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  • Current Version: 6.0.4
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ABC30 Fresno App

The ABC30 app provides the latest local, weather and national top stories and breaking news customized for you! Get more live and on-demand video than ever before, including live newscasts, and choose customized alerts based on your interests.   Customized “My News” that matters to you - Stay informed on stories you love by choosing customized topics. - “My News” builds a unique feed just for you based on interests and locations you choose. - Stay updated on the latest through live video, real-time updates and easy navigation.   Get alerts you want - Choose customized alerts for topics and locations you care about, from entertainment news to sports updates and everything in between. - Easily select locations in “Settings” to get the latest breaking news, weather and traffic from your area in real-time.   Watch live video - Find exclusive video clips and live video streams at the top of the app, including live news broadcasts. - Switching between live streams is as easy as flipping between channels. - Watch live video while you read stories and browse the app   Stay updated 24/7 on weather and traffic - Easily choose your locations to get hourly conditions and 7-day forecasts. - Get real-time Doppler maps along with detailed weather information from Accuweather. - Get weather and traffic alerts for severe conditions so you’re always up-to-date before you go.


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ABC30 Fresno app reviews

  • Best news station in the Central Valley! 5/5

    By wa wat
    This is the only news station I watch or listen to! As it has been for the 33 years we’ve lived in Fresno! The best most professional team!
  • Love my home town FRESNO 5/5

    By mrsp0118
    Love my home town FRESNO I love getting text messages but breaking news alerts and what’s going on in town love this app
  • ABC30 app 3/5

    By #Gramps16
    I don’t like this new “app” because I cannot find information regarding the station’s reporter staff that was a great feature in the previous “app.” Other than that, I think it functions slightly better. I am definitely not satisfied because of the missing previous staff info.
  • Misleading locations 1/5

    By A C Garcia
    Why is it the news stories start out listing the local of the story “Fresno, CA. When it takes place in Lemoore or Hanford or Tulare? Do you need to make Fresno more important than everyone else? Art G. “VISALIA, CA”
  • Alerts 2/5

    By Cribbing
    An alert comes across my phone, when I click on it it isn’t there.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By abcisbias
    App often looses connection and plays the next news video without prompting. But what I find distasteful is the lack of respect the news reporters show our President. I understand that abc is connected to the Disney empire, and their blatant bias shows in the stories they write. An example is when they refer to what Trump has said, they’ll use negative worlds like, “rhetoric, hostile, angry and taunting”, which is to my opinion an obvious attempt to paint an unfavorable image. When posting a picture of President Trump they chose to print an unflattering, angry, or just a down right ugly picture. Again, to reflect a negative image. When President Obama was in office, you wouldn’t see this obvious bias reporting done by abc news. Shame on you all
  • Constant typos and grammatical errors. 1/5

    By MonikaL
    Stories are poorly written, with many typos and errors, both factual and grammatical. There is no "report a typo" option like most news apps have. Emails pointing out the errors are ignored. Briefly there was a twitter feed pointing out the errors on the ABC30 twitter stream, but instead of fixing the errors, they blocked that feed. ABC30 - we make many mistakes and we don't care! In the app, there is a form to make suggestions. If you fill the entire form out and submit it, it fails with an error message. The app, like the news reporting, is half assed and poorly done.
  • Hate the new app!!! 1/5

    By LuceGirl
    I can’t rotate my phone and watch the videos in full screen (horizontally). I also hate that I have to flip through each story like pages of a book. It’s annoying. I used to read the news every night on this app but unless they go back to the thumbnails on the side I’ll never reload this app on my phone. DELETED!!
  • If it’s not broken don’t fix it 1/5

    By Sunshine2vixen
    Miss the old app and the old storm warn app!!!
  • Great up to date. 5/5

    By Caitbry
    It’s on the news as it happens. Love this app. When I can’t see it on tv.
  • ABC 30 app 2/5

    By Popa Rog
    Don’t like it. Previous one was much better.
  • Awful 1/5

    By mrsgoot
    This new app version on my phone is terrible. For one example, it doesn’t match with the ABC 30 app on my iPad. I’ve refreshed it over and over for the foggy day schedule which continues to show a plan A, when in actuality it is Plan B. However the app shows it’s been updated just minutes ago. I also dislike the navigational process of this app.
  • Just missing 1 thing. 4/5

    By Wakes me!
    I enjoy the app a lot. I wish it had a search engine. I’ve also seen that not all things or something n the app that are on the full website. Besides that I like it a lot & use it frequently.
  • App never loads 1/5

    By Lindsay1972
    Whether on LTE or WIFi the app never loads. I could not even use the feedback form in the app.
  • The Best!! 5/5

    By VictoriaRose48
    This is the best and accurate news around. This news station has been my favorite for 50 years!!
  • Disappointed in new version 1/5

    By K n Cali
    Don’t like new version! Top news won’t even open. Says I need internet connection which I have. Bring back the old version!
  • New updated app 3/5

    By Chuckydan
    Not thrilled about the new apps look and functionality. Liked the old one better. Easier to manage.
  • If it ain't broke.... 1/5

    By ReDeYe_
    New version is clunky. Used to use it daily. No I just try to avoid it and almost thinking of deleting it.
  • New layout is terrible 1/5

    By EazyEandthe3
    I liked the old layout. The new layout is terrible. You can only see two stories at a time and have to keep swiping up to find something that interests you. The old layout was much better because you could see many more stories and find something that interests you. Now it’s like I’m being spoon fed...terrible.
  • New Formatt 1/5

    By gppargolf
    I don’t like the new formatted the ABC30 news. Don’t force me to watch a video. I still prefer to read the article and then possible view the video. But that’s my choice
  • Least favorite news app 1/5

    By Kraig57
    Having to scroll thru every story is a pain. I prefer to see headlines and a small pic of multiple stories giving me the option of which articles to access. The new app makes me read each article headline scrolling thru all articles before the option to choose to read an article. ABC30 news app went from one of my favorites to my least favorite and last news app I view to examine news. Not even the local news generates any appeal. I prefer other news apps first. 😳
  • Do not like new format 1/5

    By Deez77
    I personally don't like the updated app. Before the update it wasn't a great app. The news doesn't change for 2-3 days.
  • The new app is horrible 1/5

    By newabcappsucks
    I hate that I have to go through every single story. I am going to delete it and start using the Fox 26 app.
  • Not user friendly. 1/5

    By Kirch400
    The new update is horrible. Hard to navigate and hard to find certain stories. Really miss the old layout.
  • The new app is not good! 1/5

    By wchart
    I’m not sure why it was changed. But the new layout is not user friendly.
  • Lousy format 1/5

    By Country Mike
    I hate it and have not been using it. I used to be able to see all the headlines almost on the same screen. Now I have to scroll and scroll and scroll and, quite frankly, the inefficiency blows. Try again ABC 30.
  • This app is a joke 1/5

    By ButtermilkFarms
    Why Why Why WhyWhy WhyWhy Why did you change the best news app ever? The new one is horrible. Agggghhhhhhhhh!!!!
  • Too much video 1/5

    By Sherry bags
    ABC30’s new app is a data eating machine. Every article pops up with already running video of said story. If I wanted to watch live TV I’d tune in to a television.
  • New Look 1/5

    By Fix Site Image
    Go back to the old version. This new one is horrible I’ve given it a week and I still don’t like. I’m sure I’m not the only one. I will be deleting soon. Thanks
  • Previous version better 2/5

    By Rich Duarte
    The previous version was better. I understand upgrading the app but didn’t really need an upgrade like this one. It was better seeing the stories like before not the new updated way. Just my opinion.
  • Old app 1/5

    By Srramirez_76
    Don’t like the new set up of this app. Like the older set up!
  • Not an improvement 2/5

    By Ianaka007
    This new app for ABC30 feels much too constricting. The home page only shows the top two stories. I liked the old app better because I was able to see a wider variety of stories on the home page. Can I switch it back to the old one?
  • Finally I can pick the notifications I want 5/5

    By Glissemaster
    I like that I can pick my notification categories in the settings. Layout is cleaner and I like the new explore function. Very neat and organized.
  • New format 1/5

    By Clovis homeowner
    I cannot stand the new format after the update. Deleting
  • Unhappy 1/5

    By Noelaines
    I used to be able to go to work and watch and read the news. Now I have to be connected to my WiFi to do this. Why????
  • Love the new upgrade! 5/5

    By PRS986
    Great new layout! Love the ability to customize which news stories I see and push alerts I get. 👍👍👍
  • Don’t like it 1/5

    By 1martyn1
    Liked the old app better.
  • Not a fan of the new format 1/5

    By Xtinaluv999
    The new format shows one story at a time and forces the user to scroll through each story to see what the next one is. It was SO much easier in the old format where the user sees a list of stories and could tap in the one they wanted to see.
  • Horrible change 1/5

    By dadd1919
    The prior ABC30 app was great. A list of news stories loaded and you could very quickly scoll down the list to read the items that interested you. Now, the screen is filled with a big picture and one story and you have to keep swiping to see the next story. It's really slow and you end up swiping past a bunch of stories that are of no interest. I checked this app every day but doubt if I will do so now.
  • Needs new editors 3/5

    By CC 142
    Im not sure who writes or edits their news articles that they publish, but wow!! Grammar, punctuation and simple spelling are out the window with 90% of their articles. I’m embarrassed FOR them on a daily basis.
  • Not what I expected 2/5

    By TV 55
    I wanted the ability to watch regular tv shows. Not available here.
  • Spelling 1/5

    By Sarah Impalin
    They can't even spell correctly as many others pointed out. Plus their fascism across social media is disgusting.
  • Awesome !!!! 5/5

    By Valerie G- Fresno Ca
    I absolutely love this app and I love ABC30 ... I love how they keep us updated on everything going from breaking news to emergency alerts in the state, city or country. I recommend everybody to get this app it is very helpful and useful.
  • Great News App 5/5

    By mcruzee
    I love using the Chanel 30 News App I can always count on the latest News and updates. I highly recommend this App.
  • Well... 2/5

    By Nana and Bubby
    ABC 30 would get a better rating from me if it weren't for the glaring liberal bias. I use this ap to get my local news and try to ignore the not so subtle jabs against republicans.
  • Have to kill the app every time to refresh 1/5

    By F'n Norm
    The app does not auto refresh on iPhone you have to kill the app to get current conditions every time. I use mostly for weather the old ABC30 app did auto refresh and most importantly in Los Banos it showed the wind speed and predicted wind speed by hour this is very useful in planning outdoor activities or choirs or if wind is really going to pick up you don't want your boat on San Luis reservoir. This is a huge downgrade from the old app!! Can I just get the old app back!! Please put the predicted wind speeds and fix the auto refresh problem
  • Sick of AD VIDEO 1/5

    By Fresno CA
    Can I please watch a news video without being forced to watch that stupid "DOERS" app by PG&E? EVERY TIME BEFORE EVERY VIDEO!
  • ABC 30 3/5

    By Billibob93638
    I grew up with "Channel 30" but lately I am concerned About the liberal/Progressive bias.. keep it impartial guys or I will go elsewhere for my news. Thank you.
  • Love the information it gives... except 1/5

    By Shaelarheanne
    ABC 30 is my absolute favorite news station. I love getting the notifications telling me about what is going on in my community. The only thing is, I use the voice over accessibility feature on the iPhone and when I click the full story button at the end of some articles, my screen goes blank. This makes me have to restart the app and open it back up, then go back to the story and open it again. My only reason for a 1 star is because I would really really appreciate this being fixed!
  • Great AP 5/5

    By Citrus One
    I usually hit this AP once a day. Well organized and easy to read and rarely not up to date.

ABC30 Fresno app comments


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