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Every day, thousands of people travel across America, asking, "What is there to do here?" Well, here's the answer for everyone looking for things to do at their own pace and time at their favorite destinations. Action Tour Guide offers over 150+ self-guided driving and walking tours across America and beyond, ensuring memorable experiences without the crowds. Why choose us? Your Adventure, No Strings Attached: Experience pure freedom on your journeys, ideal for the solo travel planner looking for an untethered exploration experience. Savor each moment, from sunsets to historical revelations, without the rush. Narration That Breathes Life: Our app becomes your personal narrator. From the vibrant scenes of Hawaii to the exclusive world of Hollywood's famous, such as Taylor Swift's home, our guide offers a simple yet informative experience. Offline Ready: Planning a self-driven adventure or a leisurely city walk? Download your chosen stories beforehand. We're your trusted guide, even when your GPS waves goodbye. Stories, Not Just Stats: Why did the brave stand their ground at Gettysburg? What secrets do the terrains of Yellowstone hold? With us, you don’t just visit- you experience, understand, and connect. A Guide You Can Trust: Recognition from platforms like Thrillist and WBZ underscores the credibility of our app among global explorers. And when the Newport Mansions gave us the Laurel Award for Technology, we knew our love for storytelling was resonating. Something for everyone: Catering to all types of explorers, our app suggests nearby hotel options for each tour and provides easy access to RV and car rental services, ensuring a seamless travel experience. TOURS ACROSS AMERICA AND BEYOND Featuring over 150 different tours, Action Tour Guide offers fun, informative tours from coast to coast and even overseas! 1. Battlefields: Where history didn't just happen; it battled its way through. Gettysburg Yorktown Battlefield Antietam National Battlefield Battle of Lexington & Concord Shiloh Battlefield ...and more 2. Historic Walks: Strolling through the pages of time, one cobblestone at a time. Charleston Freedom Trail Salem Witch Trials Colonial Williamsburg Historic Philadelphia Washington DC Monuments ...and more 3. Summer Favorites: Sizzling spots that make summer sum-more fun! Martha's Vineyard Cape Cod and Provincetown Cape Ann Newport Portland ...and more 4. Fall Foliage: Our tours bring stories as rich and comforting as grandma's fall recipes. Kancamagus Highway Shenandoah NP Acadia Bar Harbor Blue Ridge Parkway ...and more 5. Tourist Cities: Skyscrapers, street food, and stories that city lights tell after dark. Hollywood Providence Austin Houston Savannah ...and more 6. National Parks: Natural wonders, wild tales. Mother Nature spilled all her secrets here. Grand Canyon Yellowstone Joshua Badlands Rocky Mountain Hawaii Volcanoes Sequoia & Kings Canyon Mt Lemmon ...and more 7. Scenic Drives: Milestones, not just miles. Buckle up for road-tripping revelations! Big Sur 17 Mile Drive Million Dollar Highway Road to Hana Pacific Coastal Highway Shenandoah ...and more 8. Overseas Adventures: Get a "world" of experiences without jet lag! Wander globally with our tales from afar. Iceland Cancun (Mayan Ruins) San Juan Iceland Bangkok 9. Bundles & More: Where trips meet thrift and adventures come in twos (or threes, or fours...)! Get more journeys, more stories, and more bang for your buck. New Tours: Dive into our latest offerings, such as the serene Road to Hana, the majestic La Sal Mountains, the historic Vicksburg Battlefield, the vibrant city of Santa Fe, and the picturesque Big Sky region. Each tour is crafted to provide unique insights and unforgettable experiences. Enhance your journey with our Action+ subscription, offering unlimited access to all our tours. Plan your trip efficiently with Action Tour Guide's trip planner for personalized, memorable, and cost-effective explorations.