham

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ABC11 Raleigh Durham App

The ABC11 app provides the latest local, weather and national top stories and breaking news customized for you! Get more live and on-demand video than ever before, including live newscasts, and choose customized alerts based on your interests.   Customized “My News” that matters to you - Stay informed on stories you love by choosing customized topics. - “My News” builds a unique feed just for you based on interests and locations you choose. - Stay updated on the latest through live video, real-time updates and easy navigation.   Get alerts you want - Choose customized alerts for topics and locations you care about, from entertainment news to sports updates and everything in between. - Easily select locations in “Settings” to get the latest breaking news, weather and traffic from your area in real-time.   Watch live video - Find exclusive video clips and live video streams at the top of the app, including live news broadcasts. - Switching between live streams is as easy as flipping between channels. - Watch live video while you read stories and browse the app   Stay updated 24/7 on weather and traffic - Easily choose your locations to get hourly conditions and 7-day forecasts. - Get real-time Doppler maps along with detailed weather information from Accuweather. - Get weather and traffic alerts for severe conditions so you’re always up-to-date before you go. Before you download this app, please consider that it includes advertising, some of which may be targeted to your interests. You may choose to control targeted advertising within mobile applications by using your mobile device settings (for example, by re-setting your device's advertising identifier and/or opting out of interest based ads).

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ABC11 Raleigh Durham app reviews

  • Crash app 1/5

    By BostonDom
    App CONSTANTLY crashes. This is more like a pop-up ad app rather than a news app. Great job with the pop-ups, I’ll go delete now. Thx.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By camo Lilly
    This app is great. It keeps me updated with everything that is going on and it tells me everything I need to know. And everything is free
  • 👎👎👎👎 1/5

    By heel79
    This is very difficult to navigate and there is no way to search for a story. Also could not find any Troubleshooter stories.
  • Stop the auto play videos 2/5

    By MrsDPorter
    I like the app because the content is up to date. However the option to NOT auto play videos either doesn’t work it the fact than Disney owns ABC overrides this option and forces Lion King trailers to play randomly while reading articles. Even if there isn’t an ad for the movie within the article, it autoplays at random times and it’s annoying. While I’m excited to see the movie, I don’t need the trailer playing on its own every time I try to read a news story!
  • Pictures don’t match the articles 1/5

    By Confused Carlos
    Many pictures do not match the articles.
  • Dropping to home 2/5

    By KyNC83
    Why does this App keep dropping me back to my home screen when I’m using it? No other App does this.
  • AUTOPLAY of videos and Ads 1/5

    By Jeff-Wt
    The inability to turn off autoplay of videos is CRAP. If I wanted to watch the news, I would watch TV. I come to my phone to read the news. Their LOUD autoplay ads and stories is annoying. I will be dumping the app and this news station!
  • Can’t give it zero 1/5

    By Thin wal
    I hate the changes I have my settings for ONLY weather alerts. Yet my phone goes off at 5 am with News alerts. I’ve checked time and time again. No news settings yet I am awoken by News no more I deleted the app
  • Newest update makes app crash 2/5

    By Clicker882
    When I click on videos the whole app crashes. The weather Doppler maps won’t load.
  • Search 2/5

    By Searchermore
    This app doesn’t have a search feature. I have to go to another news app to search for articles and news that I’m interested in.
  • Second comment 3/5

    By second comment
    Need a place to make comments.
  • Crashes a lot on iPhone 8 Plus 2/5

    By eldlynese
    Anytime i click or article to read about 40 seconds into reading the app closes completely.
  • Good Read but App Malfunctions 3/5

    By _beautyundesigned
    Informative. Always up-to-date on nationwide news. Don’t like the fact that after reading for a while, the app closes out on its own. Very annoying.
  • Crashes every time 1/5

    By Maw$4me
    I agree with other post worst redesign ever. You used to be my go to site for local News. Could scroll quickly and read what I wanted. Not sure how much you paid for this update but it’s terrible.
  • Retired 16 years, first grade teacher. 2/5

    By yuck maker
    Site’s format is too busy. I’d like to be able to scroll and choose what I’d like to read first etc. but pics change into video which is very annoying to me . Maybe I’m just navigating the site incorrectly. Thanks for asking........ that being said, I absolutely watch you on tv as opposed to the other stations. I am usually pleased with the way you usually do not sensational events that warrant less attention as it may. Thank you.
  • Too many 2/5

    By bfe1
    Too many notifications that really aren’t a need to know. Only looking for breaking news, not any “tap to vote” pop ups.
  • I like the old version better 4/5

    By Shadowtoo
    I rated this version low because it's harder for me to see all of the news stories. I try to read an article and it seems to constantly move either direction to another article. This app has started playing the news article video even though I did not push play for some reason and it did not do that before so hopefully they will fix that.
  • Poor layout to new ap 1/5

    By Tony gupton
    It’s not better. The old layout was more user friendly. I just got the app on my iPad. I need to remove it. Today’s news is not that relevant as it is very biased anyhow. It does not reflect working America’s values. I can find more real news and better perspectives through google searches.
  • Frequent crashes 1/5

    By fixwtbd'sapp
    For no reason while reading an article and not touching the screen the app goes either black or back to the iPhone home screen. Even trying to send feedback the waiting to load icon stays on. This app used to be a 5 rating now it is a zero for the frustrating operation
  • Glitches 1/5

    By Ginger Lindell
    Lots and lots of glitches. Kind of like the old days on the internet.
  • 👎 1/5

    By no longer app userr
    Do not like your app at all. Can’t find anything. No search feature. Please please update.
  • App crashes 2/5

    By Jackdhol
    When reading a article the app crashes and goes to my home screen.Really annoying
  • The Least Professional News App I have Ever Seen! 1/5

    By QueenIsis
    The grammar is atrocious and I can’t see certain stories without the app skipping over the article. It played commercials over the audio of news stories and the spelling and punctuation is shameful. The app quits 5 or 6 times every hour and many stories leave out crucial information and apparently is a bit biased. I’ve had this app for years but will not tolerate it anymore. Deleted till they become a professional, unbiased news app. Please delete.
  • App Constantly Crashing 1/5

    By AL2FL2TX2NC
    This is one of the worst apps that I have ever used. It crashes while scrolling, it crashes while reading.
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By Amw762
    Automatically plays videos, gets really annoying when I’m trying to just read the news
  • Rick “RYAN Garvin 5/5

    By Rick Ryan Garvin
    Took a little bit to get used to but once I really got into it it’s one of the best apps I think I’ve ever seen......Well what happened!!!!!...The WTVD app keeps dropping off, what has happened.... difficulty watching anything other than live feeds.....Yes I have reinstalled the app but problem is still there, even changed from 2.4 to 5 gig and no help.....RSVP please !!!
  • Always on oointy 5/5

    By BMS Stylist
  • Poor programming. 1/5

    By nebdbchdhdb
    App randomly crashes and it’s definitely not this phone. Also almost every news article has a typo....sad.
  • Music/ videos 1/5

    By GrannyDebBeads
    Please do not start unless viewer oks!!!
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Fhhh17$
    Crashes every day on iPad. Used to work fine.
  • Auto play video is annoying 1/5

    By stevebrantley
    App auto plays news videos, loudly, even when the app setting is changed to not auto play videos
  • App 4/5

    By Kat0117
    I love the app and reading the current and up to date information. It needs an update though because it keeps closing out of the app even in the middle of an article.
  • Do not like your app 1/5

    By tk831
    Your app needs to be Re-worked. Having the windows for each article so large on the left makes it difficult to search for specific news by having to swipe down through all the windows. Why not make them smaller so one can glance through them quickly to find what I want to read. Then have it open full screen when touched instead of having an article shown on the right all the time. Not used friendly!
  • Keeps Crashing 3/5

    By Brodilocks
    I usually love this app, but these last few days the app keeps crashing. It just turns off by itself, which has been frustrating.
  • Trying to find article on chronic pain patients 3/5

    By caryhousewife
    I was trying to find an article about a blurb on abc11 news at 6:00 Thursday and couldn’t find it on line.
  • RMPDwifey 5/5

    By RMPDwifey
    I absolutely love this app. It provides everything I need. I don’t have to wait until noon or 6, the alerts keep me updated regularly. Great job WTVD🙂
  • Very good app 5/5

    By Yasmine Jordan
    Very good app for someone who doesn’t watch news on TV. Informative and keeps my attention. Easy to use
  • Searching your site 1/5

    By ImUrHuclbery
    There appears to be no way for me to search for news that interests me. Why is there no search bar? Often I get a notification from your site, only to go try and find it later, it’s impossible. Strange website design...not user friendly. Also, the split screen format is not reader friendly, to compartmentalized. Where is the comment section for each article? How can I see how my other citizens are reacting to each article..You should look into completely redesigning your site.
  • I've had enough 1/5

    By The man who never was
    UPDATE UPDATE: And now random commercials that aren't even yet scrolled to on the screen, start auto-playing, blaring out some craptastic music. I don't even know what they're selling and already they've made me mad as hell. Please tell me which doofus thought this was a good idea. That's it. I'm done. I can't take any more of this. Deleted. UPDATE: This crapapp just got worse. Now today Kraft ads keep popping up even though I definitely DID NOT click on them. What is this? International Annoy the Customer Day? Original review: I used to be able to easily see several headlines on the screen and pick what I wanted to read. Now, I can only see one at a time, and sometimes that one isn't even a story, it's an ad. And to top it off, on many of the headlines the video starts playing while I'm trying to read the headline to figure out if I want to read the article in the first place, which is very distracting. What were they thinking? Let's just make everything bigger and more in your face? Did someone really think this was an improvement? And then there are the reporters' Facebook posts or a video that are embedded in the article, but scroll separately - that is, you can't scroll the article and have to somehow find a sliver of screen above or below it to get some scrolling traction. What were they thinking? And finally, there needs to be a better way to report grammatical errors for the reporters who slept through Language Arts classes and are too lazy to check the copy for incorrect homonyms or can't remember the difference between "its" and "it's". By the time I get to the Contact Us page, I don't remember the headline or have the whole incorrect sentence memorized. Why don't you put a Report Typos button on the bottom of every article? And why do I have to type in my name and contact info just to politely let you know of yet another error?
  • Auto play is obnoxious 1/5

    By Bill4ness
    Don’t make me opt out of auto play. It’s just poor form. I know how to click play if I want to.
  • Annoying pop-up ads! 1/5

    By LittkeBakers
    I used to love this app but now an ad pops up every time I select a news story. Even if my sound is off, the ads come on at full volume. This is unacceptable so I’m deleting the app.
  • What is up with the auto play videos? 1/5

    By crazycatlady72
    For the past few weeks or so, every time I go to a news story, the associated video autoplays. Since I’m often checking news in places where this would be obnoxious to others or while my husband is asleep, this is unacceptable.
  • Awful Design 1/5

    By Hawkman123
    Poor design and hard to use for a news app. Prefer other news apps to this. The scroll is not fluid.
  • ABC11 NEWS you are the one!! 5/5

    By Pcanxtc
    I love getting new as it happens. It helps me to stay more informed and just in case I miss it on tv I can catch it on the ABC11 app.
  • Has great short info 5/5

    By I♥️my dog
    Helps me when I am in a hurry to go somewhere. This app has also helped me tackle a school project about what is going on in the news today THANK YOU!
  • Best Local News 5/5

    By mizzterb
    2019 Best anchors, best weather personnel and best field reporters in the business.
  • New iOS upgrade 1/5

    By Hunkleberry
    I used this app whenever the news was not on tv. Now with the new upgrade I'm hardly able to access anything but the weather and traffic. News in its many forms is important to everybody. When these upgrades are made you are shutting a lot of people out. Many people are getting frustrated because what was there and very reliable is no longer of use. I myself will find another app for my local news because it's no longer an update it's a restriction. Sorry if you think this is actually better.
  • Storm coverage 1/5

    By RG Sassy
    Cannot control my excitement watching news personalities driving around-almost as exciting as watching paint dry. Seriously there is a big world out there and news coverage available except in Raleigh area . Thank heavens for CNN.
  • Weather coverage 5/5

    By Holy Spirit Led
    I truly appreciate the live coverage including photos of road conditions and accident locations

ABC11 Raleigh Durham app comments

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