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  • Current Version: 6.3.0
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ABC7 Los Angeles App

The ABC7 app provides the latest local, weather and national top stories and breaking news customized for you! Get more live and on-demand video than ever before, including live newscasts, and choose customized alerts based on your interests.   Customized “My News” that matters to you - Stay informed on stories you love by choosing customized topics. - “My News” builds a unique feed just for you based on interests and locations you choose. - Stay updated on the latest through live video, real-time updates and easy navigation.   Get alerts you want - Choose customized alerts for topics and locations you care about, from entertainment news to sports updates and everything in between. - Easily select locations in “Settings” to get the latest breaking news, weather and traffic from your area in real-time.   Watch live video - Find exclusive video clips and live video streams at the top of the app, including live news broadcasts. - Switching between live streams is as easy as flipping between channels. - Watch live video while you read stories and browse the app   Stay updated 24/7 on weather and traffic - Easily choose your locations to get hourly conditions and 7-day forecasts. - Get real-time Doppler maps along with detailed weather information from Accuweather. - Get weather and traffic alerts for severe conditions so you’re always up-to-date before you go.

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ABC7 Los Angeles app reviews

  • Ads, Ads, and more Ads 1/5

    By Kings fan77
    Start reading an article then one of the many ads loads and sends you to the bottom of the article, loosing your place reading. Frustrating enough to make me close and delete the app. With all the updates regularly, it seems to be getting worse tbh. Shame.
  • Drop in quality 3/5

    By cwconrad
    Okay, app. Lot of software glitches. Freezes and log in issues
  • Too many commercials 3/5

    By Mike W. from DHS, CA
    The app works great but the 30 second commercials you can’t skip over are frustrating. If you move from clip to clip to get important information that may be lifesaving you must first endure a commercial before the news segment. There are significantly more commercials than ANY news cast. “The mountain is sliding towards your home, but not before this commercial break!!!”
  • Bugs 2/5

    By Dudeman2000
    I have used this app for my local news for a couple years. There is a 50/50 chance that it will play the commercial and news cast at the same time. I can’t believe they can’t fix this bug. It’s been doing this for at least a year. Time to find a different news source.
  • Has become very glitchy with all the ads 3/5

    By Surfchingon
    Difficult to read an article nowadays.
  • 7 day forecast 2/5

    By EspinaFam
    Not sure what happened, but I used to be able to click on the weather section and easily see the 7 day forecast. Somehow it has disappeared. It was the easiest way to plan your week or the next few days at a glance.
  • Needs a lot of work 1/5

    By JC73300
    This app has been plagued with issue after issue regarding its design. The biggest issue is when you click on a story and start reading it is also bringing in other content such as tweets or ads. This other content is so slow to load and when it does the whole article shifts and you have to scroll up and down to find where you were reading. The other problem is when clicking on images you have no way to get back so you have to force quit the app. Please fix what is otherwise a useful app.
  • Weather for high desert 1/5

    By Palmdale in AV
    Why do you always skip the 5 day forecast for the high desert sometimes! It’s so annoying. I guess if you have too much news by the time you get to the weather we in the AV are ignored. So irritating. Please don’t skip us Dallas! We watch your news network too!
  • Doesn’t load 1/5

    By Calpaw
    Articles don’t load and crashes
  • ABC7 News 1/5

    By Used to Love ABC7
    The app for my iPhone worked much better prior to the last update. Besides the fact that the newsfeed is only updated once a day, seems like it anyway, the scrolling is so slow and sketchy, you don’t want to deal with. The fix: go to Google news, BBC, New York Times, anywhere but here, to get your news.
  • Fix your video issues 3/5

    By Can I get a Witness!
    This app worked better before the updates. Now, the videos usually don’t play, play the wrong audio or may play the wrong video from another story. Fix your app!!
  • News video 5/5

    By Sameshyapril
    I use to like this app before all the videos, I’m hearing impaired and need to read about articles, so I’m disappointed , I can no longer do that
  • Terrible ABC7LA news app 1/5

    By fstnr
    The apps video ads can and will autoplay EVEN if you have disabled it in setting. They are bias on what they include in news reports, and will favor certain go fund me links and stories over others. Various reporting inaccuracies. :-(
  • App crashes to much 3/5

    By Margarita Don
    I read the news on you app and it crashes at least twice while I'm on the app. Very disappointing.
  • 🙄 2/5

    By Girly567
    I’m annoyed because when I try to watch a video about the news it doesn’t load correctly and the add will play over the video and will play at the same time and it will lock up and I can not pause it or anything and have to close the app and restart just for it to do it again!!!! I will have to find another news app.
  • Poor Reading Experience 2/5

    By Zerber22
    The ads are too long to load which causes the page to jump while in the middle of reading an article.
  • Article pages jump while reading 2/5

    By NatalieTk
    Every time I click on an article and begin reading, the text of the article jumps and I lose my place and have to find it again because the ads on the page take longer to load than everything else. The second the ad loads while you’re already halfway through the article, you lose your spot and have to scroll around to find it again. So annoying.
  • Slow and Live feature works poorly 3/5

    By SD949Brian
    I hope your Web/App Dept. Will soon work & update your app whereby those attempting to watch the news can actually count on it working. Always slow and after ads are over the news doesn’t return.
  • Okay if you like searching 3/5

    By GreatBerm
    Stories are in no apparent order. Would like to see them by time, most recent at the top.
  • ABC News app. 1/5

    By RealFeedBack1
    Terrible app. When you hit the news video, a ad loads. When it’s complete the News Video won’t play. Hit it again and you get another ad but not the News video. Apps a waste of time
  • Unstable app 2/5

    By Beach. Bum
    Cannot completely read an article on any given subject without it jumping to the end. Very agonizing to get read articles & after a year of aggravation, I think it’s time to switch to a different news network app. The layout of the site is great compared to competitors, however the instability of reading an article is just too much effort!
  • Poor 2/5

    By Johnybas
    App crashes frequently and the news doesn’t not update often
  • I love My ABC App 5/5

    By Jen Locations
    I love our ABC news team! So so glad to be stay connected to the latest breaking news with the best news team in the business! Thank you ABC!
  • Video 1/5

    By Cottage Girls
    I’m going to start using another news app. The videos never work, on the other hand the ads in the beginning of the video work perfect but never connects with the news video. Also, the copyright date is 2017 makes me think that this app is neglected.
  • All in one place 4/5

    By MVMike
    I like this customizable aggregator of news and events. I’d give 5 stars if there was more O.C. News.
  • Fix your video. Commercials play during videos. 1/5

    By Crazyirish661
    Thank you for making a great update on the app. Works great and easy to navigate.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By NYYazFan
    Great alerts news weather updates. And it’s updated often many of the news apps don’t update the news in a timely manner.
  • Breaking News 2/5

    By bsvenegas
    iPhone 6, iOS 12.0.1 I no longer get breaking news alerts. I've deleted and reinstalled the app and checked the notification settings. Any ideas? Thanks
  • Glitches/ ads!! 1/5

    By WHATS up85
    Please fix the glitches: adds seem to play at the same time as news videos. Makes it difficult to hear and watch. VERY ANNOYING!!! Why do we have to see an ad for every news report!!!! This problems are unfortunately gonna make me leave this app and look for another!!! Please FIX!!!!
  • ABC7LA 5/5

    By Krystellove
    I love this app it gives me all breaking new and i which them on tv too there are my favorite news ever
  • Meh... 1/5

    By n64king
    Stopped working all together. If that wasn’t enough the commercials are absolutely too long
  • app stopped working 1/5

    By pdk_car
    All of the sudden there is an internet connection message. Everything else is working and connected but this app. Can’t get any news.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By cksponge
    I was Born in California and grew up with channel 7 eyewitness news as a teenager I remember watching Christine Lund as one and the news casters and I continue to watch it today even though in 2010 I move to Pocatello Idaho our news is not nearly as professional and lacks giving information of other parts of the world. I watch channel 7 eyewitnesses news every day.
  • App not showing news 1/5

    By Ladyruiz
    Since the last update, the news has an error and won’t load
  • App keeps showing error message 1/5

    By terrible bad app
    App worked fine for a while then suddenly starts showing Error message with no information as to why. Update of app didnt help.
  • Lack of stream 1/5

    By donewihseven
    Not getting your stream today
  • The commercial app 2/5

    By lineshop09
    If you like commercials, this app is just for you!!!!!!
  • Even more broken 1/5

    By Quartermaster2000
    **update** decided to re-lower the rating back to one star. Imbedding videos in the app only to have them cause it to continuously crash is not acceptable. As well as the increase in advertising imbedded in every story, now takes so long to load, you can start reading a story, get a couple of paragraphs in and completely lose your place and have to literally scroll to search and find where your current paragraph has been repositioned to on the might just be time to delete this app, it gets worse over time, not better*** Only being able to watch uploaded/pre-recorded video in landscape, while live video must be watched in portrait is just stupid. And the audio....why is this the only app in the world that forces you to switch off vibrate mode to enable the audio? Even YouTube fixed that... And while this is a review for the app, you would be given a 0 or no stars if I were to take into consideration your obviously non-objective, clearly left leaning spin on stories. Oh how I long for the days when journalists just told the story while sticking to the facts, without all the "ketchup & mustard" or "salt & pepper" peanut gallery opinions. Even the stories when you're appearing to be objective verbally, while conveying contempt or an opinion through inflection and body language and think nobody sees through this...but I digress, it's only an app review. So pretty much all the same gripes remain, but they are occurring with more frequency which is why I lowered the rating back to only 1 star.
  • Not Compatible with iPhone X 1/5

    By Phearing
    Make the darn app compatible with iPhone X!!!! Please...
  • Jumps all over the place 2/5

    By jhonnnniiiii
    This app jumps all over the place when I’m trying to read a story. You click on a story and scroll down to read it but it suddenly goes down as you read it.
  • Poor format 1/5

    By Nararyu2k10
    This new update is not an improvement . The recent update created more inconveniences by forcing the user to scroll through every story . Fix it to the previous
  • Very bias app 1/5

    By latin cali
    I will delete this democratic app from my phone today , you have no respect for the president . He is our president the people voted and I’m a minority . Build the wall protect our borders .!!!!!
  • Poor layout , bring back the one from a year ago. 1/5

    By gchcj=jg
  • Video starting on their own. 1/5

    By majordomoson
    Corrected my issue in settings regarding video starting on their own.
  • Do not like this format at all 1/5

    By duhdind
    I can never find what I want and live feeds are impossible to locate
  • Deborah Cosentino 1/5

    By mrs cosentino
    I can’t find Laurie Corbin and her story on osteoporosis workouts. How do I find her . The app is very difficult to find things on
  • What a joke! 1/5

    By abc7exploits
    I honestly feel sorry for your newscasters who I’ve been watching for years. They are the reason I’m having a hard time weaning myself off your local news. Your coverage of local news is very exploitive and obviously focused on ratings. Your national news is very biased and probably a reflection of your “head” person who has political aspirations. Anyways, I’m probably not the only one leaving... just having a hard time going to another channel cause I love your newscasters.
  • Station 4/5

    By Twzrs27
    Hate the latest version/update. Also because you don't update frequently it seems like it's always messed up. Can never get good info. Love the station watch it all the time but if your app doesn't get better will get another station on line
  • Absolute Fake News 1/5

    By 17maga20
    ABC on shows us partial news. Intentionally leaves out pro POTUS news. I hope you continue to fail. ABC, you are a disgrace to the people. Ron

ABC7 Los Angeles app comments

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