Acorns: Invest Spare Change

Acorns: Invest Spare Change

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  • Current Version: 3.2.9
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Acorns: Invest Spare Change App

Join over 4 million people and start investing your spare change with Acorns! Sign up in under 5 minutes and grow from there with a full financial wellness system at your fingertips. Supported by leading investors, innovators and press like BlackRock, PayPal, Ashton Kutcher and CNBC. “Acorns is a simple, low-stress way to start investing.” -CNBC(1) Simple transparent pricing starting at just $1/month. Invest for your future • We automatically invest your spare change from everyday purchases with Round-Ups! • Add as little as $5/day, week or month with a Recurring Investment! • Make a One-Time Investment or withdraw for free when you need it. • Invest in a diversified smart portfolio including thousands of stocks and bonds, built by experts and recommended for you! • Add an Acorns Later retirement account for just $1 more per month! “Acorns takes saving to the next level by helping you automatically invest.” -Forbes(2) Spend smarter • Upgrade to Acorns Spend, the only checking account with a debit card that saves and invests for you! Just $3 per month. • Tungsten metal debit card in signature Acorns green. • No low-balance or overdraft fees and free or fee-reimbursed ATMs nationwide! • Earn Local Found Money — up to 10% from select local restaurants and businesses! • All-digital banking, from direct deposit to instant card-lock. “You think you need thousands of dollars to invest...not the case anymore because there’s an app called Acorns.” -Good Morning America(3) Earn Found Money • 300+ top brands that invest in you when you shop! • Earn even more from side gigs with Airbnb, Uber, Lyft and more! “Acorns is my favorite money app, because it makes it simple and cheap to make small investments.” -Business Insider(4) Grow your knowledge Original money how-tos, news and interviews with advice from Tony Robbins, Kevin Durant and more! “Acorns. This is a fabulous app.” -The Today Show(5) Security • Your data is protected with 256-bit encryption and never stored on your devices. • Acorns Securities, LLC is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). Your investments are protected up to $500,000. • Acorns Spend is an FDIC-insured checking account all the way to $250,000, plus fraud protection and instant, all-digital card lock. • Continuous fraud monitoring. “Acorns is quickly turning into an oak tree in the financial services space.” -TechCrunch(6) Pricing Acorns offers simple, subscription pricing at three tiers for $1, $2 or $3 per month until you have $1 million invested with us. “With the help of Acorns, investing is now made for everyone.” -Forbes(7) Sources 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Investing involves risk including loss of principal. Image is for illustrative purposes only and shows hypothetical account balance growth of an account and does not represent an actual or typical client experience. For important disclosure regarding this graph, please carefully review the information found on the in-app 'potential' screen. This app is operated by Acorns Advisers, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Brokerage services are provided to clients of Acorns by Acorns Securities, an SEC registered broker-dealer and member FINRA/SIPC. Investments are not FDIC insured and may lose value. Investing involves risk and investments may lose value, including the loss of principal. Please consider your objectives and Acorns fees before investing. Past performance does not guarantee future results. "Acorns", the Acorns logo and "Invest the Change" are registered trademarks of Acorns Grow Incorporated. Copyright © 2019 Acorns and/or its affiliates. Information about FINRA is available at Explanatory brochures about SIPC protection are available upon request or at

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Acorns: Invest Spare Change app reviews

  • Great Idea 1/5

    By Sad Acorns Investor
    I was very excited at first about investing with Acorns. I send them a small amount each week, forget about it and ride the up and down waves. This was all great until today. Today at 9am after the open, I wanted to see where I was. Unfortunately, Acorns let me know that they were resetting the system and that it would be back in 15 minutes.....30, 60, 90, 120, ALL DAY there was NO information. As I close my night today, it’s still down. I question this company as they are very good at finding all the ways that you can give them money to invest. My problem is that their market graphs, information about where my money is being invested....and most of all folks, check all the fees that you are being charged! Over $10 a month, while losing money, not showing where it goes, and can’t even have the app work for a whole day in a volatile market. Check yourselves. Acorns is a scam.
  • Great for saving money 4/5

    By Davis9+84+6514+651
    Not a fan of the fees, but overall a good app
  • Don’t be fooled - there are fees 1/5

    By Dkatt
    If you don’t meet their minimum balance ($5,000) you are charged a monthly fee. You also get charged a yearly fee if you’re under $5,000 at the year’s end. They go out of their way to make it seem like there are no fees associated with the app - this is simply not the case. Very misleading
  • Getting your money 1/5

    By cuby4 u
    You will have a hard time withdrawing your money.
  • ACORNS! 5/5

    By dstndestroyer
    This is a wonderful business model for those starting up an account and for those who are beginners at investing.
  • Skip this one 1/5

    By pennypower101
    This company does great with Customer Service however their investment team is horrible. After being in for a year and watching the market grow my overall account balance is in the negative.I have contacted Customer Service to discuss it with them and they really couldn’t give an explanation, But they said that they would have investment person contact me. There was no further effort to discuss it I never got a call.
  • Everything is young fresh and new. 5/5

    By edg1081
    I just started, I enjoy the fact that its small investment and I can see the changes daily. Enjoy saving everything and investing my change. Fun learning tool for my High school son learning about investing.
  • They have been stealing my money 1/5

    By Best of nekki
    I thought that the round-up was the money you get back for everyday purchases but apparently I was sadly mistaken because every round-up value I received they took that money start out of my account and now my account is in the negatives.
  • Clarkhouse 5/5

    By clarkhousehol
  • Great & makes you want to learn to grow $ 5/5

    By Hovers ion
    Awesome way to save money. It isn’t readily available to take out without it processing, so it’s pointless unless you intend on saving up. One feature I really like is their scale that you can adjust to you “if you invest $25 a week, at 74yrs old you could have -whatever amount- $834,000. It shows you where and how you money is invested, the percentage, and gives you the option to change your risk. You can do different degrees of risk. I also think it’s interesting to read some of the articles. As someone who never understood investing, it makes you start to want to learn. The reward - earn money- is great. It has tons of places, discounts, and money to earn at places you use daily. Walmart, Apple, iPhone, etc. Only complaint is the earn money section needs to be an easier process or better explanation.
  • Wish the app would work 2/5

    By Stojevich27
    I feel like every time I try to log-in I get error messages telling me to check back later. I haven’t been able to access my account in over a month.
  • Brutal layout and app functioning 1/5

    By Hewrotd
    This might be the worst app I have invested with. The whole platform is incredibly out of date and it’s hard to navigate without getting pressured to buy a card from them. Took over 10 days to get my account set up and I can say that was a waste of time and anticipation.
  • Not worth the headache 1/5

    By Nich12101136
    This is the first (and probably only) app I have reviewed, that’s how awful it is. Would not link my bank account and kept pulling money from my account. Went back and forth with customer service for two weeks who were less than helpful and just went around in circles. Took me 30 seconds to get my account linked with another app that does something similar. Pretty big error for an app that his literally one job.
  • Excited about my Acorns!! 5/5

    By Perksgirl8
    I have not had much money bc of raising three children, one of those children was a very sick child, a sick husband, going to school (which I still owe for), three funerals for two children and my husband, and a loan for my daughter’s wedding. I am encouraged that I am able to invest a small amount of money that will grow and also become educated about investing at the same time.
  • Love the savings! 4/5

    By Elenalovesacirns
    I just would prefer to not see my balance first thing when I log in because it makes me want to pull it out! That’s a personal self control issue I know.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Asswalrussss
    Acorn is the worse for these reasons: 1. Charge a maintenance fee 2. The investment has been -3% 3. If you use the app on your IPhone the app settings does not have the option it says online to close your account. My advice don’t sign up for this ever. If you want to invest either download Robinhood and buy stocks for free or just stick to your 401k . You will lose on this investment!!!!
  • Technical difficulties 2/5

    By Dasbootjoe
    For over a week now I’ve been getting an error when trying log in. “Our apologies! We are experiencing a technical problem...” Very frustrating to say the least.
  • A good way to save money 5/5

    By Fran Santillana
    I use this app to invest but most importantly to save money. By allocating change to this Acorns account which invests it for me, I’m actually saving more money than just putting it in my savings account.
  • Locked out for over a month 1/5

    By _RH_
    Acorns has locked me out of my account for over a month, then asked for obscure financial information in order to unlock it and give me access. As this happened when I tried to liquidate my account to a different account, I can only assume they were trying to prevent me taking out my own money. Will not use Acorns any longer; they unethically handled my account, and I still don’t have access.
  • Fun 4/5

    By lruda
    Only issue is getting my bank linked. For some reason it was “lost” or something because it had been linked previously. Supposed to be getting one of those acorns bank cards so we’ll see how that goes.
  • Money just sits there 1/5

    By Iphone User 987,654,321
    It says it take 1-3 business days for investments to take place but my money just sat there for over a week. I closed my account never have been invested. Waiting to see what fees I get hit with for them doing absolutely nothing. Fees are not disclosed either.
  • Mad money 5/5

    By tada!19
    Easy to use.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Zigg¥ZiGG
    Great app I love the cool investment opportunities
  • Great and secure way to invest! 5/5

    By Eddie Promo
    Join today
  • Love thee app 5/5

    By jaay37
    Great app easy to use. I was curious about robin-hood. But without a degree in investing. I just had to except the fact that acorns was the choice for me.
  • Awesome! 4/5

    By Xena2456
    I love this App!! It’s EZ to use and Works great with Apple Phones!
  • Bad Accessibility 1/5

    By ooooaaaaakkkkk
    Acorns has a great idea, but really should focus some energy on clients being able to access accounts readily. The app and web based site were inaccessible 98% of the time!!
  • Simply and brilliant 5/5

    By MarlaManfredi
    The easiest way to save without noticing your even saving with round ups.
  • Review 5/5

    By moebardo
    Great app and service for people who are not savvy to the investment world
  • Mad Loose 👌🏼 1/5

    By godhatesfigs69
    Tried to liquidate my account to transfer to Robinhood. In doing so, acorns completely closed down any access to my account. In fear that my ~$32 of pending found money was lost, I immediately called their CS team to reverse the closure. Within 5 minutes, I was told my account would be reopened, and my found money reinstated. 72 hours and 3 phone calls later and my account (including full transfer history, trading history, etc) is back online yet somehow -big surprise- my found money is gone. Thanks, acorns.
  • Getting harder to use 1/5

    By nunyo biz
    This app was great at first. Really simple kinda plain but easy to use and understand. Every update it has gotten worse and more difficult to use. The round-ups don’t consistently work. It’s just garbage now. Stash is better
  • Acorn Investments 5/5

    By TitusJay
    Just started. I Iove the idea of myself saving money
  • Why is one time investments hidden? 2/5

    By Jess Bochy
    I used to like this app but need to find a new one. Too hard to find one time invest. It used to be front and center
  • I'm negative but paying fees 1/5

    By INBAL.H
    I thought that fees are only if I'm profitable but apparently I'm paying fees for loosing money. There are apps that will not charge fees so why should I use this one and lose-lose instead of at list if I don't make money I won’t pay fees as well. Just for comparison, on another app that I have from the same time as this one, I did not loose money. I know the stock market is down but I did not go negative on a similar app. So I will close this account and continue with the others.
  • It’s cool 3/5

    By kutnbred
    Love it, and have loved it for a couple years now. I was skeptical, but it has come in handy. The only downs I have found is that I wish I could put money from my core account on my acorns debit card instead of it coming from my primary bank account. I also wish that I could choose terms like “every other Friday” instead of specific dates for money to come out of my primary.
  • Newbie Investor 5/5

    By Mitakadota
    After open the acorns account and left it empty and thinking about 6 months, finally i started last week and hopefully i will not upset with this investment. My market gain/loss status now is +2.48%. Still learning how to be a good investor
  • Inconsistent Customer Service 1/5

    By hillhunt
    Customer service is pretty terrible. The first request was met with “you know there’s a tax penalty”, without explaining anything like that I could simply rollover into another IRA. It felt like a threat and I felt pressured to keep the account open awhile longer. I decided to rollover to a different service for an IRA and I had to request my acorns later account be closed another three times. Each time I got a response from three different people—so there’s no consistency. The first of these three times I was told I had dividends that needed to settle and I understood. I waited for the funds to settle and when they did I reached back out. Got a different person and they said it would take 1-2 business days. Seven days passed and nothing happened, so I replied to the email like they said I could. I simply asked if there was a step I missed. I had withdrawn a majority of the funds and the dividends were mere cents and I was told they would be liquidated. A different person responded to my reply and a minute later the account immediately closed. That person also said they received my request to close my “core and later accounts”, which is not what I asked. I only wanted my later account closed. I was worried they would close my core too, but they didn’t. That was incredibly confusing and it felt like they just didn’t read my email in the first place. It took so much just to close my later account, I then thought why bother keeping my core account? So I closed that too. I’m waiting for my core money to finally deposit into my account and I hope it all comes in like it should. They owe me my money back. If customer service were more consistent and friendly, I would’ve been much happier with the experience. This left me with a seriously negative impression of acorns. Definitely do your research before starting accounts with them.
  • Finally!! 5/5

    By CrackerJack713
    Finally an app that is really living up to all the hype! I love Acorns ❤️
  • Whats the point 1/5

    By Rubania
    I’ve been with acorns for over a year now. In that time i’ve “gained” -3.9% in return. I don’t recall logging in and seeing any gain at any point. Might as well use a regular savings account...
  • Scam - Holding my funds. 1/5

    By evefordyce
    Acorns is horrible. They won’t close my account and won’t give me my funds. They don’t respond to emails and there is no way to talk to anyone. DON’T GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY!!!
  • Round ups 3/5

    By Jjjjjjjjjjjva
    The round ups seem to take way longer to post then I thought they would. Other then that it’s a decent app
  • Love the app 4/5

    By Bri.Wild
    I love the app but I cannot get my bank to connect for the round up option. My bank is not on the list. I wish there was an easier way to add a debit card rather than having to use a bank account.
  • Pretty cool 4/5

    By Qwerty fil
    Engaging way to start investing. Helps you understand the basic concepts for beginners m.
  • Enjoying so far! 5/5

    By wayne cicco
    I am new to Acorn. For what little I know this is awesome. Can’t wait to find more user friendly functionality.
  • Good Investment Strategy 5/5

    By Patrick Parham
    I was told about Acorns from a friend who is really Conservative which is smart. I Enrolled can see the profits rise.
  • Why not grow a Forest 5/5

    By Rave r
    It’s simple passive investment for the novices. It gives me some peace of mind. But the charges are invisible and it does integrate with other sources of retirement accounts. Still acorns is revolutionary as is.
  • Investing made simple 5/5

    By Dr Pinckard
    I’m 21 years old, I’m currently employed and also a full time student. I don’t have much free time but I know investing for my future is extremely important. Acorns makes it easy to set aside a set number of dollars a month along with round-ups from your every day purchases without even thinking about it. Overall, Acorns is one of the best simplified investing solutions, right up there with the performance and reliability of an app like Robinhood.
  • Loved the app before the update 2/5

    By Soap addicts
    When I started using Acorns last year it worked great. Everything went very smooth until an app update this fall. Round ups stopped working but deposits still work. I contacted support but all they could give me was the update caused the issue, or my bank. I checked with my bank and they had not seen any requests for the round ups. So unfortunately I am going to have to close my account, I don’t want to but if Acorns is not working then I can’t stay with it.
  • Simplest way to put money away 5/5

    By yippykaisave
    Great app. The longer I forget that I have it, the more pleased I am when I open it and see how much I’ve saved, and it’s easy to forget you even have it because of how little it effects your day to day spending.

Acorns: Invest Spare Change app comments

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